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  1. Landry contract getting ugly

    The rumor mill is spinning like crazy right now. The most logical rumor so far. The Ravens did try to trade for Landry last season, rumor is they offered two picks, most likely a 2nd and a pick based on performance. The Dolphins felt that Tanny was coming back, so they didn't take the trade. Fast forward to this year, and multiple Ravens players have reached out to Landry, trying to get him to sign there. The Dolphins now want the picks offered last year, and are trying to get the Ravens to make the same offer. If they can't trade him, they will eat the cap hit by purging some veterans.
  2. Mock Free Agency and Draft

    If Fumagalli lasted into the 4th round, it would be a miracle. With the weak free agent class in TE's teams needing help will have to turn to the draft. Fumagalli is going to go in the second round. He is one of only a handful of large TE's that can both block, and catch.
  3. Who do we select at pick 11?

    So some new rumors have surfaced. Cousins has flat out rejected the idea of playing for the Browns and Jets. He has told personal friends that his top two teams are the Vikings and the Cardinals. That would further erode the trade up market for a QB. Foles right now is a wild card in all of this. The Eagles want to keep him, as his has a very friendly 7 mill salary next season. However, Foles agent is pressing him to demand a trade, as his value will never be higher than right now. Foles has also mentioned that he would like to go to a complete team, so he may go to the looser for Cousins out of the Cardinals and Vikings. Sources within the Vikings are saying that Bridgewater isn't the same QB he was before his injury, and he may be released. The Bills have been quite about their QB situation so far, and they are hoping that a QB falls to them in the 1st round. Sources within Cleveland are saying that they will not go QB with the first overall pick, that they are confident that one of the top 3 QB's will be there when they pick at 4. Teams are really worried about Josh Allen's accuracy. A scout said that he could be the next Big Ben, or the next Ryan Mallet.
  4. 2018 Draft, players we like

    The next WR I am going to list is going to be a middle to late first round pick. So the Dolphins could trade back and still be able to select this player. Again I am listing players who will be a clear upgrade over what we currently have, that meet the size requirements I feel are lacking on the Dolphins. Equanimeous Saint Brown 6-4, 205 lbs When you watch tape of ESB, the first thing that pops out is how smooth an athlete he is. He is very fluid, and for a WR with his size and catch radius, the way he runs is just fun to watch. He is an excellent route runner, and knows how to get open. He has great acceleration and long speed, with big fluid strides. He has fantastic hand eye coordination, with the elite body control to come down with errant throws. He has strong hands and can make contested catches. The only negative on ESB, is that he had a limited route tree. This was due to the offense, not because of any shortcomings from ESB. ESB also tracks passes extremely well, making tiny adjustments in his route to get to the pass. Unlike some of the other large frame WR's I'm going to list, ESB is a deep threat. I see him as a Randy Moss type of player. I know that is big praise, but if ESB was on an offense that targeted him more, he could have doubled his production in college, easily. The main negatives for ESB all derive themselves from what he was asked to do in college. He was never asked to contribute allot to the run game, so he needs to work on his blocking. He needs to gain some muscle mass, at least 10 lbs. ESB would fight for extra yardage in college, in the NFL with his size, he needs to learn to just go down once wrapped up, or to dip out of bounds. He could be a liability with strips as NFL defenders are way bigger, way stronger. We even saw this with Kenyon Drake this year. Overall, ESB is worth a first round pick. Someone better draft him before NE, because ESB on the Patriots would be a nightmare.
  5. cddolphin's 2018 Mock Offseason (Draft Round 1 Up)

    I've been watching the Eli Apple situation as well. He has legit talent. He clashed with the former coaching staff, but so did Eli Manning. Jones is a great role model for any young secondary player, he might be able to reach Apple.
  6. Who do we select at pick 11?

    The Alex Smith trade has significantly reduced the trade up market, and the Redskins have found their QB of the present with Smith, and Cousins will sign elsewhere, taking another team out of the QB market. Right now the teams talked about in regards to Cousins are the Browns, which would significantly change the entire first round of the draft, and the Jets, which would also impact Miami at 11, as both teams draft before the Dolphins. Another team that is linked to Cousins is Denver, again effecting Miami's pick at 11. Right now, the rumor mill is stating that the Browns tried to land Smith, but the Chiefs felt better with him going to Washington, because they got a CB as well as a 3rd round pick, which helps the Chiefs struggling defense.
  7. 2018 Draft, players we like

    I'll post a couple of draft related nuggets here. The Dolphins brain trust talked about what "type" of QB they want going forward. The words they used were, "balanced style of play, dynamic personality, a proven winner in high school and college, stats speak for themselves, proven on field leadership, take no prisoners attitude". They also said that at this point, the college tape speaks for its self, all they wanted to observe in Mobile is how the players interacted with each other, their demeanor especially with the coaching staff, and how well they listened to instruction. I think that this statement puts Baker Mayfield on the Dolphins radar. I didn't think that the Dolphins would be interested, however, Baker's statement on social media, coupled with what the Dolphins are saying, makes sense. Sources in Mobile state that Rosen, Darnold, and Allen will be drafted in the top 10, with Rudolph another strong possibility. They state that some teams are scared that Mayfield will be too big of a media distraction, and that Jackson is still too raw. The same GM's are stating that they believe that Mayfield and Jackson will be drafted in the first round. Mayfield has stated that he doesn't have a problem being a back up for a couple of years while he learns the NFL game, and he has interviewed extremely well. Even beyond the QB front, the Dolphins want more players with "swagger". Internally, the Phins brain trust felt that too many players were just going through the motions. The statements Gase made all year about a lack of leadership speaks to this. Many players on the team just didn't gel, there were too many loners in the building. Tannehill has never been able to rally the team, with many players lukewarm about him. We have heard this for 5 years, but it seems to be that Gase is tired of it, and wants to get players with passion. Mayfield would definitely bring that.
  8. Adam Gase

    Ajayi hasn't done well, the workhorse of the Eagles is Blount. Ayayi has contributed little. In fact he still has the drops. Ask the Eagles fans what they think of Ajayi. On another site I visit, they want him released. And for a football person, you fail to give credit to New England. Yes they have a better yards per catch number, they have Gronk in the middle, and a real QB that can make throws over the top of the defense. NE is on their way to winning another super bowl. First you say that a shotgun based offense is garbage, when someone brings up the fact that NE has won 5 super bowls with that garbage offense, you wheel back around and attach another failure of the Dolphins. The point is that a NFL team can be very successful running a shotgun based offense, period. NE runs out of the shotgun frequently. We all know that you hate Gase, and you prefer a drop back passing game, that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion. Just don't say that something is garbage because you want to make a point.
  9. 2018 Draft, players we like

    The next position I'm going to address is WR. Even if Landry returned, the Dolphins still need a dominant Alpha WR. Parker just doesn't have it. The WR's I'm going to list will all fit a specific mold. Big bodied WR's who are just great football players. We already have 2 speed WR's with Stills and Grant. Parker is a big boundary possession WR. We need that Alpha playmaker. For this reason, Ridley isn't going to be on my list. We won't be running an offense that throws over the top multiple times a game, so Ridley would be limited, just like Stills has been. Courtland Sutton, WR MSU 6-4, 216 lbs If the Dolphins go WR in the first round, this is the only player I feel would be worth the selection. Sutton is a physical, ball catching machine. When you watch him play, you can see that he uses his size very well. He has fantastic, strong hands, can make impossible catches, and snatches the ball out of the air. He also has the speed to get behind the defense, and has excellent ball tracking ability to get to errant throws. He catches the ball at the highest point, and fights for the reception. He is very hard to tackle and runs with speed and power. He is also a very good route runner, and knows how to get open. Sutton is a very effective blocker, he just doesn't go through the motions. On the Dolphins, Sutton would make an instant impact, and fill a need that has escaped the Dolphins going all the way back to the 90's. The only negative is that Sutton isn't going to make it out of the top 15, so the Phins would have to use a first round pick, and wouldn't be able to trade back to land him. Watch the video below, it clearly shows his body control, ability to make catches away from his frame, ability to under stand angles and fight back to the ball, very exiting player to watch.
  10. Ryan Tannehill expectations?

    I don't think that Tannehill is going to last the season as the starting QB. I would love to be proved wrong, but the Dolphins haven't had good luck for the last 3 decades.
  11. Landry contract getting ugly

    The rumor right now is that the Dolphins offered a contract that averaged 12 mil a season. Landry's agent countered with a 15 mill average contract. The Dolphins never responded. The beat reporter talked to some PLAYERS, and got a feel of how the Dolphins feel about Landry. Landry got hurt and responded in public. I think that Landry's agent played this wrong from the beginning. The Phins were never going to use the 16.5 mil franchise tag, so to use that amount as a negotiating position only works if a team is desperate to resign a player. I don't think that Landry is even the best slot WR in the NFL. Edelman is more explosive, has just as good hands, and is faster. Now Landry is afraid that other teams may feel the same as the Phins, and he is trying to defend the price tag he wants. In Gase's offense, the RB is used more than the slot WR. If we get a good TE, Landry could be replaced entirely. I wish him well, and I really feel that a team like the Cowboys, Panthers, 49ers, Bengals could use Landry. I doubt he gets more than what the Dolphins offered, but at this point he will have to leave to save his ego, even if it was for less money.
  12. Team Needs?

    Landry on the right team can make an impact. If he is paired with a solid alpha WR, he can cause havoc in the middle of the field. Without a real downfield threat, and a QB that can get the ball to that downfield threat, Landry will be limited. Put him on the Cowboys, and he will be good for 100 receptions a year, 16 TD's, and a thousand yards.
  13. 2018 Draft, players we like

    The next and last TE I am going to list is going to have to be taken in the second round, because there isn't anyway he lasts until the third. The rest of the TE's in this draft all have some flaws, they either aren't very fast, aren't very strong, or aren't very tall. I'm not saying that they won't be good players, but I am only listing the players that I feel would be instant upgrades. Troy Fumagalli, TE Wisconsin 6-6, 248 lbs Troy is an exiting player to watch. He is a big WR, and plays that way. He isn't the best blocker but holds his own, but the man can catch. He has a massive frame, great hand eye coordination, and can make any catch look easy. He can get vertical and grab the ball at the highest point. He is a fantastic route runner that understands coverage. He is quick, and moves fluidly. Again, Troy isn't a bruising type of player, my only real concern would be how well he can hold up in the running game against NFL talent. Troy doesn't look like he has maxed out his frame, and due to this, he might need to add some muscle. It will be interesting to see what he does on the bench press in the combine. We all know that an average college LB/DE isn't in the same ball park as a Cam Wake. For a team looking for a TE that can hurt defenses in the passing game, Troy is ideal.
  14. 2018 Draft, players we like

    So the next position I am going to cover is TE. This draft has some good talent at the position, but very few who have the physical skill set to be a showcase TE. Because of this, the Dolphins will have to either trade back in the first to select one, or get one in the second round. There are plenty of big bodies/blocking TE's in the draft, but not a lot of sizzle. Hayden Hurst, TE South Carolina 6-5, 250 lbs The only negative on this player is he is going to be selected towards the end of the first round, or very early in the second. Hurst has the size you want, with long arms, and a powerful frame. He is an excellent blocker, in fact he was very underutilized as a receiver. He has very natural hands, and catches everything. He runs good routes and knows how to work man and zone coverage. He is a polished athlete, having played pro baseball for a couple years out of high school, before deciding to go to college and play football. Hurst plays with a mean streak. He is a walking hype machine, showing tons of emotion. I know I don't want to say it, but I will say it, watching tape of him, reminds me of Gronk. You can see some videos on youtube. Watch how he plays. Once he has the ball, he looks to hurt people. He just doesn't try to get away, he tries to punish the defenders for tackling him. He has crazy ball tracking ability, making terrific catches away from his frame, elevating to reach balls that are too high, wheeling around to catch balls behind him. His balance and footwork are crazy good for a man his size. After big plays, he will just stand over the defender, staring him down. He looks to impose his will on the defense. If Hurst runs a 4.5 forty, or a low 4.6, and kills it in the combine, he may have the value to draft at 11. There aren't any major holes in his game, and showcase TE's have become very important to good offenses.
  15. cddolphin's 2018 Mock Offseason (Draft Round 1 Up)

    mountainpd, there isn't anyway that Landry will sign for 6 to 7 mil the first season. There are some very good teams that desperately need a solid WR, that have ton's of cap space, that are going to be all over Landry. The Cowboys, Raiders, Bengals, and Packers all can afford Landry, and he can be the missing piece they need to make their offense dynamic. All those teams won't bat an eye at paying Landry the 14.5 mil his agent is asking for in the first year.