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  1. Using Gordon like this in preseason is just playing roulette to see when he fumbles.
  2. How does Jones almost overshoot on a pitch? How is he is on this roster?
  3. Preseason. Why even review it? Maybe it’s just an assumption that since it’s up the guy vs Chargers it’s a win for the offense.
  4. Chargers defense already in mid season form!
  5. Two more plays in... hot garbage. Where is Jared Lorenzon?
  6. One play in, Cardale Jones is worthless.
  7. Aliens. Seriously though Mark Davis may not be liquid for the funds required but when he signed that Vegas deal he got all the liquidity any owner would ever need.
  8. Mack is worth 2 firsts as a player. 21m a season with a ton guaranteed knocks that down to a 2nd though. Raiders aren’t letting him go to anyone for a second. He will miss some time then ultimately cave because the CBA is set up to give all the power to the organization. Raiders will end up franchising him next year or if they get creative give him a headline grabbing deal that basically is just a short term deal until the team moves to nevada and the state income tax thing no longer works against them. Mack then gets the money in his pocket vs the money in the headline.
  9. For those that love to revel in my misery. Forest Lamp is on PUP and some guy Derwin James is on the NFI list... smdh. I don’t even know why I bother following this team and sport anymore.
  10. It’s funny to me cause everyone still calls them SD. Even Tiki Barber on television refers to them as San Diego. I think spanos is the only one that thinks they are in Los Angeles. The rest of the world just chooses to ignore him. I do wonder if anyone else else brings him in to kick the tires next year. He is D-X 2.0 so I’m sure someone does.
  11. It would have been nice to have him but Chargers had already moved on talent wise. Showtime is the guy.
  12. Washington for me by a wide margin. You never ever put your faith in recreating Andy Reid magic with his quarterbacks.
  13. All of what you just said is what I said when we brought in Norv Turner. I don't think they are absolutely worse then JDR and Co. Its merely a could be. There isn't a guaranteed result here. Gruden is a roll of the dice. Do you get someone that is in touch with the game or do you get someone that isn't still on cutting edge of the game? I don't know. We'll see.
  14. I have nothing against the Raiders from a talent standpoint. Their roster is good. Gruden though could set that franchise back. I’m not a fan of the hire. I’m not a fan of bringing people years into retirement our of it. Brand new stadium in Las Vegas and they need to be moving forward.
  15. They’ve been primed since 2006. Nothing has ever happened. Ownership moved the team and most of us are still coming to terms with it. New fans? Los Angeles only cares about winning teams.
  16. The Star celebrations were so overblown. It was good entertainment. Emmit’s response was priceless. Say what hat you want about him being a poor teammate. His teammates had his back right after he took the shot he deserved for excessive celebration/taunting.
  17. Quarterbacks are overdrafted. It leads to a very high failure rate because the pressure is there from day one. Tom Brady was a late round pick and will end up being the GOAT. Brees was a second round pick. Now it’s like Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel going high. You cant win without a quarterback but these overdrafts are destroying some people’s chances of being successful.
  18. I would cite Randy “Alligators Arms” Moss during his staybin Oakland. You could do it, but it destroys your value.
  19. Antonio Gates who definitely should be involved in any conversation about who the GOAT ? UDFA is as well.
  20. The thing about Mike High is the people are really nice to you. Even in my powder blues I had a great time.
  21. How a guy like Warren Moon never even gets mentioned in these conversations baffles me. Not saying he was for sure top ten but definitely shouldn't just be forgotten like he is.
  22. It's hard for me to not go with LDT as my impulse and final answer. Payton, Barry Sanders, and Marshall Faulk all deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation. Payton was my favorite as a boy but isn't in the same level as Tomlinson as a receiver. Not that Payton wasn't great but Tomlinson lined up for plays as a receiver. Faulk, the SDSU alum always loses to LDT when I compare them because LDT just had that nose for the goalline. Barry... walked away too soon. I'll always wonder what he would have done. Would he have faded out or still put up huge numbers?
  23. They’ve been cycled out. Even fired the team Doctor. It’s just bad luck. Exceptionally bad luck to lose a player like Henry in a non contact drill prior to even real practices starting. There is no way you replace a player like that. You can only hope to adjust the offense to compensate. I’m sure Gates is a consideration but other then being a great teammate and fan favorite, he doesn’t offer much at this point.
  24. Typical stop gap signing. Best case scenario he starts and fills a gap. Worst case scenario he gets cut or has limited production with no impact on the 2019 cap. You bring in good locker room guys and make them compete for a spot. At the very least you get camp competition. I’ve always loved Johnson. He is on the back side of his career but maybe he has one year left. You don’t know until a fighter takes that one fight too many that it’s his last. Either way, Raiders have nothing to lose here. Required joke. Gruden doesn’t want anyone in the building making him feel old.
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