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  1. Lol I’m just surprised you went to high school.
  2. That stings coming from a poster carried in such high esteem. Nobody has a great group of linebackers. Devin Bush is good, he’s not a BEAST. Not yet anyways. I like Queen too, but you have two literal turds playing next to both of those young high potential players. Why would I mention Minkah at safety? You do realize that you have to have two good players to be considered a good unit, right? You seem to think that a good player + an abortion = good. Yeah I do hate Pittsburgh. Did I let it cloud my judgment here? No. Your team has some big holes on it. Can’t wait to watch the Steelers fall to mediocrity this year.
  3. COD Modern Warfare COD Modern Warfare 2 COD Modern Warfare 3
  4. Clark is a scumbag human being.
  5. Vassell reminds me of Klay Thompson without the off the dribble shooting ability. Smooth jump shooting guard that locks people down defensively. I think he could end up being the premier 3 & D guy in the NBA eventually.
  6. I think for sure the Warriors would consider it. The other top teams are going to be looking for ball-dominant scorers, which is not Okongwu. So I think he’s really a fit for Golden State at 1...not really a great fit for any other franchise. Could other teams use him? Absolutely. But GM’s picking this high are gonna go for a game changing flashy scoring guard early rather than a defensive big and rim runner. There will be a lot of teams that wished they took Okongwu, but it’s almost understandable why you wouldn’t if you lack an elite back court player.
  7. Thoughts on Isaac Okoro and Devin Vassell? I love both guys and think they'd bring us what we lack most: wing defense. Plus, Vassell has the ability to shoot the lights out and Okoro is a beast at taking it strong to the rim.
  8. Shut up. Chiefs rule, everyone else drools. Loser. @Kirill
  9. Not in those traditional spots. Just because yo call yourself a base 3-4 doesn't mean Aaron Donald isn't getting most of his pressures from a 5-tech. Aaron Donald was rushing in a 3-technique most of the time. Chandler Jones in a 3-4 or a 4-3 doesn't matter. He's an edge and there's hardly any difference in those skill sets in terms of rushing the passer.
  10. This is getting crazy. Do a bubble or cancel/postpone the season.
  11. They’re deep, but the Browns #1 & 2 are both better than any other WRs in the division, assuming AJ Green doesn’t defy all logic and comes back on the wrong side of 30 and a myriad of injuries to be back to his prime. I probably should have listed the top 3 WRs for each team, not just the top 2 starters since a ton of teams consider their #3 a starter. Also, I’m not high on Tee Higgins. I think he’s going to be another Auden Tate. Good at catching hero balls down the field, but never really a starting outside WR on a good team.
  12. I think Suh is way closer. Unlike Atkins, Suh was the most dominant DT for a significant amount of time. Everyone wanted to find the next Suh. (spoiler: it’s Derrick Brown)
  13. Unless they are just planning on having him be the mental mentor for Stidham. That would cripple him even more.
  14. I don’t think so. He just doesn’t have the name recognition to get in. He’s never been considered the premier DT in the NFL, which will hurt his cause. He’s as good as they come, but I don’t think he gets enough credit from the outside world. I think he misses out.
  15. Who has the best group of players in each division? AFC North QB: Bengals (Burrow...just a hunch) RB: Browns (Chubb) FB: Ravens (Ricard) WR: Browns (OBJ/Landry) TE: Browns (Hooper/Njoku/Bryant) OT: Ravens (Tunsil/Brown) OG: Steelers (DeCastro/Wisniewski) OC: Browns (Tretter) DE: Steelers (Watt/Dupree) DT: Ravens (Wolfe/Williams/Campbell) or Bengals (Atkins/Reader) LB: All bad. I think I like the Bengals the most based on potential (Pratt/Wilson/Davis-Gaither/Bailey) CB: Ravens (Humphery/Peters/Smith/Young) S: Bengals (Bates/Bell) K: Ravens (Tucker) P: Browns (Gillan) RET: Steelers (D. Johnson) Browns: 5 Ravens: 4 (+1 Tie) Steelers: 3 Bengals 2 (+ 1 tie)
  16. It’s honestly not that hard to learn. It’s not like teaching a guy to dribble. And I always think about this: No college coach is going to worry about developing a lottery pick 1 & done for long-term success. They don’t care if Okoro improves his 3point percentage marginally. Shooting 3’s is going to become Okoro’s new full-time job. For a kid that works as hard as he does, I don’t see that being a major problem.
  17. I don't think it is even as close as RGIII and Luck. Fields benefits from playing in a wide open spread offense where literally every QB has had massive success. He isn't asked to make NFL throws hardly ever and rarely works outside the numbers sans for the 50/50 chucks down the sidelines. Lawrence saw more pressure by a mile and navigates the pocket much more naturally. He holds in the pocket strong and knows when to take off and run. Lawrence can throw off platform much better and is more consistent hitting receivers in stride. Plus, he's physically better in every way. I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if Fields isn't even QB2 next year.
  18. If you think that Lawrence isn't as good as Fields, I don't know what to tell you. Lawrence is still the best QB prospect since Luck.
  19. My big board: 1. Onyeka Okongwu C---strong like bull freak of nature that can defend at a high level. Rim running ability and shot blocking traits are special. NBA Comparison: Bam Adebayo 2. Deni Avdija SF---so refined at such a young age. Gets others involved offensively and plays great team and help defense. NBA Comparison: Can't think of anyone that does what he does. 3. Isaac Okoro SF---superb athlete with lockdown defense. Nightmare in the open floor, but lacks a jump shot. NBA Comparison: Ron Artest 4. James Wiseman C---elite athlete, rebounder, shot blocker, floor runner. Raw and foul prone. NBA Comparison: Hassan Whiteside 5. Lamelo Ball PG---elite playmaking skills and size. Lacks a consistent shot and is very weak. NBA Comparison: Jason Kidd without defense 6. Anthony Edwards SG---confident shooter with unreal physical talent. Lacks intangibles offensively and defensively. NBA Comparison: More confident Andrew Wiggins 7. Obi Toppin PF---lacks defensive intensity and foot speed to guard positions outside of PF. But man, what an explosive athlete with no holes offensively. NBA Comparison: Kenyon Martin with a jump shot...or an explosive Tobias Harris. 8. Devin Vassell SG---lockdown wing defender that hits 3's consistently. Reminds me a little of Klay Thompson in that regard. NBA Comparison: Poor Man's Klay Thompson 9. Tyrese Haliburton PG---big defensive point guard that facilitates very well. Not great anywhere, but solid all-around player. NBA Comparison: Kirk Hinrich 10. Precious Achiuwa PF---another strong athlete that can defend multiple positions. Lacks offensive ability outside of dunks and pick-setting. NBA Comparison: Stronger Gerald Wallace
  20. I think the Jets absolutely won. I can’t believe they got this much for a disgruntled SS.
  21. Give me Avdija all day, even at pick #1. His game fits perfectly with what we have here. He is 19 and already plays like a veteran. Makes his teammates better. Can play SF or PF. I see him starting at SF and setting up Garland/Sexton off of Love/Drummond screens. Oh, and he can defend. Gives high effort. Contests shots all game and avoids fouls.
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