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  1. Hahaha I love this. The guy has come off as a jerk and I hope the Steelers rum the wheels off him his year on the tag then let him walk.
  2. I’m upset that they charge me 14 bucks for a beer after they gouge me for 200 bucks a seat. Horse track has beers for fifty cents!
  3. I and the players association would love it if Cousins went for a 100% guaranteed deal. Let’s call it the Ryan Shazier effect.
  4. Adjust it to a size where I never have to watch a punter try to kick a field goal again. Yes it was hilarious but that was some bush league stuff.
  5. I think you’re probably taking a step in the right direction. I can only say what bothers me as a viewer and has led to me losing interest. I probably watched less then ten NFL games total last year. Five years ago I’d watch ten games in a weekend. Too much talk about other things other then playing football is my personal reason.
  6. And they wonder why they are losing viewers. This drama should have been taken care of behind closed doors. Now we all get to smell their dirty laundry. oh my god King, Jeruh has a steel chair!
  7. Paying Boston that money would tie up so much money in a position that we don’t have an upper tier talent.
  8. 18 year starter is worth whatever pick you spent on a player. Incredible career.
  9. Resign Hayward now. We don’t need to be looking to fill two starting corner spots next off season. I don’t even care what they have to pay him. Rivers will retire soon and with his salary off the books and us messing around with rookies we will have plenty of cap room to enjoy quarterback purgatory.
  10. I really like Reich when he was our QB coach. He wasn’t bad for us given that he was saddled with Mccoy’s leadership as OC. He was highly successful in Philly and he seems like a genuine good guy. He has a resume that includes 5 Super Bowl appearances and was part of the greatest teams to never win a championship. He has worked with hall of fame quarterbacks and every quarterback he has tutored has shown vast improvements. Big fan of this hire. Im not the biggest fan of Luck but with Reich there, he may finally live up to the pre draft hype.
  11. I really don’t believe this. There are 30 teams McDaniels hasn’t given the finger to. If any one of them decide he is the best option to put together a winning program they will pull the trigger and it doesn’t matter he gave Irsay the finger.
  12. I’ve given this more thought and I can’t say Mcdaniels really burned all that many bridges beside Irsay. Had McD taken the job and failed he wouldn’t have gotten another HC opportunity. I don’t have anything against the GM in Indianapolis but Irsay is horrible. Not quite Spanos level horrible but pretty bad. That’s a tough sell to bet your future on. McD now gets at least one more year under the Hoodie with more money and from reports actual mentoring from the Hoodie. He will be a hot coaching commodity next year or whenever he feels it’s time to leave New England or succeed the
  13. I’d actually rather enjoy reading this. Do you perhaps have a link or anything?
  14. The colts could do worse. Fisher might be able to get them out of having top 5 picks.
  15. Rumor has it he realized he was going to be working for Irsay and then called Kraft to figure out a way to stay.
  16. He must be very confident that he will be handed the keys to the Patriot Kingdom. Dude just likely got himself blackballed everywhere else in the NFL with this move.
  17. I hope he is confident that he is the guy when Bill retires. Accepting and then backing out on an offer is a good way to get black balled when there is only 31 owners and they all talk.
  18. If I’m Kurt Cousins and sitting on that franchise tag money for the last two seasons then I’m thinking big picture here. It has to be a ground breaking contract. I want to change how things are done. Cleveland has the most money and likely is the first negotiation. There’s a problem with Cleveland though. It’s tumultuous. They just jettisoned the moneyball guy and yet kept a coach that has won 1 game in two years. That’s fine there’s a solution to this problem. 5 years 150 million fully guaranteed. That’s right. Cousins shouldn’t sign anything that doesn’t guarantee him full value for at least
  19. Top five safeties 1 Ronnie Lott 2. Ed Reed 3 Rodney Harrison 4 Steve Atwater 5 Brian Dawkins Honorable mentions for Polamalu, John Lynch, Adrian Wilson, Eric Berry , Earl Thomas
  20. Without going back prior to players I watched Lott, Atwater, Lynch, Waters, Harrison, Reed, Polamalu, Dawkins makes a clear cut top 5 hard to do. How Harrison isn’t even a consideration for the Hall of Fame baffles me. Maybe cause he played through his prime on a dog poo team. He was an amazing player. My second favorite.
  21. Oh it was just a joke. Champ is as automatic as they come.
  22. I don’t care. I love me some Owens. Heart of a lion and gave it his all every week, every play. Criminal he wasn’t inducted sooner.
  23. After Ryan Shazier the players union needs to get this done. In a single play a player can lose the means of his livelihood or even their life. The way the contracts are written now is ridiculous and merely headline grabbing. Right then out to be almost 100% guaranteed with maybe a few bonus categories for milestones and then some clauses for behavior.
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