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  1. Really wish the Lions didn't get a QB back in the Stafford deal.. Would've been a great trading partner for the 3rd pick.
  2. Crazy. Going from living in LA to Detroit gotta be tough lol
  3. Deshaun 100% makes us a SB contender, so yes I'm very interested. I am also very interested in staying the course with Tua and see how things unfold. Either way we are in a great spot. Good cap space, lots of picks, lots of talent, good coaching staff. On another note, I don't think i've seen it on here but I don't understand the logic from some Dolphins fans thinking being interested in Watson is a slight on Tua. End of the day, Deshaun today is what we hope Tua becomes in the best case scenario. Anyone remember the boat and mystery box scene in Family Guy? Deshaun is the boat, Tua is th
  4. Holy ****. Throw his *** in prison and lose the key pls
  5. That and they played together in Cleveland so you know they are familiar with one another. Could be the reason why we haven't officially named an OC, since Dorsey is still coaching in the playoffs. It's also strange that they would hire a QB coach and offensive assistants without having an OC in place. They may have an agreement in place that will be announced once the team is eliminated. It could also be that Flores wants to bring in his guys and whoever the OC is will have to come in with a full staff in place. Last year, Gailey brought in his guys and they all left town after hi
  6. Carolina vs New England. I admittedly did not know what was going on because I was too young but it was the first Super Bowl I watched.
  7. Najee is going to the Sr Bowl and will be coached by the Dolphins.
  8. Chris Olave returning for his Sr year. Could've been an interesting option mid to late third round.
  9. Devonta going to the Senior Bowl. Great opportunity for Flo and co. to get to know him.
  10. That’s probably why National team had 8 receivers while American had 9. Don’t see him practicing but interview process is probably the most important part anyways. Great get for the Senior Bowl
  11. Agreed. That is 100% a catch in curling. Just the NFL being *****
  12. Do we know why Easterby is so protected? What does this guy bring to the table that would be worth losing all your best players for?? Just seems like a weird situation all around. Is there a cuck situation going on with the McNair's and Easterby? 😂
  13. Schefter really doing his part to stir the pot huh 😂
  14. Matt Canada staying in Pittsburgh as OC. Seems like its Pep Hamilton or one of the in-house guys. Unless they have coaches in mind that are still in the playoffs.
  15. Yeah, I like that they are looking outside the box. Not the same retreads from the old boys club. Very intrigued by Elliott and McDaniel. But anyone from that list I would be pretty happy with.
  16. Seems like if Studesville or Godsey are promoted it'll based off merit. Any names ya'll are looking out for? Anthony Lynn Jerry Schuplinsky Mike LaFleur Tim Kelly Ken Dorsey Mike Shula Mike McDaniel
  17. Well I don’t know what to believe anymore. Seems like its actually true then. Good news for us.
  18. This seems like a whole lot of nothing. Mort's source "speculates" that Watson would probably be open to a trade to Miami. Then they proceed to throw in Tua's name for some clicks. Everyone knows Watson isn't happy with how things have unfolded but this was tweeted to make it seem like this is some big news.
  19. Yo @Texans, ya'll want your pick back?
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