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  1. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    ...you think the Chiefs DL is better than the Chargers? Yikes. And are you really assuming that you’re going to trade for a top 10 CB? Yikes. The Chargers defense is 10x as good as the Chiefs. And I like the Chiefs way more than I like LA. It’s asinine to think the Chiefs D is comparable. Your offense is way better, but c’mon your D is going to be the same or worse. It’s still good enough to win a lot of games combined with your O, but you’re off your rocker with some of these takes.
  2. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    He should. He was a good late pick.
  3. Greatest rivalry in each division

    I do too, but I can't in good conscience call that the greatest rivalry in the division given 2000-2017. Now I expect us to give them a run for their money. Now if only they would replace Ben with a skinny RB like the Ravens did.....
  4. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Who would you guys even take? For what it's worth, I'm a big Dwayne Haskins fan.
  5. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    This dude was banned for making a troll thread about Franco Harris in the Steelers forum. He has apparently returned with a new name and a desire to get banned yet again. O/U 10 posts before he gets the hammer?
  6. Can we form the 1st and 2nd all bust team from 2000-2019?

    Worst draft ever? It's gotta be up there.
  7. Bengals G Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED's

    I think they should have taken Haskins, but you could certainly do a lot worse at QB. Hating on Andy Dalton has become in-vogue, but he's better than most starting QB's in the NFL with marginal talent around him. And he's never had a good OL. Even when they had good players (Whitworth, Zeitler, Boling), there were glaring holes around those guys that made their unit ineffective. The Bengals could win a Super Bowl with Dalton if they had excellent talent around him. And before this off-season, they really didn't have a lot of options to do better at the position. I don't blame them for sticking it out with Dalton.
  8. Gerald McCoy officially released

    How good is this guy right now? Like, is he a starter? In Cleveland we already have two above average starting DT's in Larry Ogunjobi and Sheldon Richardson. You can always use DL depth, but do you think he's good enough to dethrone one of those two guys as the starter? Can he still rush the passer effectively? And I know it's cool to say "he sucks" once a guy leaves your team, so honest feedback would be nice.
  9. Bengals G Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED's

    It should have had "everything" as a need to improve. I heard he declared early from UCLA and did some research on him that year. The film was not even "meh." It was bad. I have no idea how he got picked up.
  10. Adam "Pacman" Jones retires

    He turned it around? By not getting arrested for the 170th time in the last year? He would have to cure cancer for me to change my opinion of him. Not just avoid getting arrested for a year.
  11. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    I am just not that high on Burnett. He will prevent catastrophes back there, but he's not really good either. Just a very average player. I hope we can get him out of the starting lineup eventually. Or who knows? Maybe he proves me wrong and turns out to be a Godsend.
  12. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    Sure. He played FS most of the time at Miami but I just think he’s too good to sit behind Randall and Burnett is all. I would think he could beat out Burnett and not have to play behind Randall is all. Plus he’s a striker. I’d like to see him in the box lighting up RBs. I guess he could do that at FS too though. He’s certainly versatile enough to do either, which is awesome.
  13. Can we form the 1st and 2nd all bust team from 2000-2019?

    I didn’t know Keller had a knee injury. But he never was. At least Winslow was good at some point. Yeah it cost us more to get him, but I think taking a literal no-name TE in the 1st that never does anything is worse. Semantics; both can be considered busts. Winslow also turned into a huge POS so extra bust bonus points.
  14. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    Oh and finally, Redwine did play CB at one point and did test well, but I think he’s a SS. He can play either, but I totally expect him to push Burnett out at SS.
  15. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    I watched every Miami game this year except for maybe one of the crappy teams they were going to murder. Sheldrick Redwine was all over the field and while his ball production might not be elite, it is most certainly not a concern. He was very good in coverage and didn’t allow very many completions at all. Additionally, he seemed to be “Johnny on the spot” and constantly was in position to make a play. I am never going to hold a lack of ball production against a player. Why should they be punished because the quarterback on the other team didn’t throw the football at them? It’s not like he was giving up catches or dropping INTs. And well you might think I’m hitting the homer button, I feel like I give pretty honest feedback about Miami guys. I didn’t like the Chad Thomas pick. I didn’t like Ereck Flowers nor do I like Jonathan Garvin, who is getting 1st round buzz for the 2020 draft. Redwine is going to be good.