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  1. Week 3: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (0-2)

    Cutler has shaken off some of the rust, but I don't believe he will be in mid-season form, yet. I think that Cutler expands on last week, with a 2 TD performance, no Int's, and 300 yards passing. I think that Ajayi will continue his rushing title season, and contribute 130 plus yards, and a TD. I think that Parkey will add a couple field goals. Dolphins 27. I think that the Jets are going to score at some point, but besides that, it will be field goal city for them . Final score, 27-16 Dolphins. I don't think that Gase is going to really open it up until our third game.
  2. Dolphins trade for Saints LB Stephone Anthony

    Since we basically have nothing behind the new starters in Hull and Allen, this is a smart move. It gives the team a solid year to evaluate him, and see what he has. Remember, Kiko was a bust before he came to Miami.
  3. Preseason Week 3: Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Asiata was moved to the right side, due to depth issues. So he isn't listed as a LG. Asiata is still learning the playbook. He has played allot of snaps so far this preseason. He has looked good, especially for a rookie.
  4. Tannehill. Do we move on or not?

    The magic number is 30. IF Cutler has a 30 TD season, Tannehill no longer has a place. Gase has a very close relationship with Cutler. Have you saw any press conferences with Cutler? Cutler calls Gase "Adam", not coach. That right there shows you that their relationship goes allot deeper than what most realize. Now if Cutler has an average season, lets say less than 20 TD's, that will leave the door open for Tannehill, but I would be really surprised if that happened. My prediction is that Cutler plays great, and Tannehill gets traded to a team for a middle round pick. If the Dolphins get into the playoffs, Suh will restructure. He loves the team, the area, and loves playing for Gase. Suh knows that he has a great deal here, and lowering his cap hit to 15 mil a season would still pay him plenty of money.
  5. Dolphins vs Ravens - Preseason week 2

    Here is the breakdown. Cutler looked very good. Strong arm, great accuracy, moved in the pocket well. Juwaun James is missed right now. The backup RT was horrible. He basically killed both drives. He had 2 holding penalties, and was beaten routinely. The Dolphins need to be looking for a veteran RT. I would be talking to Branden Albert. The starting defense looked good. I think that the pieces are in place to have a solid team.
  6. Dolphins working out Rey Maualuga

    Rey can replace Hull in short yardage situations. Hull is a great coverage, all around MLB, but he lacks in run support. He just doesn't have the size to fight off O-lineman. With Rey in there, he can bring some thump to the middle of the defense.
  7. Tony Lippett out for the year

    We all wondered what Gase was going to do with Tankersly. Now we know. I think that CT is going to be a draft steal. He looked good in coverage against the Ravens. We also have Verner to step in as well. I actually think we have enough depth at CB to where this shouldn't affect us that much.
  8. Looking at Cutlers first preseason action, some things jump right out at you. I DVR'ed the game. First thing I saw was how quickly he got the ball out. He was right on time. The only "bad" pass that he threw, he threw it late because he had to climb a collapsing pocket, witch gave the S time to get over a break up the pass. Other than that, his passes would have hit the receiver in the facemask every time. Tanny has NEVER showed that type of accuracy. Tanny has never been really good at throwing short passes, most of the time they are off the mark. Cutler was right on target on the dump offs. Cutler also threw away a broken screen, instead of trying to run for yards. Again, this is one thing the Tanny does that frustrates me. Overall, I believe that Cutler is going to be an huge upgrade, because the things he does really well, will really help this team. Here are some predictions. DVP is going to have a monster season. Cutler already has chemistry with DVP, as he is vey similar to Alshon. Cutler isn't afraid of letting a big WR get the ball, so he will be forcing throws to DVP whenever he is in single coverage. Because Cutler has better ball placement, and better arm strength, DVP is going to have lots of opportunities. On the other hand Jarvis is going to have a dip in his stats. Cutler reads defenses differently than Tanny. Tanny would look for Jarvis, and force the ball sometimes. If Cutler is going to force a pass, it is going to be deep, not short. So if defenses double up on Jarvis, Cutler is going to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if defenses clamp down on DVP, Cutler will carve them up throwing passes to TE's, RB's, and Jarvis. The other big difference this year, will be confidence. Cutler is playing with house money. He has nothing to loose, and everything to gain. He is going to be able to play without any pressure, or expectations. Sometimes it looked like Tanny was afraid of making a mistake and it slowed him down, made him second guess. Cutler will just read and react.