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  1. It was reported by some beat writers that it wasn’t for on-the-field issues really. Apparently he was pretty disorganized and his playbook was very complex, that many players had complained about it in the end of year meetings. Would make sense that it had to be internal issues because it came out of left field for most of us tbh.
  2. Welp apparently it isn't true. The guy in charge of the Senior Bowl denied it on twitter. Oh well
  3. Not sure where to put this but I read we are in line to coach one of the teams at the Senior Bowl since JAX and NYJ are changing coaches. I can't see them declining the opportunity so that's another thing we have going for us.
  4. Plan A - Pray a team falls in love with Wilson and gives us the world to trade up. Plan B - Hope Bengals want to trade up for Sewell. Leaving us with either Parsons or the best receiver. Plan C - Take Sewell, move Jackson to RT, Hunt to RG and move Kindley to LG permanently. Flowers and Davis as backups. Grab a WR with the 18th pick.
  5. This is what we get for being Dolphins fans. Edit: AJ Brown is officially my favorite receiver.
  6. People can critique Tua all they want but our skill players are embarassing. Zero separation, falling down on routes, bobbling the ball or just straight up drops. I dont blame him going short every time. Good lord man
  7. I obviously want us to make the playoffs but I’d be fine if they kept their starters in. Let us earn it. Great learning experience for the young ones.
  8. Is it too early for bold draft predictions? Nahhh I predict Chase is going to be the third receiver taken in the draft. Devonta is first WR taken (hopefully to us), some team in the top 10 falls in love with Waddle at the combine and takes him. Chase goes next, late top-10. Like I have said previously, Devonta Smith was my favorite of the 4 Bama receivers and I think he'll be the best of the bunch so he is the guy I want with the Texans' pick. I will be banging the drum for him and Najee till draft night.
  9. There’s still a very good chance a team trades up for a QB even if the Jets take Fields. Zach Wilson and Trey Lance are both 1st rounders and QBs always start rising up charts in the offseason, whether they deserve it or not. I could see a team like Carolina, Washington or Detroit wanting to grab their future QB at 3. Question is: would we want to drop that far down? I wouldn’t.
  10. Even better, it's at #4 according to Tankathon
  11. Chin up! It'll be over soon, Gruden only has 8 years left on his contract.
  12. Some very bad calls but we deserved this L. Shouldn't have been this close to begin with.
  13. Yeah, we definitely don't need more big receivers who can't get separation. We already have Parker, Williams, Gesicki and Ford who are all 6'3 or taller. We need to add a deep threat and someone who can get consistent separation. We have none right now but thankfully most of the top guys in the draft fit that criteria.
  14. Strength of Schedule. Jax has a weaker SoS
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