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  1. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    I have sriracha in my kitchen. It's gone so mainstream, I don't know if I'd call it "exotic" anymore.
  2. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    It's a burger joint. There's not much sophistication.
  3. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    I like a ketchup and mustard-only burger, too. But the A1 and mayo combination is savory, though.
  4. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #2

    If we somehow had Nelson, I'd try him RT first.
  5. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    Try a 5G burger with no veggies and only A1 and mayo. Thank me later.
  6. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #2

    I think the difference between a dominant OG and an average OG is less important than having really good DE vs an average DE.
  7. Surprise Top 12 Pick?

    Courtland Sutton
  8. I use a collagen protein supplement daily. It's cheap and I found it useful. I'd lay off the chest & front delt work for a little while. When you return to benching, make sure your elbows are tucked in when you bench and not flared.
  9. Dolphins HOF trivia

    Bill Parcells
  10. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power-Ranking: #1

    I went with Chubb, a DE who looks like he''ll be a beast vs the run & pass. Sorely needed.
  11. One flight will get me a little light-headed for a sec. I'm going to transition to a 3.5 day/week eating schedule after this. Eating days can be pretty liberal, especially for just lunch during that day. I'll be pumping iron those days, too. M: fast T: fast W: EAT R: eat (night only) F: fast S: EAT S: EAT
  12. As long as I'm not climbing stairs, I'm good. I'm trying to make this a 14-Day fast.
  13. After Day 7 I'm down 17 lb.