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  1. Free Agency Thread

    You said you wouldn't give him a max contract before the injury. That's the insane part to me. And who's a better true C right now? The other elite big men are power forwards or simply not nearly as good as Boogie.
  2. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    Yup. The pass blocking last year was terrible, but it in no way excuses the porous play of the QB. It sucks that this team is doomed with their current QB situation unless someone emerges big time to dethrone Rosier's biznitch azz.
  3. Free Agency Thread

    I'm gonna say...herpes.
  4. Free Agency Thread

    That's insane. He's the best true C in the NBA right now. He's worth every penny of a max contract.
  5. Free Agency Thread

    ...so the Pelicans are going to trade Cousins to the Mavericks for...JJ Barea?
  6. Nick Chubb = NFL Stud

    Do it. Make sure it's a boy though.
  7. Nick Chubb = NFL Stud

    Frank Gore.
  8. 49ers vs Cardinals vs Seahawks

    49ers will be mediocre this year methinks. I feel like they greatly overachieved last year. I hate the Seahawks, but I have a feeling they are the best of those three teams and make the playoffs. They aren't anywhere near a legitimate contender, but they'll be back in the playoffs on the arm and legs of Russell Wilson.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 220+

    McSorley is not an NFL prospect in my opinion. He's small, has a bleh arm, and goes on long spells where he can't buy a completion. He's nowhere near as accurate as some of the other QB's that have the stigma of being smaller and weakly armed. I wanted to like him so bad, but he was atrocious in some games thus far in his collegiate career and I just don't see him ever becoming a good NFL QB.
  10. 2018 Sleeper

    I wish this was his name. btw I also like Shaquem Griffin and thought about adding his name to the list. But he's got a very slim chance of starting in the pro bowl given the amount of incredible edge rushers that exist in the league.
  11. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    I'm not angry. I don't have a daughter in the Pittsburgh area so I'm good for right now.
  12. 2018 Sleeper

    RJ McIntosh, DT, New York Giants.
  13. Top 10 Players Overall

    Then you're not watching these guys play the game. Griffen is good, but you're making ridiculous arguments now. You would find yourself on an island with your analysis, but based on your posting style, I think you enjoy that.
  14. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    ...but mainly, he likes raping women in bathrooms.The Browns are just a fun side piece
  15. What players in new homes are you guys excited to watch play this season that aren't on your team? I'm excited to see Saquon Barkley. I hate the Giants, but I'll have my eyes on Saquon. I don't like Suh, but watching him playing next to Donald is going to be fun. He is going to rip it up this year. Always loved Tyrann Mathieu. I bet he balls out this year in Houston.
  16. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    We took him in like 2004ish. I don't think he ever got a defensive rep for us. We drafted him as a kick returner and he didn't even do that.
  17. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    There goes the Rapist vs. Rapist storyline that they had going for them.
  18. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    1,000 other incidents prove that he's a moron. He's a crazy moron.
  19. Top 10 Players Overall

    Bobby Wagner over Julio Jones? Who is your dealer?
  20. Take a look at my JOHNSON!

    He's a dominant player when he gets his mitts on you. But he has horrible feet and very sloppy technique. I liked him as a prospect, but he's got some major technical flaws that might not be fixed if his feet are that slow. He murdered Harold Landry in their 2016 matchup, but got roasted off the edge in other games.
  21. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    You forgot about lockdown CB Antonio Perkins.
  22. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    He gets roasted by average receivers. He’s stiff, slow, and lacks great instincts. If he’s asked to cover anyone in man-man, he’s getting dookie on his face. Ironically we are one of The teams that might give him a look because of our off-zone schemes. Color me skeptical.
  23. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    I think he’s going to put up pedestrian numbers. He actually reminds me a bit of former Brown Eric Wright if he were an inch taller.
  24. 2018-2019 Playoffs: 5 In - 5 Out

    True, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near a top 10 QB and he’s the 2nd highest paid QB in the league right now. That’s crazy, no matter how crazy some other contracts are. That is an albatross of a contract for a guy I think isn’t going to move the win-loss needle very much for the team he’s on. He’s nowhere near bad enough to need replaced, but he’ll never be a top 10 guy in my opinion. I totally get why teams give out these insane contracts to QB’s, but it’s nuts when you contextualize it next to other SIGNIFICANTLY better players.
  25. VT CB Adonis Alexander expected to enter supplemental draft

    About what I expected him to test out at. He's not fast, he's not explosive. He's rangy, but is beaten far too often underneath and intermediately. He's going to get roasted in the NFL if you ask him to do anything else other than play HARD corner in a cover 2 defense or drop deep 1/3 in an off-cover 3 defense. Those things are incredibly easy to do and I wouldn't put any value in players that only offer those traits. He might be able to transition to safety, but that's a huge gamble in itself too. He's a slow and skinny safety with zero experience there. I wouldn't spend any more than a 7th on him and even that would be questionable. I didn't think he was anywhere near a 3rd round pick the more tape I studied. He has no chance against the dynamic route runners that the NFL has on the outside.