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  1. Carr gets hit on almost every drop back... come on Gruden do something.
  2. To be fair Jason Mendoza yelling Blake Bortles and throwing a molotov cocktai; on the Good Place is totally worth the years of misery Jacksonvilled endured to me.
  3. TD RAIDERS!!!!!! My survivor hopes are alive.
  4. This Jets secondary is bad... Like I came into watching this game to bash on Adam Gase but Raider QB's are running wild in the secondary.
  5. should be a rule you have to have at least one WR with a number in the 80's. Raiders just out there with 60 QB numbers
  6. Rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyders! Am I doing this right?
  7. Those are my wants in the 1st. Or trade down for a team moving up for a QB if they are both gone.
  8. I don't think it's taking into account play counts. For a number 3 WR; 4th or 5th option on most plays, I will take his production any day of the week.
  9. I hereby ban you from sidewalks, walk forever in the gutters ruffian.
  10. That's 7 years ago... Longer then the NFL average career. I wish Gordon the best but his on field performance and ability likely is shot at this point. He wasn't a great route runner at any point and relied on pure physical talent. Expectations need to be dropped significantly if you think he is high value anymore.
  11. Thats pretty sound logic there. I've already used Miami though so can't switch.
  12. This is weird to say but I think he should go somewhere that is a contender.
  13. Because of this season he will likely be available for less money then last year. I will tell you, if you sign this dude you are getting a great team player, a fantastic pass rusher and a good guy. Best of luck Melvin, huge loss for the Chargers losing you.
  14. Here is how it's going to happen if Spanos is willing to eat the dead money. We will interview and hire Mcdaniels who will pull the same thing he did with the colts and leave us at the altar. All the good coaches will be off the market so we will have to go with a retread with a proven resume. Enter Jeff Fisher or Marvin Lewis. Hey at least, Chargers won't be picking in the top 5 after that. In the scenario that somehow disaster doesn't strike us I hope we bring in Kubiak, Toub, Chudzinski, O'Connell and at least talk to them. And since its a pipe dream but I can neve
  15. There is a game tonight but its past the original start time so I think I can make a legal selection for the weekend... But its 2020 and I'm not real sure what week it is anymore. Week 2020: Las Vegas Raiders over the team that still hasn't fired Adam Gase.
  16. Melvin Gordon is the only weapon the Broncos offense has... fumble in 3... 2.
  17. The question of course is why couldn't the Broncos have just signed a Josh Mccown for the game? I mean this is obviously not their normal offense anyway so bringing in an older guy that at least can learn some plays prior to the game would seem to be better then this nonsense.
  18. Kudos to Denver for trying to overcome the hole they are in and actually compete in this game.
  19. I was looking forward to seeing Nathan Peterman level lolz. instead it's like a full time wildcat... this is unwatchable.
  20. Denver on some next level stuff then. Can't have bad QB play if you don't have a QB to use. First pick!
  21. Good now I can go watch Denver and the Saints.
  22. 🤦‍♂️ Field goal unit going on? Whatever Lynn smokes I want some.
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