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  1. Around the NFL: Week 11

    It was the perfect storm. Rudolph is angry and embarrassed at his performance and then gets tossed/slammed to the turf at that point in the game. I know the game is played for 60 minutes but if I were Garrett I would have maintained the bear hug to the whistle. I'm not defending Rudolph but at that point he goes off. Still someone hits someone over the head with a helmet. Outrageous conduct. As a concussion expert said had he been stuck with the topside of the helmet we have a much different worse outcome. I think Garrett gets games going into next season.
  2. Around the NFL: Week 11

    I don't know. Hindsight is 20/20 but I don't think Garrett needed to slam Rudolph to the turf. Then it erupts. Regardless you don't hit someone over the head with a helmet. Garrett needs to miss a lot of time including moving into next season.
  3. Around the NFL: Week 11

    That's the way I will always refer to them.
  4. Around the NFL: Week 11

    Yeah but we play hard and fight for our coach.
  5. Around the NFL: Week 11

    Can't recall seeing anything like what Garrett did. Curious to see the punishment. Balance of this season at minimum suspension.
  6. I can see this team laying a giant egg vs the Lions and then walking nto Foxboro and shocking the Patriots. Regardless of whether Im proven right or wrong the under achieving jekyll and hyde nature of this club is baffling and more than enough reason to justify a wholesale coaching change.
  7. Thoughts on Zeke?

    This is troubling. Hindsight is always 20/20. Draft rb's. But don't extend them. Too much wear and tear. Let someone else pick up the tab beyond the rookie deal. What's really disturbing is Zeke is only 24. The taco training regimen didn't help.
  8. #FireJasonGarrett

    Is there a coach in any sport who accomplishes less with such a talented roster than our beloved Garrett? Dallas will lose 60% of games played against winning teams with Redball at the helm. Not a ringing endorsement. He needs to go. Now.
  9. Gameballs and Jockstraps - Min @ Dallas

    Gameballs: Dak, Cooper, Cobb, and Gallup. Jockstraps: Garrett, interior OL, secondary. Now the fun begins. Look at that schedule to close out the season. At least we have Garrett's stellar won loss record against winning teams to comfort us.
  10. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    See my response above. Dak was money. Without him this would have been over early.
  11. #FireJasonGarrett

    Garrett isn't going anywhere at least in the short term. People wonder why I don't give a damn about this team anymore. It's obvious he should be fired. His won loss record when facing winning teams is an abomination. Yet clap on he will.
  12. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    I'm not blaming Dak for anything tonight. He came out to play. Without him this would have been a laugher.
  13. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    Won't happen. Remember anything negative is not Redball's fault. There is more than enough evidence to make a change now. Garrett's won loss % against teams with winning records is an embarrassment. Yet there he will be clapping on the sideline. People wonder why I don't care anymore. The organization has embraced mediocrity. Why should I expect anything more? The sad thing is there is a lot of talent on this team. What could a real coach do with it?
  14. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    Exactly where I am at. As someone said I must not give a crap after all these years and that's exactly where I am at. We will not win with Garrett. His record against teams with a winning record speaks for itself. I'm just bewildered at how much rope Jerry has given him.
  15. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    So you put a playmaker in Austin back there to field the punt, he has room to run, but you tell him to fair catch it? What's the point in having a playmaker out there then?