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  1. Surprised they didn't convert there against the ultra prevent.
  2. It's like they fired a 14-2 Potential hall of fame coach and have some sort of karmic payback that wasn't settled with years of having Norv Turner "lead" them.
  3. Now we've lost Verrett for the year. It was a thin group. Any team with three decent wide outs is going to wreck us.
  4. Even if Brady doesn't mean as much to the Patriots as Rodgers does to the Packers Brady is still the GOAT and top QB in the NFL. 11 appearances in the AFC Championship. One season ever in the NFL that Brady didn't lead his team to the playoffs... Brady may not be as physically gifted as Rodgers but he makes up for that with his preparation, work ethic and leadership.
  5. Absolutely has to be talked about, Von in the Super Bowl. He did to Belichek what Belichek has done to the NFL. Biggest stage. Incredible performance.
  6. I think this is the week we truly show what kind of ball club we are. KC beats us by two scores. That stadium was the loudest last week when booing Spanos, I just don't see this getting any better. KC is really good and Alex Smith has very quietly become a borderline top ten QB. Rivers on the other hand is starting to look like David Carr. He's proved he's tough but the feet have been getting happier year after year. We'll never know just how good he would have been on a competent organization with a decent coach. I defended firing Marty. I was horribly wrong. This team won't be go
  7. Add Hairston to the list which will really be horrible when we inevitably lose Okung. Anyone familiar at all with Marz? Swing tackle or are we just doubling down on Rivers' toughness in week 3?
  8. If Rivers is set to retire then ok but if Philip says he's coming back we can't sink that kind of capital into a player that won't contribute right away or ever... we have a horrid track record with drafts recently. We need to land that multi year all pro browl franchise cornerstone player and haven't done it since... 2007? Some ok players but no one that has played out a second contract at a high level. It's truly awful when you look at it.
  9. I'm not an MGIII fan by any stretch. You've all seen me trash him based on his lack of vision and ball security, but most of the blame belong on Wiz. You can't say you're going to be a running team and then run the shotgun as much as we do. It's a lack of identity. It was a problem last year and it's already resurfacing in two weeks of play this year. Our OC is obviously. Or on the same page as our head coach is. For gods sake stop running Gordon out of the shotgun on draws. He sucks at it. He will never be good at it. He doesn't have the skill set for it. Keep running him on swin
  10. Spikes was even an upgrade over his predecessor Cooper for the role Phillips asked of him. You don't need a complete linebacker in that spot. Just someone who can act as a run stuffer and kind of just give that solid leadership/coaching guidance.
  11. #112. I've seen every Gates TD over the years a huge feat for him to break the record. Now it's Hunter time.
  12. If the Chargers could Execute half as well as their cheerleaders we'd win more then 2 games this year. This itty bitty stadium isnt even half full with 20 minutes to kickoff.
  13. Lol all the former greats are Martyball players.
  14. My seat was 250.00... this stadium is small. Nothing good about that it just is small. It's crawling right now with Dolphin fans. on a positive note the bathrooms are not flooded and they have Guinness in the stadium. Go galaxy!
  15. Dolphins are on the ropes from a hurricane and haven't played a game this year. Their players have had to live in hotels and been out here all week trying to adjust to life on the road. Cutler sucks and I hate him as I hate hell and all Montagues. We better win win because the rest of the year we aren't getting a team with so much adversity.
  16. Airplane flying around Stubhub has the banner, "Worst owner in sports? Spanos. Pay your rent."
  17. Broncos L Dolphins W Chiefs L Eagles L Giants L Raiders L Broncos L Patriots L Jaguars W Bills L Cowboys L Browns L Redskins L Chiefs L Jets L Raiders L 2-14 but undefeated against Florida teams.
  18. Well I've got a special present for you this thanksgiving.
  19. Nah... charger ending is a blown lead in the fourth. This was more just a general suckage loss. It had no business even being that close.
  20. If only we could get the rest of the NFL to go into prevent with us and count on two turnovers that shouldn't have gone our way.
  21. Anyone else surpised he didn't muff that punt?
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