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  1. It probably is a little too much. I’d take back #50. I believe that Tua will be a good NFL QB but Watson is already top tier and it’s highly probable Tua will never be as good as Watson. Howard will inevitably decline soon and not be worth the money seeks. I’m also fine with keeping Tua.
  2. Howard wants to be the highest paid CB in football and might make an issue out of it. It’s also a salary dump.
  3. I like the trade. It's hard to see Miami going OT in the first round with the investments made early in the 2020 draft. Miami's TE room is full with 3 guys they like.
  4. I’d be surprised if we selected Sewell. Austin Jackson was the 3rd youngest player in the NFL when drafted, and we knew he would need more seasoning. Last draft was to build the lines, this draft is for skill guys.
  5. Some think Pitts will be as great of a receiver as the top TEs and is basically a big WR playing TE in college.
  6. Does anyone do the PFN Mock Draft Simulator? It’s addicting. Using a 2nd rounder for trade bait, I get Waddle, Pitts, and Humphrey in the first 2 rounds.
  7. I’m not high on Preston Williams. If I’m Flo/Grier, I keep only Parker, Bowden, and Perry going forward. Sign a good FA then draft 2 before the end on Day 2.
  8. Me too I’m just stating what I think will happen.
  9. Pitts is way too much of a missmatch nightmare with his speed size and agility. Nice hands and route running too.
  10. Kyle Pitts, and will be moved to WR.
  11. 22 of 32 teams by my count. So if you just keep playing, you’ll more than likely get your turn. I compared this with the NBA and MLB, and in both those leagues 63% of teams have been to their respective semifinals. If this can be a measuring stick of parity, the Big 3 leagues are nearly the same.
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