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  1. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    He was great for a few years in SF.
  2. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    Franco Harris has never run over anyone or anything, remember?
  3. 2019 Team Needs

    In that situation? 1. Dexter Lawrence 2. Raekwon Davis 3. Clellen Ferrell 4. N'Keal Harry 5. AJ Brown
  4. 2019 Team Needs

    Garrett is a stud. Ogbah has been injured the last two years. He's been fine when on the field, but he's beginning to turn into a liability because he can't stay healthy. Plus we could use another superstar edge rusher given next year's draft class is riddled with DL talent. We basically need 1 more stud DL somewhere. Whether it's at DT or DE.
  5. 2019 Team Needs

    Browns: WR #1 OT #1 DE #1 DT #1 CB Depth Those are the 4 positions we need new starters at plus CB, where we could afford to upgrade opposite Denzel Ward.
  6. Bears could win it all If they had a halfway decent QB

    11-5/12-4? Are you a Bears fan perhaps or just an illegal substance fan?
  7. Are the Steelers done?

    Why would they move a dude that can't handle playing in a phone booth...into a phone booth? Guards would destroy him. He's a bad pass rusher and nothing more. He wasn't even a good college player. They gambled on some underwear olympic linebackers before and had it pay off (Timmons), but this one smelled like doo doo from a mile away. Thank God the Steelers got rid of the main problem on their team--that darn Todd Haley! The Steelers will sadly be fine. They haven't played HORRIBLE the first two games and they've historically gotten off to slow starts. I mean, the Browns should have beaten them in week 1 last year if it weren't for a blocked punt returned for a TD. Are they a legitimate title contender? Not in the least. But they're far from being hapless. They'll eek their way into the playoffs and see a 1st round exit.
  8. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    Because the NFL doesn't lie about it. If you don't like the way the NFL was structured, don't join it. I'd listen to arguments from current players or even former players trying to enact a change to the current system, but complaining about the system decades after you retired is weak sauce. It's a shameless money grab.
  9. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    Don't blame him on the hail mary. That's dumb. But yeah, he is what he is. He's not a very good QB. He's a tad below average and always has been. To call him bad is false, but he's closer to bad than he is good. I'm all for bringing Baker Mayfield in whenever. He can't be any worse than Tyrod Taylor has been so far. I think he's ready for the bright lights. I think playing Baker makes us a better team, but Tyrod hasn't been atrocious enough to really warrant a benching. I mean...we should be 2-0 right now if our special teams wasn't such a joke.
  10. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    You hate on Gordon too much. He's going to rip it up in New England, no doubt. Your hatred for Gordon is undermining what he'll do on the field for the Patriots. From what I've heard directly from a Browns employee (not in a football operations position), he's loathed by his teammates and they wanted him gone. It had nothing to do with drugs...it was an attitude problem and most of the veterans wanted him off the team. I never heard boo about him being a locker room cancer, but apparently, according to one of the people in the Browns organization that sees players on a daily basis, he's a clown. All that being said, the Patriots got a steal. He's worth a top 10 pick if he's not doing drugs, regardless of how he is off the field. I fully expect him to be a top 3 WR in the NFL once they start using him regularly in the rotation.
  11. #1--Jabar Gaffney #2--Paris Lenon ....but actually.... #1--Sean Taylor #2--Ed Reed Sean Taylor ahead of Ed Reed because he created highlight hits regularly.
  12. There were better safeties on the open market that lasted way longer than he did. Tre Boston and Kenny Vaccaro are both better or comparable players and weren't signed also. There were plenty of guys that protested that were on NFL rosters this past season. C'mon man.
  13. @AFlaccoSeagulls decided to make it a Kaep thread for no reason.