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  1. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    Seriously... how drunk was the guy that designed that stadium? Too big for the supporting city, then adds in a pool, now a dog park... maybe they could also add a kid zone with rock climbing walls and giant hamsterball wrestling.
  2. Predict The Pick v.2 - 17 - Chargers

    I’d want Evans...
  3. Cowboys cut Dez Bryant

    I don’t care about anything else in life. I would throw my credit card down right now to purchase a Dez Bryant Charger jersey.
  4. Ravens sign RG3

    I saw him as comparable to a faster, smaller, version of Vince Young. Like you could do worse but you’re offense is very limited based on your QB skill set.
  5. Broncos trade for Su'a Cravens safety from Redskins

    Elway is really old but still looks to be in great shape. Tbh they probably could do worse. Favre played till he was like 90 and had to be retired for almost five years before I stopped thinking he was coming back.
  6. What receiver will you remember for these QB's?

    Carson Palmer- Ocho Cinco Joe Flacco- The DPI Drew Brees- Graham Eli Manning- David Tyree and his miracle catch. Tom Brady- Gronk
  7. DEN signs P Marquette King

    Thomas never made that jump to elite #1 that I expected him too. Good player just never made that final push that I thought she’d get and be discussed with Bryant and Jones as the top guy in the league.
  8. Raiders Release P Marquette King

    TBH seeing his interview and the level of disrespect he showed his new coach coupled with the personal fouls and pro bowl mocking of his teammate, I sure as hell wouldnt want him on my team. Add in the salary he was set to make and it's a no brainer. No one says you can’t have fun. We all loved Clinton Portis but you don’t disrespect your coach, team and organization the way King has.
  9. Chargers Offseason thread

    Rivers doesn’t miss time. The guy is a maniac when it comes to playing hurt. I always judge our back up quarterback based on their duties of holding the clipboard and helping Rivers prepare. Clemons was exceptional at prepping Rivers. They’d carpool from San Diego in River’s tricked out SUV and watch film during the commute. I don’t know if Gene can do that. Looks like he is being brought in for some phantom idea that he has talent with his legs. A wasted skill in a quarterback for the most part. Even the great Testaverde only ripped off a few long runs in his career. I guess Clemons is retiring? I don’t like this move. I’ve never known reading defenses or preparation to be in Geno’s tool set. Come home to us CBJ!
  10. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 17

  11. Broncos trade for Su'a Cravens safety from Redskins

    Talented player for very little draft capital. Denver has a chance to come out looking really good in this. Redskins got value for a player that wasn’t interested in playing for them. Win/win:
  12. Chargers Offseason thread

    I don’t dislike Barksdale, he’s no Clary or Olivea. He isn’t fantastic. Just average to maybe slightly below average. You could find better but I feel it’s one of the spots you can definitely take a late round project type boom or bust player. First round pick can go any direction with DT being the most obvious. Wouldn’t surprise me if a top level LB is available we go that direction too. I feel better about this team this year then I have in a few years. The stench of Norv is finally out of my nose. CB is always a possibility in round 1. To be honest I’m more interested in that second round pick. Penny could wreck it in our offense. He offers the speed and hands that Gordon does but also comes with maximum power. He does need to improve his pass blocking to be a true 3 down back but would give us options with Gordon going forward.
  13. For me Ben is the most underrated quarterback since Testaverde. People forget how he lost Plax, Ward, Wallace, Holmes. The dude makes wide receivers a ton of money. Overated Andrew Luck. He was hyped as Peyton 2.0. Even on this forum he was hyped up like crazy and yet he routinely put up similar seasons to Alex Smith. One if talked about as a journeyman and the other is the savior reborn. Never made sense to me.
  14. LAC DL Corey Liuget Suspended 4 games for PED's

    Earlier in the thread game posted Telescos first round picks. Not saying he hasn’t gotten value out of later rounds but first round picks outside of Bosa are average at best. ps you know I hate Gordon. Slightly less then Matthews but still that kind of production out of a first round running back is horrible value.
  15. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    Giants trade down picking up a 2019 1st then yes they will be in a position to select a quarterback again. There isn’t a QB worth a top five pick. Stop overdrafting. This is Leinart/Young type of year. None of these guys are “can’t miss@ prospects. Let someone overpay for 2. Get a solid player in the first this year and pickup an extra 1st for next year and possibly multiple other extra picks. Whoever trades up to number 2 for one of these guys is going to overpay and get a rookie quarterback that isn’t complete package. That 2019 1st is going to be gold.