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  1. If Miami miraculously is drafting #1, do you trade back or take Thibodeaux?
  2. I would take QB Grayson McCall early Day 3. It’s crazy that he’s leading the NCAA in completion % and YPA. He’s also got good mobility.
  3. I’ve read if you soak liver in milk for a few hours, it removes the bitter taste. Bodybuilders of yesteryear used to consume tons of liver tablets.
  4. He eats a little fruit, rice, and honey for increased energy nowadays because he’s very active. He states that all vegetables carry toxins and all of their benefits can be had by other means. He finds consuming antioxidants problematic and unnecessary on a proper diet. He’s big into ruminate organ meats and animal flesh for most of his calories. I just bought some of his desiccated organ tablets. Liver tablets have been popular for decades but he’s put out heart, kidney, marrow and others.
  5. Gesicki is a key chess piece to retain. To predict the future, we pay Gesicki (4y/60M), let Ogbah walk and draft his replacement in the 1st round because there looks to be many really nice prospects at the base DE (and even the standup edge rusher position if we retain Ogbah).
  6. This has actually been the least concerning loss of the season so far, IMO. If would’ve already had 1-2 more wins, I don’t think this loss would’ve been very notable.
  7. I agree. On a positive note, the RPO stuff seems really promising with our offensive personnel. We need to establish more of a running attack to make it even more dangerous. Id really like to obtain a quality veteran RT.
  8. I understand but the offense moved the ball well and we held JAX to 2 TD’s.
  9. The Jaguars were due for a win and we were missing out starting cornerbacks.
  10. Dumb play by the DB. He could’ve just not touched him for another 0:01 and time would’ve expired.
  11. The ball can be lightly grazed without a noticeable change in movement. im fine with that challenge because of the reward. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite us.
  12. I won’t make a separate thread about this, but in hindsight trading a 2nd rounder for Derek Carr 2-3 years ago sounds great.
  13. Oh, ok. I’ll change my opinion accordingly.
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