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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I stand corrected. We like the Draft at any time of year!
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Boys I like discussing draft prospects. That being said, I know that when it's October and we have 14 pages dedicated to next year's draft prospects this season is not off to a good start and may not be looking promising. Kind of depressing really.
  3. Zeke suspension to start

    I don't want to see Zeke off the team but the suspension is inevitable whether we like it or not. I just don't see us contending this year for a number of reasons namely our poor defense and brutal schedule. If things do go south then Zeke needs to take the suspension this year and get it over with. I will say this. I'm a worse case scenario thinker. Take this with a grain of salt. I don't want this to happen but I think young Mr. Elliott is a few bricks shy of a load intellectually and from a maturity standpoint. He's going to find it challenging to keep a low profile. He will get in trouble again. Next time it will be more than 6 games. Will he be an ongoing problem child or not? To what extent does the team need to counsel him?
  4. Zeke suspension to start

    To me with or without Zeke is the secondary issue. The primary issue is the state of our defense. It's terrible. They will be the reason we crash and burn. Certainly our D will get more exposed if we are not as effective running the ball, controlling the clock, and keeping our D off the field. I can't recall a more suspect Cowboys defense. I do like the youngsters in the secondary. The front 7 needs an infusion of talent. Re the 49ers game. If we lose that one, after a bye week I want heads to roll.
  5. Week 6 - AD to AZ

    X2. Where's the indisputable evidence?
  6. Zeke suspension to start

    The schedule is brutal. Our defense can't stop the run, and has issues rushing the passer in critical situations. I can see a sub .500 record and a subsequently higher than expected draft choice. The question for me will be if we crash and burn what's the impact on the coaching staff beyond Rod (I think Rod is done)?
  7. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I said this last week on another post. Goodell will get his pound of flesh. Take the hit now. We are going nowhere fast with our defense so suck it up in what is going to be a disappointing year.
  8. Cowboys Cutting Carroll

    Is anyone surprised?
  9. Packers at Dallas: LP's and DF's

    We have to be very careful not to get political here and stick to football. That being said I'm with you. I've been a fan for over 40 years, and Jerry playing both sides of the fence really angers me. Take a stand one way or the other. You can't have it both ways. I'd love to see prominent members of this team take a knee and see what Jerry does.
  10. Packers at Dallas: LP's and DF's

    It goes without saying. We are blessed to have such consistent greatness.
  11. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    I'm just so frustrated that the same things seem to be common in our losses - suspect play calling, a complete disregard for clock management, and an inability to pressure the QB at crunch time. It would be interesting to take a look at teams that have invested heavily in the DL to see how those teams and the position is doing. I think any criticism of Charlton is unwarranted. I don't know of too many people who thought he was going to be a game breaker out of the gate. That's unrealistic. It takes time. Lawrence is having a breakout season, yet it remains to be seen what we will do with him - franchise perhaps? I love Collins. But beyond Lawrence and Collins who do we have? Moore? Mayowa? Tapper (hurt again). Crawford will be gone and I say good riddance. Irving is an intriguing player. A scrap heap signing who will probably pay dividends. It can work. Keep on drafting DL high. You need quality and depth. My frustration with common factors contributing to losses not being addressed is maddening.
  12. Coaches, should they be replaced?

    We seem to think that we can take other teams DL castoffs and something magical will happen and we will turn them into players. It doesn't work. Players have ceilings. The ceiling on our DL is low.
  13. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    I'm tired of the yo yo seasons, and all the talk of it's a winning culture and the team plays hard for JG. I want some consistency. If consistency can't be delivered then change has to come.
  14. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    Then it's time for someone to go. What role, if any, does Garrett have in this?
  15. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    Didn't see a down. Canadian Thanksgiving. Not surprised though. The defense couldn't come through in crunch time. Gee, I haven't seen this before! The defense may be the worst in the NFL. There is no way we contend with that unit. Time to start addressing the DL early and often in upcoming drafts. The sign another team's reject and he will be a star for us is not working.