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  1. Anybody You Want From The Dolphins Roster?

    Larry Csonka.
  2. X. Woods Out - 4 Weeks

    Eric Berry?
  3. Regardless of one's profession you don't air your dirty laundry in public. If I were the Jags head coach I would've knocked Ramsey into the middle of next week. I would pass on Ramsey. Great talent, but he scores too high on the diva scale. Adams on the other hand I would go all in for.
  4. Canada's heart is broken

    Once his career is over he will come running back north of the horder for the health care.
  5. Taco TRADED to FA for roster spot

    I don't remember if Taco was a need pick vs. sticking to our board and taking the highest rated player available? Regardless gonna lay an egg once in a while.
  6. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    I love our start but tend to focus on areas of need. If our DL drew 4 holds that's not bad. We need to get more pressure on a consistent basis. Hopefully Quinn helps out.
  7. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    Regardless it is a fantastic start for Dak. He is going to get paid. As he should.
  8. Around the NFL: Week 2

    The NFL hates the Saints. How do you blow that call?
  9. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    This is troubling albeit in week two. Doesn't matter who you have on the back end. If you aren't getting pressure up front it is going to spell trouble. All that being said, could we ask for more out of Dak than 7td's and one pick through 2 games? Big pat on the back to Moore as well.
  10. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    Didn't see a down. Sounds like the offense and Dak were solid. My concern is the defense. Did we generate any pressure?
  11. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    The organization has given Dak the tools he's needed and Dak more than passed the test yesterday. Top marks for Moore as well. Put the Giants game away and focus on Washington.
  12. GB's and Plan/Daboys Straps: Vagiants at Dakas

    This works for me.
  13. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Should have signed Dak last year.
  14. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Nice throw. I swear I thought it was over thrown when Dak released it.
  15. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Slide Dak. Nice call.