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  1. Here's a pet peeve of mine: Calling dropped passes "concentration drops" and acting like that makes it better. I don't care why you dropped the freaking ball. You dropped the ball. And about Engram: You said with ODB and Barkley he's going to blow up. Or, those two will eliminate the need to force-feed him the football this season. And in my opinion, this is the cliff season for Eli. He's going to fall off of it methinks. Lucky for him, the bottom of the cliff is still higher up than Davis Webb or Kyle Lauletta, so he won't be benched. I like Engram, but I highly doubt he matches his statistical output from last season.
  2. Maybe he's the same, but I'm pretty sure tearing your ACL doesn't make you more explosive....
  3. I freaking loved Carl Lawson as a prospect. Had him in my top 32 players. Violent jarring hands, ability to rip the edge, leadership, intangibles, toughness. He's a beast.
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I'm excited for Ambrose to be back. I don't know if he needs to be a heel though. I guess it makes sense because Raw doesn't have very many real heels, but Ambrose is pretty darn popular as a face, which is extremely difficult to accomplish in today's day and age. Guys who get genuine face pops are very rare. I'd imagine the WWE would want to capitalize on he and Rollins as being the two true babyfaces on the company. I'd turn Roman way before turning Ambrose or Rollins, but the WWE will probably sadly turn Ambrose.
  5. TE's OJ Howard and David Njoku. Also I expect Corey Davis to tear it up. My favorite DT from last year was Caleb Brantley, so I'm hoping he steps up in a big way this year.
  6. Hard Knocks Discussion

    This is a ridiculous post. First of all, we knew when we drafted Nassib that he was a long-term project. He's big and fast, but had very little muscle mass. And your critique of our coaching staff is hilarious. If you're looking at it from the inside (Hard Knocks), I have no idea how you could take away that Hue is a goofball. In another horrible post you had, you said Hue was basically a clown for an hour. I saw the exact opposite. I was totally expecting a clown show from Hue, but he clearly has the respect of the team, speaks with strong conviction, and is obviously a very strong person to fight through the adversity he's faced. I wasn't on team Hue before the season started, but nothing he's done since the end of last year struck me as bad. You simply don't like him and won't give him another chance, despite the fact that people much smarter than you have decided to give him that chance. Let it play out. He knows he's on a short leash. We don't need people like you spewing crap about the dude already when he's literally done nothing wrong based on Hard Knocks.
  7. Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to the Bills

    Edmunds is going to be irrelevant though. He was my most overrated player in the draft this past year. I'm not huge on Tyrod or anything, but he's oodles better than what most Bills fans are painting him out to be. I wouldn't have ever traded a 3rd round pick for him, but I'm also nowhere near ready to call him a bottom 5 QB. That's ridiculous lol! And by all accounts, he's been very good for us so far in TC and the pre-season. He is a competent starter in the NFL, something we haven't had in decades. I'm not expecting him to stick around long as the starter, but the people acting like he's utter garbage are also way off base.
  8. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Foster would have needed to detach his feet to catch that one. Don't put that on the WR--it wasn't a good throw. I like Josh Allen btw.
  9. I think it's kind of rude to crucify someone for their life choices. It's not like he's peddling meth. He's smoking weed. As fans it drives us freaking crazy because we want to see him succeed on the field, but he really doesn't owe it to us to not smoke weed. If he wants to screw up his life, that's his prerogative. It sucks as fans of the Browns, but he's the one that suffers the most from his actions. If he doesn't care enough about his NFL career to stop smoking weed, that's on him. Also, it was a freaking 4th round pick. Even if he does get into trouble routinely, it's not like we took him in the 1st round or something. The 4th round is where you take chances. We took a chance. It's no indictment on John Dorsey that he tried to get a steal...and still might have when it's all said and done.
  10. Hard Knocks Discussion

    No kidding. That is heated? lol I see much more heated arguments on my HS football staff. That was nothing and should be treated as such. It wasn't some freaking screaming match; it was a difference in philosophy. I'm glad our coaches are willing to share their honest opinions without turning into "yes men". I also like that Hue big dikk'd the staff and isn't turning into a pushover coach. He's staunch in his beliefs, as any good coach should be. I'm rooting for Hue. I'm not overly confident in him, but it's 100% possible he gets us to where we need to be. With the talent we have had, it was a miracle we won any games in the last 2 seasons. There can be no excuses now, but I am willing to give him another chance given the state of the roster the last few years. And if your heart doesn't break for that guy, I don't know what to tell you. He's not freaking Ty Lue. He knows what's going on, he's well liked in the building by the owners, front office, and the players, and he has been around the game for a long time. He's not in over his head like some have suggested. He needs talent to win, which is pretty much the case with every coach....ever.
  11. The official training camp thread

    That's too little. I think @Humble_Beast would like us to throw in our entire 2019 draft and Larry Ogunjobi for this to work.
  12. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    What Mack is worth vs. what they will actually receive (if they elect to trade him) are two completely different things. Raiders fans, or at least a select few, are salty with the offers other fans have thrown out there so far. It seems low and it is, but this is all they're likely to receive. Given that trading Mack clearly doesn't make them better, they'd be crazy to do it unless some team offers something ridiculous, which is very unlikely to happen IMO.
  13. Khalil Mack Holdout (To be fined $814,000 tonight)

    You forgot to tag Aaron Rodgers in that trade. I can't imagine anyone saying no to that trade. Who needs draft picks, cap space, or other players when you could get Khalil Mack?
  14. The official training camp thread

    Lol I also love how we are giving up picks WITH Myles Garrett to get Mack. I know weed is legal in California, but meth isn't, @Humble_Beast.
  15. The official training camp thread

    No. You might think he's worth that much, but literally no NFL GM ever would even consider that. Hilarious.
  16. The official training camp thread

    Lol we aren't trading good young players for Khalil Mack. Your trade idea was ridiculous...get real.
  17. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Are you sure? I'm almost positive he did...
  18. What Good Team Will Implode Next?

    Seattle was touted as the next great team in the NFL. Their reign of being championship contenders seems to have slammed shut, as they prepare for a full-scale rebuild. What contender will be in a full-scale rebuild next?
  19. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Well he did make Pryor decent in Oakland, which was kind of amazing given the makeup of their roster at the time. And Flacco looked like a beast during the Hue years. And Dalton had a significant turnaround under Hue. It made sense at least theoretically. And who knows? Maybe he can develop a QB. Deshone Kizer was an absolute abortion last year. I'm pretty sure God himself couldn't have fixed Kizer. He was throwing it right at 2-3 defenders with no WR in the area...on multiple occasions! That's a kind of stupid you can't really fix. And Cody Kessler is not any better. I wanted Hue Jackson to be fired after last season, but I'm not completely sold on the idea that he isn't great at working with QB's. He's got two serviceable ones right now (at the very least), so if he fails to get production from these two guys given the other talent around them, then we can make the claim that he's a false prophet of QB whispering.
  20. meh I don't know if I agree with this. As a defensive coach, watching these big 12 defenses makes me want to puke. They are poor schematically and always lack physicality. They build to combat the spread, but then get absolutely abused in the run game due to that compromise. They play a gambling style of defense instead of a "bend, don't break" style and it ends up kicking them in the nuts. Yeah the QB play helps these Big 12 teams put up points, but it is not an excuse for the terrible defense in that conference.
  21. And Georgia. It's not like he only played well against scrubs.
  22. The official training camp thread

    A 3-4? Why? That makes no sense to me given our roster makeup. And playing Khalil Mack at SLB would be dumb given the talent we already have at OLB. All a 3-4 would do is get Ogbah, Garrett, and Mack on the field at the same time--something that can be accomplished in any defense without having to suffer the consequences of another scheme change. We have no NT, which is the most important piece of a 3-4.
  23. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects: Members Consensus Big Board Thread

    That's crazy talk. White is good, but I'm taking Shaq Quarterman over him. Shaq doesn't disappear for long spurts like White does. I kept hearing how amazing White was, but when I went to watch tape on him, he was more of a splash player than a consistent monster. He'd lay people out, but his angles were sub-par and he looked a little lumbering out there to me. Both are 1st round picks, but White isn't this machine-like prospect that some are making him out to be. He's not a Maualuga-type thumper, but he's also not freaking Ray Lewis (I've seen this comp).