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  1. Adam Gase

    Gase is cocky which as a coach or a player isn't all bad. I think you have to have some of that in your DNA to be a good coach or player BUT he is teetering on an unacceptable level. I mean the entire world could see that Cutler has been a train wreck yet he refused to place any blame on him saying stuff like its more than the QB and blah blah blah, yeah we know that BUT the QB is a major part of a teams success or failure and it start with him. Therefor he shoulders most of the responsibility like it or not. Then he trade Jay for the NFL equivalent of a bag of chips because he's upset. Coaches always preach to players about not letting their emotions get the best of them but I guess that doesn't apply to the coach. I understand setting a standard and culture but you can't let emotions take over and he does at times, they should have gotten no less than a 3rd. Lastly he is loyal to a fault, this Cutler situation I knew was a bad idea his career told us that. Yet he sold us the he knows the system garbage to make us feel better I guess yet I see the guy wearing a wrist coach, newsflash if you know the system you dont need that crap. Then during a press conference is says Jay's still getting use to the system which is just another excuse. I like Gase but he's got somethings he needs to work on himself in the offseason, one getting his emotions in check, two his freaking play calling, three call a spade a spade if a guy isn't good or isn't playing well just admit it, not even to us but to himself and act accordingly. Lastly be more committed to the run, our record speaks for itself when we run the Ball so do everything in his power to make sure we have a healthy dose of runs
  2. Chambers or Landry

    Yeah Im going with Landry. And I agree its not even close. We're talking about a player that can create on his on with the ballin his hands and WR that's caught more passes than ANYONE in history through his first few seasons. Think about all the great WRs that have come along and he has surpassed them all. We're talking Hall of Famers, ALL Pros everyone. Chambers was good and one of my favorite WRs but statically he doesn't stack up nor did he have the ability to make ppl miss in the open field let alone the heart to try and run them over at every opportunity.
  3. LB Koa Misi to IR

    He needs to retire, the neck is nothing to play around with!!