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  1. I’d actually rather enjoy reading this. Do you perhaps have a link or anything?
  2. The colts could do worse. Fisher might be able to get them out of having top 5 picks.
  3. Rumor has it he realized he was going to be working for Irsay and then called Kraft to figure out a way to stay.
  4. He must be very confident that he will be handed the keys to the Patriot Kingdom. Dude just likely got himself blackballed everywhere else in the NFL with this move.
  5. I hope he is confident that he is the guy when Bill retires. Accepting and then backing out on an offer is a good way to get black balled when there is only 31 owners and they all talk.
  6. If I’m Kurt Cousins and sitting on that franchise tag money for the last two seasons then I’m thinking big picture here. It has to be a ground breaking contract. I want to change how things are done. Cleveland has the most money and likely is the first negotiation. There’s a problem with Cleveland though. It’s tumultuous. They just jettisoned the moneyball guy and yet kept a coach that has won 1 game in two years. That’s fine there’s a solution to this problem. 5 years 150 million fully guaranteed. That’s right. Cousins shouldn’t sign anything that doesn’t guarantee him full value for at least
  7. Top five safeties 1 Ronnie Lott 2. Ed Reed 3 Rodney Harrison 4 Steve Atwater 5 Brian Dawkins Honorable mentions for Polamalu, John Lynch, Adrian Wilson, Eric Berry , Earl Thomas
  8. Without going back prior to players I watched Lott, Atwater, Lynch, Waters, Harrison, Reed, Polamalu, Dawkins makes a clear cut top 5 hard to do. How Harrison isn’t even a consideration for the Hall of Fame baffles me. Maybe cause he played through his prime on a dog poo team. He was an amazing player. My second favorite.
  9. Oh it was just a joke. Champ is as automatic as they come.
  10. I don’t care. I love me some Owens. Heart of a lion and gave it his all every week, every play. Criminal he wasn’t inducted sooner.
  11. After Ryan Shazier the players union needs to get this done. In a single play a player can lose the means of his livelihood or even their life. The way the contracts are written now is ridiculous and merely headline grabbing. Right then out to be almost 100% guaranteed with maybe a few bonus categories for milestones and then some clauses for behavior.
  12. Only a third for a player with Alex’s talent at the QB position is pretty good value although you should never trust an Andy Reid QB...
  13. Not that I’d be upset with Vea but Payne would be my first choice. That being long said I could change my mind before April.
  14. Vanilla play calling on offense by the Jags would be where I’d point my finger at. Way too predictable. They have a great TE and didn’t give him a single target late in the game. Patriots were sitting on that first down run, a play action TE screen would have gashed them for a first down and opened up more of the field.
  15. Amazing game. Really thought the Jags had enough to win and then Patriot things happened. Whole game was great to watch as a football fan though. Good clean calls for the most part.
  16. Sure after the four or so personal attacks you’ve made in this thread.
  17. Jacksonville’s defense has given them enough chances to win. Come on Bortles it’s time to earn your starting job. His is essentially your career. You drive down score and get to play in a championship game or your offense sputters and you get that choke artist label.
  18. The stupidity of cutting Lambo in favor of the circus trick kicker isn’t the question. The question was would Ramsey instead of Bosa mean the Chargers would be in the AFCCG right now. I really like Ramsey but I wouldn’t swap Bosa for him.
  19. Does Brady think he’s Flacco with that throw?
  20. Jags need to mix in a draw and some outside runs. Tire this defense out.
  21. Love the play calling to go uptempo but man Jags swarm.
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