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  1. Why is that the Soccer stadium team can never find a decent kicker?
  2. Charges offense better show something or that’s a bad sign for our season.
  3. One of 2018’s storylines. Is the Chargers defense better then their taunting? if that answer is yes then it’s a competitive team, if not, it’s going to be a long year.
  4. Dean is the new Georgia & will never be in good graces. There legit is no long term hope for the franchise. They have no interest in being a successful team. They just want to be a successful business.
  5. There is no way any team is offering anything near the compensation Pittsburgh would want to take that 29 million dead cap. He’s unmovable right now and he doesn’t want to be moved.
  6. I agree he should have been more mature but tbh I don’t have any problems with what he said. Someone basically called him a system guy and he said he’d perform elsewhere. Of all the steeler wife receivers Ben has written a check for, AB is by far the most talented. I don’t feel he is a system guy or made by his QB.
  7. Pensions are pretty extinct in the real world these days. Government jobs and the railroad are about all that is left of them. Players and ex players should fight for whatever they can. As everyone should. I’m starting to toe that line on what is legal on this forum so I will shut up after saying each of you are worth more then your employer pays you or else they wouldn’t be willing to pay you that. Back on topic if they were looking to expand the benefits for all players past and present I’d be more supportive.
  8. Only if we are playing a team that lets us get away with not being able to tackle, kick or catch a ball. Dont let last week fool anyone that was vs a super raw rookie QB. Mahonnes shredded us.
  9. Wait what? I thought you were on the Chargers schedule this week?
  10. That’s why I’m a secret Big Ben fan.
  11. Hard to have talent when you can’t keep a first round pick on the field... Fun fact Chargers have give a second contract to two first round picks since 2005. Anyone that says they have a “talented” team is talking out the wrong end. 2/12... garbage
  12. Again, no one hyped the Chargers except some attention seeking television hacks. It’s a garbage organization from the very top. They play in a soccer stadium and my only hope is they get treated like a soccer team and relegated to a lower league.
  13. Rivers is dried up. Benjamin has worse hands then Troy Williamson. Chargers have a smaller fan base then some of the local high schools here in Los Angeles. Lynn is just another garbage hire. Schottenheimer was the highlight of the modern Chargers organization. Jahleel Addae is the highest paid trash player in the league.
  14. Here comes the fumble on the punt return.
  15. No one ever picks the Chargers to win outside of generating sports talk. There is no one in the AFC that is going to legitimately ranked ahead of New England. They have to talk about something on TV. They play in a Soccer stadium. They are like the 30th most popular team in the the city they play in and everyone keeps calling them San Diego. It’s a joke.
  16. Dancing like we aren’t down two scores.
  17. That’d be a compliment. I’m seeing Peyton’s arm out there. Doesn’t help that the recievers do everything they can to let it fall through their arms but Rivers looks old.
  18. Well this may be the end of my interest this season. Another ? performance on opening day.
  19. Charger Wide Recievers are starting a gofundme to retire Rivers.
  20. Oh look at that . Addae gets beat in coverage again.
  21. I don’t even get upset anymore. So used to starting the season 0-4
  22. Addae doing addae things yet people tell me he is “good.”
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