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  1. What a silly poll. You should have gone with Melvin Gordon o/u 2 fumbles tonight?
  2. I really want Rivers to win one with the Colts. The dude is tough, played on a blown ACL, and just a good dude. Not to mention the amount of trash I will talk when Herbert refuses to resign because he knows he can go to a real NFL team and win a championship like Brees and Rivers did.
  3. Every year the patriots start off slow. I usually don't jump on the doubting them bandwagon. I doubted them this year. The absence of Tom Brady made me think they were done. Today was the day BB took the gloves off and let the rest of the NFL know, they were just playing and not showing too much in the regular season. I would not want to meet this Patriot team in the playoffs.
  4. Theres a reason they are drafting in the top 5.
  5. Patriots defensive line looking like all time greats today. Did I miss Seymour being reactivated?
  6. It's so weird to not auto pencil New England in for the AFC Championship game.
  7. I feel like today is punishment for a poster saying Melvin Ingram should go to New Englad and I said he should go to a contender. New England wins today they are looking good in the playoff mix.
  8. man I love these Charger uniforms.
  9. I feel like Fisher, Gruden, Gase, Hue Jackson, and probably Tom Cable have to be the top 5.
  10. Is Adam Gase the most maligned coach in NFL history on this board? Most of this board thought it was a dumb hire. At what point was the Jets front office ok with throwing Sam Darnold to the wolves? These are the questions I have.
  11. I'm just saying they can't simultaneously conspire to tank and Gase get fired. I don't believe they are tanking. I just think Adam Gase sucks that bad. Same with Williams. with semi competent coaching this Jets team could be in the playoff hunt. The tank is keeping Gase employed.
  12. If your coach is Adam Gase then it doesn't matter who your QB is.
  13. Just kidding... Greg Williams and Adam Gase together man. They should trade for Peterman to make him the starter.
  14. Greg Williams... unbelievable he has a job in the NFL.
  15. Good luck guys. I made it way farther then I ever have. The Adam Gase Jets killed me. Thank you Woz for running this.
  16. Derek Carr has to know if they miss the playoffs his job isn't secure...
  17. To be fair I thought it was a stupid hire from the beginning. 10 year contract for anyone not named Belichick is going to be dumb.
  18. That grab right there by Waller, wow. Should have been a pick.
  19. if you're an OC and you call a shotgun run play on 2 and 4 you deserve to be fired.
  20. Raiders are a borderline playoff team, Jets are not that bad. I don't know where they go at #1 but you have to think with anyone else coaching them, they'd be competitive and possibly vying for a playoff spot.
  21. Waller just refuses to lose to an Adam Gase coached team.
  22. You'd think with the prospect at #1 he would have more urgency...
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