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  1. Tbh I don’t understand the rule of what makes a pick play illegal. There are legal and illegal picks. I’m not sure where the definition is.
  2. Two great units there. Now it’s Bortles time. ?
  3. Jags defense looks so good. Too bad they have to beat the Patriots to stay alive.
  4. Worth 14m for one year sure. I think Pittsburgh tags him and runs the wheels off that vehicle if and when he reports. Worth 42m guaranteed for three years? No way. Not to the Steelers. Maybe to the Browns or 49ers or any other team with a ton of cap room. He hit thet magical 400 touch mark. Never forget Jamal Lewis!
  5. On the list I took LT but from a franchise point of view I will always believe the second most important player is an elite pass rusher.
  6. Viewership is down... that’s how you change that.
  7. I actually wanted him as our head coach at one point. I’m not sure if that was pre Norv or Pre McCoy timeline wise but seeing what he did with our special teams and how the players got fired up for him I thought he’d Have success at the next level. Very under rated coach. Easily the best of the Oakland hires as he isn’t a roll of the dice. You already know you’re getting a top notch coach.
  8. “My” team is one of the ones going over seas. It’d be nice to have more fans. Who knows it could become my team’s permanent home in 5 years when they realize they will never be more then the third most popular team in LA. I wonder how expensive tickets are. I would not mind going to London again.
  9. I think the Steelers have offered him fair and viable compensation. He’s chosen to hold out for more and it resulted in a tag. It’s all about the money. I don’t blame him. I’d try to every dollar I could too but you’re not going to get Cleveland Money and play for a year in, year out contender like Pittsburgh. 400 touches is almost always the kiss of death. No way you give him 40-50 million guaranteed.
  10. Lynch had some sort of television career after football. I remember seeing him. Media bias. For me. Ray Lewis, Owens, Law, Jacoby and Boselli get my votes.
  11. On the surface I like this. However if it means Reggie is losing power over the front office then it’s not so likable. Reggie has done a great job assembling a roster with a lot of talent. You have to keep pumping that well.
  12. I wonder if they gave him a ride back...
  13. Well I for one am excited for Black Monday
  14. I do not watch Andy dalton very often but it seems like every time I do he looks like someone that shouldn’t be playing quarterback at any level of competition.
  15. Someone should tell the Ravens they still get paid if they make a playoff game.
  16. Titans better eliminate the Jags next week.
  17. Chargers had a winnable game vs the Patriots and the Chiefs. Had they not Mcree’d they’d be in the playoffs. I don’t feel bad they beat the Raiders and still kiss the playoffs. They had their destiny in their hands and blew it. Still vastly outperformed my expectations this season. I had them as a two win team in the preseason.
  18. Still doesn’t erase your special teams gaffs Benjamin.
  19. Pop the champagne! Chargers kicked a field goal. the irony of playing in a soccer stadium and yet not being able to kick...
  20. The best part of that play was the announcer saying Rivers just throws it away...
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