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  1. Trade down from 3 to 6 and gain a 1st + 3rd and still have a great chance of getting the first WR off the board. I like this a lot. Respect to Chris Grier
  2. So we drop from 3 to 6, gain a 1st and a 3rd while probably still being able to pick the player we wanted at 3 in the 6th spot.
  3. We also only have to players above the age of 28 on the roster. This is going to be an exciting young group for years to come
  4. What are you on about lol? He said they were not trading up for one QB specificaly but were fine with the lot of QBs there.
  5. I'm fine with Roberts as depth. He's not starter material and shouldn't be a starter with the addition of McKinney. Its probably a one-year deal, he's not part of our long term plans and will have to compete for snaps with whoever else they bring in.
  6. Shadow King Revolution Beagle Unicorn Dreamer Beaver Perfume Jetssuck Shorty
  7. I would be ok with dealing Williams for a mid to late round pick. If we go ahead with picking a receiver in the first+Will Fuller, he'll be buried in our depth chart. Still have to keep in mind that Fuller and Parker are injury prone, so we shouldn't be giving him away either. Regards to Teller, I just don't really see the need to trade anything for him right now. I think we should consider grabbing an IOL-RT in the mid rounds but I'm personally comfortable with our current unit going into next season.
  8. Has any team reached out to you already about trading up? I know with these mocks people rarely want to trade up and everyone wants to trade down lol. Ideally we would trade down but getting first dibs on any player who isn’t a QB is not bad.
  9. No one here expected anything outta this deal so I'm glad we cut bait after the first strike. Lottery ticket
  10. He a dawg in run stopping. Lackluster everywhere else
  11. 1.75M for Skura. That is really cheap compared to Karras' 4M. How much were we paying him again last year? Also, NE just re-signed Andrews. Guess Karras will be playing RG?
  12. That’s why I’m not a betting man.
  13. How bout we give T.Y. Hilton a shot. Could be a low-risk, potential high reward. He's not going to be a long term answer but if he wants to be home and comes cheap, it could be a good buy-low option. I'd rather have him than Jakeem Grant catching deep balls.
  14. Don't know if that's an improvement on Karras. I can distinctly remember him being benched at the end of last year as he was having issues snapping the ball. We'll see what his price is.
  15. If I were a betting man I'd say we don't get any of them. It seems like Golladay and Giants are pretty far along pending clearance from their doctors. Haven't heard our name as part of the suitors for JuJu and with us looking for value deals, I don't know if there's a fit there. Seems like NYJ are square into the JuJu sweepstakes. Have not heard anything about Fuller, I think he'd be the most likely option for us out of the three at this juncture. Maybe they are content with taking a receiver in the draft and looking at the trade market at this point.
  16. Curtis Samuel signs with Washington.
  17. One year value deals are going to start trickling in now
  18. 10 sacks in the past two seasons.
  19. Depth CB to compete with Needham and Igbo for nickel. No issues here. Karras returns to NE. Bodes well for our pursuit of Andrews. We'll see how that goes.
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