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  1. We're going to end up with Herbert aren't we
  2. So unless we trade into the spot, we can kiss first overall bye bye
  3. Week 9: New York Jets (1-6) @ Miami Dolphins (0-7)

    I for sure think we win this one.
  4. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Buddy. I got news for you
  5. Do you feel bad for Mitch Trubisky?

    I am devastated for him quite honestly.
  6. Players whose names just make sense

    Tank Carradine played a few games for the Dolphins this season. Cordrea Tankersley is about to be activated from the PUP as well.
  7. Rams trade CB Aqib Talib to Dolphins

    This. "bUt ArEn't ThE DoLpHiNs TaNkInG !?!" lol
  8. Notable Stats and Observations

    Did you have that same energy when the trade happened?
  9. Adam Gase's Job Security?

    Yeah he's a one and done. Seemed like a weird fit at the time, bad hire all around.
  10. Kenyan Drake traded to the Cards

    Mark Walton.
  11. Hey, if we were to win one game this season it'd have to be this one.
  12. Mariota benched

    I remember just a few months back some Titans fans arguing with me that this team was a contender and that there was no possible scenario where Tannehill would see the field unless Mariota was hurt. Life comes at you fast
  13. I think we win, sadly
  14. Texans vs Panthers

    How has Tunsil looked so far?
  15. Both situations are very different. One is playing behind a Pro-bowler. The other one is playing behind.. Nick O'Leary ? One is a dual threat TE. The other is a one-dimensional glorified WR. With Ertz on the roster, Goedert has been asked to block much more than he would be on this team. Gesicki is literally only on the field to catch passes while Goedert is primarly asked to block and yet they have similar stats.