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  1. Linehan watch starts NOW!

    I would have held a coversation with Kubiak. Didn't he turn Matt Schuab into a Pro Bowler? Just thinking out loud. Of course he's now with the Vikings.
  2. Linehan watch starts NOW!

    Nothing to watch here SL is coming back. It's disappointing. We have seen what a fresh perspective can do but we continue to embrace the system that sees us spinning our wheels. I'll always be a fan, but I think I will be less engaged when the season rolls around. As I get older (55 in April) it just means less and less.
  3. Linehan watch starts NOW!

    Linehan coming back is absolutely mind boggling and will result in a lot more of the same. If this turns out to be true it will be difficult to continue to support this team. Same old same old gets you just that. SMH!
  4. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    It sucks to lose but you got a ring last year and had a hell of a run this year. No doubt you are going to be a force for a while to come. With you, us, and a healthy Redskins team I don't think the division will be referred to as NFC Least anymore.
  5. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    It is serious. Jerry is loyal which is good and bad. The argument can be made that if Jerry commits long term to Garrett you know what you're going to get. Nine year sample size and we haven't got past the divisional round. What's the old saying doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
  6. Dak - Grown Man

    What about Monken? I really don't know but I will ask this of the forum. What level of coaching/support/development have the Cowboys provided for Dak?
  7. Dak - Grown Man

    Get Dak an OC, QB Coach, veteran back up and a reliable TE and he will progress. What coaching of substance has Dak had?
  8. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    I don't disagree but how much does it grind? Would Jerry be willing to blow up the staff in an effort to progress, or will he be happy with same old same old?
  9. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    Seriously if the Eagles win it all then Jerry needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask himself if he is comfortable with a division rival winning it all two years straight. Or maybe two playoff victories in 9 years is the new standard of excellence in Dallas.
  10. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    I did say that. He did look rather bewildered last night. I am resigned to the fact that he is getting an extension. Ten years, 2 playoff wins. Coaches have been dismissed for a lot less. He did take a team that was 3-5 and get them into the playoffs winning a game. I'll give him credit for that. Is that enough to warrant an extension? I think if he is as good a judge of talent as some say then maybe his future is in the front office. Don't know how the former HC in the front office will work out. I think part of the package with Garrett staying on as HC is having two very strong coordinators and an experienced QB coach. Or a one year prove it deal. The Cowboys used to stand for excellence. An annual Super Bowl contender. Those days, sadly, are long gone.
  11. GDT [Divisional Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

    Things will be tough next year. The Eagles will be very good and I don't expect the Redskins to be slaughtered by injuries again. I expect Washington to be very competitive.
  12. GDT [Divisional Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

    Here's what I'm taking away from last night: Don't underestimate the value of a truly creative coach and game plan. Getting the bye week is a huge bonus. While I'm remaining positive I"m getting tired of wait until next year.
  13. Lee to retire?

    Love Lee but he can't stay healthy. Hang em up. Wonder if he would consider coaching?
  14. Season Recap

    One can make a solid argument that the OL hasn't been the same since Leary left. I'm not sold on Williams as a guard for the reasons you mention.
  15. Removing a Signature

    Hated Hot Boyz from the start. Lamest nickname ever.