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  1. - Week 15 - Eff the Refs

    I've seen a couple of Georgia games and that kid Smith is constantly around the ball. I like him but think he will go higher than middle of the first round.
  2. That news sucks but you have a tough team. I hate it when good players go down. I've said it before on other posts and I'll say it here. If you appreciate the game you appreciate the players who make it great regardless of who they play for and Wentz is one of those players. Loved the kid coming out and love watching him play except when he plays Dallas!
  3. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    I don't like seeing anyone get hurt like that. Yeah I know he's an Eagle, so what? If you like the game, you appreciate the players who make it great and Wentz is a terrific young talent. Too bad.
  4. LP's and DF's: Dallas at Vagiants

    LP's- Dak was terrific. Don't forget the drops. Lee was all over. Smith was terrific. DF's - Bailey. Is the hammy bothering him? Dez and Beasley. Big plays in the second half but costly drops.
  5. What have we learned? Lee makes a huge difference when healthy. We can beat the bad and mediocre clubs which is what you'e supposed to do. As bad as we have looked we are still alive. Strange game.
  6. I' asking this from an armchair QB/layperson perspective. Where does wr rank in terms of a team priority? I know it's an open ended question with many variables but can you win without the dominant wr? My patience with Dez is growing thin.
  7. Good call with Bryant one on one.
  8. Hard to tell whose season is on the line. Watching this game one can understand how interest in the NFL is declining. Game of the weak.
  9. Can' wait to read or hear how those drops are Dak's fault.
  10. The Future for Chido and Lewis

    What happens if one of Lawrence, Irving, or Collins goes down? Chaos. I think we have 3 quality starters, but there is a huge dropoff in talent beyond those three. No we don't have quality depth. We have depth in numbers. Wait we have Datone Jones! I stand corrected. To me it' 3 quality players and then a bunch of guys.
  11. The Future for Chido and Lewis

    Let me re-frame. We need to add quality depth to our d line so we can have a quality rotation. Fresh legs in the fourth quarter when games are on the line. Remember our championship teams? Guys like Jones, Lett, and Jeffcoat coming in when the OL is dragging its' heels? Suddenly you have a a dog tired OL facing some fresh, talented DL. It's no contest. Fortifying your DL is never a bad thing. A strong pass rush can ease a lot of sins. I realize this is easier said than done especially in the cap era. Also we have to speculate or forecast who is going to be with us long term and who will be leaving as a FA. Don't want to get caught with an impact player leaving and the cupboard being bare. We've got three solid pieces up front: Lawrence, Collins, and Irving. A group of rookies in the secondary are going to struggle regardless. Give them some time. Lewis and Awuzie lost time to injuries in training camp and this set them back.
  12. GDT: The End is Near Edition - Wash v Boys

    I will echo the sentiments of others. If a Redskin blowout accelerates the departure of JG then so be it. Go Washington.
  13. The Future for Chido and Lewis

    Improving the pass rush would help. I think a full training camp would have helped Lewis and Awuzie.
  14. Coaches, should they be replaced?

    I agree. Will Jerry fire his hand picked golden boy?
  15. Coaches, should they be replaced?

    WH for me it's one playoff victory in 7.5 years. Given the talent some of those teams had, that is completely unacceptable. Time to clean house.