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  1. Run that clock Lynn. Passing in the middle of the field and running out of the shotgun is sure to work...
  2. How many mascots does Denver get. There's the costumed one and now some lady on a horse galloping down the field. Stupid ESPN cut out, was the most interesting thing all night.
  3. I don't hate her yet so she's doing good. Inevitably I end up hating every announcer, except when they have mooch on.
  4. Looks like the defense is still in San Diego. How a defense can be this bad with Bosa is boggling. Gus Bradley...
  5. 5-11 team that hired a rookie coach then lost its first two picks of the draft. Doesn't look good man. Oh oh and our WR's are getting no superstition while the Broncos are sending pass rushers untouched at Rivers... be prepared for another Los Angeles media comment of, "We don't cover AAA football teams."
  6. Oh Rivers, a little bit of feet tangle is not PI. Do you think your Flacco now?
  7. How do you name a starting QB no then bench him not even halfway through the first game? Surely someone deserves to be fired for that level on indecivenesss.
  8. Jets shopped him and Chargers were interested, deal breaker was he was a peanut head. Borderline players that are also hot headed idiots just don't make it.
  9. You know who have really enjoyed this game tonight? Harambe. Andy Reid man what a way to start the season off. Also way to shut my mouth about missing Charles.
  10. It's horrible. I'm an Eric Berry fan. Sucks he won't be playing. I won't bet against him returning but it's going to be talked about.
  11. Probably some bad blood over the year the Patriots were running up the score and Brady said the opposing defense should be embarasssed they are getting paid if they can't stop them from scoring.
  12. Remember the time King Brady came back from 15 down on opening night to beat the Chiefs? you member.
  13. http://www.chargers.com/news/2017/09/07/why-von-miller-thinks-most-talented-bolts-team-hes-faced Von Miller has gone from dude with a warrant to one of the classiest guys in the NFL. Not just theee quotes but his bottle of wine to all his "rivals." Not only do I wish more players were like Von on the field but I hope more players act like him off the field. Definitely Orion of a professional.
  14. Chargers Ecstatic if the team is sold. Happy if by some miracle we make the playoffs. Surpised if we win more then 6 games. Expecting a 4-12 season.
  15. Not only DB's manhandling Receivers but Favre played back when you were still allowed to hit a QB. The hits Favre, Aikman and Simms took during that time period were jaw dropping. There was a whole show segment called jacked up. The 90's were not kind to QB's.
  16. In a weird twist of fate, we don't have a single wide receiver that wears an 80's series number.
  17. Depends on how much money Kaep wants. Brock is available for vet minimum, since Cleveland is picking up the bill financially.
  18. He should be on every GM's speed dial list for the scenario that your starter goes down. Very rarely can you get someone with starting experience for vet minimum for the year. I'm not high on him by any means but in an emergency situation, he's worth having in the contact list, especially with Cleveland picking up the tab and Brock anxious to go out and prove he's worth another payday. Man Elway dodged a bullet.
  19. No way to tell but quality wins over quantity in any scenario. the Browns paralayed a lot of those picks into extra picks to give themselves more chances but there isn't one all-pro in that whole deal. If a team lands an all-pro then they obviously won the deal but if not it might as well have been trading the #1 pick for 7 7th rounders.
  20. PRO:: Comes from RB coach pedigree so that usually means he focuses more on team and winning the contest of wills. CON:: He was hired with the caveat being that his OC would be Whisenhunt so he could be another spineless Spanos toadie in a long line of yes men since Marty.
  21. If it was Joey Porter it would have been a year long suspension.
  22. I guarantee the Chargers aren't a playoff team. USA Today must have played out a season on Madden with injuries disabled.
  23. Mannion has had a couple great throws. Is this just his best game ever or has he been given a chance?
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