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  1. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    From someone who lived for a decade in Houston, 3 Decades in a California. I’m going to say that In-N-Out 20 years ago was better. Whataburger however has a full menu and some killer biscuits and gravy for breakfast for cheap. Ten years ago I wasn’t impressed with the Whataburger Hamburger. It was better then most fast food but still a fast food burger and I was transitioning away from fast food being a staple of the diet. Maybe it got better since then but it was a tier below In-N-out of the 90’s and even with In-N-Out of 00’s. Shake shack currently is ok. Fast food in the 90’s was better. however if you do come to Cali find a G-Burger. Not Five guys, although they are better then In-N-Out currently, but a G-Burger. G-Burger is actually good. Blue cheese burger for the win.
  2. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    As crazy as the deal is... probably all of them
  3. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Rumor going around is the Chiefs had to also allow Mahomes to wear Whataburger where his last name would usually be. Mahomes will collect another 300 million from Whataburger for this endorsement.
  4. Rams and Chargers will be 2020 Hard Knocks Teams

    I’m calling it now... the only thing worth watching on the Chargers side of this is Chris’s Harris Jr and KA13 going at it in practice. I guarantee those two will be funny.
  5. LA Stadium seeking more money

    I didn’t pay for the stadium and it wasn’t California tax dollars that paid for it. If we get to host the olympics and have that kind of spectacle in Los Angeles will be amazing and totally worth the NFL’s and Kroenke’s money to me. It’s been since 84 and I was too young to really enjoy the Olympics here. I couldn’t be this excited unless we were getting a real NFL team too.
  6. LA Stadium seeking more money

    Does the Raiders stadium fly? SoFi can fly, didn’t you see the recent videos the government released? Those were test runs. Seriously though. Every major project in California goes three times over budget and is lucky to be completed within ten years of the original end date. Ineptitude or corruption and I’m not ruling out the possibility of both. At least this isn’t Taxpayer money getting ripped off this time. Well... I guess until the Olympics pumps some money into Kroenke’s pocket for improvements.
  7. LA Stadium seeking more money

    Wait a California construction project that is over budget and behind schedule? You don’t say. We are horrible with big projects here. Just check out our high speed train.
  8. 2020 Schedule Announced

    I didn’t even write this. I don’t think we are first pick overall bad but another 5-11 season is completely realistic to me. If we have a yet another ChargIRs season though that first pick is pretty likely. We no longer have the pinnacle of health and stability at QB. Herbert might see the field sooner then later just because Tyrod’s health begins our world beater offensive line.
  9. Hi! Introduce yourself to the Colts forum

    Please Colts fan take care of my QB and get him the ring he needs to stamp his Hall Of Fame resume.
  10. Chiefs CB Bashaud Breeland Arrested in South Carolina

    Agreed. Other then the resisting arrest charge it’s pretty minor and probably below the NFL’s notice at this point. Dumb move though especially given the current situation. Doubt he misses times unless Andy Reid wants to come down on him for being stupid during a pandemic.
  11. 2020 Draft

    I don't think we are drafting out of the top 5 next year. We went 5-11 with a hall of fame QB and have done nothing that makes me think we will make up for the difference at that position. Large free agency deals for Keenan, Bosa, Ingram, Williams, King are all due next year. We have not gotten good value from the draft the last couple of years. We've gotten Derwin who was a no brainer when he fell to us and outside of that we've largely been inept in the draft. I don't believe in Tyrod Taylor. I don't believe in our ability to run between the tackles to make the Shanahan roll out offense Lynn wants to make work. I don't believe in our ability to stop teams just gashing us up the middle. Largely I just don't believe we have the top leadership to be competitive in this league.
  12. LA Chargers to unveil new uniforms Tuesday

    32 and 56 still having fun together.
  13. Draft Day thread

    You have Rivers. he can make a legit receiver out of some guy off the couch. Buckner/Rivers is already a huge draft for you guys. Picking up more picks is just a bonus.
  14. 2020 Draft Round One Recap - Winners and losers

    The trade up doesn't scare me. The pick doesn't scare me. Its more of just too many holes on this roster to use 2/3 early picks on one guy when you already burned the highest pick on a guy you're hoping doesn't have to start this season.
  15. 2020 Draft Round One Recap - Winners and losers

    Winners: Philip Rivers- finally gets to play for a competent organization. Losers: Chargers fans top ten pick on the 3rd best QB in the draft when you had a HOF guy on the roster. Chargers managed to make a 5-11 team worse this off season. Winners: San Diego, no longer has to give Spanos money to field what he hopes will be a "playoff team."