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  1. Sherman's behaviour

    You need a couple SOB's on your team in my opinion. I don't like Sherman at all, but it's because he's not on my team.
  2. 2018 Draft Eligible RB Thread

    People are sleeping on Mark Walton. He's extremely explosive.
  3. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    I'm not worried about Kizer. He's the least of our worries right now. Sure he didn't play lights out. But how can you ask your raw rookie QB to go out there and throw 50 passes and expect him to be successful? We have a terrible group of receivers and no running game. It's just an inescapably bad situation. We knew this would happen playing the young buck. It sucks, but growth will not happen without some of these rough weeks. We need to get this kid some weapons. Coleman will be a fine #2 receiver and we have a ton of #4 type guys. We need a legitimate slot receiver and another big outside target. We also need more Duke Johnson. That dude is a baller and constantly makes plays for us.I don't dislike Crow, but Duke is a QB's best friend. He's one of the best guys in the league to check it down to and he can motion out and beat up LB's if you read man coverage. We have to find ways to get him the ball more often. I watch these quick shifty dudes just snapping ankles on DB's. We don't have any of that right now. We have some fast guys, but they're not short area fast, which you need to create easy yardage over the middle. Kenny Britt is pretty miserable right now. I was not happy when we got him and I feel vindicated by his play so far. I was actually OK with Pryor walking, but our answer to that should never have been, "hey let's sign Kenny Britt to a big 4 year deal!" He's not Dwayne Bowe because I think he has a little more pride than that, but I think ultimately this will be his final season in Cleveland.
  4. Ogbah is just wildly inconsistent. He always has been. I don't think he's terrible, but I never expected him to be a DE #1.
  5. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Nassib has looked better than Ogbah IMO. We could use another DE, but I'm not freaking out over it. It's not a top 3 priority right now IMO. WR #1 and WR #2 and CB #1 and CB #2 are our big needs IMO. Then we can look at a RB, MLB, RT.
  6. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Man Cobbs and Washington are overrated to me. Calvin Ridley and Deon Cain are my top 2 WR's.
  7. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I don't think Crow and Shon Coleman are as bad as people are acting like they are. They aren't world beaters, but I don't think they're abominations like we've had in other starting spots previous years. All that being said about Crow, I wouldn't pay him what he wants. It's going to end up being a bad contract long-term. RB's wear down. And with the money we've invested in our OL, we shouldn't have to pay a RB top dollar to produce. That being said, I'd be all for Barkley. He's a superfreak and nobody would bat an eye if he were taken #1.
  8. The Next 4 Games Will Determine the Fate of Our Regime

    The Colts and the Jets should be gimme games for us. If not, we are in a lot of trouble. Both of those teams are atrocious. As far as Cinci and Houston? I don't think either team is great, but I also don't think either team has played particularly well yet. As much as I hope for ineptitude from those two teams, I think they pull themselves out of the complete gutter and go back to slightly below average as the season goes on. I think Houston wins 6ish games, Cinci wins 6-7. I think it'd be considered an upset for us to beat Houston or Cinci. It'd be a travesty for ANYONE in the NFL to lose to the Colts or the Jets right now. Those are far and away the worst two teams in the NFL in my opinion. I think we go 3-1 with our sole loss being a bad one to the Bengals, who catch fire against us.
  9. Texans release WR Jaelen Strong

    Called his bustage. He ran really fast, but he didn't play fast at all. There was no rhythm or quickness to his routes.
  10. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    Part of it is also because play action is dead. If teams could effectively play action and consistently kept themselves out of bad 3rd and long situations, it'd make the jobs of NFL OL a lot easier. DE's are just teeing off on teams that can't run the ball and it's impossible to stop. I also hate how teams throw 90% of the time on 3rd and 4 and 95% of the time on 3rd and 5. Those should be running downs. Want to keep your QB upright? Run the rock more.
  11. trade for Kenny

    I'd do it for cheap. Hell, I'd give them Kenny Britt. A Kenny for Kenny swap.
  12. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3 9/16/2017)

    Pretty much Miami's entire defense. They haven't given up a single yard in two weeks. That has to be some kind of a record.
  13. What are your requirements?

    Just can't be fat. My one major restriction. I can deal with a butterface...but no amount of alcohol can cure your lumpiness.
  14. Josh Gordon to end treatment, seek return

    Stefon Diggs is a borderline superstar. We aren't getting him for Gordon. Gordon's trade value is useless. Just keep him.
  15. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I was talking about Bishop Sankey. Freeman is big, but he doesn't play big at all. I respect the agility and vision of Freeman, but in the NFL you need to have some special traits. I don't think he has any great physical tools. People point to his size, but he doesn't run nearly as strong as guys 20 pounds lighter than him. People point to agility, but I see a dude that cuts all over the place and takes forever to get his momentum going again. I want to like him, but he just doesn't provide anything that excites me. He's not terrible, but I don't ever see him being the bell cow for a team. So taking him in the early 2nd round would be a travesty IMO. I watched a ton of film on him last year to confirm my viewpoint and I stand by it. I also don't like Nick Chubb from Georgia. Two guys I am basically on an island all by myself hating.