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  1. Strength of Schedule. Jax has a weaker SoS
  2. Probably when he becomes one of the best ever
  3. What a day for the Dolphins and Bills. Pats get eliminated and Jets move out of the top spot in the draft. Thank you based Gore
  4. Pretty sure Jax has the weaker SoS and would get the top pick if they have the same record.
  5. Anyone see what Najee Harris did yesterday? Just give us all the Alabama players. Devonta at 7, Moses at 22 and Najee at 40. Najee not going to last into the 2nd round imo. He and Etienne will go late 1st imo.
  6. RB: Breida and Gaskins. Has a rookie ever had a worst supporting cast ?? Probably but I don't think it's fair to judge Tua until he has at least has some better weapons to work with. It'll need to be the primary focus this offseason along with run stopping.
  7. Newton ain't beating us through the air so if we can find a way to contain him, its a W. Miami - 21 NE - 13
  8. Don't know if it was his shoulder or forearm but yeah, probably won't be seeing him until next season. If it's shoulder, it may be a dislocation and most likely would require surgery to repair tendons and ligaments. I've had multiple shoulder dislocations in the past and they are extremely painful. Without surgery, he could probably come back if we're in the playoffs but its probably 5x more likely for re-injury and I can't see the team doctors risking it, so surgery is a no-brainer. If its indeed an injured shoulder.
  9. The "poor teams" part tho.
  10. Yeah, best waiver pickup I can remember off the top of my head as a Dolphins fan. Very underrated.
  11. Has anyone ever brought up that Mahomes walks like a 40yo white suburban mom that wants to speak to the manager? Little arm swings and all. I guess when you're the best QB in the league you can get away with it Lol
  12. Yeah, he should've dropped it. Selfish play
  13. Xavien Howard is our best receiver
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