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  1. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    After reading a couple more of the beat reporters breakdowns of this game from the Bears perspective, this is what I have learned. 1. The Bears are going to wear their orange jerseys so reduce heat soak. I guess we will see during the pregame if this is true. If it is, good job by the Bears coaching staff to find a way to help their players in the Miami heat. 2. The Bears will utilize their TE's and RB's heavily in the passing game. They said that they don't want Trubisky to have to force passes against Miami's talented secondary, as he has a tendency to not see off coverage, which has lead to INT's. They feel that the best way to attack Miami is to force the LB's to do most of the pass coverage work. 3. The Bears also could use a S in the middle to mirror Miami's RB's in pass coverage. They said that it is apparent watching the tape that Tannehill likes to throw to his RB's when he is pressured. The Bears could use a S to make sure that any RB is covered, that way their LB's can concentrate on providing pressure, and not have to worry about giving up the big play. I find reading the other teams beat reporters interesting, seeing things from their perspective. This just goes to show all of the intricate game planning that goes on by both teams during the season.
  2. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    I think it is a combination of Tannehill playing scared because of his knee, the poor O-line, and Tannehills inability to read the pocket. I was waiting for him to run on that strip sack fumble, but he didn't, he just stood there and at the worst possible moment, tried to throw a home run pass, that caused him to have to reset his feet and wind up for the big throw. The pick six was a horrible decision as well, when you look at it from the sky camera, you can see 4 Bengals rushing in. Tannehill should have just eaten the sack, but this is where I think his bum knee is affecting him, he wanted to avoid the hit and tried to sneak a pass over the top of a defender that was staring right at him. Those 2 plays cost us the game. I read a funny article from a Bears beat reporter. He said that Tannehill needs to get some extra life insurance, because what is being leaked from the Bears is that they are going to be blitzing up the middle. He said that the Dolphins OG's are some of the worst he has seen all year, and that the Bears are going to crash the middle to force Tannehill out of the pocket so that their talented DE's can get the sack. He said that without a pocket to pass from, the Bears are certain that they can force Tannehill into turnovers.
  3. Adam Gase Scheme

    To answer the question, a quick passing game utilizing slants, bubble screens, WR screens, and the occasional deep shot. With the running game, Gase likes to run a zone blocking scheme that uses the athleticism of his RB's to create yardage. He prefers speed and quickness over physical attributes in skill position players.
  4. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    I don't think that it will be a benching. I really don't think that Tannehill can survive with his indecision combined with playing behind this line. He has to get the ball out, or throw the ball away. It is as simple as that. Instead, he is holding the ball way too long, and this line can't hold blocks like that.
  5. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Here is a video that explains the unusual path that Stidham took to get to Auburn.
  6. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Here is a Stidham highlight video. What I pay attention to is how accurate he is. He is able to consistently "throw his receivers open", which is something that Tannehill lacks. He throws a very catchable ball. The other thing I notice is that he can "feel" the pressure, and once he scrambles he first looks to see if anyone is open. He also isn't afraid to throw into tight windows. When you watch him during a game, you can see that he understands what his receivers are doing, and knows where the routes are. It gives him the ability to quickly find an open receiver, instead of just having to scan the field. I see him snap his head around and throw almost in a single motion.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    After the first quarter of the season being over, it is clear to me that QB has to be the top priority. I know the big names, but again my requirements for QB are a little different from others. I want a QB that can create something out of nothing. A high football IQ and ability to scramble and avoid the rush is paramount. Those reasons are why I loved Carson Wentz, and Baker Mayfield. The QB I would love the Dolphins to target is Jarrett Stidham. He is a Drew Brees clone. Athletic, high football IQ, can read a defense. He throws a nice ball, even though he doesn't have over the top arm strength. His coaches and teammates love him, he is a natural leader. I just hope he doesn't rocket up into the top of the draft like Mayfield did.
  8. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    This is a must win game for the Dolphins if they have any hopes at getting the wild card. It is supposed to be 86 and raining on Sunday. The field is going to be a wet sloppy mess, as it is supposed to rain starting Thursday due to the Hurricane. If Tunsil is out, I don't expect Tannehill to make it out of this game with out getting injured. He holds the ball too long, and that play where he was pulled down from behind by the arm, that was a near disaster as most QB's tear a shoulder up. I hope the Dolphins kick the tires on Flowers, who just got cut. We need some help, it is desperation time if Tunsil is out. If whoever the QB is has some time to throw, our WR's will be open. The run game will be limited. On defense I think we match up well and will be able to hold them to less than 21 points. It will be o the offense to win this, or special teams. I am hoping for a miracle win here, and for the team to survive this week an get some players back.
  9. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    Man, what a heartbreaking loss. To see two professional footballs players in Young and Larsen look so bad, it was a site to see. Larsen got destroyed in this game. Normally an O-lineman is either strong, or quick. There is at least one strong aspect. Larsen and Young don't have any. They both can't hold up at the point of attack, they were pushed back into the pocket like sleds. They also had no balance. Both lost to DLman going both to the inside, and the outside. To top off their poor protection, Tannehill doesn't have any pocket presence and seems very slow this year to diagnose what the defense is doing. Watching Dalton play, and seem to create big plays out of noting, and then watching Tannehill bumble his way through the offense, it is very clear that Tannehill can't be effective unless he has a clean pocket to throw out of. Which isn't going to happen. We have the best set of skill position players that we have had in decades and our offense is struggling. The defense did a good job in this game, and I have to give credit to Swanson who played very well. The reports leaking from the beat reporters are saying that Tannehill is on the hot seat. We will see what happens, I just hope that they don' wait untll we have 8 losses before they make a change.
  10. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    Cam Wake is out, and Branch isn't 100%. We are going to be thin at DE. McCain is also out, but that was expected.
  11. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    This is going to be an massacre. Swanson doesn't have any athleticism. He can block the guy in front of him, but he can't get into the second level. The Dolphins are going to have to run on the right side, which is going to make it very easy to defend against. My prediction, less than 30 yards rushing. When passing, Tannehill is going to have to get the ball out of his hand in less than 3 seconds, because that is going to be the protection he gets in this game. We all know that Tannehill sucks if he doesn't have time to throw, the Patriots game was all the evidence you need to see. With Tanny scrambling for his life, he is going to get hit, a lot. He is going to throw picks, like 2 or 3. Our passing game will boil down to screens and short throws. I predict a shutout with Tannehill under center. I think that the Bengals offense is better than the Patriots. Now add in the fact that McTyer will be starting for the injured McCain, and our problem coverage now ha some holes in it. Bengals 42, Dolphins 14 after Tannehill gets pulled early in the 4th and Osweiler gets a handful of drives.
  12. Injuries have doomed us again

    That's the point, we aren't a good team. We were a decent team with a great set of skill position players. Now we are a team with a hobbled QB with bad pocket presence, a mediocre O-line, and a young Defense.
  13. Injuries have doomed us again

    Well we are 4 games in, and we have now lost 3 starters to season ending injuries. Sitton was the first to go, and was a very hard loss. With Sitton in, we could easily run the ball. Now that Larsen is back, we had a huge drop off in running performance the last 2 games. Then Hayes goes down in the third game, hurting our run defense. I hate to say it, but Harris is a bust. He can't play the run, and is invisible on passing downs. The Dolphins promoted a DE from the practice squad to add to the rotation, and he played better than Harris against the Patriots. Now we loose Kilgore for the season, and Tannehill just became an dead QB walking. Swanson is a serviceable C, but he is a clear step down from Kilgore. The pass protection got worse as the game went on, with Gase benching Tannehill after a really bad sack. Gase admitted that he was worried about Tannehills health. Tanny seems very slow this year, like he is playing a gear short. Osweiler was much quicker getting the ball out, and was throwing with velocity compared to Tannehill. Gase also made the comment during his press conference that Tannehill had targets to throw to. I predicted that Tannehill wouldn't make it through the season, and it looks to be coming true. We have some of the best skill position players we have had in a long time, and can't capitalize on it. The Bengals are going to be blitzing us right up the middle all game. The Dolphins are going to have to sign another backup C. This is just horrible.
  14. Week 3: Oakland Raiders (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

    Man, this was a fun game to watch. The Raiders made sure that the Dolphins wouldn't beat them on the ground, they schemed some great run blitzes that kept Drake and Gore bottled up all game. Fortunately, Gase's team building showed up here, with our WRs getting open, and our TE's contributing at the right time. Tannehill looked much more composed in this game. He stood tall in the pocket and only had one bad pass all day. He left another TD on the table by missing Wilson again who was wide open. It seems that he still doesn't have the timing down with him. I have seen at least 2 TD potential overthrows this year to Wilson. Gase cooked up some trick plays to catch the Raiders off guard and both resulted in TD's. On the defensive side, once again they played tough, even loosing 3 players, they didn't fold. The injury to Hayes will hurt us, because I am being honest here, Harris is looking like a bust right now. Harris is going to get allot of playing time this week with Hayes and Branch down, so I hope he can make some plays. Our defensive speed is paying dividends, as the are chasing big plays down from behind, and getting INT's at critical moments. They have picked off every QB they have played against this year. The Dolphins have earned this 3-0 start.
  15. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0)

    This was a very though win against a team with a stout well coached defense, and an explosive offense. Just like last week, the Dolphins found a way to win when it counted. The defense played well, especially considering the talent on the other side of the ball. They kept the Jets from running all over them, and forced their young QB to try and win it through the air. Again the secondary showcased their speed and big play ability by getting another set of ints, and big stops when needed. This game the Dolphins D-line was finally able to show what they can do, which is wear the opposing offensive line down. By the end of the game, the D-line was putting major pressure on Darnold. Tannehill still isn't 100% yet, and it showed. He was very indecisive at times in this game, you could tell he didn't know what to do with the ball. Tannehill of 2016 would have just thrown the ball away, but he just couldn't pull the trigger. Because of this we had some ungly coverage sacks. Tanny is going to have to keep working hard to get back to mid-season form. The Drake Gore combo paid dividends again, as both RB's were fresh in the 4th, allowing them to make some big plays when it counted. I give the Jets defense some credit, the Dolphins WR's had a big speed advantage, and the Jets secondary played tough all game. I don't know if you guys have been watching other games, but most of the teams this year have plaid some terrible defense. There have been 30 and 40 point games all over. Lots of teams are playing very sloppy ball right now. I think the Dolphins have something to build on as we move on to another tough game with the Raiders at home.