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  1. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    Tyrod is going to be second in passing yards on his own team after Austin “The Savior”Ekelor becomes the first RB in the league to lead the league in passing yards. Wildcat incoming.
  2. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    Maybe they could just use the Yahoo Fantasy draft room? I mean... it’s not like they are really doing anything too different form fantasy football.
  3. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    To Duffman's point that this team is expecting to win now. It's actually quite remarkable how the hubris of this team continues to surprise me.
  4. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Not enough cap room currently. Even if we do consider it, it would behoove us to wait until after the draft to do so. Wait and see if Hurts falls to us in the 2nd or 3rd before committing a roster spot to Cam that would mean Stick is gone. From what I’ve read we have 15m, Patriots have 5. Let him sit in unemployment purgatory for a few weeks and see if he gives us a sweetheart one year prove it deal.
  5. Report: Chargers not adding veteran QB; rolling with Tyrod Taylor

    Same decision making experts that thought all the fans of San Diego would move with the Chargers when they moved.
  6. How many WR1's are in the NFL? And how important is it?

    Came in here ready to rip you apart for not having KA13 as a true #1 WR. Pleasantly surprised he wasn’t left off the list. Carry on my Western Brother.
  7. Can Somebody tell me what the Chargers are doing?

    Tyrod was QB of the Bills when Lynn was there. Tyrod made the playoffs or some fluky occurrence. I honestly believe Lynn has believed in Tyrod this entire time and wanted him to start over Rivers but the franchise told him absolutely not, especially after the Eli pushback in New York. I really think they planned all along to just roll with Tyrod unless they could get a guaranteed for two years ticket sales boost from TB12. This team isn’t going to compete with a rookie QB and signed too many vets to good money deals to think this isn’t a push to compete. BPA at 6, likely Hurts in the 2nd is my guess. This franchise believes in Tyrod Taylor. This franchise is delusional and also thought they would win the “fight for LA.”
  8. Can Somebody tell me what the Chargers are doing?

    https://www.ocregister.com/chargers-sign-coach-anthony-lynn-to-contract-extension schefter said multi year, can’t find the original one that said it was only 3 total years now though.
  9. Broncos looking sneaky good for 2020?

    I’m afraid of Tyrod Taylor.
  10. Can Somebody tell me what the Chargers are doing?

    I honestly think Coach Lynn is sold on Tyrod Taylor being a franchise QB. The moves they’ve made make me think we are going to make the old Martyball offense look gimmicky. I expect us to be very run heavy this year with a bunch of stupid option plays and maybe the wildcat. The off season moves make me scratch my head as they make you think this team is gearing up for a playoff push, until you look and see the QB is either a rookie with huge question marks, or Tyrod Taylor. It’s baffling. They likely will improve on last years record due to just not having the turmoil and injuries they endured in 2019 but this won’t be a better team. Wondering what kind of impact these deals will have on resigning Bosa, Allen, Williams and Ingram in 2021...
  11. Can Somebody tell me what the Chargers are doing?

    Just inked to a three year extension and our owner is cheap so while I like the idea; I doubt it happens.
  12. Report: Chargers not adding veteran QB; rolling with Tyrod Taylor

    You left out, playing in a soccer stadium and yet not being able to find anyone that can reliably kick a ball.
  13. Report: Chargers not adding veteran QB; rolling with Tyrod Taylor

    This is the ideal scenario IMO.
  14. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    So Xenos and I wildly disagreed about Gordon’s skill level last year but we both agreed he wasn’t worth what we offered. That was insane to offer that to any running back that doesn’t look like the second coming of LDT. Ekelor I believe for the very top of the market deal I’d give a running back personally. They just aren’t worth handcuffing yourself to anymore.
  15. Broncos looking sneaky good for 2020?

    It’s a shame they never gave Rivers that surrounding talent. We’ve had a good offseason on paper. We’ll see how it works out though with Tyrod Taylor as the starter and once the ChargIRs start slipping in McDonald’s bags.