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  1. Lippett doesn't play in the slot EVER, he's too long and doesn't have the short area quickness required. Right now hes our third boundary corner so presently I don't think he's going anywhere but if they draft someone high next yr its possible

    Buddy Howell, RB, Florida Atlantic, 6-1, 215 (via FAU OwlAccess) David Steinmetz, T, Purdue, 6-7, 321 Connor Hilland, G, William & Mary, 6-6, 303 Quincy Redmon, DE, Fairmont State, 6-4, 253 Claudy Mathieu, DE, Notre Dame College, 6-6, 250 Jamiyus Pittman, DT, Central Florida, 6-1, 319 Mike McCray, LB, Michigan, 6-1, 243 Jalen Davis, CB, Utah State, 5-9, 180 Greg Joseph, K, Florida Atlantic, 6-0, 210 Lucas Travelle, LS, TCU
  3. Trade up for Rosen

    I hope your right and we trade up for Rosen. Its going to cost the kitchen sink but so what if we hit and he's elite it will be worth it
  4. Trade up for Rosen

    The Jets draft third my friend.
  5. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    I can only hope! I would take that trade even though I do like Suh. I just don't think we're going anywhere with T-hill especially since they're getting rid of his weapons every couple months.
  6. Browns trade for Jarvis Landry

    Jarvis did what he was asked to do. He can run intermediate routes and deeper routes as well see the Prow Bowl for reference. Also don't put too much value in the Gase is an offensive guru myth because he's not. I've watched him for two seasons now and honestly his play calling was horrible last season he seemed to regress. Jarvis is no speed demon but you guys will love his tenacity. He just makes plays think Hines Ward with better hands.
  7. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    Sherman was cut Bro is a FA.
  8. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    This team will not go any where as long as they continue to operate this way. What way? Waiting until the last minute to attempt to resign their guys. I mean how many times is it going to take for them to figure that out. It started with Charles Clay and we've been looking for a TE ever since. Miller, Vernon, Mathews all followed. Throw in the trades of V.Davis and now Landry and no wonder they're stuck in mediocrity.
  9. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    Look they haven't had a great offense by any means with Landry BUT he is by far their most productive player. So who exactly is going to replace his production? Parker who can't stay on the field? Stills who runs one maybe two routes? You make progress by adding talent NOT jettisoning it. So yeah that will be a huge contributing factor
  10. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    This team won't win six games this year time to blow it up AGAIN.
  11. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    Nacho I hope your wrong but I tend to agree. From all thats being said I think he's gone but I can't be mad at him he did everything they asked him to do. He kept his mouth shut about his contract and played out his rookie contract. The problem is he's the best second round pick they have made for a decade so it's really hard to let go.
  12. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    EXACTLY! People are acting like its their money that's being spent lol! They always find a way to make the salary cap work so find a way to sign this man. Its not about what people think he deserves its about the market and when Devante Adams can clear 14 mil you better believe Landry is looking for that same payday. We dont need broke down player our own or other people's just pay the man already.
  13. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    Landry is a passionate player PERIOD and he hates losing! The whole unsportsmanlike penalty thing is being blown out of proportion. Case in point how many of those penalties do you suspect Suh has and yet I dont hear any whining about him. As fans I think some of us are just trying to prepare ourselves for losing him. He is a stud point Blank and if he ends up in NE you will see first hand.
  14. 2018 Draft, players we like

    I agree with your thinking to a degree, I just don't see how they plan to get better if they dont pay Landry. From what I understand he wants to be paid like a Top 10 WR not top 4 and I don't think thats asking too much. Consider this Adams in GB plays with a Hall of Fame QB and his numbers are no where near Landry's number and I said before he's not even their #1. I think we can agree that's Jordy. As you know GB is forking over 14.2mil for a decent WR he's good but I take Landry over him any day. The criticism of Landry was he didn't score TD's this yr he has 9 so it's changed to his YPC are terrible but in this offense and what he's asked to do thats what you get. It seems like they just move the finish line on him every time he proves his worth. Think about this Landry the heart and soul of that offense made less than 8 non starters last season, including Sam Young! That's insane and I fully understand him wanting to get paid. I hope both side work it out but I'm telling you if they let him get away we won't win six games. They will have created another hole with no solution in sight. Parker is soft as Baby poo and carroo is unproven. That means throwing another draft pick at it when we have enough needs as it is. At this point all we can do is sit back and see what happens my friend.
  15. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    Yeah I forgot about Baldwin he's right up there too, good call.