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  1. Don't think this has anything to do with Harris at all. Hayes can play DE and DT(versatility), he's one of our best run-stopper (not what Harris was known for) and it's a one-year deal (he's not impeding anyone's progress). I'm fine with Harris being a rotational guy again this year, hopefully has more production and like dolphinmeister said hopefully he can step-in when Wake retires.
  2. Pouncey asked to be released. I love how everyone is spinning it like the Dolphins we're the ones who wanted him out. Anyways, to respond to a previous comment, I think he's still a good player no doubt but he's one of the most, if not the most, injury prone player we've had in the past 6-7 years. That says a lot about a team who employed guys like Reggie Bush, Branden Albert, etc. He played the entire 16 games last season but the team made him practice once or twice a week to preserve him. All in all, he's somewhat living off his name but I still think he has plenty of j
  3. Why are you acting like you're an insider of some sorts lmao. You should post links when you bring up stuff like that. I get that they cancelled the Mayfield dinner but you're just jumping to conclusions worse than my gf. Tannehill was always going to stay, regardless of who we pick in the 1st round. They are looking for a guy that can sit behind him and take over when ready. . Not a fan of contact with Henne obviously but I'm glad they're covering all the bases as Barry Jackson said. Barry Jackson New tweet by Jackson:
  4. I think it makes them consider waiting for later in the draft a la Broncos but ultimately they double down on QBs and pick one early imo. I posted saying id doubt they sign Teddy and they literally did an hour later which is why I said welp lol
  5. I still think they're going with a QB at 6. Just doubling down imo.
  6. They've traded one and they've signed two. Two. Quite the collection I must say. Stills, Amendola, Wilson, Parker. Guess you can add Grant to that group and imo Carroo is the odd-man out now.
  7. Lol. This is nothing dude.
  8. That's a lot of what ifs. Browns are a lock to pick a QB, Giants not so much. I could definitely see them going with Barkley. Broncos signed Keenum, who probably is a temporary fix for them but do they really go QB in the 1st round for the 2nd time in 3 years? I could see them waiting. Jets are a lock imo unless they go McCarron or Bridgewater which I really doubt. I see them going with Josh Allen. And then there's the Bills who are trying to make their way in the top 10. Not a done deal, very likely tho. Again I don't think it's far-fetched to think we end up with a 1st round
  9. I think we're getting out of the first round with a new QB.
  10. It's been pretty clear for a year or two now that he was a goner. The return is okay but I think the biggest factor is that we get 16M$ off our books.
  11. So Schefter says it's neither a 1st or 2nd so it's picks in between 3rd or 7th. Expected but I thought maybe they could've pulled a 2nd out of it. I guess the biggest piece in this trade is we get 16M$ in cap back.
  12. Love those nicknames. Also would be ecstatic to get Nelson at 11.
  13. Congrats to the Eagles. Hell of a team. Hell of a game.
  14. Would be ecstatic with Nelson as a Dolphins fan.
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