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  1. QB Cap Percentage and Super Bowl wins

    I’d like to see the stats of teams that have won a Super Bowl with a stain at QB. If you take Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer out of the equation then you’re going to be hard pressed to find a case where a non rookie contract QB wasn’t approaching top 5 money when the deal was negotiated. Starting QB’s continually get top 5 money deals. The only other option is rolling into a season betting on Fitzmagick and that still isn’t cheap.
  2. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    I once argued he was the second best WR in the league. Strange how a couple injuries and age can change an opinion so far on someone. He is definitely not the #1 option anymore. I’d hate to have him as a #2. Working as a #3 though he probably still has enough left for that if he’s healthy.
  3. What’s HC is under the most pressure this season?

    Gruden literally has the most secure job in the NFL. Even Belichick doesn’t have a ten year fully guaranteed deal. Gruden can literally trade away the Raiders best player, have a crap season and still keep his job... Add in the Mark Davis is strapped for cash and you can see the Raiders for good or bad are chained to Gruden for a while.
  4. Chiefs sign LB/DE Jeremiah Attaochu

    Was always in whatever coach we had a dog house. I don’t know why. When he got on the field he seemed like a guy without tools that had gotten by on having athleticism but then lost that edge once he got to the NFL and everyone was an elite level college talent.
  5. What’s HC is under the most pressure this season?

    Riverboat Ron is always on the hot seat. IMO it’s the hottest seat. Things just haven’t swung his way lately. Gruden in Washington can’t feel too secure in his job. Kitchens in Cleveland could be canned just because Haslam is likely to do anything. Kitchens is an upgrade at coach and should have the Browns moving forward but their owner isn’t exactly patient. I don’t see Tomlin on any sort of hot seat. Rooney family has been a model of consistency and not jerking the knee. Last year was dissapointing for the Vikings. Another year like that and Zimmer might be shown the door. Quinn, Shanahan, Garret and BOB all shouldn’t be buying new houses this season either.
  6. Bears and Packers to open on Thursday Night Football

    I care but only for the fact that it’s two NFC teams opening up the season. I don’t give a whales fart about the NFC. Some people will like it but it’s a predictable prime time game. I guess I can be at least a little happy it wasn’t an NFC East “Showdown.”
  7. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I can’t see us offering up even a second for Rosen, unless Rivers has outright told the Chargers he will be retiring following this season to focus on coaching girls basketball, his family and of course cranking out some more kids. It just wouldn’t make sense. Now if Rivers is on his way out like I’m afraid of then a 2020 first would be ok or a 2019 2nd if your convinced Rosen is a NFL QB. To be fair there were concerns about his commitment coming out of college and a one year and a team is willing to cut ties with you doesn’t bode well. Rethinking it from that angle I’m not giving up more then a 2020 3rd for him. Going from Rivers leading a locker room, you know the guy I scream at during preseason for tackling linebackers on a pick to someone you question their motivation for playing the game sounds absurd and a recipe for failure. Rosen gives us zero this season and is extremely questionable whether he would be an upgrade over Tyrod Taylor next season. I’d rather go to QB purgatory then bet on Josh Rosen with 2019 capital and Rivers still playing.
  8. Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Fixed that for you. Burflict is an interesting release. He obviously wasn’t playing at the level his salary commanded but I really feel this was primarily driven by the fact that without Lewis the Bengals had zero confidence in their ability to manage his personality. He needs a Tony Dungy type guidance. Always had a soft spot for him James Harrison and Joey Porter. Yea, they are a bit dirty but it’s a dirty game. They bring some entertainment value back to the game. He will definitely be a fiery addition to whoever signs him. Might blow up in their faces but it’s one of those high risk/reward type deals.
  9. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Bengals released Burfict. Any chance or desire we kick the tires to see if he could fill the personal foul void left by the departure of Addae?
  10. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I think Phillips is replacing Addae and will either get paid handsomely next year or show he isn’t starter material.
  11. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Resigned Adrian Phillips. We all expected it but it’s nice to know it’s done. Definitely feel the LBC push towards a Tackle. Likely more heavily weighted towards defensive then offensive. Would love to see Lieuget brought back at a friendly number. Injuries are of course a concern but I doubt he has the same success elsewhere. Right now I see needs as: DT, T, LB, CB, G, TE, S, DE, RB, WR, QB
  12. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    If the Chiefs lose Ford, Berry, Hunt, Hill, Houston all in the same off season it’s going to be a huge adjustment for Andy Reid. I believe in Andy though he made average Mcnabb a pro bowler and an offense with literally one star player into a juggernaut. The defense though was already below average, losing two pass rushers and your top offensive threat might mean they miss the playoffs entirely. A whole lot of adversity in KC right now.
  13. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Did Brady retire?
  14. Jason Verrett signs with SF

    If he plays. All the talent in the world just never on the field. Hope he turns it around.
  15. Raiders sign Tyrell Williams

    It’s between the numbers given to Allen Robinson and Richardson last year given similar production. With the escalating cap number and the fact that Williams was buried on the depth chart here I think it’s a good deal with a ton of upside. He’s big and can dial up that 9. Definitely would rate him as a perform to out perform on the deal you guys gave him.