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  1. SEA rookie WR DK Metcalf gets knee scope

    What about Keenan Reynolds?
  2. Does anyone use superfood powder? It really gives you some clean energy and provides all of your fruits and veggie micronutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals and other plant-based benefits for the day without any of the sugar.
  3. SEA rookie WR DK Metcalf gets knee scope

    Is Seattle working the phones right now, or maybe they wait until cuts happen?
  4. New season poll

    QB Justin Fields might be a guy who'd go #1 most drafts. Stay tuned.
  5. New season poll

    I think we win a few games to take us out of the sweepstakes and we opt for a bigtime pass rusher. Chase Young would be awesome. Or AJ Epenesa. I'd trade our draft to have both.
  6. Mock Draft 2020 1.0

    Dolphins : Chase Young, DE, Ohio State Correct
  7. Preseason game one thoughts.

  8. What did your 3k diet consist of?
  9. Propose A Trade For John Wall

    Beal and the possible return of an effective John Wall makes Miami relevant. I think the worst thing in the NBA is being irrelevant. Wall, Beal, Butler and Bam running around out there would be fun to watch. I think Bam may have a breakout year, too.
  10. Propose A Trade For John Wall

    If he can come back healthy, yes.
  11. Propose A Trade For John Wall

    I'll take it!
  12. What's your greatest starting 5 for your fav team?

    This should probably be done by who a player played with for a plurality of his career.
  13. What's your greatest starting 5 for your fav team?

    How many years do they have to play for your team?: Tim Hardaway Dwayne Wade LeBron James Chris Bosh Alonzo Mourning (I won't count Shaq)
  14. Preseason game one thoughts.

    Probably can't stash PW on the practice squad. Hurns or Butler would have to go. Wilson, Stills, and Parker have undesirable dead cap situations. Stills Wilson Parker Grant Hurns Butler