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  1. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    I don’t see Rivers getting in. Love him. Extremely grateful he was my quarterback but the lack of team success hurts him. Mike McCoy, Norv Turner and especially Dean Spanos Hirt his chances of making the hall. Rivers was/is a great football player but never got the right bounces. Being one game away from the Super Bowl and your future hall of fame Running back is hurt on the bench with his helmet on in tears was a bad break. As for Moon. It’s the pro football hall of fame, not the NFL Hall of Fame. Moon made the CFL watchable. To the point the NFL needed to poach him. Threw up a ton of stats there then came to the NFL and was exciting to watch. He’d run, he’d throw, he was a nightmare to gameplan for. Tough as nails. I saw him take hits that would break the modern day qb’s.
  2. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Making a run at Suh? That’s a ton of cap space to clear up.
  3. Chargers decline option on Corey Liuget

    Hasn’t played a full season the last two years. Really good locker room and off the field guy. Solid but unspectacular when he’s on the field. Wouldn’t mind him back at a third of what he was going to make but 8m for a part time player that has missed large chunks of the last two seasons is too much.
  4. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    It’s the right move for the Ravens. They had to move on after the success. Lamar has to become more consistent with his throws though or Ravens will be forced to look for another option. Right move for Denver. Good move for Flacco going to a team built to compete. I think it’s good all around.
  5. Colts OG Matt Slauson declares retirement

    I almost forgot he was here in Homeless for a bit. Dude couldn’t stay healthy for us but was adequate when on the field.
  6. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Flacco still has a gun. For the compensation being reported this is a good deal for Denver. After last year you don’t want to go into the season with Case an unchallenged starter. From all reports Flacco is a great teammate and a change of scenery could do him wonders. I would have liked it more if Kubiak was still in Denver though. Dude is the second best QB whisperer in the league.
  7. Into the Offseason - 2019

    https://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/2019/2/5/18204691/players-chopping-block-help-chargers Essentially listing Marcell Dareus, Desean Jackson, Sean Lee as potential targets for us. Dareus is the only one I’d be happy to sign. With Henderson, Dareus and Suh available I expect us to bring someone in FA to fill in at DT. Not necessarily one of those three but there should be some value available somewhere for us. I don’t see the need for Desean Jackson. Yea it’d be nice to cut Benjamin but I doubt Jackson signs for a team friendly deal. I want no part of Sean Lee. Dude is more fragile then Fred Taylor.
  8. I’m worried about Bortles going to New England myself.
  9. Post-Simmons ACL mock.

    Did Carr die?
  10. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    Champ didn’t just follow #1 WR’s, Champ followed a team’s #1 threat. He’d be 1v1 with Gates or Gonzalez. That was so impressive to me. It didn’t matter what a relievers strengths were, Champ was there. He was also great in run support. He was a complete DB. My favorite DB of all time and that’s playing on a divisional rival. Ty law deserved to get in but doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Champ Bailey. You can argue Champ versus Prime Time for GOAT but no one else belongs in that conversation.
  11. Was that Belichick's defensive masterpiece?

    With the way the offensive line performed I don’t think much of anything would have worked. More screens... some draws. Anything to slow down that penetration. Goff had a bad day but I don’t know how much he really is to blame. The interior pressure looked like the Ravens.
  12. Bears HC Matt Nagy wins COTY

    It should be called the Belichick award IMO.
  13. 2019 Hall of Fame class announced

    Disappointed to not see Coryell in or at least closer to being in. Nice to see the goat cb get in. Congrats Champ.
  14. You can’t hold his year with the Rams against him. Jeff Fisher.
  15. Well there goes my dream that they would be forced into playing out of Qualcomm for a season and really highlighting the ineptititude of the NFL for letting the Chargers leave San Diego.