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  1. Unless we are talking a top 10 pick, I would have no problem throwing a first for Tucker. That cap hit, however, I wouldn't want to take on for any kicker.
  2. I love Snead. I wish he wasn't so quick on handing out the big extensions, but I understand why he did/does it.
  3. Pretty disappointing first season for such a talented guy. Hope he comes back better next season.
  4. Ha...I have a couple friends that just spent way too much on DiNucci cards, in hopes he would show potential. So much for that.
  5. I agree. I had to stop playing sports for 2 years after breaking my tib/fib and minor muscle damage. A rod was put in that sapped a LOT of what I was able to do, with running and jumping. Hoping its just bone and a clean break, even though I'm not a fan, just because I know how unfair it feels when it happens.
  6. Thats a career changer there Wish he had gotten that contract. And hoping for a smooth recovery for him.
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