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  1. I’ve completely lost the sweet tooth this year. No temptation whatsoever.
  2. I think the Chargers make the most sense with their window opening and with question marks at CB. They need to hang with the receiving groups of KC and DEN.
  3. I read that Howard wanted 4M brought from the back of his contract into 2021.
  4. I like Newsome. I’d trade Howard for him and a 2nd.
  5. The Chargers and Browns have the cap space and are in “win now” mode.
  6. When he signed the extension, I thought it was a risky move by Miami. His first season making big money in 2019, (15M) he played only 5 games. He’s only had 2 full seasons out of 5. He FINALLY gets another full season in, and now this happens. Good riddance.
  7. He didn’t have much of a choice, financially.
  8. Preston Williams is in midseason form- he’s injured. He’s now on the PUP list.
  9. Williams has real trade value, IMO.(I want both traded if possible.) He’s a bit mistake-prone and is unreliable, health-wise. I was excited for him after his rookie season but I think he should get flipped if we can get a 5th. With all the multi-TE sets, how much PT is there for our WR4 and WR5. I’m excited for LBJ, though. He looks like he could be a stud with more development.
  10. I don’t think Parker gets flipped but will probably be released at the end of this season. I think Grant, Wilson, and Williams are most likely to get traded. If we’re running multiple TE sets a majority of the time, there’s no reason to be stacked at the WR position. Maybe we carry an extra (4) TEs and one less WR (5) this season. We signed TE/FB Cethan Carter to a decent deal before we even drafted along. Smythe might be released but he’s cheap.
  11. Tetsujin


    There’s a little revisionist history going on here, IMO. Drew Brees then wasn’t THEE DREW BREES until he was a Saint. He had only 1 good season in San Diego.
  12. Not to mention he missed 11 games in his first big money season.
  13. My problem is after we made him the highest paid CB at the time, he now wants to be the highest paid again after one great season. I’d want him to duplicate his 2020 before we add money.
  14. This might be a good “sell high” situation. He’s probably not getting 10 INTs again.
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