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  1. Mason Rudolph

    Lacks zip on his throws. Lollipops the ball down the field. He can throw it far, but it doesn't travel with any velocity. He's going to throw a lot of INT's in the NFL trying to drive the ball down the field IMO. I don't like him very much. He's below Kurt Benkert and a few others that are outside of Tier #1.
  2. Who are your top 5 prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft?

    Sweet dear lord baby jesus....I literally had no clue he was this jacked up. He looked so much smaller in pads.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    Bethel Johnson was like....A+++ speed. James Washington gets an A- at best for speed. This is the only one of your comps I vehemently disagree with. Plus Bethel Johnson had a terrible catch radius. Washington has an incredible radius. Bethel Johnson was one of my favorite NFL players because of his 98 speed madden rating so I watched nearly every one of his snaps in NE and HOU. He was purely a freak of nature speed demon and an elite return man. I don't see James Washington doing either of those things.
  4. Morgan Burnett/Derwin James

    Derwin James is an elite talent. Morgan Burnett is a very good player approaching 30 years old. I'm taking Derwin James all day...not even a thought. Derwin James > Minkah Fitzpatrick Harrison Smith is a terrible comparison for Derwin James. Harrison Smith is nowhere near the athlete that James is and I don't think James diagnoses as well as Smith. Two different players IMO. James won't play linebacker. Doesn't need to. You don't want him taking on blocks. He can make plays behind the LOS lined up as a deep safety. He's got that kind of closing speed. You waste that asking him to sift through garbage at linebacker. He's going to play FS or SS.
  5. Who are your top 5 prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft?

    Yeah he's not going to run under a 5.0 in the 40 yard dash, but he's athletic enough to play in any scheme and do anything you ask a guard to do. He won't be a liability in any facet of the game and will be well above average in multiple areas. @DontTazeMeBro, you're going to be one of the only people on planet earth without Quenton Nelson in your top 5 prospects.
  6. Who are your top 5 prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft?

    What? James Harrison is built like a brick poophouse. Okoronkwo is nowhere as thick and powerful. They're the same height and that's about it.
  7. Draft Discussion 3.0

    I wouldn't hate it. I just don't think we need Kirk when we already have Corey Coleman. We need a pure slot WR who knows how to run a full route tree. I want Anthony Miller in the 2nd round, but I wouldn't cry if we took Kirk as I think he's going to be a good player. A slightly slower and thicker Percy Harvin.
  8. Rank The Top 6 QB's by Traits

    Height. And he gets a lot of easy throws because of the play action spread offense he works in. He's going to have a harder time transitioning to being a traditional NFL QB working under center and running pro style concepts. 90% of Oklahoma's pass plays came off of play action in an RPO-style attack. A lot of QB's would have put up good numbers in that system. I don't totally hold it against him or anything, but it's certainly worth noting. Mayfield's height and college scheme are the only reasons he's not going #1. If he was 6'4 I'd take him #1 regardless of scheme, but those are his flaws.
  9. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Top 10 in R2.
  10. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Darnold to Russell Wilson comparison? That seems bizarre to say the least. Don't see that comparison at all. It's fun to throw out comparisons, but most of them are utterly worthless. Once these players hit the league they become their own guy. I think it's useful for casuals to hear player comparisons just so they get an idea of the skill set the player is working with, but searching for that perfect comparison is sometimes futile and forces some really bad ones.
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    I agree with this, but I have a feeling we're getting Trumaine. I continually mock him to us despite having the same reservations you have about him. He's also right in the danger range for paying free agents. He's going to get 1 last fat contract this off-season and probably never be better than he is at this moment. I don't want a 30 year old slow corner making top 15 CB money on the roster in 3-4 years and this is what's going to happen with Trumaine.
  12. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Yep. Football is exactly the same as it was back then.
  13. New Mock with Trades.

    I'd rather have Fitzpatrick than Chubb. Chubb doesn't excite me at all. I have Marcus Davenport rated higher. Chubb isn't explosive enough to ever become a terror off the edge. There's a very low chance he's a bust, but I want a dynamic pass rusher if I'm taking one in the top 5 and he's not it. So if Saquon Barkley is gone (I doubt he will be), I'd trade down. If we can't trade down (there will be plenty of suitors), I would take Derwin James and play him at FS. He's actually played FS at a high level and has much more vertical and lateral speed. He could play the deep middle with ease and has done it before. Plus he's a monster in the run game. I trust Fitzpatrick to make any play that comes to him, but I trust Derwin James to get to the play unequivocally more than Fitz will. James has better physical traits, more upside, and has more of the skill set we need on this defense. Hell, I'd even take Denzel Ward over Minkah Fitzpatrick or Bradley Chubb to be honest. I have Ward ranked higher than both of those guys on my big board and he fills a need (although we play a ton of off-zone, not press man).
  14. Draft Discussion 3.0

    LG is typically your pulling guard and is on the QB's blind side. Not sure how he'd be less important than the RG, but ok. The center is blocking back on the 1-Tech 90% of the time. I don't care about centers. As long as they aren't horrible, you'll be fine. Also on an unrelated note, how is Perry so good at blocking jet sweeps? I need to know (even though they're out of our playoff bracket now).
  15. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Price was given more college recognition? Cool. Pretending that a C is more important than at least 8 other positions on offense is dumb. QB/LT/WR1/RT/RB/WR2/TE/LG/C/RG/FB. Tretter isn't special. We could replace him, but why? He's perfectly fine playing where he is right now. There will be better players on the board in the 20's and I don't personally think he'd be BPA (regardless of his position or our need) until the Eagles pick in the 2nd round.