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  1. Ten years after Justin Tucker retires will anyone remember him? Right now I remember a Vinatieri as a kicker and that’s about it. Maybe, can throw in Doug Flutie for drop kicking a PAT and Scott Norwood for hanging the Bills out to dry. It’s so hard to be memorable as a kicker.
  2. This game is putting me to sleep faster then a Danaher instructional.
  3. Good point. Who would have though Ben crashing motorcycles without a helmet and not even learning how to slide until like his fifth year in the league would have the longer career of Rivers, Manning and Losman?
  4. Lmao at the Steelers defense celebrating stopping the juggernaut that is a Geno Smith led offense.
  5. I’m expecting a huge improvement from the Raiders. Rich is an excellent coach and him finally getting his chance is going to be fire. I fully think he will win the job permanently. If not; I expect he shows enough to where a team that needs a total culture shift gives him the reins. Really happy this dude is getting his shot finally.
  6. Rich may end up keeping this job. He’s well respected in his speciality and I’ve often wondered when he would get the keys to the kingdom. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a blessing in disguise.
  7. Geno Smith is by no means Wilson but Seahawks are in a far better spot then most teams would be if the starter went down. Geno actually was average and handed the ball off well during his San Diego time.
  8. Herbert definitely has the better hair. Probably best hair in the NFL if we are being honest. We haven’t seen hair like this since CBJ.
  9. “I’m deeply regretful the cleaner I was taking failed to remove this substance from my body and will be discussing options with my doctor for future tests. “ The old popped for something he was prescribed but somehow in greater quantities then allowed and likely masking what else was on board defense.
  10. The sad part is some young guy who has his life together is going to lose his chance because a team rolls the dice on Josh Gordon. At this point there is no way he has the physical attributes and we all know he has a peanut for a brain.
  11. This part was made up. Sorry if it wasn’t outrageous enough to be obvious. Tyrod is a good dude. Didn’t even make a stink after the issue occurred last year.
  12. They say they are waiting for the swelling to go down. The untold story is Tyrod won’t let any doctors near him after the catastrophe of last year. Tyrod is a great guy to have on your team. If he plays he won’t be a superstar but you can expect average play when healthy. The true value is on the practice field, dude gives it his all every day and is a great teammate. Good film study habits and you could do a lot worse then having him in your roster.
  13. To be fair, most lines that have a good center that stays healthy will help into a solid unit. Also LDT in the backfield…
  14. Forgot this last night. Kids were coming over for their Jiu Jitsu private and I was like hey let’s bust out a couple quick sets of squats at my old warm up weight… immediately felt the hammies tighten up and let’s just say the kids did not get the most fluid instruction last night. As far as the actual topic. I came in here with a how did the backup QB get hurt when Carr is playing well and isn’t hurt? Looks like this will actually hurt the Raiders as Mariota was contributing some yardage in special packages. Losing a weapon like that will set them back a bit but not like they were r
  15. Week 2 Pick: Bengals 😂 every year I gamble on the bengals and every year they find a reason to get me knocked out of this thing. This is my year though. Andy Dalton looks horrible in Chicago and was literally skipping balls to receivers last week. Let’s go Bengals! If they win I will do an old school Icky Shuffle in my living room.
  16. Dalton looks below average. Like time has taken away what once was and now he is out there skipping balls to receivers. Not good for Chicago who was hoping for an upgrade.
  17. I’d love to know if he was ever that special to begin with or benefitted from surrounding talent. Steelers had prime Antonio Brown stretching the field during Bell’s good years and of course Ben. He was nothing special in New York or KC and it’s hard to say he physically stepped back that much with the gap year. Maybe it was the accumulation of touches or maybe he wasn’t ever the superstar his stats suggested. There’s guys that change teams and continue producing ex. Clinton Portis and then there are the dudes that are duds elsewhere ex. Mike Wallace, David Boston.
  18. I defended Reggie for a long time. Hitting on Carr and Mack and adding solid talent made me overlook the fact that his coach selections were eyebrow raising. Mattock and Gruden have been a step back from the direction Reggie had the franchise heading in though. How much longer is left on that fully guaranteed Gruden contract?
  19. Favorite Team: SDSU Aztecs Week 1 pick: San Francisco 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  20. The script goes Saints will be winning the division. Jamie’s will get hurt. Hill will be awful. Rivers unretires and comes back in December to secure the division and win a Championship. Herbert immediately starts counting the days until his contract expires and he can sign with the Saints to get his Championship. Reality is probably the Saints will fight for a wildcard and the instability and potential controversy will ultimately derail them. I don’t see Brady not winning the division.
  21. I mean if you are going to bring in a guy just to not completely mess up his assignment so that other linemen can at least see where they are supposed to be it makes sense. Cthulu help the bears though if they are depending on him to stay healthy in live action though.
  22. Washington is one of those states that is no bail for domestic violence. You will appear before a judge before being allowed to post bail. Sherman was already fighting Father Time. I don’t see him being a roster spot during cuts with this looming over him. Have to think this is it for him as a player.
  23. Hopkins for me but it’s really splitting hairs. I just feel the offense benefits and gets to be a bit more creative play calling with Hopkins. Hopkins will beat you short, sidelined, over the middle or deep. Tyreek you either want to go deep or short. I don’t recall Tyreek making the toe tap sideline move the chains catches or ever go over the middle.
  24. Best Case Scenario: Herbert makes a mahomes second year progression and the ChargIRs curse is broken. Offense stays healthy and productive but the Derwin James led defense finally hits it’s stride. Worst case Scenario: Herbert has sophomore slump that leaves us scratching our head on if he is a franchise guy. End up with a draft pick outside the top ten But no playoffs.
  25. Chargers make sense from the perspective of the goal isn’t to win a championship but to develop a fan base. A superstar quarterback goes a long way towards that goal and Julio Jones helps a quarterback tick upwards. Julio, KA13 & Mike Williams with Ekelor available as a safety valve will sell tickets and put stats up. Championship not in the equation Julio might make the Chargers more long term money then a first round pick.
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