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  1. Draft Discussion 2019

    The other thing that Coach Flores recently stated is that he will use the 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5, 3-2-6, based on what the opposing offense is doing. He said that the defense will be very fluid, and schemes will change weekly based on opponent. So the secondary will have to be able to play both man and zone, and LB's and D-line have to be scheme versatile. This is what is fueling the speculation that much of our core defensive players from last year will be gone.
  2. Draft Discussion 2019

    Here is a little bit of insight into Coach Flores mentality when it comes to the draft. Besides QB, Flores said that the most important position group on the field is the offensive and defensive lines. He said that the trenches are the engine that controls the rest of the offense and defense. Flores said that he firmly believes that players must be well rounded. WR's must be good run blockers, TE's must be able to help in the running game, DE's must be able to set the edge in run support, DT's must be able to collapse the pocket. He said that he is very demanding when it comes to technique and consistency. His attitude is that overall athletic ability isn't as important as having solid technique. We should all take that into consideration when looking at prospects.
  3. If you have time to watch the press conference, you will quickly identify the qualities that Coach Flores brings to the table. His press conference wasn't a hype session, it was very serious, in many ways reflects the character of our new head coach. Flores spoke about his core beliefs, and what you can expect from the Dolphins moving forward. Flores was very clear when he stated that any person involved in this organization will have a team first attitude. He said that there won't be any room for individuals. He said that he is very demanding, he isn't the type of person who tolerates excuse making, or pointing fingers. He said the success of the organization is on the shoulders of every person in the building, and that the team is only as good as it's weakest link. In his follow up interview, he said that work ethic, to him, is the most important trait. He said that his demand for cohesion and unity goes beyond the football field. He firmly believes that what you do in your personal life affects your professional life. He said he doesn't have all of the answers, and he isn't afraid to ask for help. These are the words that come to mind after watching the press conference, an interview. Flores is very grounded in family, he believes that no one is more important that the team. He is humble, demanding, he expects 100% from everyone. He doesn't tolerate jokers and those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. He is very rigid, he doesn't appear to be one to allow second chances. He is very serious when it comes to work. He is internally driven, when asked about winning the superbowl, his response was that he kissed his wife on the field, and then got ready to come to Miami. Flores stopped the press conference so that his young daughter could ask him a question, again showing how much importance he places on his family. There are going to be a ton of players shown the door this offseason, not many of the current Dolphins that can live up to his requirements. He is basically Cam Wake as a head coach.
  4. Draft Discussion 2019

    Beat reporters are saying that the Miami scouts have spent TONS of time grinding on DE's this year. They feel that DE will be the target in the 1st round this year. Harris is a bust, Wake is probably done, and the other DE's are over paid. In fact, Miami has literally no young talent at DE, unlike the rest of the defense where there are at least young players who can contribute. They are also saying that Miami isn't interested in pass rush specialists, they want a complete DE that can stay on the field. Players I would keep an eye on are. Rashan Gary, 6-5 287 lbs. Jachai Polite, 6-2 260 lbs. Clelin Ferrell, 6-5 265 lbs.
  5. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    I like both of those hires. A young, up and coming D-coordinator, and an experienced O-coordinator. With Flores being defensive minded, it allows him to groom a young coach that is full of energy on the side of the ball he knows best, and allows him to have a coach on the offensive side that has seen and knows it all. A great teacher that can help Flores grow on that side of the game. With Rizzi still not hired, I wonder if they bring him back for special teams.
  6. Draft Discussion 2019

    Wow,I wasn't aware that Jackson declared. I saw that he applied for the transfer program. I guess he didn't get a response he liked.
  7. Draft Discussion 2019

    A couple of quick responses, and then some new business. Tyree Jackson isn't coming out this year. He has applied for the graduate transfer program and will be one of the many QB's coming out in 2020. So here are some new rumors. 1. Apparently Grier really likes Falk. The Dolphins did a ton of pre-draft research on him last year, but had other needs. When he became available, they didn't waste any time brining him to Miami. I also liked Falk last year and wrote about him on one of the threads. Fales and Osweiler won't be resigned, that is why we signed the QB from the Lions. 2. I would be very disappointed if Miami had the attitude that they will wait until 2020 to look at a QB. Even rebuilding, I think we are going to win 5 or 6 games next year at the least. There isn't any guarantee that we will be better situated in that draft, than this one. Haskins is a legit franchise QB, in fact, several GM's have commented to some of the media that Haskins would be behind Mayfield, but in front of the rest of the draft class last year. So that tells you how favorably he is viewed in the scouting community. Miami should still do the research and see what it would take to trade up to get him. 3. There is a new rumor that the Eagles may go with Foles, over Wentz. They are saying that Foles play style fits the Eagles offense better than Wentz. If that is true, they are saying that the Eagles my ask for 2 firsts, and a 3rd or 4th for him. Wentz would fit Griers mantra of getting a player on their rookie deal. The Dolphins need to look very hard at this possibility. 4. Kyler Murray has sparked a ton of interest in the NFL, due to the fact that no one thought that he was going to play football. I heard an interesting angle to Murray being drafted by Miami. Would Murray be willing to do what Tebow never did, that is play multiple positions. Tebow could have had a career in the NFL if he was willing to play TE. Even the Patriots tried to get him to switch positions, he refused, and now he is a minor league baseball player. The thinking is this, if Murray agrees to be a swiss army knife if it doesn't work out at QB, he could be drafted by Miami. Grier likes smaller, electric playmakers. Wilson and Grant are perfect examples of this. Many draft pundits roasted Miami for drafting Grant, saying he was a gimmick player. Grant has proved them wrong. Miami was roasted for signing Wilson, a player that many said didn't have a real position on offense. We saw the results this year. Murray is a similar type of player. His size suggests that he won't be successful in the NFL, but he has the determination to prove everyone wrong. Murray coming in at RB, WR, QB, would cause tons of mismatches. Imagine Murray running a half back pass option, where he catches a quick out in the flat, and can either run, or throw deep to Grant or Wilson. The defense will be frozen in place, they have to respect his arm, but if they don't pressure him, he will make the first defender miss and pick up 20 yards before the secondary can get to him. A good offensive coordinator would have a field day with Murray, even if he doesn't play QB full time. He is a legit weapon, that is if he agrees to play this way. If Murray is another Tebow, and refuses to play anything other than QB, I would pass.
  8. Draft Discussion 2019

    There are some really good free agents hitting the market this year, the problem is, unless they are coming off of their rookie deal, Grier won't be interested in them. He doesn't want any stop gap players, his attitude is to let the young players play, mistakes and all, and save the cap space to use on a really good young player, instead of a bunch of older free agents. The first round QB shape up like this, there are basically 3 who have legit first round talent. Haskins, who will be the first pick taken which I discussed above. The other two are Drew Lock, and Kyler Murray. Both Lock and Murray have some major drawbacks, but both are going in the first round. In Lock you have the prototypical pocket passer. At 6-4 he has the size and frame that NFL front offices look for. He has a cannon for an arm, and makes good decisions. His biggest negative has been that when he faces his toughest opponents, he has his worst performances. He feasted against non ranked opponents, and looked flat against ranked defenses. To me, I see a lot of Ryan Tannehill in Drew Lock, which kinda scares me in that I don't know if it is a mental thing with Lock where he gets rattled in big games, or is it just that his team didn't have the talent to compete. The other thing that I see when watching tape of Lock, is that most of his TD passes are on the outside, over the top of the defense. He is very good at the long ball, however, you don't see many passes where he is throwing into tight windows center field. In the NFL, DB are really good and you may only have 3 opportunities to throw over the defense down the sideline. QB's have to be able to kill defenses on the short routes, throwing through coverage. I watched every highlight reel I could find, and every single TD was thrown to the deepest WR on that route tree. Now don't get me wrong, he showed some great accuracy and touch on those passes, I just worry that once NFL defenses take away that money throw, how will he react. I still think that a team will draft Lock in the top 10. The next QB is Murray. I don't see any negatives to his game, he is a Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes type of QB. The biggest problem with Murray is his size. It has been rumored that he is barely 5-10, and his playing weight was around 185 lbs. Now he probably stayed light to keep his speed and quickness up, but in the NFL he will need to add muscle to his frame to protect his body. In college, most D-lineman run a 5.2 and up 40, giving him a major advantage. In the NFL, there are D-lineman running a 4.5. NFL LB weigh on average 30 lbs more than college LB's, and there are some that run in the 4.4 range. Murray will eventually take a monster shot, I fear that he might not survive it. Jakeem Grant, due to his size, is going to miss 3 to 4 games a year due to being beat up. When it is a WR, you can scheme for that. When your QB is missing that much time, it kills your team. Mariota right now has taken so much damage he is borderline to continue his career. We saw what happened to Mick Vick as the years passed, RG3, even Wilson has missed time. Murray will have to change how he plays the game of football in the NFL to limit contact. Even then, a cheap shot along the sideline, as we saw with Pat White, can change everything. Pat lost his heart for football after taking that devastating hit, and went back to baseball. That is a risk that will always be there with Murray. The only other negative to Murray, is that he has to use his entire body to generate power on the football. A QB like Ben Roth., even Haskins, can get the ball 30 yards downfield using only their arm. Murray can't do that. Any pass beyond 15 yards Murray has to step into the throw to put velocity on it. I will link a good video that explains how Murray uses fantastic technique to generate force. What this means is that their will be times where Murray won't be able to step into a throw, which could cause a floater. The Dolphins will have to be fine with this. He may throw a pick for every 2 or 3 TD's he throws. Some teams would love that ratio, while it would drive other teams crazy. All this being said, I think that Murray will be on the board at 13 when Miami picks, if we decide not to trade up. I don't think Murray makes it out of the first round as he will be drafted by a team with an aging QB. The other QB that most talk about is Grier. I think he goes in the second round. He is great at a lot of things, but him skipping the bowl game really makes me question his heart. Why would you miss out on your chance to make a statement when the entire NFL scouting community is watching? At any rate, he is an option in the second, but I don't think he is any better than Luke Falk who we already have on the roster. I want an upgrade at QB, and the 3 listed above are the only upgrades I see over Tannehill and Falk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hZNsLezqbw
  9. Draft Discussion 2019

    One more video breaking down his game.
  10. Draft Discussion 2019

    I guess I will be the first to jump on the trade up for Haskins. Haskins is a proven winner, his biggest performances in college came against the best teams they faced. He constantly rises to the occasion. His arm strength is off the charts, he can make off platform throws deep down the field, with perfect accuracy. In the bowl game I watched him throw across his body, without setting his feet, using just his arm, and make a perfect throw to a RB coming out of the backfield. It was a Mahomes type of pass. The defense had no idea he was about to throw the football, the LB was still tracking Haskins, which allowed the RB to run a clean route, and pick up a huge chunk of yardage on a third and long. Haskins understands what the defense is doing, he knows how to manipulate the pocket to create throwing lanes. Is he a perfect QB, no. He really needs to work on his mechanics, but that is something that is teachable. His raw play making ability is something that you can't learn, his arm is golden, and he loves the game of football. He comes from a good background, and is as clean of a prospect as you can find. He is a true franchise QB. I know that many people here have hyped the 2020 QB class, and that hype may be affecting the 2019 draft. It has been reported that most of the teams in the top 5 want to trade down, as GM's want to load up for 2020. That has lowered the asking price of teams wanting to trade up. Don't get me wrong, it will still be expensive to move up to the 1st pick, but not multiple firsts round picks. Miami will have to beat the offer from the Jags, as they are the only team that is currently being mentioned as wanting to move up. I really don't care what it costs Miami, Haskins has the same "it" factor that Baker Mayfield had last year, and that type of leadership is sorely needed in Miami. The Dolphins need hope more than anything, with a new young HC, paired with a young QB, it could finally be the spark to get Miami out of the doghouse. Why do we need to wait another year to get a QB, when we can get one this year. Here is an excerpt from a draft analyst about Haskins. has good overall athletic ability with quick feet and good change of direction--------has a good feel for pass rushers and shows he can extend plays with his feet-----has a very quick overhand delivery and a quick release-----has shown the ability to make quick decisions and get the ball out of his hand-----nearly 72 percent completion rate shows, he is very accurate-----his ball placement is very good-----can consistently put the ball where it won’t get broken up or intercepted------poise in the pocket-----reads the field well, shows he can go through a progression and find the open receiver-----very good arm strength, can zip it when he has to and throws a tight but catchable ball----- Here is an interesting video breaking down Haskins skill set.
  11. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Fangio was just hired as the Broncos HC, so we now know why he wasn't interested in Miami. At this point, the Bengals, Jets, and Dolphins are all that is left. I really hope that Dallas looses this weekend, and that the Patriots win. I want fate to nudge the Dolphins towards Richard.
  12. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    It appears that Fangio wasn't interested in the Dolphins, and once the Dolphins determined that, they didn't bother interviewing him. So right now, the rumor is that Richard, Flores, and Rizzi are the top choices. Rizzi wasn't interviewed because the Dolphins brass already know him. A second round of interviews are being set up right now, so the coaching search may last beyond this weekend if both Dallas and New England win. In fact, one coach may benefit over the other if their team gets eliminated. If for instance the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, the Dolphins might favor picking another HC they like that is available. This could ultimately help Rizzi, if all things being equal, he can be hired now, instead of waiting for February. It appears that either the Dolphins didn't want a college HC, or that no one was interested, as it has been reported that no other candidates are expected to be interviewed.
  13. Pick the HC (Poll)

    I'm going with Richard as well. Ross has a history of promoting minority talent. I personally can't stand the distinction between races when it comes to anything. We are all men and women, period. Race shouldn't be in the picture at all, in any setting. However, seeing that it is, I think that Ross would love to have an African American GM/HC combination. I know it seems silly, but Ross caught a lot of flack for selling part of the team to minorities. He is eager to prove that work ethic and talent should determine your course in life, not race. Pairing Richard with Grier would allow Ross to enter the history books, and to put his thumb in the eye of certain NFL owners. List of African American GM's.
  14. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Rumor mill is running overtime right now. Apparently the front runner at this moment is Richard. Per an inside source, Dolphins brass were blown away with his detailed knowledge of the organization, and detailed plan on how to correct problems and move forward. The Dolphins were supposed to interview Rizzi today, but have delayed the interview until later this week, if it does happen at all. The Dolphins brass have went to Ross's home in New Jersey, and may be working on a contract. Dolphins now feel some pressure to try and land their top choice before another team makes an offer. Several beat reporters have said that Ross was allowed by Jones to attend the Dallas game so that Ross could see Richard interact with players on the sideline in a game situation. This is the only candidate that the Dolphins have taken this step with. The Dolphins are reportedly looking for a HC that is a teacher and mentor, that will take the time to develop young talent.
  15. Be careful what you wish for.

    This exactly, Gase's biggest problem was his massive ego. No one, and I mean no one, could give him advise that he would listen too. And when all of his bad decision came crashing down around him at the end of the season, instead of talking to the man he should have been answering to, Ross, he wouldn't even pick up the phone. He wasn't lying at the press conference that he felt that he didn't need to lobby for his job, he thought that he was safe no matter what. This was what finally convinced Ross to fire him, he was in employee that felt that he wasn't accountable to anyone. If any of you have worked in management, you know how destructive that is to morale. Players like Jones, who was the ultimate team player, began to openly question Gase to the media. Even Wake, one the best human beings in the NFL, wouldn't answer questions about Gase's future. Gase was a big stinking turd that needed to be flushed. I hope that Gase learns from this, however, I'm not going to hold my breath. This experience was so bad for Ross, that he has changed his entire thought process on what type of coach he wants.