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  1. So glad I was wrong about Bosa. Wow.
  2. Straight up no NFL player is going to say his team sucks so bad he needs a new one. Well at least nobody that doesn't want to be carted off the field.
  3. I'd also like to add that he has no vision, can't block for crap and is lazy. Pretty much always shows up to camp out of shape. So in summary soft, lazy, with major ball security issues looking for work. I'd be surprised if anyone even calls. He's done and can now focus full time on those 40 man raids.
  4. He will be suspended and it sucks for the Raiders cause he is pretty good. That being said family is family.
  5. Floor 1-15 for a team that didn't really improve anywhere. Ceiling 7-9 for a team that still has a good quarterback if they can stay reasonably healthy moving forward.
  6. Are the Rams scared to actually have to use high picks? First Goff and now a second for Watkins. Hard to build a good team down picks every year.
  7. My expectations are exactly what should be expected of a 4-12 team that didn't improve in the off season. We are fielding mostly the same team from last year with a coaching change. I imagine Gordon will get more carries until he goes down. I have zero faith in Okung to stay healthy and expect him out after the first four weeks. This is going to be another year when I marvel at Rivers' ability to keep trying and take punishment. Once Okung goes down and the online shuffle begins it gets dark. I also expect to lose Allen yet again because history has taught me not to trust in our ability
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