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  1. Even the steel curtain gave up big plays. Blown assignments happen. The longer this defense stays on the field the worse they will get.
  2. Nor the OL, or receivers. Chin up. We will be passing out of three TE sets while our speed receivers are on the sideline.
  3. Game set and match. Hot Boyz aint too hot today.
  4. Zeke was out of bounds. No TD. Too bad. Good job by Dak whose had a lot of pressure again this week.
  5. Third and 7 here comes the 4 yard route.
  6. Going to be tough to fight from behind.
  7. Lots of confusion there. With that score, and an offense that can't get out of it's own way, this game could very well be done.
  8. Our offense is simply inept as is our play calling and use of players (Austin on sideline for most of game). Even a blind squirrel finds a nut (see the Bills today) so we will win a few. But this offense of ours is so bad, it can't help but ruin what will be a good improved defense. Long year boys.
  9. It's awful when receivers are hit in the hands.
  10. If it's third and longer than 5 we have little chance. Especially when receivers are running routes 2-3 yards short of the required yardage.
  11. Landing on the QB = bad. Throwing him like a rag doll to the ground is okay? I just want clarity and consistency.
  12. Dak needed to complete that pass to Gallup. God we need a #1 receiver. Maybe Gordon is available? Oh wait a minute.
  13. Even with a good offense this is not where you want to be starting. Don't want a 3 and out here.
  14. Not a good start. That pick is on Gallup. Ball hit him in the hands.