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  1. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Old man Gates is still due for his annual stomping of all the young bucks.
  2. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Doubling down! Must have graduated from the Riverboat Ron school of broadcasting.
  3. How good is Jared Goff?

    Lol Stop Tomlinson and the Chargers are easy. Rivers proved those people wrong. Goff to me is the second best young QB in the league. Top 10 in the NFL overall and it’s just a cumalative body of work issue that is keeping him from being top 5.
  4. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Christian Okoye will probably rush for 150 plus and 3 tds vs this defense.
  5. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Arrowhead will be hostile and loud. So basically a home game for the homeless Chargers. I think Gordon is out and any talk to the contrary is just gamesmanship. This is the regular season so Andy Reid won’t do anything to shoot himself in the foot. Chargers are abysmal in prime time historically and when the playoffs are in the line against the Chiefs, Rivers fumbles snaps to ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. Ugly Thursday night game and Chiefs win by two scores locking up that one seed.
  6. Week 15 GDT: LAC@KC

    Surprisingly this is what is being reported. Original injury said 3-4 weeks. It’s been 18 days. I think the reports are gamesmanship on the Chargers part. I do t think Gordon plays. As important as this game is to Los Angeles it’s not worth losing Gordon for the season. Gordon makes us a better team but winning in Arrowhead is a really tall order to ask.
  7. Week 15 GDT: LAC@KC

    Thursday night games are usually horrible. Add in the Chiefs will be missing Hunt from last time and possibly Hill. Chargers are missing Ekelor and Gordon... this won’t be as much fun as originally I thought it would. Winning in Arrowhead on prime time football is a really big ask. At least I get to see my mvp vote Mahonnes again.
  8. And so the second part of the prophecy of Grudens return comes to pass. I liked Reggie. Thought he did a great job of turning that franchise around after a decade of mismanagement. He cleaned up the cap hell. He drafted top tier talent at premium positions. I don’t think this is a good idea. Gruden pulling a McDaniels.
  9. Does Mike Tomlin get fired if Steelers miss the playoffs?

    No. Steelers are in their third coach in franchise history. I don’t remember the other two ever being fired. They more of retired. Super Bowl in his favor and even if this is a “bad” season and they miss the playoffs, they were still alive all year. When a bad season is potential playoff birth and fighting till week 17 you’re not getting fired. Steelers could just as easily get hot and make a deep playoff run. I think they match up really well with the best in the AFC and just need to work on the playing down to the competition factor.
  10. NFL Week 14 GDT

    So Driscoll wasn’t bad. Could it be an open competition next season?
  11. NFL Week 14 GDT

    And an owner that cares about something other then profit margin.
  12. NFL Week 14 GDT

    Some weeks you get the calls, some weeks you don’t.
  13. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    What do you guys think of Mike Williams? I’m still not thrilled but he is growing on me.
  14. And consensus was they were competitive until Bledsoe almost died.