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  1. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    His police report has him as slightly over 6'0. I'm okay with either, but if we are going with a spread "system QB," I'm probably going with Lamar Jackson. And if we really like Mayfield or Jackson, waiting around with Houston's pick is lunacy. We would need to jump through hoops to go get our QB, not wait it out. If we like those guys that much, so will other NFL GM's.
  2. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    Hard to argue with the logic of sitting out, but it's not a good look for me. I want guys that love the game. I want guys that wanna go play backyard football on their off day. Dudes that can't wait to get on the field and dominate because that's their everything...it's where they get their rocks off in life. Would I not draft a Fournette or McCaffrey because of it? No, but I'd think a little less of their character for doing it. Their draft stock wouldn't change one way or the other.
  3. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I don't loathe the thought of taking Mayfield, but nowhere near the #1 pick. And we can't not take a QB at #1 this year, so I don't see how Mayfield could happen.
  4. We have 2 strong safeties right now. I'm not giving up on Peppers at FS. We just need to keep him closer to the LOS if we're going to do that. Or blitz him more. It's not his fault we can't cover a skinny post. He's 30 yards off the ball and the WR's are cutting the seam between the LB's and the FS. I think we have our 2 safeties for a long time in Kindred and Peppers. Peppers was closer to the LOS today and he had a good game. I'm not worried about finding a FS. Freaking Ed Reed wouldn't be able to help us at FS when their alignment is in a different area code.
  5. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Here's what I'd do: Take a QB at #1...whoever you designate as the man. I like Darnold still, but I haven't caught much USC this year. Then trade back up to #2 and take Saquon. #1--Sam Darnold QB USC #2--Saquon Barkley RB Penn State 2nd--MJ Stewart CB North Carolina 2nd--Adonis Alexander CB/S Virginia Tech 2nd--(traded for Barkley) 3rd--Braxton Berrios WR Miami Fl. 3rd--Donnie Miles SS North Carolina 4th--(traded for Barkley) 5th--Skai Moore OLB South Carolina 6th--Josey Jewel MLB Iowa 7th--Austin Proehl WR North Carolina FA--Jarvis Landry WR FA--Avery Williamson MLB FA--Jeremiah Attaochu DE QB: Darnold/Kizer/Kessler RB: Barkley/Johnson/Dayes FB: Vitale WR: Gordon/Coleman/Landry/Berrios/Louis/Coates/Proehl TE: Njoku/DeValve/Telfer LT: Thomas/Banner LG: Bitonio/Martin C: Tretter/Reiter RG: Zeitler/Drango RT: Coleman/Johnson LE: Ogbah/Nassib DT: Shelton/Ogunjobi/Meder/Coley/Brantley RE: Garrett/Attaochu WLB: Kirksey/Moore MLB: Schobert/Williamson/Jewel SLB: Collins/Burgess CB: McCourty/Stewart/Boddy-Calhoun/Taylor/Wilson FS: Peppers/Alexander SS: Kindred/Miles K: Gonzales P: Colquitt KR: Barkley/Berrios PR: Peppers/Berrios
  6. Danny Shelton has been a big time surprise for me. I didn't like it when we drafted him, but he's been money for our run defense. Cut Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, and DeShone Kizer? Slow down buddy. Especially on Corey Coleman. Also, I consider Derrick Kindred to be part of our young nucleus. I don't want him to leave and I expect him to be a big part of the Browns for the forseeable future.
  7. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    Told you guys he would be terrible.
  8. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    Miami has a ton of awesome sophomore players. Also, keep an eye out on my boy Shakif Seymour from Toledo. He's going to be an NFL guy and is only a (RS) Freshman right now. Coached him in HS. Great kid with NFL size, speed, and power. Work ethic is there. Production is there.
  9. Most heart breaking loss

    Most heartbreaking loss in football history?
  10. Jameis Winston Under NFL Investigation

    EDIT: Nevermind. (Also, is there a way to delete posts on here?)
  11. Josh Rosen vs Sam Darnold

    And Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round, not in the top 10. You suggested we take a dude that's been benched several times this year in the top 10, not in round 6.
  12. Josh Rosen vs Sam Darnold

    Falk has been benched more than once this year. I liked Falk his Sophomore year, but all the evidence seems to suggest he's a product of that system. I have not formally evaluated him, but if you're being benched in college, I highly doubt you'll be the answer in the NFL. Especially with such a high pick. That's just goofy.
  13. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor for rookie qb Nathan Peterman

    Peterman becomes a high end starter down the road. I loved this kid and thought he was extremely pro ready and efficient. Peterman is a stud. Does he have the freak arm, size, or speed? No, but he's good enough in those areas to let his intangibles do the rest.
  14. 2018 Head Coaching Candidates

    If Cincinnati ever wants to pull the trigger on firing Marvin Lewis, Hue Jackson is the favorite to go back to Cinci, I'd think.
  15. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    I believe in Nathan Peterman! He'll be the Bills QB for the forseeable future IMO. I think he's a starting QB in the league and will end up being somewhere around the 12th best starter in the league eventually. A game manager, but as good of a "game manager" as you're going to get. Alex Smith-like.