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  1. Stupid bills. Just push it down. Don’t try to catch a 4th down Hail Mary.... Then Lynn runs it on the goal line with no timeouts. Lynn gonna Charger.
  2. That was the least subtle push off ever.
  3. Same reason they have two minutes on the clock. Burned them on defense to preserve clock. For once it’s not Lynn being stupid.
  4. Allen had a great game and then in the 4th quarter he starts playing like he is on the Chargers roster.
  5. I’m not saying Buffalo has a Bosa level talent but their defensive line is really good.
  6. Allen! 🤦‍♂️ Bad decision by a promising young player there.
  7. Young player that has no thought of life after football just launched himself. I don't see how you defend it better.
  8. Joshua Kelley showing no respect for his senior years on that play.
  9. Josh Allen has unbelievable flexibility in his legs. Wow. That looked bad and he’s fine.
  10. I totally think it’s a fumble but it’s the definition of that stupid tuck rule and going to be called incomplete pass.
  11. Tuck rule incoming. It’s getting overturned.
  12. Bills you don’t need to do all that to score on the Chargers. 😂
  13. Joey Bosa with a big play. Shame he plays for an organization that refuses to be competitive.
  14. In all likelihood he’s going to be Nathan Peterman level bad, however, I’ll be watching to see if he channels his Rocky Balboa and goes from nobody to somebody.
  15. Demolition has already begun on the old stadium. It also has not been maintained in years now at this point. It’s a non option.
  16. Week 12 Pick: Cleveland Browns Im almost completely sure I’ve been eliminated every year by picking the Browns or Bengals to actually pull off a win. Usually I do it earlier in the season thinking I know something no one else does. It fails every time. Here’s to hoping the Browns are an average team and can best the Jaguars who are a bad team.
  17. I solely blame Greg Roman. Lamar Jackson can't go from the NFL MVP and most exciting QB to watch to talentless scrub in one offseason. Ravens need to give him a Tyreek Hill or a Mike Williams/Keenan Allen. What corpses did Baltimore trot out there this week at the wide out spots?
  18. I would bet no... and it would be record at time of the contest ending. Otherwise what a bookkeeping nightmare. Although it is Woz, so he may enjoy that type of nightmare.
  19. Melvin Gordon made it to the endzone and didnt fumble.
  20. Jets are so bad they are making the Chargers look like a professional football team.
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