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  1. cddolphin's 2019 Mock Offseason (PART 2 - Player Cuts)

    I think I'd rather just tank, let that money roll over, and have a great shot at #1 Overall in 2020.
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I'd like to get into MI5, Luther and Bodyguard. (and whatever other good similar BBC shows exist)
  3. cddolphin's 2019 Mock Offseason (PART 2 - Player Cuts)

    I thought you'd cut Sitton loose.
  4. Spiderman: Far from home

    It's cliche if it's a mechanical extension of the person with an animal theme: Octopus, Vulture, Scorpion. I was never into Kraven, but I think it'd be refreshing.
  5. Spiderman: Far from home

    The Scorpion with the mechanical tail would be cliche now. It's like Doc Oc's arms, Goblins' gliders, or Vulture's wings. I think Chameleon and Mr. Negative have a lot of potential.
  6. What are you reading? V1

    Starting War & Peace.
  7. Blackman looking to transfer https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Article/Florida-State-Seminoles-football-James-Blackman-quarterback-Transfer-Portal-NCAA-127909258/
  8. 2019 Expansion Draft - Which players would you put up?

    I thought we'd have to know who's available from the other teams?
  9. 2019 Expansion Draft - Which players would you put up?

    Dolphins SS Reshad Jones DE Robert Quinn QB Ryan Tannehill LB Kiko Alonso WR Devante Parker DE Andre Branch Blowin it up. I can't get rid of enough of them. Only 6?
  10. Draft Discussion 2019

    I think Minkah might be the only Dolphin I'd take off the table. I'm on the fence, but I'd probably take a 1st or an early 2nd & 3rd for Howard. He'll get offered 12M-15M per year by someone. I'd rather work out a reasonable extension with Tunsil because he'll keep the QB from getting hit, but isn't elite to the point he'll get 10M+.
  11. QB carousel 2019

    I think Miami is likey to tank and rebuild.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Someone referred to him as a Steve McNair clone. That may be accurate.
  13. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    Good for Miami
  14. cddolphin's 2019 Mock Offseason (PART 2 - Player Cuts)

    I don't like the idea of an "advisor", unless it's some HOF retired coach/GM/player. I'd prefer someone fully committed with real skin in the game.
  15. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    I'd love to see Nova. He's in my Top 5. Xandar is in ruins from Thanos, so if Nova is still around, he might be the last of the mohicans.