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  1. https://news.fsu.edu/news/university-news/2019/09/09/florida-state-university-joins-nations-top-20/
  2. They got an 11 yd gain on that play.
  3. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    North Georgia might've become the new Western Pennsylvania for QBs. Lawrence, Fields, Watson
  4. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Snead had only 2 catches. One was the 33 yd TD.
  5. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Miami has a decent secondary. They really just couldn't handle the speed of Hollywood Brown. They also lack a pass rush.
  6. Players want out?

    A confluence of being bad, having a bunch of dudes who just got here, and playing against a well-oiled machine. I suspect this will be our worse loss.
  7. Week 1: Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

    It's be nice if Williams held on to that first TD.
  8. I think we pass on a QB in 2020, build the team up enough next offseason where we DON'T have the #1 pick in 2021, and maybe we get Fields. But that guy might go #1 in most drafts. Hell, Fields might go before Lawrence in the same draft. Too early to tell.
  9. Lover (2019, Swift)

    Maroon 5's first album was the sht in 2002. Then they strayed from that sound/style and I couldn't listen to them anymore.
  10. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    Ryan Tannehill would've been a Top 10 QB, at least statistically, if he ever had an OL.
  11. Dolphins reveal 3-4 alignment in Week 1 depth chart

    Baker seems small for a 3-4 ILB
  12. Who's your favorite actor/actress?

    I've become a big fan of Ryan Gosling, especially in comedic roles. His timing and delivery are perfect.
  13. Week 1: Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

    I'd like to see how this regime defends a scrambling/running QB.