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  1. I can definitely understand going for Waddle over Smith but I was good with any of the top 3 receivers so I'm happy! Hopefully that limp goes away tho lol
  2. They going to have the fans announce the picks?
  3. - Kyle Trask goes in the 1st round. - No RBs taken in the 1st round. - Falcons grab a QB at 4.
  4. No clue who @nflrums is but Barry Jackson has legitimate sources inside the org. I suggest taking what these "NFL rumors" twitter accounts tweet with a grain of salt.
  5. I think there's a higher probability but I don't think its necessarily a foregone conclusion. I think Kindley takes Flowers' spot and Fluker/Davis fight for the RG spot. If we grab a C early on, Skura could end up being pushed to G where he's played in the past or end up being depth. If we end up grabbing a RT early, Hunt probably kicks in to RG and Fluker/Davis are our depth. I think there's a lot of possibilities with our current unit and I don't think we need to grab a tackle in the first two rounds again but it certainly is a possibility now.
  6. I mean... Its a little-to-no risk move from Washington but calling this trade for a low-tier starter "a hell of a trade" is pushing it a little. He was overpaid and probably the worst player on our average OL and seemingly management was pretty desperate to trade him away.
  7. Interesting. Thought he was a goner after next season but I guess with the addition of DJ Fluker they wanted to move out a guy this year.
  8. Exactly my sentiments. I don't remember where I saw this but I remember a reporter mentioning that since Grier+Flores have been at the lead, there hasn't been another organization in the league that has had more smokescreens/confusing reports than the Dolphins and that they really don't know what to believe anymore when sources come with info about Miami. Everyone is always guessing with the Dolphins and I think that's how they want it. I mean just last year, everyone thought they were tanking for Tua, then everyone thought they were all in on Herbert, then we were going to trade up
  9. Apparently there's a possibility we trade down from 6th. Think it all comes down to what happens with pick #4. If its a QB that goes 4, we stay at 6 and pick one of Chase/Pitts. If Atlanta goes Pitts, Miami probably trades down with a team who wants a QB and grabs Waddle/Smith.
  10. Trade down from 3 to 6 and gain a 1st + 3rd and still have a great chance of getting the first WR off the board. I like this a lot. Respect to Chris Grier
  11. So we drop from 3 to 6, gain a 1st and a 3rd while probably still being able to pick the player we wanted at 3 in the 6th spot.
  12. We also only have to players above the age of 28 on the roster. This is going to be an exciting young group for years to come
  13. What are you on about lol? He said they were not trading up for one QB specificaly but were fine with the lot of QBs there.
  14. I'm fine with Roberts as depth. He's not starter material and shouldn't be a starter with the addition of McKinney. Its probably a one-year deal, he's not part of our long term plans and will have to compete for snaps with whoever else they bring in.
  15. Shadow King Revolution Beagle Unicorn Dreamer Beaver Perfume Jetssuck Shorty
  16. I would be ok with dealing Williams for a mid to late round pick. If we go ahead with picking a receiver in the first+Will Fuller, he'll be buried in our depth chart. Still have to keep in mind that Fuller and Parker are injury prone, so we shouldn't be giving him away either. Regards to Teller, I just don't really see the need to trade anything for him right now. I think we should consider grabbing an IOL-RT in the mid rounds but I'm personally comfortable with our current unit going into next season.
  17. Has any team reached out to you already about trading up? I know with these mocks people rarely want to trade up and everyone wants to trade down lol. Ideally we would trade down but getting first dibs on any player who isn’t a QB is not bad.
  18. No one here expected anything outta this deal so I'm glad we cut bait after the first strike. Lottery ticket
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