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  1. Draft Discussion 2019

    One thing to keep in mind is that the Dolphins are more than likely going to convert Charles Harris to OLB. Harris played in college at 6-3 250 lbs. The Dolphins made a huge mistake asking him to bulk up to 270 lbs. Harris should be able to get back down to 250 lbs and be the strong side OLB in a 3-4. That kinda explains why the Dolphins are looking for "true" DE's, and not hybrid DE's in the draft. We could open the season with Harrs, Baker, McMillan, and Alonzo at LB. Grier again made a comment that the Dolphins want to add picks, again hinting that they will be looking to trade down from 13 to get some extra picks. Here is the latest on how the Draft is breaking down. The Jets, Lions, and Dolphins all want to trade down, wich could lower the value that Miami could get with the teams competing against each other. Besides teams that might want to trade into the top 5 for a QB, there hasn't been a lot of rumors of teams wanting to move up. The Dolphins may be forced to pick at 13. If the Dolphins pick at 13 here are the names that have been discussed in the media, based on how much time the Dolphins have spent with these players. QB Drew Lock, I doubt he is there. QB Daniel Jones, more of a possibility, but still could be gone. DE Clelin Ferrell, at 6-4 264lbs he fits the mold of a versatile DE that Miami is looking for. But again, he also may not be there, as some of the other DE's have some issues that may cause them to drop.
  2. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    RT was limited in some ways talent wise, but he was still a decent QB. The real problem wasn't him so much, as it was inept management. After his rookie deal, we should have moved on. That is on the Dolphins. RT just wasn't the type of QB that I like to watch. I wish him the best.
  3. Free agents 2019

    Here is a highlight video to remind everyone of what Fitz brings to the table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h07aq3Dn34g
  4. Free agents 2019

    I think we as a fan base have hopped on the tank bandwagon, but I heard it explained another way which makes more sense. I was listening to a draft podcast that wasn't Dolphins specific. When it came to 13, the couple of guys starting talking about the Dolphins. One said that it is very clear to him that Miami is taking this year to clear the salary cap mess, not to tank for a better pick in 20. He explained that cutting the fat out of the roster clears the way to make a big free agent push in 21, when they are scheduled to have a huge amount of space. They build with this draft and some smart free agents such as Ryan Fitz, let all of the dead cap wash out, and then address next year what ever holes appear this year. They all agreed that Miami will spend all of it's picks in the trenches, and they will most likely trade out of pick 13 to get some additional picks in the top 3 rounds. I have to agree that I don't think Miami is tanking. I love watching Fitz play. He has beaten the Dolphins so many times with a late 4th quarter bomb. He is a poor mans Bret Favre, warts and all. He brings passion, and he is going to do everything he can to win. Fitz also fits our offense perfectly, his money throw is dropping bombs in stride deep down the field. Stills, Grant, and Wilson excel in this. In fact, RT's inability to hit wide open receivers in stride was frustrating. Fitz will make those throws. On another topic, I have the feeling the Mike G is going to be converted to WR. He was basically a WR in college. There is way too much receiving talent there to just throw him away because he can't block. Lets be honest, he was a waste with RT anyway as RT has never been accurate on his ball placement. If a QB can hang a pass over his head where he can elevate to get it, he is almost impossible to defend with a #3 or #4 CB. Put him in the short middle in a 4 or 5 WR set and let him make plays. Fitz is also very good at fade routes, and Mike G was built for the fade. Another beat reporter said that Miami will sign a record breaking amount of undrafted free agents this year, that it has been rumored that the scouting staff has been working the Div 2 and small schools hard looking for priority free agents after the draft.
  5. Free agents 2019

    I think that the players avoiding the Dolphins speaks volumes about how the league feels about Flores as a HC. Pretty much the only players willing to sign with Miami are former Patriots, and current Dolphins. It has been reported that James had a comparable offer from Miami, but he choose to go to Denver. I'm not worried either because there are going to be ton of unemployed QB's in the next 4 weeks that Miami will be able to choose from, I just don't know if any will fit the style of QB the team wants.
  6. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    It is being reported that the trade value for Carr has taken a nose dive. If the Raiders select a QB, Carr could be had for a 4th or 5th round pick. Rosen is seen as the better of the two, and the market on former starting QB's is saturated right now. We could see Tannehill, Bortles, Carr all released. So the Dolphins don' have to overpay for Taylor, they have time to be patient and see what happens. There is a rumor that the Giants may trade for Rosen if Murray and Haskins are gone by the time they pick. They can offer the 3rd they just received from the Browns, paired with their second rounder. I seriously doubt that the Cardinals can hold out for a first round pick.
  7. Free agents 2019

    Tunsil is going to get 18 mil a season when he signs, whether it is with Miami or not. Due to the salary cap going up, inflation has set in across most positions. Teams that use free agents are going to be paying through the nose. Due to loosing James, and not landing Bridgewater, I think that the Dolphins are going to have to be more aggressive in the draft. Miami has to find a starting DE, OT, and a QB to bring in for competition. Based on who the Dolphins targeted in free agency, it looks like Miami wants a mobile QB. That means that Drew Lock is the only QB that could possibly be there at 13, as Haskins isn't mobile. The free agent offerings at RT are slim to none at this point, and Jesse Davis is the only OT on the roster that has played RT. As of today, our line is Tunsil, Sitton, Kilgore, Asiata, and Davis. That's a whole lot of mediocrity.
  8. Draft Discussion 2019

    Some new rumors for the fire. Murray is a lock at #1, and it seems that the Redskins are the favorite to land Rosen. Per a source in the Dolphins, the team isn't interested in Rosen as his play style doesn't fit what Flores wants. The Dolphins appear to be locked in on a DE in round 1, however that can change if Juwaun James doesn't resign. Flores doesn't feel there is a starter on the team at RT, so if James goes to the highest bidder, than the Dolphins may be forced to select an OT at #13. Good news is that due to the rush of great defensive prospects, Miami may be able to select their top OT target at #13. The name being brought up is Jonah Williams. JW has a prototypical build for RT at 6-4, 302 lbs, 33 inch arms, he put up 23 reps on the bench and completed the 3 cone in 4.79 which shows his quick feet. JW is the ultimate technician, he has near perfect hand placement, anticipates what the defender is doing to mirror. He was a starter for 2 years at RT, so he knows both sides. I know he isn't the sexiest pick, but we have to build the trenches on both sides, and being able to land the #1 RT prospect in the draft will help the Dolphins no matter who plays QB. Also, those who want to tank for Tua, JW is his LT so the transition would be seamless. On to the other QB's in this draft, as it is apparent that Miami is going to draft one. Will Grier has been talked about a lot, and it seems that after the combine teams have him in the 3rd to 5th round range. If he was on the board in the 4th, he would be a solid selection. He is the type of gritty QB that fits Flores mentality. Another name to keep an eye on is Jarrett Stidham. He also is in the 3rd to 5th range. A third option that could be available in the 6th to 7th is Easton Stick. ES has some good tape, and he has solid measurables. Stick is a scrambling QB that excels when the play breaks down. He isn't perfect by any means, but there is a lot to build on. He has Mahomes level pocket awareness and ability to escape the rush. The offense he played in used a ton of play action, so ES has lots of experience getting his head around and finding the open receiver. He has plenty of arm strength, and can make every throw. His negatives are he hasn't been asked to pick a defense apart. He had 2 reads to make in college. Because of this he can telegraph his throw. ES also didn't have a very advanced playbook, so there is the chance that the NFL game could be hard for him to adjust to. Again, the type of QB that you take a chance on to see if he can develop.
  9. Draft Discussion 2019

    So, I just heard a very interesting conversation about Murray. One of the draft analysts was discussing possible fits for Murray. Basically what he said was that Murray is the type of QB that you have to design an offense around. The journalist said that he has spoken to several current GM's about Murray, and they all agree that he will have to play out of the shotgun. Due to the size of his stride he won't be able to get far enough away from the O-line to pull off a 3 step drop from behind center. The NFL GM's feel that Murray has to go to a team that is willing to start the offense from scratch and build around him. The GM's admitted that in a perfect world Murray would be a 2nd round pick based on his measurables, but he will go in the first based on talent and need. So getting back to Miami, the reason that most draft analysts have Murray going to Miami is due to the fact that Miami has the ability to build an offense from scratch around Murray. The analysts didn't think that any other team had that luxury, as the Jaguars, Giants, have offensive systems in place that Murray won't fit into. I personally think that it is going to come down to the interview. If Murray is able to blow Grier and Flores away, I think that they are confident enough to draft him, even at 13. One analyst said that if Murray gets to Miami at 13, they could even trade back 5 or so spots and still draft him as the teams in the back of the first round wouldn't have any interest in Murray, as he can't even be a back up on most NFL rosters.
  10. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    The rumor right now is that Gase wants Tannehill in NY to backup Darnold. So I think that barring anything drastic, that is probably where he winds up. If it were me, I would milk out a couple of years as a backup to pad my bank account.
  11. Draft Discussion 2019

    The other thing that Coach Flores recently stated is that he will use the 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5, 3-2-6, based on what the opposing offense is doing. He said that the defense will be very fluid, and schemes will change weekly based on opponent. So the secondary will have to be able to play both man and zone, and LB's and D-line have to be scheme versatile. This is what is fueling the speculation that much of our core defensive players from last year will be gone.
  12. Draft Discussion 2019

    Here is a little bit of insight into Coach Flores mentality when it comes to the draft. Besides QB, Flores said that the most important position group on the field is the offensive and defensive lines. He said that the trenches are the engine that controls the rest of the offense and defense. Flores said that he firmly believes that players must be well rounded. WR's must be good run blockers, TE's must be able to help in the running game, DE's must be able to set the edge in run support, DT's must be able to collapse the pocket. He said that he is very demanding when it comes to technique and consistency. His attitude is that overall athletic ability isn't as important as having solid technique. We should all take that into consideration when looking at prospects.
  13. If you have time to watch the press conference, you will quickly identify the qualities that Coach Flores brings to the table. His press conference wasn't a hype session, it was very serious, in many ways reflects the character of our new head coach. Flores spoke about his core beliefs, and what you can expect from the Dolphins moving forward. Flores was very clear when he stated that any person involved in this organization will have a team first attitude. He said that there won't be any room for individuals. He said that he is very demanding, he isn't the type of person who tolerates excuse making, or pointing fingers. He said the success of the organization is on the shoulders of every person in the building, and that the team is only as good as it's weakest link. In his follow up interview, he said that work ethic, to him, is the most important trait. He said that his demand for cohesion and unity goes beyond the football field. He firmly believes that what you do in your personal life affects your professional life. He said he doesn't have all of the answers, and he isn't afraid to ask for help. These are the words that come to mind after watching the press conference, an interview. Flores is very grounded in family, he believes that no one is more important that the team. He is humble, demanding, he expects 100% from everyone. He doesn't tolerate jokers and those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. He is very rigid, he doesn't appear to be one to allow second chances. He is very serious when it comes to work. He is internally driven, when asked about winning the superbowl, his response was that he kissed his wife on the field, and then got ready to come to Miami. Flores stopped the press conference so that his young daughter could ask him a question, again showing how much importance he places on his family. There are going to be a ton of players shown the door this offseason, not many of the current Dolphins that can live up to his requirements. He is basically Cam Wake as a head coach.
  14. Draft Discussion 2019

    Beat reporters are saying that the Miami scouts have spent TONS of time grinding on DE's this year. They feel that DE will be the target in the 1st round this year. Harris is a bust, Wake is probably done, and the other DE's are over paid. In fact, Miami has literally no young talent at DE, unlike the rest of the defense where there are at least young players who can contribute. They are also saying that Miami isn't interested in pass rush specialists, they want a complete DE that can stay on the field. Players I would keep an eye on are. Rashan Gary, 6-5 287 lbs. Jachai Polite, 6-2 260 lbs. Clelin Ferrell, 6-5 265 lbs.
  15. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    I like both of those hires. A young, up and coming D-coordinator, and an experienced O-coordinator. With Flores being defensive minded, it allows him to groom a young coach that is full of energy on the side of the ball he knows best, and allows him to have a coach on the offensive side that has seen and knows it all. A great teacher that can help Flores grow on that side of the game. With Rizzi still not hired, I wonder if they bring him back for special teams.