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  1. I disagree. Given the Patriots knowledge of the rules and how to tip toe maybe dip over the line occasionally, I’d think they are first in line when it comes to having enough knowledge to accuse another team of cheating.
  2. Raiders officially on Hard Knocks

    I’m hoping they do a season with Rivers before he retires. The whole world can hear us dangummits.
  3. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    FTFY, you’re welcome buddy.
  4. Trent Williams Wants to be Traded or Released

    And what asset are you comfortable giving away? I’d love to get Tevi out of the starting lineup but I can’t see an asset that is expendable to us that Washington would value high enough to get a deal done.
  5. NFL Could Push For 18-Game Season In Labor Talks

    Get rid of Thursday night football. Move to a 19 week season. 16 games 3 byes. Always have a bye prior/after an international game. Expand rosters. Raise the league minimum and fully guarantee contracts. Also no more suspending players for things refs couldn't catch in the game. I’m specifically angry about how no one noticed a deflated football and yet the GOAT gets suspended for it.
  6. First choice would obviously be Mahomes. With QB prohibited you have to consider Von Miller who is not only the best defensive player in the division but also a pretty good dude. Would love to commit there but the combination of Ingram/Bosa is solid enough to where I don’t quite want to waste the one steal on Miller. Add in that the Broncos are not as big of a preseason threat as the Chiefs and you have me wanting to take the Chiefs biggest weapon outside of Mahomes. It’s obviously not a defensive player cause that defense is... average with no true standout players. That leaves: Travis Kelce. This cripples the Chiefs offense. His production is reliable, he’s a decent enough blocker when asked and will give Rivers another target. I really like the value when it comes to the red zone. Kelce would awfully hard to defend on the old Rivers/Gates flag combo.
  7. If NFL expands again, what cities are possibilities?

    There will not be another San Diego team unless it’s owned by a native Diagen with the money to fund his own stadium. They can be crossed off the list completely. There are just too many public projects that need funding to justify tax dollars spent towards filling an owners pockets.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Oh this is funny. Never thought I’d hear his name again. He was a phenomenal kicker in the regular season but yea playoffs came and he’d fall apart. He never really recovered after that. It’s a coin flip on coaching... I mean how much coaching does a professional kicker need?
  9. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    Right? I’d definitely be upset there isn’t a team in San Diego to visit though.
  10. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    There’s no way a new offensive coordinator with only an offseason to prepare could change anything about the legendary fat cat offense. I expect it to look very traditional this year. Run, playaction, Lamar will Be asked to make one or two reads and then check down. I see the offense being very conservative until Lamar shows the ability to protect the football and make reads. Then watch out when they open up.
  11. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    Barry was great. He had speed, good hands and was a highlight reel to watch. You ask my opinion on a better running back I’m taking Payton, Brown, Tomlinson, Smith and even Faulk before him though. Barry was a home run threat on every play, I will give you that. He disappeared in short yardage and on then goal line in comparison to the other all time great backs. The entire argument against Smith is, he was on a stacked team. Then why isn’t the all time leading rushing leader a Patriot? The All time receiving leader? Smith was an immense talent and took the big hits. He played every aspect of the position.
  12. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    4924>3414 career touches. Discounting the success and longevity that Smith displayed with the assumption that Barry could have done it too is hardly fair. As for the loaded roster the Cowboys had... I don’t see it. You had a whole bunch of guys that were good but more then anything they executed on what was asked of them. Michael Irvin, Troy Aikmen and Jay Novacek are all decent players but would not sniff the hall of fame without Emmitt.
  13. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. There’s no guarantee either way.
  14. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    And Moss was undoubtedly better then Rice. Sometimes the more physically gifted player doesn’t end up being the better player. Emmit helped his team win games, championships and punched at least a handful of guys’ tickets to the hall of fame. That team was built around knowing Emmit was going to be available and perform on game day.
  15. Amazed the Chargers are above .500 since this includes the 8 years of ineptitude that was Mike McCoy and Norv Turner.