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  1. NFL Late Bloomers in 2020

    Tannehill had a legit season until he got injured in Gase's first year. Before that, he still averaged 4,000+ yards per season the 3 seasons prior.
  2. Draft to go on as scheduled. Televised only.

    I agree. They sound like a bunch of robotic morons every time he walks on stage.
  3. Johndeere’s 4 Rounder

    No need for a WR that early.
  4. 3 Round Mock w/ trades

    Miami doesn't have "so many holes" since our FA signings. Mostly QBotF, 2 OT, RB2
  5. Redskins overpay a 5th rounder for Kyle Allen

    He's had good games as a starting NFL QB. Good deal for both teams, IMO.
  6. Devante Parker can be a legit #1 with a repeat of 2019.
  7. Barrett 4.0 MOCK DRAFT. updated 3/22

    It's hard to see Miami give up a pick and pay big money to a guy who'll be 32 before the season starts.
  8. Country music legend Kenny Rogers dies

    The latter is a pop song, really.
  9. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 5 - Dolphins

    I think we're entering Year Two of a 3-yr rebuild. 2021 and beyond is where we stake our claim.
  10. You could argue Mahomes was a big reason they were losing at halftime.
  11. I'm gonna begin fasting again. I'm counting on muscle memory when the gym re-opens.
  12. BayRaider Mock Draft 3/20/20

    OT is now a big hole for Miami, and we just signed 2 EDGE's. So maybe not YG-M in the 1st.
  13. Bengals sign OG Xavier Su'a-Filo (3 years, $10 M)

    This guy was one the safest "can't miss" OG prospects of the past decade.
  14. Name the best NBA player each year since 2000?

    Gotta be Wade in 2006