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  1. Hayes is a FA in 2017, and if Wake plays beyond 2018, he a situational passrusher. I like Key if he can show he can set the edge and play the run. I like Ejiofor later in the 1st round. I think we'll end up in the middle of the draft again, and Key will most likely be gone - if he goes where he's capable of going. Q. Nelson would be a solid pick there, as of now. I won't rule out Orlando Brown if Ju'wuan James leaves.
  2. mike23md 1st round Mock

    I'd like Derwin James, but it Miami just extended TJ MacDonald and Reshad Jones for 4 & 5 more years, respectively.
  3. I would like Arden Key. I heard he slimmed down from 270 to 255. He probably needs to be at 270+ to play that base DE we need. Hopefully he's worked out whatever personal issues he has/had.
  4. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    If you took away the 44-yd run by Freeman and the 20-yd run by Coleman, Miami would have allowed just 2.1 YPC.
  5. ChargerBuckeyes 2018 Way Too Early Mock Draft

    Miami has a decent young trio of CB's in Howard, Lippett, and Tankersly. If we keep ourselves around .500, don't be afraid to mock Nelson to us; We need interior OL help.
  6. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Great find
  7. Podcasts!

    Dameshek's Daves Of Thunder podcast was legendary. Some of the funniest stuff ever. He's way better when given free reign.
  8. W6 GDT: Dolphins at Atlanta

    We can stop the run, but ATL will eat us alive through the air. MIA is allowing only 3.1 YPC.
  9. Early 1 Round Mock Draft

    I was thinking of McFadden. I watch all the Noles games, but I just don't see Tate as a 1st rounder.
  10. Early 1 Round Mock Draft

    You got the wrong Nole at 7.
  11. Carson Wentz... or this haul?

    Who the f draws sweeping conclusions about a QB after Week 5 of his rookie season? On the Browns, no less?
  12. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 6 10/7/17)

    He had a couple of gaffes, which have been magnified - because he's Derwin James. He still making great plays,
  13. Coke is for the players.
  14. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Just saw No Game No Life: Zero at the theater. It's as good as the TV show, which I liked quite a bit. But they're saying we might never get additional seasons for legal/financial reasons. You'd have to get the novels/manga to get the rest of the story.
  15. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 6 10/7/17)

    Watch some Derwin James clips. I think he's a Top 5 talent, for sure.