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  1. It's hard for me to not go with LDT as my impulse and final answer. Payton, Barry Sanders, and Marshall Faulk all deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation. Payton was my favorite as a boy but isn't in the same level as Tomlinson as a receiver. Not that Payton wasn't great but Tomlinson lined up for plays as a receiver. Faulk, the SDSU alum always loses to LDT when I compare them because LDT just had that nose for the goalline. Barry... walked away too soon. I'll always wonder what he would have done. Would he have faded out or still put up huge numbers?
  2. They’ve been cycled out. Even fired the team Doctor. It’s just bad luck. Exceptionally bad luck to lose a player like Henry in a non contact drill prior to even real practices starting. There is no way you replace a player like that. You can only hope to adjust the offense to compensate. I’m sure Gates is a consideration but other then being a great teammate and fan favorite, he doesn’t offer much at this point.
  3. Typical stop gap signing. Best case scenario he starts and fills a gap. Worst case scenario he gets cut or has limited production with no impact on the 2019 cap. You bring in good locker room guys and make them compete for a spot. At the very least you get camp competition. I’ve always loved Johnson. He is on the back side of his career but maybe he has one year left. You don’t know until a fighter takes that one fight too many that it’s his last. Either way, Raiders have nothing to lose here. Required joke. Gruden doesn’t want anyone in the building making him feel old.
  4. Rivers got sold to us during the Senior bowl so take that for what it’s worth.
  5. It’s a tough argument for sure. Antonio Gates versus Kellen Winslow. Dude was so good his son had a hype train entering the league.
  6. Love Gates and I’d love him as an assistant coach. He is 37 & shouldn’t be on any roster opening day. Maybe late in the year when bodies are worn down and your guy gets hurt. (Gronk) but not taking a roster spot from someone who has more then a game or two left in him. Yea though, ownership is a joke. No joke about it. There had to have been a better way to go about this then a league source tweet. Of note, he’s been a free agent this entire time so the market is tepid at best for Gates.
  7. Ever since Bledsoe lost his job the New England Patriots haven’t looked good on paper. Every year you can point at their roster and say, well they are weak here and here. I don’t recall saying in the last five years their offensive line has looked better then below average and their wide receivers outside of Moss have been other teams cast offs. In spite of he severe lack of paper talent they somehow magically have won championships and been every single year in the playoff hunt. The GOAT QB is physically unimpressive. He doesn’t wow you with arm strength, or some flashy highlight
  8. I don’t know how much I believe that. McDaniels will get a HC offer should he want to pursue one. I don’t know if any of the other owners will honestly hold not wanting Irsay as his boss against him. As to the succession. Maybe. I don’t know what was said. I don’t even know I’d trust what was said. I could very easily see it being Kraft saying you’re our first choice when Belly retires and Belly saying in his usual cryptic way, I’m not thinking about how much longer I’m going to be coaching. I’m just focused on this season and there being a take from that.
  9. So Addae is still on the field? Way to ruin draft day for me.
  10. Well the human miss isn’t going to do it.
  11. Denver wins the draft and went from outside looking in to a possible championship.
  12. Browns missed Chubb at 1 but can get him there. How do they Browns this up now?
  13. QB's are so over drafted at this point. Giants made the second best pick they could. Chubb is the steal of the draft at this point.
  14. They will soon be the Jacksonville/London jaguars and have quite a big advantage. Imagine if they committed to playing one game every year in London. They would be the home town favorites there and benefit from the crowd noise. However since they technically are not home in London it likely would alternate between being scheduled as home/away game. Jags get essentially 8 home games one year and 9 the following year.
  15. Josh McDaniels will still be hot next year.
  16. Is Ben still their QB? Then no the Steelers offense is not overrated. How good is Ben? How valuable is he to the Steelers. Well in the Ben Era, the Steelers have no used any pick in the first three rounds on a QB. That’s says a ton.
  17. Luck is better then Alex Smith no question. You can go back and read those first few years Luck entered the league and see Luck was regarded as top 5 and Smith as bottom 5, yet their stat lines were very similar. Obviously there are contributing factors but Luck has NEVER lived up to his pre draft hype. He was never a top 5 QB in this league. Fringe top ten at his peak.
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