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  1. I think the bright spot this week will be the benching of Fitzpatrick in the 2nd quarter, and Rosen coming in a throwing a TD or two. We have no chance at winning, as our secondary can't cover deep opposite of X, and Dak can throw the deep ball well. I also think that the Cowboys will want to keep as much wear off of their RB's as possible, so look for them to light it up in the air.
  2. I want to revive this topic for a second, because listing to the college football programs, it has been stated more than once the Tua could return to Alabama next year. So, do the Dolphins draft Herbert, or do they trade back a couple of times, and build the rest of the team around Rosen. That is going to be the real question. I could see Saban talking Tua into another season.
  3. It appears that when Flores said that he wanted a defense that was flexible, and could play multiple fronts, he wasn't kidding. All of the players in the secondary have been required to learn both CB and S. Bobby McCain commented on how much fun it has been to play S. The other wrinkle has been the movement of secondary into LB in certain packages. Both Fitz and McDonald have played "rover" at LB in pass coverage packages. It appears that Flores will risk using 7 DB's and 4 down lineman with no traditional LB's in certain circumstances. This is what has fueled the comments that Jones may hold out to be traded or released. Jones wasn't a fan of being moved all over the field, and this seems to be Flores bread and butter. On the D-line side, the players have commented that they are being moved between DT and DE based on the package, and that they will be required to know both positions. This is going to be a fun off season.
  4. This is a great feeling, this whole offseason feels different. Flores is different. After the rookie mini-camp, we may have some more young players under contract. They have a ton of tryouts. Lets just hope that for once, the injury bug leaves us alone.
  5. I love the trade. Rosen was my 2nd graded QB last season, and that was only because Baker had crazy mobility. Rosen has all the arm talent you can ask for. His problem, from college to now was his supposed lack of passion. If you listen to any of his recent interviews, he admits that he was overwhelmed last year. The pressure got to him. He comes to Miami with new lease on life. All he is being asked to do is to compete. Flores explained to him his philosophy that every person has to earn their job. During his press conference Rosen said that this was like being able to be drafted again, and he is thankful for the opportunity. Rosen is better than Tannehill in every way except athletic ability. Unlike last year with the Cardinals, Rosen is working with a top notch staff. He said that he has already started watching film with Caldwell, O,Shea, an Marino. I don't think any miracles are going to happen, in fact, I think that Fitzpatrick will be the starter at first. But I hope that towards he end of the season when the offense and defense get settled, that Rosen will be the QB, and we can use those picks we have to draft a special talent.
  6. Here is a cliff notes version of who we drafted. Christian Wilkins, DT. 6-3 315 lbs. A fast Dlineman that excels at lateral movement, has a non-stop motor, gives 100% on every play. Great at reading the play and getting in the right place. Needs to add strength to fight though blocks. Can get blasted out of his gap on run plays. Michael Deiter, OG. 6-5 309 lbs. Extremely strong man blocker. Hard worker. Great awareness, rarely caught off guard by stunts and blitzes. Doesn't move well, has heavy feet when asked to pull. Gives up too soon when facing a strong opponent, his initial set up is good, but then he allows himself to get pushed aside. Not athletic enough for zone blocking. Andrew Van Ginkel, OLB. 6-3 241 lbs. He ran a 4.5 at his pro day, so he has the speed to play at the NFL level. He simply needs to add strength. He was an effort player, using his non-stop motor and determination to make plays. He is good a play recognition, but can't get off blocks. He would miss tackles against strong RB's by not being able to bring them down. A good developmental player with everything right up stairs, he just needs physical development. Isaiah Prince, OT. 6-6 305lbs. Massive OT with good strength. Has lots of technique problems that he never managed to correct, such as wasted movement. Lunges at speed instead of getting his body in position. Head butts too much, doesn't always use leverage. Has all of the physical tools you want at RT, just needs to put it all together. Chandler Cox, FB. 6-1, 236 lbs. He has been boom or bust during his career. Makes a great play is pass protection, gets beat on the next play. Lays a punishing block to open a hole, misses an assignment next time. Hard working player who is fearless in his role, has good hands and can run routes. Needs to add strength. Myles Gaskin, RB. 5-9 205 lbs. I think MG is going to be converted to slot. He was a workhorse in college, but he doesn't have any elite skill set. I like the Damian Williams comparison. Great hands, good vision, he is just small and doesn't have elite speed. This draft to me spelled out where we are going as a team. We are going to have a hybrid, active, attacking defense. We are going to use a man blocking power run scheme, with multiple TE's and RB's. This was a good draft, and we set our selves up nicely for next year.
  7. The latest being leaked is that the Dolphins will only give up the 2nd if they receive either another pick back, such as a 4t rounder, or receive a young player that helps build the team(not necessarily a starter, more likely a young developmental player at a position of need). It seems that Miami, if it comes to just a straight pick, would only offer a 3rd.
  8. It is being reported that Grier has changed his mind and Rosen for our 2nd is imminent. The entire Dolphins brass were on board as recent as a couple of days ago with trading the 2nd for Rosen prior to the draft. It was the Cardinals that turned down that offer. It appears that there are other pieces to the trade that are being negotiated, possibly including players or other draft picks.
  9. Well, there is some rumors a flying. Apparently, at some point Miami offered our 2nd round pick to the Cardinals for Rosen, and they said no. Fast forward to last night, the Rosen market dried up and the Cardinals were willing to deal for the 2nd, and Grier said no. What we don't know is if Grier offered a lower pick. It seems as if Grier knows that the Cardinals are out of options and he is going to take full advantage of it. If we land Rosen for a 4th or lower pick, I won't be mad at all as that's a great value. I would like to think that Miami would be targeting an OL in the 2nd, but I have a feeling we are going to double down on defense and select a DE. Chase Winovich is a 2nd rnd talent. Jaylon Ferguson is another. I doubt that Miami trades up though.
  10. Going back to CW, we finally have an answer on our defense this year, because CW is a very specific type of player. CW is an attacking DT. What that means is he plays his best when he is able to move laterally through the line and get to the RB or QB. He is also very good at defending against stretch plays and screens. What he is very bad at, is attacking straight ahead and going through blocks. CW goes around blockers, not through. He can't bull rush, he doesn't have the function strength to fight through a double team. He is very similar to Godchaux and Taylor, in fact they all have almost the exact same measurables. We saw both Godchaux and Taylor erased when we played against man blocking scheme teams with big O-lineman. CW will have the same problems. However, against a zone blocking scheme with lots of movement up front like trap blocks, and pulling Guards, CW is very slippery and it is hard for the OL to get their hands on him. This is the first real evidence that the Phins are going to run a speed based attacking defense. I love the pick.
  11. This is the first draft in a long time that I can say that absolutely no one knows what the Dolphins are going to do. Even the beat reporters have said that the Dolphins are buttoned up. All that their inside sources would say is that Miami isn't going to trade up. Other than that, all options are on the table. One thing to monitor about Rosen is the price. I doubt Miami gives up a first round pick. The Cardinals would be in a tough spot if they draft Murray. The compensation I have heard was that Miami would be willing to give a 3rd. I don't know where that originated from, but it sounds a lot better than a first. Haskins could drop, but I doubt it. There are too many desperate GM's out there trying to make a big splash. He isn't going to last past the 10th pick. What I am more interested in is if the Dolphins are willing to risk a first on Sweat. A heart murmur must be monitored, but you can be an athlete with that condition. My oldest son has this very condition. It isn't something that they operate on unless it is severe. Sweat has lived his entire life with this condition, but you know how spooky GM's can be.
  12. One thing to keep in mind is that the Dolphins are more than likely going to convert Charles Harris to OLB. Harris played in college at 6-3 250 lbs. The Dolphins made a huge mistake asking him to bulk up to 270 lbs. Harris should be able to get back down to 250 lbs and be the strong side OLB in a 3-4. That kinda explains why the Dolphins are looking for "true" DE's, and not hybrid DE's in the draft. We could open the season with Harrs, Baker, McMillan, and Alonzo at LB. Grier again made a comment that the Dolphins want to add picks, again hinting that they will be looking to trade down from 13 to get some extra picks. Here is the latest on how the Draft is breaking down. The Jets, Lions, and Dolphins all want to trade down, wich could lower the value that Miami could get with the teams competing against each other. Besides teams that might want to trade into the top 5 for a QB, there hasn't been a lot of rumors of teams wanting to move up. The Dolphins may be forced to pick at 13. If the Dolphins pick at 13 here are the names that have been discussed in the media, based on how much time the Dolphins have spent with these players. QB Drew Lock, I doubt he is there. QB Daniel Jones, more of a possibility, but still could be gone. DE Clelin Ferrell, at 6-4 264lbs he fits the mold of a versatile DE that Miami is looking for. But again, he also may not be there, as some of the other DE's have some issues that may cause them to drop.
  13. RT was limited in some ways talent wise, but he was still a decent QB. The real problem wasn't him so much, as it was inept management. After his rookie deal, we should have moved on. That is on the Dolphins. RT just wasn't the type of QB that I like to watch. I wish him the best.
  14. Here is a highlight video to remind everyone of what Fitz brings to the table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h07aq3Dn34g
  15. I think we as a fan base have hopped on the tank bandwagon, but I heard it explained another way which makes more sense. I was listening to a draft podcast that wasn't Dolphins specific. When it came to 13, the couple of guys starting talking about the Dolphins. One said that it is very clear to him that Miami is taking this year to clear the salary cap mess, not to tank for a better pick in 20. He explained that cutting the fat out of the roster clears the way to make a big free agent push in 21, when they are scheduled to have a huge amount of space. They build with this draft and some smart free agents such as Ryan Fitz, let all of the dead cap wash out, and then address next year what ever holes appear this year. They all agreed that Miami will spend all of it's picks in the trenches, and they will most likely trade out of pick 13 to get some additional picks in the top 3 rounds. I have to agree that I don't think Miami is tanking. I love watching Fitz play. He has beaten the Dolphins so many times with a late 4th quarter bomb. He is a poor mans Bret Favre, warts and all. He brings passion, and he is going to do everything he can to win. Fitz also fits our offense perfectly, his money throw is dropping bombs in stride deep down the field. Stills, Grant, and Wilson excel in this. In fact, RT's inability to hit wide open receivers in stride was frustrating. Fitz will make those throws. On another topic, I have the feeling the Mike G is going to be converted to WR. He was basically a WR in college. There is way too much receiving talent there to just throw him away because he can't block. Lets be honest, he was a waste with RT anyway as RT has never been accurate on his ball placement. If a QB can hang a pass over his head where he can elevate to get it, he is almost impossible to defend with a #3 or #4 CB. Put him in the short middle in a 4 or 5 WR set and let him make plays. Fitz is also very good at fade routes, and Mike G was built for the fade. Another beat reporter said that Miami will sign a record breaking amount of undrafted free agents this year, that it has been rumored that the scouting staff has been working the Div 2 and small schools hard looking for priority free agents after the draft.
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