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  1. Trade Zeke

    Zeke's talent on the field and contributions to the team are undeniable. That being said I don't know if trouble will find him again. Anything can happen when you extend a player. It can work out. Player can get hurt. Skills can erode. The concern I have is the following. If the stories are true, Zeke has basically been told by Goodell if you are in front of me again for any reason I am throwing the book at you which will be a lengthy suspension. We can't foresee the future. Zeke's off field conduct is something the club has to be concerned about. Life without Zeke is something the Cowboys need to be concerned about. I don't know what sort of provisions the Cowboys can put into his contract to protect the team should Zeke get in trouble. In the salary cap era it's a big risk to tie up dollars in a player who has off the field baggage and a suspension staring him in the face should he misstep. I'm glad I'm not charged with making this decision.
  2. Thought I would provide you all with an update re my son William. After having surgery to remove several lymph nodes, as well as a spinal and bone marrow aspiration we have been told that my son does not have lymphoma! He has a condition called, Progressive Transformation of Germinal Centres. This is a benign condition that presents itself like lymphoma, mimics lymphoma, and is often misdiagnosed as lymphoma. No one knows what causes it. I will forever be thankful that he got transferred and treated at Sick Kids. They were adamant from day one about performing their own pathology. A team was involved in determining this diagnosis so we are quite comfortable and happy. For the foreseeable future he will undergo a thorough medical every 3 months. His condition can lead to the development of lymphoma and auto immune issues but in both circumstances that is very rare. We just have to be on the lookout for any enlarged lymph nodes or re the auto immune concerns bruising that won't heal. Regardless we are thrilled. His oncologists told him to go and live a normal life. Talk about a wild roller coaster ride. I'm not religious but I told Will someone/thing is watching out for you. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and support. You'll never know how much we appreciate it. Cheers,
  3. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Bullet dodged. Focus on football.
  4. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    What we need to do is improve our backup QB position. If Dak goes down we have trouble with a capital T.
  5. Season Expectations pt. 3: Travis Frederick

    He will take time to get back to previous form but I think he's the most valuable off season addition.
  6. Nothland's Reality Check Part 2

    The patient is home. A little sore and a little tired but happy to be home. Now we sit around and wait. Follow up with the surgeon in 3 weeks. Will has to lay low for that time. No Crossfit with Dad. Your kind thoughts and positive messages mean a lot.
  7. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    It's hard to pick just one but in no particular order: Roger Staubach - Captain comeback. Captain America. Supreme leader and competitor. Still the standard by which Cowboy QB's are measured. Bob Lilly - Mr. Cowboy. Enough said. Larry Allen - pretty good production for the 38th pick in the draft. Who are we kidding probably the best guard of all time. Certainly in the conversation. Herschel Walker - great athlete but his trade paved the way for the 90's dynasty. That's a huge impact in an indirect way. Emmitt Smith - we know what happened when he did not play. Charles Haley - his acquisition put the 90's club over the top. I don't know if we win without him. Michael Irvin - the emotional heart or engine of the 90's dynasty. Hands up anyone who was going to outwork Irvin in practice. Troy Aikman - Great QB. Great leader. Could've had monster stats in a pass first QB focused offense . He was at his best in the biggest games. Randy White - was looking like a bust as we tried to make him a LB. Put him at DT and the manster was born. One of the dominant DL/DT of his era. Never took a down off. If this extends beyond players I have to include Landry and Johnson.
  8. Nothland's Reality Check Part 2

    Spinal results came back clean. Good news.
  9. I thought I would provide an update on my son William and his cancer journey. He had surgery yesterday as well as a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and bone marrow aspiration. All went as well as could be expected. The surgeon was able to remove the entire cancerous lymph node in question from his neck as well as several other nodes close by. The spinal and bone marrow procedures went off without a hitch. Now we wait for pathology to confirm the diagnosis. I'm telling you one of the hardest things I've experienced as a parent was watching them take him away for surgery. You have to keep your emotions in check. The last thing you want is to lose your composure. It would freak him out. I just told Will that before he knew it he would be waking up. I have to say he is a pretty tough young man. Three procedures and no complaints. The neck is bothering him more than his back. Another day in hospital and he should be ready to come home. Take care of yourselves.
  10. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    What's the word on Cedric Wilson? He impressed last year before getting hurt.
  11. Northland's Reality Check

    Thanks Plan. The kind words of support from everybody has been very welcome and uplifting.
  12. Northland's Reality Check

    Thanks Plan. It's one thing if it's you. It's a whole other level of emotion when you are told your child has cancer. That being said we are all in game mode and just want to tackle this.
  13. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I think we may be onto something with young Mr. Moore as our OC. Imagine giving your QB extra reps on the deep ball? Sometimes the best solutions for a challenge are staring you right in the face and are in fact quite simple. I realize it's OTA's and there is a way to go yet. But I'm getting a good vibe about Moore.
  14. Northland's Reality Check

    Thanks for the kind words, support, and encouragement. William, my family, and I really appreciate it.
  15. Northland's Reality Check

    Just go an update from the hospital. He will have the surgery to remove the cancerous lymph node as well as the spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration at the same time. Monday June 17. It's a lot, but they will only have to sedate him once.