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  1. Since Cutler is going to start, we will loose this game. I hope that Suh has a really good game, we need to try and trade him this offseason, and some game tape of him ripping Brady to shreds will help. Reality is, we won't touch Brady, they score 40 plus points, and the offense scores a couple TD's late in the game to help the stat sheet.
  2. Just to air some thoughts. The officials robbed Miami of this game. The invisible offensive pass interference penalty, and now the NFL apologizes and says that it was a safety. 10 points right there, even with the picks, Miami should have won this game.
  3. Our defense is just killing us this year. The offense has finally started to come around, and the defense can't stop anyone. At this point, we are going to wind up 8-8 at best. As always, we are going to wind up winning a couple of meaningless games that is going to torpedo our draft position.
  4. Second half reset. Your prediction.

    The offense is on the verge of breaking out. We are going to put some points on the board the rest of the season. The lack of passion on the defense concerns me more. That being said, we aren't out of this thing yet. @ the Panthers We lost this game, but the offense improved------ T-Bay Win------ @ the Patriots Lose------- Broncos Win------- Patriots Win------- @Bills Win------- @Chiefs Lose------- Bills Win------- We finish 9-7, and get a wild card
  5. As I stated the last 2 weeks, the offense has gotten better and better using the new dink and dunk approach. We have scored 3 TD's a game the last 2 weeks, which is a huge improvement from the beginning of the year. As many predicted, Drake and Williams have been a huge upgrade over Ajayi. Cutler actually had time in the pocket against the best D I the NFL. Parker should be 100% this week, and Williams won't be sick. Davis is starting to settle in at RT. We are going to score 4 TD's in this game. Whether we win will be determined by the defense, and whether the veterans show up. Gase just said that how the veterans play right now, will determine who will be back next year.
  6. Dolphins place RT Ja'Wuan James on IR

    This gives Jesse Davis a chance to steal the job away from James. James has had a very up and down career. For as big as he is, he hasn't been able to handle a bull rush. He gets driven back into the RB/QB routinely. After this much time in a NFL strength program, he is either lazy, or just physically unable to get strong enough. Davis has been praised by the coaching staff. He has shown enough to replace Sam Young, who is the swing tackle. Lets see what Davis has to offer.
  7. Laremy Tunsil-?

    It is way to early to give Tunsil a final grad. One thing I will mention in his defense, Gase rarely gives him help. In fact, he is normally blocking man to man on the left side. Most of the TE help goes to the right side. I think that he will wind up being an above average LT.
  8. Is this game winnable. Yes. For as much hype that Cam Newton gets, his passing numbers are very similar to Cutler's, despite the struggles that the Dolphins have had on offense. TJ McDonald will be back, as well as Ted Larsen. I think that this is going to be a very close, competitive game. I'm not going to predict a winner, but don't be surprised if the Dolphins pull of the upset.
  9. What we saw here is a glimpse of the future, the first real step in turning this offense around. With the stone handed, no wiggle Ajayi finally gone, we saw what Drake and Williams can do. They are going to be electric going forward. This offense is only going to get better. Cutler was in his element 3 TD's, over 300 yards, no Int's. Cutler can give us this every game. With Larsen and McDonald back next week,we are going to have a very good team. There is a silver lining to getting rid of Ajayi. Watching a RB with a real burst was such a nice change. If Drake gets a hole to run through, he is gone. We need to clean up the stupid penalties, and continue to grow this offense.
  10. The Dolphins are going to get the win here, at home. The trading of Ajayi is very significant, because it signals the Dolphins transitioning from a running based attack, to a dink and dunk based attack. With Steen gone, and Larsen not ready yet, the Dolphins are going to be thin along the line. Davis has good technique, but he isn't a road grader. The Dolphins won't be able to run inside the tackles. So Cutler is going to be asked to throw lots of short passes to back off the defense, and the Dolphins will run using the shotgun. Expect to see allot of dumpoffs to the RB's, and short passes to the TE's. I think that the Dolphins can move the ball this way, and Landry gets better with more targets. We all have seen that if the defense gets some rest, they can be good. I don't think that they are going to shut out the Raiders, but I think that the defense can slow them down enough to keep the Dolphins in the game. I predict a score very close to the last Jets game. Miami 3 TD's and 2 FG's for 27 points. Raiders 3 TD's and one FG for 24 points.
  11. Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th-round pick

    Ajayi has had me yelling at the TV all year, I'm glad he is gone. He can't catch, and this is probably the most serious problem with him. Our screen game has been horrible with Ajayi. Whenever they wanted to run a screen, they had to bring in Williams, which tipped of the defense, and they crashed the play. Go back and look at the Ravens tape. The D could see it coming a mile away. Both Williams and Drake are above average receivers. Second, Ajayi gave horrible effort in blocking. He was slow to get into his gap, and half the time only gave a 50% effort. Maybe I have been spoiled watching Ricky blow up blitzers. Third, Ajayi had the annoying habit of bouncing plays outside, even though he doesn't have elite speed. That first run versus the Ravens should have been a touchdown. Yet he got run down from behind even though not a single player touched him for 20 yards. Lamar Miller would have had 6 on that run, heck, even Drake would have had 6 on that run. And the final nail in the coffin was him blowing up on the sidelines on the coaching staff. The Dolphins at this point, has to change to a dink and dunk offense. With Steen going on IR, we won't be overpowering anyone at the point of attack. Gase is going to have to change to a short passing offense, and the RB is going to have to be an integral part. Williams and Drake are made for this type of offense.
  12. Week 7: New York Jets (3-3) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    What a great comeback victory. The defense finally stepped up when needed most. Moore, although limited in the throws he can make, made good decisions overall and put points on the board. It is going to be interesting going forward, if Moore can keep playing this well of the next 2 to 3 weeks, will Gase keep to the hot hand?
  13. Week 7: New York Jets (3-3) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    This is a must win game if we want to make it into the playoffs. In the first game, the offense struggled even getting he snap off. Looking at he first game, the Jets blitzed the heck out of the Dolphins offense. They used the run blitz very effectively. They kept 8 in the box all game, and dared the Phins to throw. On Defense, the Phins got wore down from being on the field all game. This game will be very different. Cutler and the offense is starting to gel. We are going to see the short passing game used to beat the blitz. The Jets will be in a hole because if they don't blitz, Ajayi will run wild. Expect to see Ajayi held to less than 100 yards, and Cutler have his best game this year. 3 TD's through the air, and a couple field goals for the Phins. I think the Jets will score early, but they will fold under he Miami heat. I see a shut out in the second half. Phins 27, Jets 20.
  14. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    You guys are 100% correct that Nate Allen is playing way below average right now. He is almost invisible, except when he is giving up a long TD. Howard is playing well, they have him on the #1 WR each game. So he is tasked with covering the best they have. He is also playing aggressively. When you cover the big WR's, you have to be physical. His problem is he has zero help from Allen. What is winning games right now is our LB's, the Kiko-Rey-Lawrence combo has allowed the D-line to play aggressively, they don't have to try and diagnose plays. This constant pressure they are applying is rattling opposing QB's, and forcing mistakes. I saw Timmons, Kiko, and Rey all over the place. I am just praying that we don't have a major injury here. The problems with the offense stem from the O-line not knowing how to block for Cutler. They have been used to blocking for Tanny, who will take off and run if the field is open in front of him, or if the play breaks down. Cutler doesn't do this, he holds the ball looking for a breakdown in coverage. As a result, the O-line has to hold blocks allot longer, and they have to move with Cutler to keep the pocket open. This is what is causing the poor pass protection. The second half, it finally started to come together, partly because Brendel came in at C. He hasn't learned any of the Tannehill playing quirks. I can tell from a coaches perspective, it is hard to get an O-line to give max effort for 6 seconds every snap, and to have them keep blocking until the whistle. It wears players out.
  15. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    I don't care about winning this game. To get into the playoffs, you must win 7 home games, and 3 away games. We still have plenty of away games to win. What we need to see is improvement on offense. So far, we haven't scored 2 TD's in a single game this season. That is what I want to see. 14 points from the offense. If we can get that, it will be an improvement. Our defense is legit. Kiko, Rey, and Timmons are the best group of LB's we have had since Zack left. Our DL is starting to gel, with both rookie DT's making plays, and Harris starting to flash. With Maxwell out of the secondary, we are covering much better, and our young CB's are going to get better with more playing time. TJ comes back next week, so Jones won't have to cover the entire field. I want to see our D stuff their run game, and I want to see Matt Ryan get his butt handed to him, like what happened to Cassel last week.