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  1. Daniel Jeremiah's Mock #1

    No I'm not questioning his knowledge, I'm just saying it seems asinine TO ME. My board doesn't reflect this whatsoever, but who am I?
  2. Daniel Jeremiah's Mock #1

    I don't think Taylor is a 1st round pick and I absolutely hate the idea of Cody Ford. Ford screams bust to me. He has good movement skills and is a large man, but he doesn't play the game nasty and he rarely finishes his blocks. He position blocks everything and rarely has to take a legitimate pass set. He is a zone blocking OG all the way to me and can't play in a power run scheme, like we employ in Cleveland. I hated the Browns OL in past years where we got a bunch of finesse pass blockers and couldn't run the ball to save our lives. I want some big nasty dudes up front that get movement off the ball. That isn't Cody Ford. Jawaan Taylor is too raw in pass protection to be taken in the 1st round. I do like him quite a bit, but not enough to pull the trigger on him in the 1st round. I don't really like this OL class...or at least the players that are alleged to be taken high. I like a lot of the sleeper OL though. Max Scharping, Lukayus McNeill, Nate Herbig, Garrett Brumfield, Calvin Anderson, Mitch Hyatt, Michael Dieter, and Martez Ivey are all guys I like in the later round. I don't see a big dropoff between these guys and the names that are being given 1st round consideration. OL is becoming such a crap shoot nowadays anyways...might as well hold out and take a later round project than take the "can't miss" ones in the 1st round. There have been more busts taken high at OT than any other position I can think of.
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Justin Gilbert was worse. We took him over a slew of superstars and he was never even underwhelming...he was a straight up abortion in every sense of the word. Gerard Warren was at least a halfway decent, yet underwhelming pro. Gilbert was about as useless as a crusted old pleasure sock.
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I don't think we'll be in range to get him without trading down from #17, but I really would like TJ Hockenson on the Browns. He's such a beast. Excellent in-line blocker, excellent space blocker, elite RAC ability for a TE, and can stretch the seam vertically. 2 TE sets with Hock and Njoku would be NASTY!!!!!
  5. E/W Shrine Game + NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Discussion

    RB--Darrin Hall FB--George Aston WR--Cody Thompson/Jon'Vea Johnson TE--Matt Sokol OT--Calvin Anderson/Brandon Knight OG--Martez Ivey OC--Jesse Burkett DT: Terry Beckner/Daniel Wise OLB: Andrew Van Ginkel/Ben Burr-Kirven/Jordan Jones/Ulysees Gilbert/Kendall Joseph ILB: Khalil Hodge CB: Michael Jackson/Blace Brown/Jamal Peters FS: Lukas Denis/Chris Johnson/Jalen Young SS: Kiy Hester I think all of these guys have NFL futures. The bolded ones are guys I think could become stars.
  6. Daniel Jeremiah's Mock #1

    Hubbard was an average RT. Harrison struggled, but everyone knew he was insanely raw. Robinson stepped up and played great once inserted as the starter and was a tick above average at LT all season. Could we use an upgrade at OT? Sure. Would it make sense to address it in the 1st round? I don't think so. Especially not with Andre Dillard, a guy that I think should be drafted in the 3rd round. He's way too raw to be throwing away a 1st round pick on him. Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, DK Metcalf, or Deandre Baker would all be better selections off the top of my head. They fill more pressing needs and are simply better football players than Dillard.
  7. Daniel Jeremiah's Mock #1

    This is insanity. I saw like 5-6 things that he had going on that I would guess have less than a 1% chance of occurring. 1. Gary at #2 2. Jacobs at #5 3. Hockenson at #8 4. Oliver falling to #14 5. Dillard at #17? 6. Both Clemson DT's Wilkins & Lawrence falling into the 20's Those all seem nuts to me to be honest.
  8. OROY

    Wow...and the final shred of credibility you had just got flushed down the toilet.
  9. OROY

    The attempts to discredit any of these three (Baker/Quinton/Saquon) is ridiculous. All three are deserving and it all depends on how the committee views the award. Stats: Barkley Impact: Baker Snap by snap grade: Nelson I'd honestly probably give the award to the best statistical rookie (Saquon), but that's because that's how I understand the award to be. The award SHOULD be the most impactful rookie, which would be a landslide victory for Baker.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah I don't really like JJ Arcega-Whiteside and find him to be extremely 1-dimensional, but he is clearly the jump ball God in this class.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    He's insanely underrated. He's going to be an excellent DT in the NFL. Elite hand usage and motor. Average athleticism and size will drop him, but he's more than capable of playing EITHER DT spot and causing disruption. I don't buy the notion that he's not athletic enough to play 3-Tech. He's a very good pass rushing DT that can beat you with a multitude of pass rush moves. He also closes well and doesn't miss many tackles when he is asked to play in space. He's a complete player that just doesn't wow you physically. Jurrell Casey-like. And I can't stand this Dexter Lawrence is overrated thing. Both he and Wilkins are future NFL studs. And they're going to be outshined by Clellin Ferrell! Side note: Clemson DE Austin Bryant is another dude that I could see going in the late 1st. He's extremely talented and had good production. He is a bit of a 1-speed pass rusher right now, but he's got great upside and was the best DL on the field in several games I watched them play. This might go down as the best starting DL in CFB history.
  12. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I don't think Butler plays like a 6'6 WR. He doesn't play small, but guys like Arcega-Whiteside play bigger than he does (I'm not a JJA-W fan btw). I like Butler, but he doesn't always play up to his size. Oh and the more tape I watch, the more I don't really like Kelvin Harmon. He's not BAD, but he doesn't strike me as an explosive downfield threat like I've seen some say he is. He's especially underwhelming after the catch where he looks as stiff as a board.
  13. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Trey Flowers is a freaking stud muffin. I can't see New England letting him get away given their defensive woes. Also, if we got Trey Flowers, we really wouldn't need any more DE's. The position would be beyond fine.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    He has no great physical traits, but he's quick as can be and has great vision. I'm not sure what to make of him...
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    I am not sold on this OLB class. I think if you exclude the guys that are pass rushers (Josh Allen, Montez Sweat, Porter Gustin), I wouldn't take any of those guys over: Michael Pinckney Isaiah Simmons Malik Harrison Paddy Fisher (ILB/OLB versatile) and that's just 4 off the top of my head.
  16. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    I forgot all about Herbig. I love him. He's my #2 OG behind Lindstrom.
  17. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    I think he's got balance issues. He's big and athletic, but his footwork is quite sloppy at times. He also isn't pristine in pass pro by any stretch. I've seen him get bullied into the QB's lap on multiple occasions and I just don't think he's very consistent. He's got a lot of great physical tools, but hasn't locked into his technique yet. I don't think he's BAD, but I also don't think there's a major difference between his ability to pass protect and that of the lower round guys like Mitch Hyatt or Yodny Cajuste.
  18. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Tyler Biadasz was my top rated OL in the draft. Sad he went back to school. The C group is pretty bleh.
  19. #1 pick - who do the Cardinals draft?

    Gotta trade down if you can. Minor trade down, that is. I don't think Bosa is that much better than the other top 10 DL. Yeah he's great, but if you can get more draft picks and come away with a future 1st, a pair of 2nd rounders, and DE Clellin Ferrell or DT Ed Oliver, you're going to be better off than simply adding Nick Bosa in my opinion. I'm still of the belief that Oliver is better than Bosa. I know, roast away.
  20. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    My big OL board: 1. Jonah Williams/LT 2. David Edwards/RT 3. Michael Dieter/OG 4. Chris Lindstrom/OG 5. Greg Little/LT 6. Mitch Hyatt/LT 7. Max Scharping/RT 8. Jawaan Taylor/RT 9. Dalton Risner/RT 10. Yodny Cajuste/LT 11. Martez Ivey/OG 12. Cody Ford/OG 13. Andre Dillard/LT 14. Connor McGovern/OG 15. Garrett Brumfield/OG
  21. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    I like both guys. Muse is always going to be a later round pick, but I do think he's better in zone than people give him credit for. He's actually better playing FS than he is SS which seems strange for a slower dude. But he has good instincts in coverage when he's patrolling deep middle. He struggles to get his vision right and sprint underneath curls on the numbers as a roll down safety in cover 3. He isn't twitchy enough to make a mistake and rally to the right spot. When playing FS, he doesn't get as nosy and is able to take smart angles to ensure nothing gets in over his head. Simmons was excellent for Clemson this past season and I'm surprised he's returning given how weak the LB'er class is this year. He could have been a 2nd round pick this year. Next years OLB class looks a lot more stacked theoretically. This is off-topic, but Simmons and OSU's Malik Harrison are basically the same kind of player. I love Harrison and have him a tick ahead of Simmons heading into next year. We'll see which one comes off the board first.
  22. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    What about Lorenzo Neal from Purdue? Seems like he's staying another year...
  23. 2019 Returners

    Dortch is by far the best.
  24. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    He's fundamentally sound, but it's honestly hard to determine if he's worth a 1st round pick. He just gets gobbled up so quickly and his WR's are always blanketed. He was a 1-man show on that Duke offense and they struggled when facing talented DL. I think he's underdeveloped as a passer because of how quickly he had to get the ball out. He did not have time to work through progressions or scan the field. I want to see those things out of him and while I have heard multiple reports saying he's a crazy smart dude that won't have problems with this, I wasn't able to see it on tape a whole lot because of the team around him. The thing I took away from watching his tape the most was how freaking tough the dude is. He was getting BLASTED by blitzers and hanging in the pocket tough and delivering good balls. He isn't finnickey despite having every reason to be. He's the hardest QB to evaluate in this draft IMO.
  25. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah he was one of my later round sleepers. I don't have many in the DT class now. Sleepers: Terry Beckner/Missouri (2nd-3rd) Charles Omenihu/Texas (3rd-4th) Greg Gaines/Washington (3rd-4th) Daniel Wise/Kansas (4th-5th) Demarcus Christmas/FSU (4th-6th) Marquise Copeland/Cincinnati (5th-7th) Logan Hunt/Georgia Southern (6th-7th) *More of a tweener DE/DT Byron Cowart/Maryland (6th-7th) *More of a tweener DE/DT & while I like the potential of these guys, I don't feel 100% that any of them are going to be great in the NFL. They're mainly just really talented players that haven't put it together yet. Gaines is the only really refined player on this list, but he's very limited athletically and is simply a true anchor in the run game. Did Lorenzo Neal from Purdue declare? I really like him as a versatile NT. He's not ever going to be considered a pass rusher, but he's also no slouch in that department for a 315+ pounder.