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  1. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    And what has Philips ever accomplished to question Gase as a coach anyways? Dude was picked in the 2nd round and is in his 4th pro season and has already been surpassed by two guys that where picked last year in the 5th and 6th rounds. He had tons of red flags coming out of OU and nothing has changed since. Lots of potential but is lazy, takes plays off, maturity issues, etc. Don't need babies throwing tantrums on twitter over reporters questioning his work ethic or on the sideline because of his lack of production subsequently cutting his snap count. He's had more than enough time to get his **** together and quite frankly I would've been fine with him being cut this pre-season. And him being all petty on his IG afterwards makes it even more justified. Good riddance.
  2. Defense getting obliterated and Oline can’t block a thing. Ha just like I remembered.
  3. Here are the Dolphins we know and love.
  4. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0)

    Minkah is a monster. That is all.
  5. 2018 final 53

    We’ve traded Jordan Lucas to KC for a 7th. Nice job getting something back for a player that was bound to be cut.
  6. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    There aren't any radical new changes and never was it the plan. The plan was to tweak the current unis. Which they did.
  7. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    Okay then.
  8. Rookie Numbers

    Guess its an AFC East thing. Our FA signings don’t even have numbers assigned yet. Or maybe they do and it just wasn’t announced or updated on their website.
  9. Dolphins unveil new uniforms

    Darker orange and removed the navy blue trim. Not sure if they altered the shade of aqua but it looks lighter to me.
  10. Grade Your Draft

    Not a fan of assigning grades since I don't know nearly enough about the later guys to make an assessment, as I imagine is the case with most people on here. Solid draft for Miami as far as I'm concerned, I am pleased. We had a need at TE, LB, DT and depth CB and OL. We got our FS to pair up with Reshad and took care of TE, LB while also adding CB to come in and compete for a spot. Would've been ok with us picking a project QB or some depth at DT or OL but overall I feel like they did a good job addressing some big needs and you can't ask for much more than that. Hopefully the guys they picked pan out.
  11. Grade Your Draft

    Looking forward to reading how everyone's favorite team had the greatestest drafts.

    Solid draft as far as I’m concerned. Picked up our FS to pair with Reshad. Double dipped with TE that complement each other. One who takes Thomas’ spot, the other Fasano’s. Baker was the leading tackler for Ohio State, sideline to sideline athlete. Don’t know much about the later guys but from what I read the CB can play nickel or outside. Now obviously they didn’t address the DT need but I have faith in the guys on the roster to step up, particularly Godchaux. With the addition of Quinn, I think Hayes kicks in inside on a more consistent basis. Phillips is a bit of the wildcard for me, don’t have much faith in him tbh.

    Kallen Balage is a monster. Love the pick. Also glad they picked two TEs. Extremely pleased with this draft so far, which has been a common theme with this regime. Love it.

    Yeah it’s pretty evident on tape he’s going to shy away from contact whenever he can. He’s basically a big WR and a matchup nightmare, which we desperately needed I’m just hoping the coaches can find a way to wake up the dog in him and encourage him to make some sort of effort in blocking. Because what you see on tape as far as blocking is embarassing honestly. He gets manhandled on the regular by guys 50lb lighter than him. We’ll see.
  15. Day 2 Draft Discussion Thread

    Lets get it on