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  1. Not sure where to begin. Terrible all around from the first snap of the game on. Ain't no way we can afford to go into next game without trying something else at OL. In addition to losing 1-on-1 battles more often than not, they looked lost and overwhelmed out there. They did not look well prepared and Jackson seemed to confirm that with his post game comments. Coaching needs to be better and OC need to help out with better protection schemes when its clear as day the line is struggling with basic pick-ups. I want to see Little - Jones - Dieter - Hunt - Eichenberg. Worst that can ha
  2. Thank god for this defense. This would be an absolute massacre if not for them keeping us in the game. Still not close but at least its just a two score game.
  3. These commentators are brutal which doesn't make this sunday any better. ffs
  4. Don't think even Travis Wingfield will be able to find a positive about this first quarter.
  5. OL going to be our downfall. Costly penalties, guys getting to the QB untouched, etc..
  6. It's crazy to me how guys like Davenport stay in the league somehow. Managers and coaches would rather play known garbage players over giving rookies or younger guys a shot because they're "veterans".
  7. Ibinoghene inactive for 2nd straight game. I think we all understood he was a project when he was drafted but this isn't a good sign, whichever way we want to cut it. It was a curious pick at the time and he hasn't shown anything to warrant his draft position thus far. The fact that they elevated Jamal Perry from the PS over activating Igbo is telling. If he can't even get on the field on special teams....
  8. I agree with the adage but I don't think it applies here nor is it fair to hold this against him right now. He was suspended for the first game and we all knew that when we signed him. This seems like a personal issue that isn't injury related. **** happens to all of us, some things that are out of our control. He just happens to play football and he's a public figure so obviously there is an increased element of scrutiny that we normal folks don't have to deal with. Hope for the best and hopefully we get to see him play. I still think we are in good shape with our receivers. Just gotta
  9. So Will Fuller is out with a personal issue. Hopefully all is well with him and we get to see him at some point this season. May just be the beat writers drama baiting, which wouldn't be anything new but it seems pretty serious.
  10. Yeah 100% agree with the coaching part. Looking at NE for example. The Patriots have a good to decent oline pretty much every season and regularly draft OL in the later rounds who later on become solid starters. Of their starters only Isaiah Wynn was picked before the 4th round. Center David Andrews was an UDFA, starting G Mike Onwenu is a 6th round pick, Shaq Mason is a 4th round pick, Trent Brown was a 7th round pick. They don't have a star oline, but they always seem to find a way to get the job done. There are franchises who roll out good oline year-in, year-out. That's co
  11. Yeah i really thought we had finally turned a corner last year with the oline but it feels like we're back to square one. I agree, need to get Jackson back at LT and Eichenberg either goes LG or RT, Davis takes the other spot. Hopefully Jackson gets his mojo back but he's been off ever since returning from injury last season. He started off so strong too last year. Jackson - Eichenberg - Dieter - Hunt - Davis Honestly only guy I'm confident with is Hunt at this point. All the other guys have been poor, have question marks or are unproven. Things aren't going to be easie
  12. I've only been watching for 15 minutes and i'm already sick and tired of the penalties. Come on man
  13. So this year it only took one game for Jags fans' souls to be crushed
  14. We could all pretty much see this coming but NE claimed Navy guy Malcolm Perry off waivers. We claimed Elijah Campbell DB from NYJ
  15. I think you're a year early on this one
  16. I don’t blame him. The Covid protocol for unvaccinated players is going to screw some teams over during the season. So yeah, if you have two bubble guys and one of them is vaccinated the other one isn’t, you’re going to take that into consideration. Nothing to do with personal beliefs or lack of freedom of choice. This is a non-issue and probably every team did the same but didn’t go out and say it publicly.
  17. I know its strange to say this about the first game of the season but I could see this being a statement game. Early predictions show a lot of people are writing Miami off (more specifically Tua) or not giving them the credit they deserve for last season. To me this season is going to come down to the offense. If we can have a top-15 offense we are going to make the playoffs. MIA - 24 NE - 13
  18. Grant restructures his deal, saves us some $$ this year and voids his last two years. We probably shopped him but there weren't any takers so it was either he restructured or was going to be cut. Hopefully Merritt doesn't get scooped up. Feel like he could be the first one to be recalled from PS if he makes it there. We have a fragile WR corps so injury early is pretty much a given
  19. Really hoped he could regain form and solidify the middle of the line but yeah that didn't work out. Writting was on the wall with the Mancz acquisition
  20. Elandon Roberts came of the PUP and took his place in the last few practices. They are both very similar players, good run stoppers who can't cover and I guess they'd rather keep Sam Eguoaven who is a better cover LB as depth. But yeah didn't really expect this either
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