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  1. I’d make them forfeit an entire season. Credit for time served during Jeff Fisher years.
  2. Likely a one year deal to show you’re worth more. I’d bet on the Chiefs getting richer. He’ll have a player friendly coach in Reid, and Tyreek Hill making sure he never sees more then a 6 man box. It’d be stupid to go anywhere else without some huge financial incentives.
  3. I think it was Duffman that pointed out how Rivers keeps them in the down position for longer then any quarterback in the league. Granted like you said it's because he is making all the calls, for receivers and the offensive line but it's an interesting point. Having them tensed up in that position for as long as he does may impact their ability explode into blocks. IColts had a decent line last year and Rivers is the variable.
  4. I'm the biggest Rivers homer out there but time has caught up with him. He no longer has the quick out's that bailed him out earlier in his career. His funky release just doesn't have the push it used to. He will still have a good game here and there but I think his limitations put him in more of a back up role at this stage in his career if he wants to keep playing. He could Johny Unitas it with a team where he comes in deep in the playoffs and has a few good games but he's just not up for the week after week beatings anymore. As a chargers poster pointed out to me last year, he also puts more work on his offensive line and makes them look worse then they are. Not that he holds the ball post snap, it's his presnap reads that just force the offensive to stay down too long and wear themselves out before the ball is even snapped. All that being said, I don't think the Colts are better with Jacoby. They need to make a move for a legitimate quarterback this off season.
  5. Rivers today is -9 on points... Cooked.
  6. Man, that is awful. I like Dak, seems like a decent dude.
  7. Did he get a new deal or is he on the tag?
  8. Ok, I was wrong. Rivers is cooked.
  9. Divisional Games are always tough. Chiefs still top team in the AFC.
  10. I still think they are going 14-2. They've looked vulnerable at times versus two divisional rivals which is expected the Patriots. Patriots, and Baltimore are both already in the books so one more loss over the course of the season is realistic to me.
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