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  1. Denver - A GM that thinks you should be able to crush Mahomes, Herbert, Carr and anything less then a Championship is failure. Oh and ? for a QB. No thank you Miami- Ownership here is the problem. No amount of good drafting, or coaching makes up for ownership that doesn't have your back. Nope Las Vegas- Stable QB, team has talent, owner seems patient and hands off... It's a good deal except it's a tough division. Why they don't keep Rich is the question? Minnesota- Probably the best opening tbh. Sucks that the team is cursed but hey if you cam figure out how to break it, it's a
  2. Chargers going to always find a way to snap defeat from the jaws of victory.
  3. Hell I still like the Chargers and I'm rooting for the tie.
  4. chargers back up QB going out for the coin toss is a first
  5. Mike Williams just made a ton of money. Also Bosa’s nose is huge.
  6. So I mean… where we at with this? Our two teams are playing in a bit for a playoff appearance and we’ll the Raiders seem to be well coached this season despite everything that happened.
  7. After the Drew Brees injury in San Diego I hate seeing my QB go for tackles. It’s unnecessary. Rather lose a game then lose a QB. Today I learned Tom Brady has 13 career tackles. Seems like a lot. It’s not a common play and requires a whole lot of things to go wrong before your QB is out in that situation. That all being said I agree. Bridgewater just doesn’t have the physical durability to be an NFL player. You can’t count on him to do extended back up stints. He’s a Billy Volek mold… good for a game or mop up duty and in the film room but you’re going to have a bad time if you want
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