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  1. Replay to me looks like receiver goes to the ground reaches out, ball touches ground and there’s enough movement to say he lost control. Irrefutable evidence to overturn? No. Call on the field was a TD. That call was incorrect but should have stood by rule. It was not a catch but it’s hard to look at that replay and say it was irrefutable. That’s the rule I feel needs to change. I hate replay challenges.
  2. No. I’m not arguing James trapped the ball. James went to the ground in the process of making the catch and lost control of the ball. Incomplete catch. I don’t care much about the play, I’m talking about the rule. You can argue the ball didn’t touch the ground or they didn’t have irrefutable evidence and I will give you the possibility of either of those in this case. The rule was an improvement over previous catch definitions. It isn’t perfect but it’s definitely more solid then it was. Officials have a specific criteria to meet. They don’t get to make the judgement of whe
  3. So what you want a play to be over when the receiver touches the ground? Catch the ball in the air fall and once you hit the ground, who cares? Receiver lays out has ball in hands bounces it on the ground by hey it’s cool he had “control” for that split second before it hit the ground? Welcome to trap ball catches.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81a77070/Week-1-2010-Calvin-Johnson-s-miraculous-TD-catch-called-back I couldn’t find the video of when the receiver reached across and deliberately set the ball down. For some reason I’m thinking it was Julio. Anyone remember the play I’m thinking of? The rule is solid and it was the right call. Receiver did not maintain control of the ball while going to the ground.
  5. Desmond King is being disguised by the Ingram/Bosa pass rush duo. Pass rush makes secondary players look light years better then they are. One of them goes down, this defense looks very different. I’ve been impressed so far with King but think he’s overachieving right now.
  6. Varett is done as a charger. I believe he becomes a FA this year and with his injury concerns I can't see us bringing him back. His option price is 8.5 million for a guy that has never completed a season without getting hurt. Lamp coming back is a light in the dark though. Gates should be retiring now that he has the record. He's slower then Jason Witten at this point. First round super bust Mike Williams should be healthy next season... obviously my expectations are tempered there. Rivers being traded is extremely unlikely. He has a no trade clause in his contract and
  7. So this guy was fired by the Falcons then? Are we sure he didn't have some grudge to settle with them?
  8. Anyone else think Marvin would be an incredible college coach?
  9. God bless NFL network and since this wasn’t one of the Amazon Prime games I could t watch it. I felt myself almost begin to hope we were more then a mediocre team and almost was sucked back into the cycle. Lucky for me the real Chargers showed up and this puts any hope of the playoffs in a very dim light. It’s quite a shame because the pass rush is finally enjoyable to watch and it makes the secondary look so much better then they are. Bosa, Ingram are every bit as exciting as lights out and SP95 ever were. If only we had gotten some more help from the draft this year. Does Rivers spend
  10. Hester vs Moss, Owens and all the others that are waiting to get in. Great returner. Not involved in enough plays. So he made people kick out of bounds, that’s hardly gameplanning around.
  11. This is just silly. How many duds have the Rooney’s hired?
  12. If 19 plays in his career are hall of fame worthy then you are opening the door wide open to the hall of fame. No he doesn’t deserve to be in. That’s like Flutie deserving to go in because he drop kicked an extra point. Just not enough impact he was a great player at his position but that position doesn’t have enough impact to warrant hall consideration.
  13. The San Diego media are the only ones who still are covering the Chargers. One Los Angeles reporter when asked about the Chargers straight said, “I don’t cover minor league teams.”
  14. Addae will make us all forget Marlon MCcree and Drayton Florence all by himself.
  15. Breaking News the Miami Dolphins are bringing Bernard Pollard out of retirement for one game due to Gronks appeal. Gronk is a peanut head. Everyone that ever heard him talk would agree on this. Phenomenal football talent, peanut size brain. One game is appropriate imo. I wonder what kind of lecture Belichick gave him.
  16. Can someone just summarize what is wrong with the Broncos? So much talent, and they were one of my locks preseason to be in the playoff hunt and the wheels are just off of them this year. What’s the fix because this was a really good team quite recently.
  17. So I hated Eli obviously from the day we drafted him and traded him to NYG but wow what a classy response by Eli.
  18. So when does the only 30/30 DB get in?
  19. Anyone else lol when Rivers said they had two home games in a row?
  20. Wow. KA13 still upset over all the teams that passed on him draft day.
  21. Bryant just willed that catch. Chargers meltdown starts now.
  22. That XP kick was the most amateur looking kick I’ve ever seen. Like Janikowski kicking but with a madden power rating of 2.
  23. Point taken. Most fans would bring back Jacked Up though too.
  24. That was as bad a hold as you’re going to see...
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