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  1. 100% agreed. Would not be the least surprised for him to get some sort of surgery in the offseason, no real reason to force him onto the field when you have a deep TE room. They obviously picked him because there's a good chance they lose their top-2 TEs to FA and Shaheen could very well be a cap casualty. Now was it a year too early to address it? Maybe but i'll reserve judgement until I see him next season.
  2. Don't look now but Jaelan Phillips has 7 sacks in the past 5 games and broke the rookie sack record for the dolphins. I know a lot of people we're clowning us early in the season for taking him over Rousseau (who has 3 sacks on the season)
  3. Great game. Was this the best game of the year from our perspective? This one or Baltimore imo
  4. These calls man.. this one didn't hurt us but this refereeing crew has been brutal. Literally half the calls have been phantom calls. No one is here to watch you guys, let them play
  5. referees been absolutely brutal and CBS not showing any replay of the phantom call
  6. Cam Newton really thinks he's in a movie huh
  7. Sanders got paid and has looked mediocre this year
  8. We run behind Jackson on 2nd down and can barely get back to line of scrimmage. Then the next play Jackson gets blown up on 3rd down and ends up on his butt. What an awful season from him
  9. Wilkins almost messed that up at the end. Great job getting to the QB
  10. Defense played like their former self, offense played like their typical self. Good W, up next the Jets so hopefully we push this win streak to 3
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