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  1. Don't have access to all-22 but not a lot of positive from that first half that I can remember. Not much doing on Offense and Defense got worked hard. Obviously Byron Jones going down really hurt but they could do anything they wanted. Run game or passing game. So far the big investments in FA on D have not paid off. Second half we looked much better. Fitzpatrick got in a groove and Gesicki, Ford and Gaskin got hot. Rough game for Noah Ig but going against Diggs in your second career NFL start isn't an easy assignment. We'll see how he bounces back. Overall, we are a much more competitive team than last year which was expected but still good to see. We lost to a playoff team by 3pts and we look somewhat competitive last week against a NE team who is tied w/ Seattle right now. We had a lot of missed opportunities to score or to create turnovers on D today, we could've won this game if we executed on them plays. Simple as that. Didn't pay much attention to the Oline today tbh. Anyone have a little bit of a summary of how they looked? I know Jesse Davis got beat badly a few times.
  2. No he left college early and wasn't eligible since he wasn't a senior. Maybe you were thinking of Robert Hunt? Tho he was hurt I believe so not sure if he practiced or not.
  3. What a game from Gesicki. His best professional game by far.
  4. Igbinoghene getting absolutely torched. Welcome to the NFL
  5. Bills offense doing whatever they want. Our D is getting abused.
  6. Defense getting gashed by Josh Allen. I am sensing a long one today.
  7. We had a bazillion picks so I'll just keep it to the top picks. Tua - Apparently was an up and down camp for him which was to be expected. Seemed to turn it on and catch on as camp moved along. Could end up seeing the field a little bit down the road if Fitzpatrick struggles. Austin Jackson - Was touted as a project by many but surprisingly looked very sharp and polished in his first pro game. Obviously some things to improve on but pass protection was on point and the game didn't seem to big for him. He earned the right to be the starting LT right out of the gate. Noah Igbinoghene - Nickel CB that was part of the secondary who allowed the less passing yards for week 1. Obviously has a lot to do with who they were up against but he didn't look out of place and no glaring mistakes or wow plays that I can recall. Overall quiet game but that is a good thing. Robert Hunt - Competed with 4th round pick Solomon Kindley for starting RG position and lost. Currently backup RG-RT, we'll see if he gets to start further down the line as he hopefully improves. Raekwon Davis - Apparently looked like a monster in practice but was pretty average during the game, which seems to follow a trend from his college days. Did not notice him at all tbh.
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