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  1. Dolphins sign TE Gavin Escobar

    You have to remember, there has been a big shift is the way TE's are being used in the NFL right now. I also scouted Escobar, here are his stats. 4.8 forty, 6'6", 260lbs. He was a "move" TE in college, so basically he played WR. He also came to football late, he was a basketball player. He has never been a good in-line blocker. Just like Duarte, Gavin was a receiving weapon in college. The Cowboys used Gavin to fool defenses when using multiple TE's. His 8 TD's proves that can get open when playing against an NFL defense. Gavin has an enormous catch radius, and is excellent in bringing down jump balls. He just won't be a blocking TE.
  2. Round 2 targets

    The Dolphins have brought Hurst and Goedert down for a wine and dine. This is normally reserved for QB's, but the Dolphins have significant interest in both. I think that both may be off the board by the time we pick in the 2nd. Most draft analysts have Hurst going in the back of the first round, or very early in the second. Goedert has a better chance of being there. The Dolphins interest in both shows that they don't want a one dimensional TE.
  3. Trade up for Rosen

    I know people have asked why wouldn't Rosen want to go to the Giants. Well, Rosen has been very vocal that he doesn't want to sit out a year and be a backup. With the Giants, if Eli rebounds, that means that Rosen could sit 2 or 3 years on the bench, waiting for Eli to retire. A guy like Rosen, with his ego, doesn't want that. Rosen also hasn't seem to be that interested in the Bills or Jets, but again, he prefers a warm climate team. I think that Rosen is hoping that the Dolphins or Cardinals trade up to draft him. The Cardinals are only a great QB away from having a contender, I don't know why they aren't offering 3 first round picks to the Giants to move up. If we see Darnold, Barkley, Mayfield, Chubb as the first 4 picks, don't leave the room.. The rest of the draft really depends on what Denver does at 5, and if Rosen isn't called, I think we will see Miami moving up.
  4. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I would like to update this thread. The beat reporters are hearing that if the Dolphins don't trade up for a QB, that it is down to 3 players for this pick. Smith, Edmunds, and Vea. The ultimate decision will be based on who is available. If all 3 are off the board, the backup will be the best available defender in the secondary. The Dolphins have done a ton of homework on the top 2 CB's, and safeties, in case the LB's, DT is gone. They also reported that the Phins are targeting TE in the 2nd round, regardless of who they pick in the first.
  5. Trade up for Rosen

    Some more information on this topic. The Giants are asking for a kings ransom for the #2 pick. Word from the Bills is that they called, and aren't willing to give up that much. The beat reporter for the Giants say that if Darnold is there, they will pick him. If Darnold is gone, they are going to pick Barkley. The Giants also like Lauletta and think they can get him at the top of the second round. The rumors are saying hat the Bills are going to try to get to the 6th pick if Allen or Mayfield are still on the board, they don't want Rosen. Some of the stuff I have heard is kind of unbelievable that a prospect would be this bold, but Rosen is a different kind of prospect. Some teams said that was very arrogant, and they feared he wouldn't fit in. Rosen was known for flaunting his money in college, but all NFL guys do that. The other big problem being reported is that Rosen has warned teams that he will be very outspoken. Some owners want to avoid controversy, and this has also hurt his prospects. During the combine, Rosen said that teams that are thinking of drafting him need to be aware that he will be himself, and won't just shut up to go along. It is going to be a very interesting draft. The AFC East is gearing up to be the best division in football. The Jets will have a young potential franchise QB. The Bills are tying to get one. Lets say that Allen or Mayfield do drop the #6, in that scenario we would see the Bills trade up to get the QB, the Dolphins could then trade up to #7 to grab Rosen. This is going to be a fun draft.
  6. Trade up for Rosen

    With the draft quickly approaching, rumors are starting to swirl around certain prospects. Of course, QB's will stay the center of attention, and now some information is leaking out from teams in the top 5. Apparently, Rosen hasn't done to well in the interviews. Front offices have used words like, smug, disinterested, cold. Some have suggested that Rosen may be bombing interviews on purpose, trying to influence where he gets drafted. Because money isn't a concern for Rosen, he cares more about where he plays, than what pick. Rosen has already burned the Browns, and now word is the Giants are going to pass on Rosen, and the Jets prefer Allen and Mayfield over him. The Browns will pass again and that leaves Denver, and the rumor is that they also prefer Allen and Mayfield over Rosen, and would pass on Rosen for G Nelson. The rumors seen to be so solid that some people are predicting that the Patriots might be willing to trade up for Rosen in the picks 8 though 10, depending on what the Bills do. Rumors from the Bills camp say they want Allen, with Mayfield being a very close second. All of this points to Rosen dropping out of the top 5. A few more rumors, Rosen reportedly prefers a warm climate team. Rosen reportedly had a great interview with Miami, which would make sense as Miami would be perfect based on his interests. The only negative is the Dolphins will have to jump ahead of the Patriots, meaning going all the way to the 6th pick. That means the Dolphins will have to give up 2 firsts and multiple other picks to move up. Do you guys think it is worth it? Rosen has all of the tools. He is the most talented QB in this class for a West Coast offense team. Could this be another scenario where the Dolphins have a player fall into their range that no one though would be available. What do you think?
  7. Dolphins Forum QB Power Ranking: #3

    I'm going with Mayfield at 3. If you strip away the hype, and just look at what they did in college, Mayfield is the choice. I know that many love to look at the measurables, but that can only carry you so far. I have read many comparisons that have put Allen in the same mold as Ryan Mallet, and Brock Osweiler. Big, strong armed QB's with poor accuracy and timing. Now I don't think that Allen is a lost cause, because a good QB coach can teach a young QB some technique to help them.
  8. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 11

    Baker Mayfield
  9. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    Gore is only needed for 10 carries a game. Enough to allow Drake to catch his breath, especially on long drives. Gore can also be used in the passing game. He knows how to block, and then leak behind the defense. I think that for Gore, this is ideal. He can really just have fun. RB's lasting as long as he has is kinda rare, I'm sure that the younger players will listen to him and follow his example. This is a really solid signing. I for one don't think they need to draft a RB. I want to see what Perry can do, he flashed at times last year.
  10. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I agree, especially when you look at the Bills wanting to trade up. Any team fielding calls for a trade back, who is in the top 10, is going to use that to their advantage. Anyone trading up this year is going to get taken to the wood shed. All the beat reporters are saying that the back up plan if Mayfield isn't there, is LB/DT. They must be hearing this from somewhere. I think that Roquan Smith,and Tremaine Edmunds would be the most likely targets.
  11. My grades for 1st round position need - Day 3 FA

    We need to have a D-line that compliments each other, and does what they are supposed to do, every play. I agree with the post above, if you have your DE riding the arc, and your DT crashes from G to C, you now have a huge hole between the G and T on that side of the line, and now your DT has to try to fight through 2 blockers to make a play, that is just bad technique. I think these cuts have more to do with Gase molding the team to what he wants, then money. Our O-line is going to be very experienced, with the exception of Tunsil. We are going to be much stronger in the middle. Tannehill will be able to climb the pocket, which is something that has been missing from our offense for years.
  12. Welcome back William Hayes

    I had posted in another thread that the beat reporters were hearing that the Dolphins feel that Harris shouldn't have been asked to add 15 lbs, and that he should go back to his college weight of 250 lbs. I personally feel that Harris is an SOLB. He doesn't have the size strength of Cam Wake. And apparently, he lost a step getting up to 265 lbs.
  13. Wow, 2 lunch pail blue collar O-lineman. What is going on in Miami. Out with the ego's should be the motto this year.
  14. Let's get a QB!!!

    Even if they reschedule, Baker isn't making it to Miami. The backup QB market is so bad that the Dolphins might have to outbid the Titans to even sign Henne. I think they should just roll with David Fales and Brandon Doughty, and see what happens in the back of the draft. If Tannehill goes down again, our season is over anyway, even if they sign Henne.
  15. Let's get a QB!!!

    Well, dreaming about QBs was fun, but the Bills have destroyed Miami's chances of drafting a potential franchise QB. The Phins cancelled the wine and dine with Baker Mayfield. Sources within the team firmly believe that he will not make it past the Jets, and the Dolphins do not have the draft capital to trade up. Miami has decided to stay with Tannehill, and have restructured his contract. The Dolphins are negotiating with get this, Chad Henne, to be the backup QB to Tannehill. The Dolphins will concentrate on BPA, and are not expected to draft a QB in anything but the back of the draft.