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  1. Free agents 2019

    Yeah if we are going to tank we need to do it right for once. Give me Glennon, Osweiler or Sanchez. Hell I'd roll with Fales before I'd sign Fitzpatrick.
  2. Draft Discussion 2019

    McKenzie is a senior advisor, not the GM. No one is trading you a top-15 pick for Carr, certainly not with the way he's played the past two seasons with that salary. We'll give ya a 4th
  3. Dolphins release OG Josh Sitton

    Yeah and he looked great in pre-season plus that one game in Miami. Finally looked like we had an above average o-line and he was a big reason for that.
  4. Baker Mayfield

  5. Jaguars release Blake Bortles

  6. Teddy bridgewater re-signs with saints

    Miami will always be a popular destination based on location alone and the past two decades proved that. Like you said, 2 playoff appearances in the past 18 years and the Dolphins are still always in the discussion as preferred destinations of big name FA eg signing Mike Wallace, Suh, Albert and even this offseason with reports coming out with Le'Veon and Flowers. As much as we'd like to believe "winning" is their priority, players have proven time and time again that money is the biggest deciding factor and I dunno about you but making 20mil in Miami or making 20mil in Buffalo? Decision isn't very hard for most of them.
  7. Chargers sign QB Tyrod Taylor

    Still plenty of backups available on the market. I don’t think Miami is looking for a starter in FA and I’d imagine most FA QBs know it’ll be a one-and-done in Miami. Gimme Glennon, Sanchez or Siemian and let’s start this “tanking” season right.
  8. Free agents 2019

    Not bad. Most likely ends up starting opposite of Howard.
  9. Free agents 2019

    Tyrod going to the Chargers. Don’t mind it personally, would rather us go wih someone like Glennon or McCown to roll with the young guys. I think Tyrod has what it takes to wind 6-7 games which is what we don’t want.
  10. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    No one is debating that
  11. Titans sign Cameron Wake

  12. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    Situational pass rusher at this stage. If he's not getting to the QB, he's pretty much invisible. He's an athletic freak so I don't worry about his conditioning at all even at 37 but he did tend to become invisible for stretches of games and then suddenly explode for a 2 sack game and then disappear again.
  13. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    This hurts my heart. I was hoping to see him join a contender to close out his career. All the best Cam
  14. Browns trade for OBJ

    Nah. It's the second of their 3rd round picks.