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  1. 2019 Game Breakers

    Who are the homerun hitting guys in CFB? The guys with insane electric speed. Even if they aren't consistent playmakers, I'm looking for dudes that can fly past you if given space.
  2. Why isn't anyone talking about the Cincinnati Bengals?

    He'll definitely have an excuse. But I don't see how you guys could beat the Saints when they have the best WR and RB of all-time on their roster. Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara are not from this planet and nobody is even close to being as good as these two guys. Really in NFL history. Just ask Saints fans.
  3. I knew about Young's injury, but I kind of always felt like Richards would be back. Sucks. But it wouldn't matter who was at WR with the two piles of dog poop that Miami has been trotting out at QB this year.
  4. ...I had no idea this was the case. Crazy...
  5. I don't think he's arguably faster. Thomas is a freaking BLAZER. Richards hasn't really impressed me all that much to be honest.
  6. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    It should shock you. Oliver is a damn near lock to be the #1 pick. The only dude that might go ahead of him is Nick Bosa, who would only be pushed up if the #1 picking team already has a great DT but no great DE.
  7. Pittsburgh game-winning penalty uncalled?

    I think it's a safe inference that they wanted injury revenge. But yeah.....doesn't bother me. Savages exist in the NFL and it should be that way.
  8. Will Hue Jackson be our coach in 2019?

    I wanna call the offense. That's my comfort zone. So if and when I get a call from the Browns to do anything other than run the entire offense, I'm declining. Oh, and I want total control of the 53 man roster. Someone else can call the defense. I'd probably retain Gregg Williams, but demand that we don't run zone the entire season.
  9. Will Hue Jackson be our coach in 2019?

    Exactly. I'm waiting for a phone call.
  10. 2019 Game Breakers

    hmmmm....very interesting. I still don't see that kind of speed from Weber. Even 4.48 seems high. We'll see!
  11. 2019 Game Breakers

    I disagree. Weber has elite vision but he doesn't have any great physical traits. JK Dobbins is a huge playmaker for OSU. I haven't watched any OSU this year, but saw just about every game the previous 2 seasons. Give me Dobbins in a homerun hitting contest every single day of the week. Weber strikes me as a 4.55 guy. Dobbins as a 4.38 guy.
  12. 2019 Game Breakers

    He's not a homerun hitter. I'm looking for speed freaks. Cam Akers is a savage, but he's not a speedster.
  13. 2019 Game Breakers

    What? He's not even the most explosive player in that OSU backfield. I wouldn't categorize him as explosive at all.
  14. Our trip to Tampa

    Tampa Bay is pretty awful. If we don't win this game, the season is pretty much lost in terms of playoffs. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to beat this team definitively. We could theoretically have only 1 loss right now, but we could also theoretically be winless with a few bounces going the wrong way. This game will tell us where we stand.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Very toolsy kid. I think he's going to go a lot higher than people think, especially in a poor QB class. He's got tools, but he's not JUST tools. He's got some polish and has played well against some good teams. I haven't watched him since he was a freshman, but I was VERY impressed with him, thinking he would eventually become a star and a 1st round prospect.
  16. Trades?

    Some Texans fans think JaDeveon Clowney might be on the trade block for a 3rd. Here my my ideal off-season: #10-#20 range: BPA at DT, ILB, CB. (DT Simmons, DT Wilkins, DT Lawrence, ILB White, CB Greedy Williams, CB DeAndre Baker...) 2nd-Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma 3rd-(Traded away for DE JaDeveon Clowney) 4th-(Traded away for WR Amari Cooper) 5th-(Traded away for WR Amari Cooper) 6th-BPA CB 7th-BPA K
  17. Potential Trade Block Players

    Would Tennessee break the bank for him? I feel like they have a lot of resources at OLB right now. My bet is someone else would throw top dollar his way.
  18. Potential Trade Block Players

    Except that was a horrible draft class and he hasn't really flashed as being anything but average. Clowney has shown flashes of being a DPOY kind of a player. At the 2nd most important position in football. I have no doubt that the Texans could get a 3rd for him. I'd consider moving a 2nd for him to be honest.
  19. Potential Trade Block Players

    He's injured all the time, which is the big problem. He's no longer a young QB with great upside. He's just not dependable or reliable. Nobody's trading for him, as you said.
  20. Pittsburgh game-winning penalty uncalled?

    That's almost impossible to see, in all fairness to the refs that I hate. If it's not clear cut, you're not going to flag the team in that situation. Just eating the flag was the right call here, even though it was clearly a designed pick play.
  21. Why isn't anyone talking about the Cincinnati Bengals?

    Because they really aren't that good IMO. I think they crash back down to earth and end up somewhere outside of the playoff race when it's all said and done.
  22. Potential Trade Block Players

    Who in the eff would want RGIII?
  23. Potential Trade Block Players

    If this were the case, I trade for him to come to Cleveland in a heartbeat. Having Clowney and Garrett as our bookends would just be unfair.
  24. 2019 Game Breakers

    Nomination: Marquise Brown.