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  1. I was a Rams fan before they left Los Angeles. Then I moved to San Diego and loved the Chargers. I had to move back to Los Angeles and eventually they followed me but it’s not the same. They aren’t my San Diego Chargers anymore. I try to like them and root for them but it just doesn’t feel like it used to. 🤷‍♂️ Now I just enjoy a game for what it is. A single game. I don’t really have anyone I root for. It’s weird.
  2. To be fair... Chiefs have an all time level good offense.
  3. This would be even worse then Marvin.
  4. That's what I said about Norv and well... that happened.
  5. Denver IMO. Elway has to be feeling the pressure to win now. Bringing in a former all-pro talent at the most important position is the kind of move I expect from Elway. I think Carson is less of a gamble then Peyton was coming off neck surgery. He’s shown talent. He deserves a chance to start somewhere if he is going to come in hungry. Why the Eagles essentially tanked his value and took Hurts still confuses me but they did.
  6. I’m predicting it now: Marvin Lewis to The Chargers.
  7. Honestly wasn’t expecting that. Here’s to hoping we don’t replace him with a Norv or McCoy.
  8. No, you are definitely right with that point. It’s been a long time though since we had a draft class with a Ware/Merriman where we debated which one was going to be more successful but you were fairly confident both would hit the ground running.
  9. I love Ingram and want him back. However he ended the season on IR and hasn’t been healthy in a while. He’s a situational pass rusher at this point similar to Doom at the end and needs to accept a deal as such. I don’t see him not being offered more to a team that wrongfully thinks he can have a bounce back year. Draft wise, unless you have three guys like the Giants had for years then pass rusher is always a need and potential first pick. That being said... I don’t have a pass rusher I love with a top ten pick this year.
  10. Really it's just the lost travel time. My east coast Geography isn't that great but I think Pittsburgh to Buffalo is probably only a few hours. It's a weird year and I think resting your stars instead of them playing a tough divisional game... in the AFC North no less is the right call. EDIT: The AFC North is what the NFC East is marketed in prime to be.
  11. Jared Lorenzen has entered the chat.
  12. I was eliminated by a team without a starting QB. When you get this far purely by riding the win machine Adam Gase, you deserve to be taken out in comical manner. Thanks Woz for the game.
  13. It would have been a good jump for sure. I think I’d be sitting in the top 3. I was actually saving them to beat the Patriots in week and avoid the 0-16. Now they are going to lose that game.
  14. Dallas calling offensive plays like this is Tecmo Bowl.
  15. There’s a real motivation to just survive the season and be mentioned in the hall as having survived the season but lost on tiebreakers. A San Diego fan has never made it that far. With that said Woz is really pressuring me to make a move and try to win some games. week 15 Pick: The Ginger Ninja leads the Cowboys to a win over the 49ers.
  16. There’s standings for this? I thought we were just trying to survive. Staying alive, staying alive.
  17. I’ve come around on Micah Parsons, if both him and Murray develop we could have a Terrell Suggs/Ray Lewis tandem that would hopefully fix our crap run defense.
  18. Obviously Marty but also Chud in Cleveland...
  19. I will once again place all my faith in Adam Gase’s unparalleled ability to ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. week 14 pick: Seattle Seahawks over the Team Adam Gase coaches.
  20. 😂 yet Adam Gase remains. Dude jettisoned arguably the Jets two hottest players a d hasn’t won a game all year. Add in the steaming pile he left in Miami and what does it take to finally admit this guy isn’t the guy that’s going to lead a football team?
  21. That's because the Jets aren't that bad. It's Adam Gase and Greg Williams. This team would be at least .500 with an average coach.
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