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  1. Absolutely not Vinny was the original Michael Vick. He busted some really long runs. I will never forget when he just trucked Raiders LB Greg Biekert. Those Buccaneers teams were tragic.
  2. Initially I wanted to say Charlie Batch but his career as a starter was rather short. He was actually a pretty good backup. There really is no modern day equivalent of a Steve DeBerg or Gus Ferotte. Closest we have is the trio of Flacco, Dalton and Manning.
  3. It went from out of the preseason but could play if it was a real game to out week one. ?‍♂️ Typical that Charger fans never get to have nice things. We’re trying to keep up with the Raiders for fan loss after all.
  4. I don’t know how realistic I find it either. It is fun to envision though. That defensive line would have been must see television every week.
  5. Sure as hell not Oakland season ticket holders this year.
  6. No. He said he wanted to keep playing. Also said it’d only be for as a Charger.
  7. It was the best option at this point. He doesn’t need camp or preseason. Old man gates has a game or two left in him but I’d be shocked to see him not on a limited snap count.
  8. I don’t want to believe that about Brees. He doesn’t seem like the type. I could be wrong but I don’t want to assume that.
  9. He had a noodle in San Diego. Then one year it just clicked for him. I wonder if he changed the mechanics slightly or what changed in his training.
  10. Raiders and Chargers seem to be competing to see who can lose the most fans these days.
  11. He’s definitely attacking the roster. It wasn’t just a trend to bash Gruden, Dinosaurs are extinct for a reason.
  12. Surprised how many times I saw the Chargers mentioned as over hyped being as though the announcers, EA Games and probably most fans still think they are playing in San Diego. I expect the homeless Chargers to be a middle of the road team. That could change if the soccer stadium team continues to struggle to find someone that can kick a ball. For a team that plays 16 away games a year being middle of the road should be considered a success.
  13. Its perhaps the single greatest moment of Fouts’ commentary career.
  14. Guess the Steelers should be kicking the tires on every available option. I wonder if Landry Jones is available? ? I expect Ben to be ready in time for week 1. He doesn’t need the preseason reps so I’d expect them to give him plenty of time to recover.
  15. Geno looks like the cardboard box you save from amazon to consolidate the garbage you want to throw out. Jones looks like the garbage you want to get rid of.
  16. One can only hope. Of course the coaching staff already knows what Geno is. They should be convinced Jones is garbage by now.
  17. The return of the inability to kick a ball by a team that plays in a soccer stadium.
  18. Ekelor deserves more snaps. Geno just did something Jones didn’t do all game. Read a blitz.
  19. Geno looming worlds better then a Jones and Paxton one snap in. We will start the bidding at one forst rounder.
  20. On the positive side, I do like our secondary sans Addae.
  21. Well at least their fans aren’t actively advocating for Geno Smith to hit the field.
  22. Anyone else amazed CBS is even showing this game?
  23. Lol at Arizona sending corners on blitzes in preseason.
  24. Jones is so bad he makes it impossible to even take a stab at where the rest of the offense is. Can’t throw, can’t make reads, free rusher coming in every play cause he isn’t calling adjustments... I really don’t see what the point is. Get Geno Smith out there and if he sucks it’s time to call CBJ!
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