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  1. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Even if by some miracle we look good going into that, we aren’t coming out healthy through that.
  2. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    City offered San Diego the Qualcomm site free. Dean didn’t want that deal unless he got the surrounding area to develop also. This was after years of subsidies by the city buying up any unsold tickets. Chargers organization failed to present a product that attracted fans. I don’t blame San Diego at all. There was a very workable deal on the table and Dean had already decided he was moving to Los Angeles. Dean thought he’d keep all the old fans minus a few and win Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not Chargers country. San Diego fans will never embrace a Los Angeles team. It was the most myopic move in sports history. This franchise is doomed and will be moving again within a decade. Likely the bridges are burned in SD as long as Dean is owner so I’d expect Chargers to be in St. Louis at some point.
  3. Week 6 GDT: Which QB will have the most swagger?

    I’m hoping to see the plane fly over. Hopefully someone’s takes a picture of it. Kicker that has never kicked in the NFL. Yea this is going to go well.
  4. I guess it sounds ok in theory. Sure would be nice to not be the homeless team that can’t even find someone to kick a ball in a soccer stadium.
  5. LeVeon isn’t under contract. He never agreed to anything for 2018. It’s a franchise tag from the cba. Steelers don’t feel he is worth a long term deal and LeVeon feels he is worth more then 14 million to a team. There isn’t a right or wrong. Thomas agreed to play in 2018. He played and got hurt. It sucks and I’d be pissed if I was him. Unlucky breaks happen. He wanted security and to stay in Seattle. Seattle basically went into the year with, “hey Earl it’s been real but I think after this year we need to start seeing other people.” Again, it’s not about right and wrong, it’s business.
  6. Week 4 SNF Steelers v Ravens

    I only watch Ravens/Steelers games to see how many personal fouls Porter/Harrison get called for.
  7. Week 4 SNF Steelers v Ravens

    Real Ravens/Steelers game, where every play can have a 15 yard penalty.
  8. Week 4 SNF Steelers v Ravens

    I don’t understand that crackback call.
  9. Week 4 SNF Steelers v Ravens

    Cause they have Jesse James...
  10. Week 4 Gameday Thread

    Chargers are 2-0 this year against QB’s that didn’t start week 1.
  11. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Addae is so horrible. Every week he’s horrible. How the hell did he get that contract?
  12. Will the new sack rule be exposed by Qbs?

    And yet Blaine Gabbert still started a game...
  13. Earl Thomas anyone?

    Judging a small sample size, going all in this year is a good chance at a championship. Reid has the best QB of his career and the guy routinely make average guys into pro bowlers.
  14. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Philip Rivers could have been great. now he is just in shell shock post Norv Turner and Mike McCoy.
  15. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Rams should have gone for it. It's not heartbreaking enough for the chargers to drop a punt yet.