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  1. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    One of the concerns I have was something the broadcast team brought up last night. A lot of our draft picks are missing playing time due to nagging injuries especially the dbs. Our young guys in the secondary are going to get thrown into the deep end of the pool pretty quickly and they need all the reps they can get.
  2. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    I hear what you're saying and I'm more of a make the play and get on to the next play. That being said Smith had such a long road to get to last night I'll cut him some slack. It was an emotional moment for him and his teammates. He needs work but I was ecstatic when he made that tackle.
  3. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    Hoping to catch Jaylon in action tonight. Been MIA because work was a bear (finally found something else and quit) but was busy cleaning stuff up. Gotta leave a job in better shape then when you joined. Getting ready for vacation. Two weeks without electronics. Get back and start new job. It's been hectic.
  4. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I don't dispute the theory. It's the reality that concerns me. I just think it's tough to expect young players to step in and be solid on the DL especially DE. Not saying they can't get there eventually, but DE is a tough transition for a lot of younger players. That and a kiddy corps secondary could make for some adventures.
  5. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Good points. I would like to think as you point out with a fully healthy receiving corps, and Tyron back at LT the passing game picks up which will help the running game. My concern as mentioned above is our DL and their ability to consistently apply pressure. I don't know how realistic it is to expect young, unproven players to step in and be steady contributors. For example if Charlton ends up with 6 sacks or more I would be happy. Yet how realistic is that expectation? DE is a tough transition for a lot of college players.
  6. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I agree re Collins, but I think our DL as a whole is an area of concern.
  7. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I'm not overly worried about our running game in Zeke's absence. We will miss Zeke's explosiveness, however Morris and McFadden have proven that they can run in this league. That combined with our OL tells me we will still have a quality running game. My concern is on the other side of the ball. I just don't see a DL that can provide consistent pressure on opposing QB's. I don't mean sacks. I mean the steady ability to disrupt the rhythm and timing of an opposing QB. This will be a challenge all season and will result in some high scoring games. Factor in a relatively green secondary and lack of pressure up front will prove to be chaotic.
  8. DC Forum Directory (Rules/New Site Features, etc.)

    Happy to be retired.
  9. DC Forum Directory (Rules/New Site Features, etc.)

    Des you will be a great mod. I think with the expectations we have this year spirited debate will follow.
  10. DC Forum Directory (Rules/New Site Features, etc.)

    I put in a request months ago to step down. Work was too much. This calendar year I've spent 4 months away from home. Hotels and restaurants. Very little time to post let alone act as a Mod.
  11. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Good find. Check out this article. http://deadspin.com/the-nfl-is-still-just-making-it-up-as-it-goes-along-1797765706

    I have NFL Network but am choosing to start my boycott (re the Zeke impending suspension) now. So my friend here is the question: Will I be able to follow through with my boycott during the regular season? It's one thing to say and another to do.
  13. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I'm looking at this from an objective viewpoint, not as a Cowboys fan trying to save their season. Fact, the woman in question had multiple bruises on her body that she claimed were caused by Zeke, yet he was not in town. Perhaps he telepathically caused them to happen. Then she claimed I believe that they were old bruises caused by Zeke Didn't an NFL medical expert (perhaps an oxy moron, and hopefully not the folks who are concussion deniers) refute those claims? Perhaps she was confused. Or maybe she is a liar. Then she has new bruises again caused by Zeke which he denies causing. There are affidavits from witnesses who say she was in a bar fight with another woman which caused the new bruises. And there are the texts and emails saved by Zeke which doesn't paint his accuser in the most positive or truthful light. As Slamman points out the NFL ruling says Zeke can't or didn't prove what caused the new bruises. How is he supposed to do that? You can choose to believe this or not. For me this is not about "saving our season" as some have said. I want to get to the bottom of this. But I find the NFL's application of justice to be highly questionable. Players who admitted to being abusers of women or those caught red handed via video get a combined 3 games! Elliott with conflicting evidence is handed a six game suspension. Those who are on the NFL's side say they had to take their time and be thorough. Others have said they took so long because they needed to cherry pick evidence to build a case that could lead to a suspension. Let's face it the NFL dropped the ball big time re domestic violence charges in the past and who better to set an example with than a star player with a high profile team? All of that being said, if Elliot is found guilty I will be the first to say lock him up. However, if he challenges this suspension, and is found to be innocent, what position will his accusers/haters take then? As far as your quote that if this was my daughter I'd be singing a different tune I'll tell you this. Like Slamman I'd like to think that if I'd raised a daughter that they had been raised not to lie to the police. And not to brawl in public. And not to send texts or emails asking friends to lie to support your story. How does Zeke possibly prove something that he says he didn't do? That's the NFL's position. You can't prove that you didn't cause those bruises and you don't know how the woman in question got those bruises so you're guilty? Damn glad the NFL has no jurisdiction in the real world.
  14. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    As always I appreciate your perspective. I'm angry not as a Cowboys fan, but as a fan of the game who as a reasonably intelligent person cannot understand how the NFL decides to administer punishment. This ruling, given the evidence, is beyond logic and reason. Are we to believe that the police and prosecutorial investigators missed critical evidence during the initial investigation? I am completely bewildered. Sadly as desperately as I want Jerry to defend his player and take on the league, I am coming to the conclusion that given his recent admission to the HOF, that he won't rock the boat. There will be some minor sabre rattling, but not a full fledged fight. I feel sad for NFL players. Given the climate of twisted rule enforcement, any social interaction that in the mind of a disturbed or vindictive individual does not go their way, they now have the climate in which to file questionable claims that could ruin lives and careers. Don't get me wrong. If it turns out that Zeke or any other player committed such a heinous act they should be punished. But in Elliott's case this just reeks of a we are going to make an example of you regardless. We will cherry pick evidence to suit our cause. That's sad. And dangerous.
  15. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    That goes without saying. His PK gets a game for admitting to being a serial abuser of his wife, and Elliott gets 6 when the authorities cleared him. It's nuts. Defies logic and reason