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  1. If we are really about player safety why are we giving pain injections to players for cracked ribs to “play through it” in the first place. Quite honestly I feel the Doctor should be banned from practicing in the NFL and the Chargers should be fined heavily for this. Maybe suspend Taylor for the rest of the year while you are at it.
  2. Keenan didn't lose the game at all. He was pissed the ChargIRs lost the game and it was evident on his face.
  3. Keenan signed a huge extension and has been misused so far this season... and lost the game. Guy looks like he wishes he wouldn't have signed that extension.
  4. Jackson vs Mahomes is THE game of the year for a while.
  5. Definitely. He did well in his first game. It has to give you hope. KC isn't just a top tier team. They are the defending Champs. ChargIRS are a steaming pile of monkey poo that picked in the top 10. No shame. They did well pushing KC as hard as they did.
  6. Here it comes the OT FG to eliminate me in Survivor and then beat my team in OT. Double loss.
  7. Do you not remember what we let Ray Rice do to us? https://youtu.be/IQ39NMty1Y0
  8. The most likely scenario is the chiefs kick a field goal to send this to OT, eliminating me from Survivor then come back and win in OT making me lose as a fan. It's the only way I can lose twice in one game. This is the way.
  9. 2 1/2 minutes for Mahomes to put on the show. Anyone got doubts on the ending to this game?
  10. Henry/Mike Williams.... spread them out.
  11. Kelly and Ekelor have got to be two of the highest effort backs in the league.
  12. Hubba Herbie is pretty good for a running back throwing.
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