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  1. Be careful what you wish for.

    There is a rumor circulating right now that Ross isn't committed to Gase for 2019. Rumors are that he will jump ship if the right candidate is interested, basically a redo of the Sparono/Harbaugh debacle. People close to Ross are advising him to stick with Gase due to a lack of quality Coaches that would be interested in playing in Miami. Supposedly, the last go around, Ross received very little interest from established coaches. Ross is torn because he is fully aware that changing the HC and front office means that the Dolphins roster will be gutted, and he will have to start all over again. Many journalists are saying that the best option would be to find a better GM by dumping Tannenbaum. The uncertainty is starting to spread to the players. Many of the older vets have adopted an "not my fault" attitude, indicating that the players believe that Gase is going to be gone, so they won't have to answer to him. The latest was Jones, who flat out said that he is being limited in the defense due to Gase's game plans. Another article just recently published stated the Harbaugh may be ready to come back to the NFL, and he has told close friends that he made a mistake in picking the 49ers over the Dolphins. Ross and Harbaugh have met many times due to functions at Michigan, and supposedly they are on speaking terms. There is an old saying that when the boss runs out of ideas on how to fix a problem, that it is time to find a new boss. Gase's press conference today showed exactly that. He said many times that he couldn't tell you what went wrong, that the Dolphins were outplayed. Sorry, but ask any fan on this forum what went wrong, and we can identify lots of things. I don't want to sound as if I am hating on Gase, because to be honest, I don't want to start over again. I do however want some changes up top, because the long term vision of the franchise sucks. The Patriots are finally starting to fade, and the Bills and Jets are in a better position today to take the division than the Dolphins. I have a feeling that this is going to be a harsh offseason.
  2. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    It really doesn't mater what we think. The bottom line is wins a losses. All the rest doesn't matter. You can tell me how crappy Trent Dilfer was, but I can't see what you are saying because of the glare of his super bowl ring. That's the ultimate measure. I have a feeling that Ross is going to blow up the team this offseason. He has been eerily quite this year. I don't think that is a good sign. I am going to post another thread on it.
  3. Whether we win this game or not will rest on the shoulders of Tannehill. We know that the Patriots are going to score. Can Tannehill put enough points on the board to keep us in this game. Our O-line is banged up again, with Brendel being out this week and Swanson still not at 100%. The Patriots love to blitz and this game won't be any different. Luckily, Amendola will play. For some reason it seems he Tannehill really doesn't like to throw to the TE that much, so having one of our better WR's back will help. I agree that this game holds our playoff hopes more than any other left on the schedule. We have to keep pace with the Colts, and we need to try and pull even with the Ravens. If we do loose, I think that the team will fall apart. The injuries have really beaten the Dolphins down this year, and every week it seems that we loose another player. A.J. Derby just went to IR.
  4. Week 13: Buffalo Bills (4-7) @ Miami Dolphins (5-6)

    Wes Welker was doing great in Miami, so I wouldn't count him. What Jordan is suggesting, is that Miami hinders a players development, and they take off when they leave. Sorry, but that isn't the case. Jordan only has himself to blame. He reportedly went after the D-line coach because he was upset about the rotation. It was the outburst that got him canned.
  5. Week 12: Miami Dolphins (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    There were more than a couple of questionable calls, and no calls, during the game. I see O-lineman lay on Wake repeatedly, but it never gets called. McMillan did cause a fumble, but look where he was when he initiated contact. He is just late to the gap constantly, and he gives up too big a cushion in coverage. A couple of weeks ago, an announcer made the comment that when the Dolphins blow up a running play, it is either a D-lineman or a S on a run blitz. That when watching tape he has only seen one big tackle behind the line by McMillan. I rarely see it. Baker and Alonso I see a lot. I have to go back and watch the replay to make sure we weren't in nickel.
  6. Week 12: Miami Dolphins (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    There are plenty of places to lay blame besides Gase. I heard the name of the Colts MLB called all game, he made play after impact play. I NEVER ONCE heard McMillans name called. Baker and Alonso both made some key plays. We have nothing at MLB, and it is one of the main reason teams are running all over us. And the complaints about the screens don't hold any water either, because I saw the Colts gash us multiple times using screens to the RB's and WR's. The difference was the Colts have some competent players on defense, and they stepped up and made the stops, the Dolphins don't. At least I get the treat of watching a REAL franchise QB embarrass our defense for another week. When you have a REAL franchise QB and the play breaks down, that is an advantage, because they can turn that confusion into a big gain. How many times did Luck do that in this game, at least 4 or 5. When the play breaks down with Tannehill, he either throws an interception, overthrows the WR, or holds the ball too long and gets sacked. On one throw away, Tannehill had Butler WIDE OPEN on that side of the field, but Tannehill had already panicked and heaved the ball out of bounds. The next play was a punt. If I can see the WR wide open on TV, I know the Tannehill can. The fact of the matter is that Tannehill was afraid of making a mistake so he took the easy way out. Guess what, elite QB's aren't afraid of throwing an interception, because they know that the very next possession they are going to score. They dare the defense to stop them. Tannehill has never had that killer instinct, and he never will. We are going to be 8-8 at the end of this season. We will miss the playoffs, and Gase already has his excuse built in. If he doesn't demand a better QB than Tannehill, we will stay an 8 win team forever.
  7. Week 11: Bye GDT

    It's going to be interesting to see if the Dolphins make any changes this week, or if they just buckle down and try to survive the rest of the season. RT has begun short throwing, and will be working with the trainers until next Monday when practice starts back. Gase said that at that point, if he is able to run the offense it is his team. If RT still can't make all the throws by Monday, Brock will get another start. Grant has a calf injury and will miss the Colts game, DVP may play, but it doesn't matter because he gets hurt almost every game. It looks like Caroo will fill in for Grant, the team will probably call up a practice squad WR if DVP is out. Tunsil and James will be back. On another note, Harbaugh and the ownership in Baltimore are at a crossroads which may lead to him being fired. It seems that ownership wants to tank the rest of the season by benching Flacco and letting Jackson play. The front office wants to trade Flacco after the season. Harbaugh doesn't want to do this. It is interesting because a QB and a HC pair could be on the market at the same time, does Ross go after the other Harbaugh, who could then bring in the QB he knows best while the team looks for the future QB through the draft? This could be an interesting offseason.
  8. Week 10: Miami Dolphins (5-4) @ Green Bay Packers (3-4-1)

    This game really hurt, seeing all of the wasted opportunities we had to make this a competitive game. Brock was terrible, and I second the opinion that if Tannehill isn't ready to go that Fales should be given a shot. We have seen unheralded QB's come from nowhere to become great QB's, Drew Brees and Tom Brady are perfect examples. We now have a large enough sample size to know that Brocks lack of mobility, his inaccurate deep ball, and his poor ball placement are holding the team back. Lets see what Fales can do, because honestly, it can't be much worse. Listening to the medical experts, RT's shoulder will be a ticking time bomb. They said that the likelihood of another injury goes up, and with his lack of pocket presence, it is alost guaranteed that someone is going to try and slap the ball out. The defense played well considering the fact that they were playing against a future hall of fame QB. Watching Rodgers was a treat, and seeing all of the Packers fans whining about cutting him just made me laugh, they don't appreciate what they have.
  9. Week 10: Miami Dolphins (5-4) @ Green Bay Packers (3-4-1)

    The weather on Sunday will be cold, temps around 30 degrees with a 20% chance of snow. Now added to the cold is the fact that both Tunsil and James will be playing on swollen knees, with knee braces. Both have sprains and per the reports both have been seen limping. The Packers have a good D-line, so now are tackles are hobbled to go along with our poor blocking at LG and C. You add all this up and what you get is the Dolphins being forced to use the short passing game, and no rushing attack at all. Basically a repeat of the Jets game, except this time we are facing a future hall of fame QB with a ton of weapons, who loves playing in the cold. Our defense is going to get picked apart if our offense goes 3 and out every drive. Honestly, too many things are going against us in this game. We need to just get into the bye week without anyone else going on IR, so that we can rest up, and play well in the games we have a chance in. My prediction, Miami 9, Packers 42.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    I just want to vent a little bit, so I have read about a dozen mid-season mock drafts by various draft analysts. They all seem to be on the same page when it comes to the Dolphins. What I am seeing is everyone pretty much assumes that Ryan Tannehill will be the starter next year, and they are predicting that the Dolphins will pick in the 10 to 20 range, and select a DT. Their logic is that due to substandard play at DT, to much pressure is being placed on the LB's in run defense, and due to a lack of pressure up the middle on opposing QB's, the Phins secondary is getting picked apart. Based on their analysis, a stud DT would help these areas. Well, we just had one of the best DT's that has ever played in the NFL, and I don't remember us winning the SB with him. Yes a stud DT helps your defense play better, but it doesn't put points on the board. If we score 14 points a game, it doesn't matter if the Patriots only score 21 instead of the usual 35 points because our stud DT helped the defense. We still loose that game. Until the Dolphins as an organization realize this, we will be behind the rest of the NFL. The top 10 teams in the NFL are there because of their offense, not their defense. Even the Rams are scoring over 21 points a game.
  11. BigFin's Big F'n Midseason Mock

    This would be a great draft if we had a franchise QB.
  12. Week 9: New York Jets (3-5) @ Miami Dolphins (4-4)

    I think the Jones situation is just mid season frustration. Jones chose to stay in Miami, and I think that doubt is starting to creep in a little. He could be playing on a team like the Chiefs. I hope he gets it straightened out, because we need him back there. On to the game, the defense played much better with McCain in the slot, and Fitzpatrick and McTyer on the boundary with Howard. McCain just doesn't have the speed to be on the boundary. The LB's also played better. The problems we have had on defense is more due to inexperience, than a lack of talent. The other thing that has helped has been getting some experienced DT's in the game. Spence has really helped the run defense in the middle. The 3 injuries scare me though. If we loose Quinn, Tunsil, or James, it is going to get ugly. Our O-line once again laid an egg. Larsen is horrible, I saw so many half-but blocking attempts it made me sick. All he needed to do was lock up the guy in front of him, but they just moved him out of the way like he wasn't even trying. On one of the short 3rd down runs, the DT just powered Larsen right out of the gap and got both arms around Gore for the tackle. On another play, Davis completely missed the LB on a play where he was pulling to run block. Then we had Drake just barely touch a blitzing LB who went right by and blew up Brock, killing a promising drive. Brock wasn't too happy, he was caught telling Gase, "are you f-bombing kidding me", after a sack. The saddest part is the Dolphins still have a chance at the playoffs, even now. If the Dolphins beat the Colts, Bills twice, and Jaguars, and all are winnable games. If the division leaders continue to dominate in the AFC, that could allow the Dolphins to sneak in with a 9-7 record. This at least gives the team something to play for. I just want to see some competitive football to close out the season, so that the work on drafting a franchise QB can begin.
  13. Checking the fan pulse at the halfway mark

    Listening to Gase, it appears that his biggest downfall is him placing allot of trust in players, and not expecting things to go sideways. He 100% trusted that Tannehill would return in his 2016 form and contribute with his arms and his legs. When Tannehill got injured, it was a slap in the face to Gase, who is now scrambling to save the season. The same can be said about the defense, he assumed that the DT's and LB's would hit the ground running. Once the defense started to struggle, he didn't have an answer. He doesn't seem to like making roster adjustments during the season. His defense of Tannehill is the perfect example, Gase will ride with Tannehill this season as long as he can play, because in his mind he wants to prove all of the doubters wrong. I think that this is a negative to having a coach who doesn't control the roster. Because Gase isn't involved in scouting, he only sees the team in front of him. We either need a GM with a clear vision that can lead the front office, or we need a HC with full control over the entire team, including personnel. The problem is I don't know if that type of HC is out there. I saw a graphic that showed that in the last 5 years, only 4 HC hired in that time have been successful. The Browns have already beaten the rest of the NFL to the punch and fired their HC. With a young team, and a young franchise QB, they will be very attractive.
  14. Week 9: New York Jets (3-5) @ Miami Dolphins (4-4)

    This is a must win game, we still have a very tough schedule, so the team has to find a way to win these competitive games. Burke pretty much confirmed this week what every fan has seen, that the Dolphins defense doesn't know what they are doing. There are too many young players that are making mistakes. If our defense can play half way decent, we can put up enough points to win some games. Brock has played well, we are averaging over 21 points a game with him at QB. The Jets defense isn't as good as what we have faced with the Bears and Texans. This is a winnable game.
  15. Week 8: Miami Dolphins (4-3) @ Houston Texans (4-3) on TNF

    Having a DVR is a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing in the respect that I get to "rewind" big plays and see what happened, it's a curse because I can't take the easy way out and blame Gase and the coaching staff. Here are some things I saw. #1, McMillan and Baker are very raw. They mis-read plays, take bad angles, and run themselves out of position. The Texans tried not to run at Kiko. They targeted RM and JB. On one big run, RM was slow to fill into the gap, which allowed the LG to reach him, and block him out of the play. He never even looked for the OG, his vision was locked on the RB, so when the LG hit him, he was unprepared and got blown out of the gap. JB misread this play and rushed to the outside of the DE, like he was defending a screen or sweep. When he tried to get back to the gap, the TE nailed him and that was it, Miller was through the gap and into the secondary. Kiko read the play correctly and almost reached Miller, but Miller was too fast and ran right past him. McDonald was also slow to react, and Miller made a single cut and was past him. Jones had to run the play down from the other side of the field to prevent the TD. This play should have been a loss because there wasn't a lead blocker in front of Miller. This scenario played out dozens of times in the game. On another TD, Fitz was supposed to cover the slot WR in man coverage, but he thought it was zone, and just waved at the WR as he ran by, expecting a S to cover over the top. On another TD, RM was covering the center of the field in a zone. The TE ran right into his zone, but he didn't even see the TE because he was staring at the QB. I can get McCain getting burned. He doesn't have the speed to run with fast WR's. He ran a 4.5 40, and he isn't 100%. What is killing me is the horrible recognition by the defense, and all of the mistakes they are making. Our offense with Brock at QB, has been decent. When was the last time we were consistently scoring over 21 points a game. We played a very good defense, with out best WR's out, and was moving the ball and scoring points. The defense is just killing us. Our DT's can't hold at the point of attack. Our DE's are a step slow, and besides Kiko, our LB's don't have a clue what's going on. Our S don't have any speed, and our CB's are making dumb mistakes. This isn't a lack of coaching.