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  1. Seahawks @ Chargers

    Oh I agree. It’s telling that we have our third string QB in while Wilson was still taking snaps for Seattle.
  2. Seahawks @ Chargers

    So many QB scrambles so far. Not going to see those in regular season.
  3. Seahawks @ Chargers

    Gameday and watching Tevi just let people blow past him.
  4. Titans Taylor Lewan Suspended First 4 Games of NFL Season

    Every time I’ve watched a Titans game they’ve got some scrub backup QB out there. I never really notice Lewan, usually because I’m just baffled that whatever scrub is filling in on the field has a job.
  5. What would it take for the Giants to make the playoffs?

    Eli gets hurt. Jones is Brady 2.0
  6. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    If you make eye contact you probably should take a pregnancy test.
  7. Former bears RB Cedric benson passes away

    I rode all over Los Angeles as my primary vehicle for years. One day on a curve an older lady didn’t see me and decided she needed my lane to make the turn. She came over and pushed me into the divider, I bailed on my bike went over the divider and into oncoming traffic. Somehow I magically rolled enough with the fall that hitting the curb that stopped me was my only injury. I missed all the cars, and walked away with just a broken scapula that took about two months to heal. That wasn’t enough for me and two months later I built another bike. First ride on the new bike, fat , dumb and happy, just trying to prove I can do it again and I’m not scared. Rolling down Imperial Highway, sun shining down on me, seated on my new plaid seat that matches my bikes red rims. I roll over a soft spot in the asphalt and a chunk gets thrown up by my wheels & into my engine. I hear the clunk and think nothing of it. I roll about another half mile down the road and I’ve got dummy lights on the dash now. I pull over and stop to discover that rock had gone through the engine, pierced it and all my oil was leaking out. Now that I’ve stopped the oil is on the tires. I call my buddy who picks me up in the pickup and these tires are so slick that it is a nightmare to even get it loaded into the truck. It just keeps sliding on the ramp trying to load it. That was it for me. Even a minor curveball can kill you. I was extremely lucky that second time I didn’t make it to a turn where I started to lean. That back wheel would have gone loose and I’d have had a rough landing. Not even considering the damage a june bug did to me one day riding along. That bug hit me right under my right eye and it was worse then any of the times I’ve been hit doing Muay Thai. Bikes are fun but you’re playing the odds.
  8. Saints vs Chargers

    Cardale Jones does not belong in this league.
  9. Chargers S Derwin James to miss significant time

    Other people have to step up. The bright side is we will get him back this season. If the defense can raise their level without him, they will be that much better when we get him back.
  10. Chargers S Derwin James to miss significant time

    He’s pretty irreplaceable. This defense looked awful prior to DJ. He was that spark that made everyone better. The defense has a new attitude since that time. New talent. I think we will be ok for a bit defensively but this is a massive loss. The dude is just so talented and pushes everyone around him to be better.
  11. Saints vs Chargers

    So far... no Brees, No Rivers. No stars playing. Thoughts early in the 1st quarter. Kyzir White is ready to start in this league. Our tackles are bad. Really bad. This offensive line is our Achilles heel and needs some work.
  12. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Where as I 100% agree the league’s discipline is extremely arbitrary, I don’t agree the Patriots ever get the lenient side of things. I mean look at the Brady suspension... that thing was an aberration and felt more like Goodell just flexing he can do whatever he wants.
  13. Or an above average offensive lineman in general.
  14. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    My magic number is 39. It’s so hard throwing 40 TD’s. The GOAT Brady has only does it once. I don’t see Mahomes regressing and think it’s more of just a combination of the first place schedule, and a defense that will be a bit better then last year and not force the offense to be as aggressive as they were last year.
  15. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Prior to the last CBA I would have agreed with this 100%. Now, the truth is, all the owners know exactly what they are going to spend each year. The salary cap is 188.2M per team and all teams must spend at least 85% of the cap or 160M. The league as a whole must spend 95% of the cap 5.7/6B. This works out to an average of 3.37m per player. Average guys aren't making 3.37m a season. Average guys are committing themselves 100% to get to the league hoping to latch on a few years and qualify for benefits because quite frankly, they don't have skillsets outside of playing football. These guys are putting their bodies on the line just as much as Dak but some of them are doing it for vet minimum of only 630K a year. Dak deserves 40m a season based on the revenue he brings into the league, but it's messed up that comes at the expense of everyone else on the team. I truly am hoping for the players union to stand up this contract and force a contract more in line with their contributions. I'd be proud of them even if a players strike shortened the season.