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  1. Would you retain Byron Jones for $16m per?

    So we are letting Jones walk. What's the plan for finding his replacement? Are we going the free agent route, or are we being forced to pick a CB at 17? Will we end up doing both?
  2. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Huge hole to fill if Jones leaves. I'd like to think the team has a plan in place and is playing out scenarios. Hard to think that we will progress if we lose Jones, Quinn, and Collins from an already suspect defense. Time will tell.
  3. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Another guy we will miss if he walks. Please nobody tell me that Hill will fill in fine or that Hill just needs time to develop.
  4. Would you retain Byron Jones for $16m per?

    Here's what doesn't make sense to my albeit simple mind. We hire McCarthy and his all star staff because this team is close and he is the coach to get us to take the next step. How can we take that step if we are willing to let key free agents walk? So either they are working behind the scenes massaging the cap some more, or they have a strong plan b in place. It would seem counter productive to hand the keys over to McCarthy and then lose key contributors on an already suspect defense. If that defense loses Jones and Quinn I don't think our offense will compensate or carry the club.
  5. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    If anyone could be considered low hanging fruit get him signed. Worst case scenario? They focus on Dak, but don't get his deal done. Dak isn't happy with the offer and holds out. To put it mildly that would sting.
  6. Would you retain Byron Jones for $16m per?

    Sign Jones. He's more valuable than the franchise thinks.
  7. The numbers are the numbers. You know what you can spend. However there's a domino effect. If i want to pay player X more, I have to find it somewhere. I don't think you can allow things to become personal with a player. You have to have a ruthless side.
  8. I feel the same. All indications are they feel Dak is the future at QB. Who knows what is going on behind closed doors? I'm glad I'm not a GM. You have to massage numbers and egos. I don't know which one is more difficult.
  9. Realistically if you were Dak or Dak's agent what would you be seeking from the Cowboys contract wise?
  10. Draft watch 2020

    That won't surprise me. I also won't be surprised if the Lions go QB given Staffords age and injuries. If I'm Detroit I drop hints that I'm thinking QB. Force Miami to move up for Tua.
  11. Draft watch 2020

    I agree re Jones. I said it on another post that we are really discounting what he means to the team. Take a look at our secondary the way it stands today and take Jones away. It is not pretty. He's a higher priority for me. Quinn worries me. I have absolutely nothing quantitative to back this up but I think he gets his money and his production is going to drop. It's a gut feel nothing more but we need Quinn. Productive pass rushing DE's don't grow on trees. And then there is Amari. Terrible road production last year. It's a WR rich draft. Do we let Amari walk, draft a WR and trust McCarthy to overcome Amari leaving?
  12. Draft watch 2020

    Simmons is a different beast. I think he will test off the charts and that combined with his on the field ability will have him go high.
  13. 30 points lost to missed field goals Horrible special teams units A defense that forced only 17 turnovers. How people want to blame Dak and the offense for last year's debacle is beyond me.
  14. Draft watch 2020

    I'm off work due to a stupid injury and I'm surfing. Reading rumors (and taking them with a big grain of salt) that Jerry wants to move up and his target is Okudah. That would cost a lot. Regardless it got me thinking about scenarios. Regarding free agency after we sign our own I don't know how much we will have left to find 4 or 5 legit starters. We can get creative with contracts but that seems to be a tall order.
  15. Draft watch 2020

    I see us with big needs at DT, CB, and safety. I think we can sit at 17 and address safety. Can you see Dallas moving up to target CB or DT? There's a lot of variables at play - cost to move up, what we may do in free agency, and how the draftees do at the combine. Thoughts?