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  1. What I'm saying is that he's not hocking his own brand of nutritional products. Not even sure how many T's he sold, the cost to make the shirts, etc. I think things are pricey in Canada, generally.
  2. Chargers lose Denzel Perryman for the year

    I was praying Miami would draft him.
  3. He doesn't sell things; He works off of donations.
  4. Predict the 2019 coaching changes.

    Maybe meant Dan Campbell.
  5. A Crazy Round 1

    I'd take Wilkins or Lawrence over Simmons for Miami. No character concerns, and perhaps a higher floor, esp. with Wilkins. I think they'd hold up vs the run better than Simmons.
  6. Overlord [2018]

    I feel like this one came out of nowhere.
  7. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Finished Season 3 of MHA. I really liked the new theme song they began mid-season. And I guess Deku didn't keep the red gauntlets from the movie?
  8. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I agree
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Season 3 of My Hero Academia.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Secondary

    For some reason I thought Muse was 6'3.
  11. BigFin's Big F'n Midseason Mock

    If there's a franchise QB available in 2020, I'd be all for selling the farm for him.
  12. Second Playoff Committee Rankings

    The Top 4 look fine. Everything else is a moot point right now.
  13. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Season One of Pyscho-Pass might be my favorite single season of an anime.
  14. Week 10: Miami Dolphins (5-4) @ Green Bay Packers (3-4-1)

    Correct - Probably not. If I knew all the injuries other than Tannehill, those would worry me more.
  15. Week 10: Miami Dolphins (5-4) @ Green Bay Packers (3-4-1)

    Should win 2 out of: @IND, BUF, @BUF Should win 1 out of: NE, @MIN, JAX = 8-8, matching my preseason prediction