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  1. Bryant just willed that catch. Chargers meltdown starts now.
  2. That XP kick was the most amateur looking kick I’ve ever seen. Like Janikowski kicking but with a madden power rating of 2.
  3. Point taken. Most fans would bring back Jacked Up though too.
  4. That was as bad a hold as you’re going to see...
  5. Yes, yes give in to the dark side. Building up a leaf to blow in say 30 minutes.
  6. I was completely expecting that to be blocked and returned for a TD. Tbh I’m kind of disappointed.
  7. It’s hard. San Diego was my home for many years. The Chargers were the home team. I no longer have a home team. Spanos doesn’t help.
  8. Bears got an amazing worker. I really liked Inman. Compensation is way lower then I would have liked but he got buried on the depth chart. I think he could end up paying off Big for the Bears.
  9. Decent signing. He isn’t what he once was but can still provide pressure on a QB on obvious pass plays. Great locker room guy, just does his job. He’e A one trick pony at this point but that one trick is still pretty valuable.
  10. I feel like it’s ownership pushing a running back in the first as a need more so then the front office. We spent a 1st on Matthews, A 2/3 &5 on Hester and a 1/4/5 on Gordon. That makes me belive Spanos is in whatever GM’s head whispering that another LT is right there take a back.
  11. Slauson as a Captain was one of our more solid linemen. The unit just can’t find a way to stay on the field consistently. Personally I think we bring Clary back as a blood transfusion donor and start pumping his Ironman blood into all of our linemen’s. Hopefully they just inherit his ability to stay on the field and not any actual playing ability. Matt Slauson and the Biceps that Quit
  12. Novak is accurate but.. ugh leg strength is going to be such an issue.
  13. Could he be fined for his remark? I seem to remember someone else being fined for a press conference for some reason but don’t remember the details. Aging sucks.
  14. What can Andy Reid swindle a team for? Andy Reid the coach that convinced the NFL Jay Fiedler and AJ Feeley were future stars. Buyer beware when trading for someone coming out of an Andy Reid System. Chiefs will easily get a high second in value for him, although I could also see them content to just keep him another season. They don’t have to deal him.
  15. It makes it easier when your pissed about multiple things. Front office consistently forcing new head coaches to keep assistants from previous regimes. The NFL’s zero tolerance for domestic violence caught on video and released to the public. Chargers moving to Los Angeles for no other reason then it makes the Spanos richer. Junior Seau’s death and the CTE funding fiasco by the NFL. The NFL being a political commentary now. Lastly, the Chargers might in fact be even worse then I initially predicted.
  16. two scores... I feel like I should win a prize for accurately predicting the outcome.
  17. Surprised they didn't convert there against the ultra prevent.
  18. It's like they fired a 14-2 Potential hall of fame coach and have some sort of karmic payback that wasn't settled with years of having Norv Turner "lead" them.
  19. Now we've lost Verrett for the year. It was a thin group. Any team with three decent wide outs is going to wreck us.
  20. Even if Brady doesn't mean as much to the Patriots as Rodgers does to the Packers Brady is still the GOAT and top QB in the NFL. 11 appearances in the AFC Championship. One season ever in the NFL that Brady didn't lead his team to the playoffs... Brady may not be as physically gifted as Rodgers but he makes up for that with his preparation, work ethic and leadership.
  21. Absolutely has to be talked about, Von in the Super Bowl. He did to Belichek what Belichek has done to the NFL. Biggest stage. Incredible performance.
  22. I think this is the week we truly show what kind of ball club we are. KC beats us by two scores. That stadium was the loudest last week when booing Spanos, I just don't see this getting any better. KC is really good and Alex Smith has very quietly become a borderline top ten QB. Rivers on the other hand is starting to look like David Carr. He's proved he's tough but the feet have been getting happier year after year. We'll never know just how good he would have been on a competent organization with a decent coach. I defended firing Marty. I was horribly wrong. This team won't be go
  23. Add Hairston to the list which will really be horrible when we inevitably lose Okung. Anyone familiar at all with Marz? Swing tackle or are we just doubling down on Rivers' toughness in week 3?
  24. If Rivers is set to retire then ok but if Philip says he's coming back we can't sink that kind of capital into a player that won't contribute right away or ever... we have a horrid track record with drafts recently. We need to land that multi year all pro browl franchise cornerstone player and haven't done it since... 2007? Some ok players but no one that has played out a second contract at a high level. It's truly awful when you look at it.
  25. I'm not an MGIII fan by any stretch. You've all seen me trash him based on his lack of vision and ball security, but most of the blame belong on Wiz. You can't say you're going to be a running team and then run the shotgun as much as we do. It's a lack of identity. It was a problem last year and it's already resurfacing in two weeks of play this year. Our OC is obviously. Or on the same page as our head coach is. For gods sake stop running Gordon out of the shotgun on draws. He sucks at it. He will never be good at it. He doesn't have the skill set for it. Keep running him on swin
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