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  1. Jags need to mix in a draw and some outside runs. Tire this defense out.
  2. Love the play calling to go uptempo but man Jags swarm.
  3. Enjoying your first day on the internet?
  4. They are... they get the concussion the majority of the time.
  5. “The mans holdin up some fingers, True or False?”
  6. This game is definitely rigged. I just heard on good authority that Gronk is back in. Apparently they have a special Gronk concussion test where it’s just true/false for him on all the questions.
  7. Player safety man. Twenty years ago that was just Rodney Harrison every play. Now it’s a penalty every time. Games changed.
  8. Brady is like Michael Myers, it isn’t over until it’s over and you see the body burning but given the choice between the pats turning the ball over here or Brady going in after a TD drive. I’d rather Brady be second guessing a turnover.
  9. Strip sack please omg! Send Brady into the locker room demoralized.
  10. Brady is so damn good. Amazing pocket presence but the Jags are all doing what they are supposed to do and eventually he has to take that hit.
  11. Ramsay is going to make shrink lose his cool at some point. The mouth is running.
  12. Again... this Jags team every single play wraps up and tackles.
  13. Anyone counting out Brady and Co is already drunk.
  14. Except Bortles is not playing mediocre. He’s running that offense.
  15. Tbf Bortles has looked great the last two weeks. That isn’t a year long occurrence.
  16. Zero to do with Brady’s hand. Jags are fast. Pressure from the outside, up the middle, right coverage and just some textbook tackling. Jags defense wants a super bowl appearance.
  17. Yes... yes hit him and frustrate him. There is zero chance jags win this game if Brady isn’t dirty.
  18. Bortles can become a franchise guy with a win today... too bad even his mom doesn’t believe in him to do so.
  19. Tbh I don’t understand the rule of what makes a pick play illegal. There are legal and illegal picks. I’m not sure where the definition is.
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