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  1. Good lord the referees in the Denver - Miami game are absolutely lost.
  2. Yeah, I get the release from a production standpoint but his salary was fully guaranteed for this year. Guess he and his agents really wanted him out and the Dolphins obliged.
  3. Terry.. what is you saying
  4. Pts differential Miami +69 Buffalo +7 We have a pretty weak schedule to close out the season. We def have a chance at the division, in fact I think we'll be favorite in a week or two.
  5. Someone pan the camera on Diggs. Please
  6. Two bad snaps by Karras already. He just cost us some points there.
  7. Chubb's vision is incredible
  8. I love them but I also love the current home and aways. I think they look clean. Also, too much of a good thing isn't always the best imo. I think the throwbacks are viewed in such high regard partially because it is special when we wear them. Wearing them every week would probably take away from that feeling. Personally, I would rather we stay with our current uniform lineup but I would like them to wear the throwbacks more often. We're going into week 10 and I don't believe we've worn them once yet (or maybe we did? can't really remember). They should be worn at least 5-6 times a year, unless there are restrictions put in place by the NFL. I am fine either way, I think we have a top-5 uniform lineup in the league as-is and the throwbacks are universally liked. With the recent push for the throwbacks to be full-time, I wouldn't be surprised if a change happens next year or the other.
  9. It was going to happen at one point or another. We've been fairly untouched so far but losing both of them at the same time hurts. Were going to see a lot of AVG and Raekwon. Time to step up. Let's just cross our fingers and pray there won't be more bad surprises until Sunday.
  10. I mean.. that blue star. Such class. Such grace. Such elegance
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