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  1. I saw that loss to DEN coming from a mile away. We should handily win the next 2 games.
  2. Our WRs can't separate well. Drafting a real threat should be our top priority. DVP is a good player but how many times has he made a catch when the defender is more than a couple yards away?
  3. I like the white jerseys and white pants combo.
  4. I like Russian literature a lot. I really liked Tolstoy's What Is Art?
  5. I say 2 ILB's because I think they wanna upgrade from Baker. He can cover reasonably well, but he's more of a "run n' chase" LB who doesn't contain run plays well. I think he has a spot in the LB rotation for a lesser role.
  6. Crime & Punishment I'm a very slow reader because I wanna make sure I absorb everything.
  7. Early in the season, I'd agree. Now I think we need a dangerous WR and an ILB (or 2) that are big, fast, and athletic.
  8. Ossai would be OK but Miami isn't in dire need of passrush help.
  9. J. Smith had been my FLEX up until now. I picked up Swift when Chubb went down. But now that Chubb is back, I can have a RB in the FLEX spot.
  10. My only minor complaint about the throwbacks is that they don’t have the team name or the team logo anywhere on the jersey. It resembles some lookalike knockoff thing you’d buy at Marshall’s.
  11. TE: Andrews vs TEN or J. Smith @ BAL
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