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  1. Denver - A GM that thinks you should be able to crush Mahomes, Herbert, Carr and anything less then a Championship is failure. Oh and ? for a QB. No thank you Miami- Ownership here is the problem. No amount of good drafting, or coaching makes up for ownership that doesn't have your back. Nope Las Vegas- Stable QB, team has talent, owner seems patient and hands off... It's a good deal except it's a tough division. Why they don't keep Rich is the question? Minnesota- Probably the best opening tbh. Sucks that the team is cursed but hey if you cam figure out how to break it, it's a
  2. Chargers going to always find a way to snap defeat from the jaws of victory.
  3. Hell I still like the Chargers and I'm rooting for the tie.
  4. chargers back up QB going out for the coin toss is a first
  5. Mike Williams just made a ton of money. Also Bosa’s nose is huge.
  6. So I mean… where we at with this? Our two teams are playing in a bit for a playoff appearance and we’ll the Raiders seem to be well coached this season despite everything that happened.
  7. After the Drew Brees injury in San Diego I hate seeing my QB go for tackles. It’s unnecessary. Rather lose a game then lose a QB. Today I learned Tom Brady has 13 career tackles. Seems like a lot. It’s not a common play and requires a whole lot of things to go wrong before your QB is out in that situation. That all being said I agree. Bridgewater just doesn’t have the physical durability to be an NFL player. You can’t count on him to do extended back up stints. He’s a Billy Volek mold… good for a game or mop up duty and in the film room but you’re going to have a bad time if you want
  8. I think you have to give it to him. Yes the bar for BB is higher then most other coaches but this is the top seed proving that BB and Brady helped each other. Rookie makes it a bigger challenge but winning without Brady is the story. Neither of them have a monkey anymore.
  9. Can someone update me on how this game ends? I’ve got no interest in watching the Steelers back up QB vs the Chargers backup defensive line.
  10. This dude coming out was a sure fire multi year starter with pro bowl potential. Being cut by the Texans… I wonder if he gets another shot.
  11. Ten years after Justin Tucker retires will anyone remember him? Right now I remember a Vinatieri as a kicker and that’s about it. Maybe, can throw in Doug Flutie for drop kicking a PAT and Scott Norwood for hanging the Bills out to dry. It’s so hard to be memorable as a kicker.
  12. This game is putting me to sleep faster then a Danaher instructional.
  13. Good point. Who would have though Ben crashing motorcycles without a helmet and not even learning how to slide until like his fifth year in the league would have the longer career of Rivers, Manning and Losman?
  14. Lmao at the Steelers defense celebrating stopping the juggernaut that is a Geno Smith led offense.
  15. I’m expecting a huge improvement from the Raiders. Rich is an excellent coach and him finally getting his chance is going to be fire. I fully think he will win the job permanently. If not; I expect he shows enough to where a team that needs a total culture shift gives him the reins. Really happy this dude is getting his shot finally.
  16. Rich may end up keeping this job. He’s well respected in his speciality and I’ve often wondered when he would get the keys to the kingdom. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a blessing in disguise.
  17. Geno Smith is by no means Wilson but Seahawks are in a far better spot then most teams would be if the starter went down. Geno actually was average and handed the ball off well during his San Diego time.
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