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  1. Good guy, and purely a cap move. Can still be an above average starter to probowler if healthy. Hate to see him go but have to wonder what our plan is with all this cap room and like 2 offensive linemen plus one corner under contract.
  2. Read the guys tweets. Very hard to imagine he passed his college classes. If he’s suspended I’m sure the Broncos will be fine. Might even be able to find a back that doesn’t fumble 3 times in one game...
  3. Read the Chargers could be 40 million under and a tackle has been a need for about a decade.
  4. Philip Rivers was a huge boost to the franchise and absolutely worth his draft position. That being said... Rivers didn’t cost the Chargers Osi. The Giants gave the Chargers picks that turned into Shawn Merriman, Nate Kaeding and an additional pick.
  5. I’d agree that Rivers looked better in 2020 but if the question is who has more left in the tank for 2021 it’s Ben. Rivers deserved to go out and that last injury just sealed the deal.
  6. So the quarterback everyone was sure would have the shortest career due to his playing style ended up out lasting both Ironmen Eli Manning and Philip Rivers. Ben has had a hell of a career and could retire now and make the Hall. However it looks like he wants at least one more attempt at that championship.
  7. I think he will have several suitors. Chicago, New England, Denver, Jacksonville, Miami or even Cincinnati all jump out at me instantly.
  8. Christian Okoye was built to take hits too. Was a nightmare to tackle and put up monster numbers. Big backs don’t agree gracefully though with the exception of Bettis in recent memory.
  9. Nobody “wants” to go to the Jets
  10. I’m just a fan. Marty was great for San Diego. People forget the utter steaming pile Marty came into and turned into a serious contender. Had Marlon Mccree not fumbled an interception or Drayton Florence inexplicably decided to headbutt a receiver after a failed 3rd down conversion he would have gotten his title and wouldn’t be the most underrated coach of all time. Let’s be real. He turned around the Browns and Chargers... no one else has that kind of magic to fight those two curses. Don’t go 14-2. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Dean is still way too involved even it is only to be the villian scapegoat. John is likable enough and should the Chargers ever break the curse would be heralded with praise. While this move is great, I really feel like the Chargers are behind two decades in making it. It’s no longer an advantage of having but more of a disadvantage of not having. Nice to see them remove some of the handicap.
  12. Total system player. We’ve never seen Brady have to spend a year in a losing system.
  13. Father Time: 0 Brady: lighting up that scoreboard
  14. Congrats Tampa it’s been a while and you guys deserve this. Cant wait to read the thread week one of next year; Is Tom Brady done?
  15. I legit almost died laughing when he screamed Blake Bortles while tossing a Molotov cocktail.
  16. Right? I mean I like the rest of the Chiefs but someone hits Tyreek or called for taunting him, I’m looking the other way. Glad Gronky is getting another ring.
  17. That’s kind of where I thought it would be. Now being on the 5th year option and with mega deals attached to KA13 and Bosa... he might be outright cut if he doesn’t agree to a long term contract extension at significantly less then 15m/yr. I don’t know what the market truly is for a WR like Jackson. The closest comparison in my mind is Tyrell Williams with the Raiders. 4 years/44 million 50% guaranteed is kind of steep coming off the season he had though.
  18. Am I the only one enjoying Favre watch version 2.0 this off-season? Rodgers has all the cards and is totally pulling a Favre with the Packers draft capital after last year.
  19. I didn’t look at the user name of OP until after I read it. I was like why do you hate the Broncos so much?
  20. Former pro bowl and 1000 yard receiver playing on the last year of his rookie deal. He is set to count for 15 million this year unless the Chargers can extend or find a trade partner. Wondering what the trade value would be on a young big receiver with legit deep play ability considering he will also likely wanting #1 WR contract money or top tier #2.
  21. This game is really such a gift. Either we have a pass the torch moment where Mahomes beats the GOAT for his second championship or Tom Brady puts his name so far up and away into GOAT status that you really have to consider him for sports GOAT.
  22. A run game helps your pass game sure and you have to have both to be successful. However, as Andy Reid has shown us for decades, the run game doesn’t have to be hand offs from the I formation anymore. Ekelor is the perfect back for a Brian Westbrook type of “run” game. I hope that’s more of the thought process but hard to judge from one interview what the offense is going to look like. I’m more excited about this off season then I’ve been since Marty left. That says a ton. Staley has brought in a ton of young minds and looks to be trying to assemble the best staff he can. Huge difference from
  23. It really isn’t an argument that the teams weren’t talented. It’s the argument that when you have Norv Turner and Mike McCoy as your coach... it’s hard to succeed.
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