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  1. Realistically I can't see the Eagles passing on Linderbaum. With Dean you just don't know how teams are going to respond to his size. I know this much. Dean and Parsons on the same defense would represent off the chart athleticism. Quinn would have a ball with those two. Let's not forget Cox coming back.
  2. I agree. Now if Linderbaum is there as well as Dean, I gotta go OL.
  3. There's still the time leading up to the Super Bowl.
  4. Bet that the overtime rules get discussed by the owners and competition committee in the off season looking to give each team a possession regardless.
  5. I was surprised that the Bills did not force a kick off return to take some time off the clock. Gamble that KC won't bust it for a TD or for enough yards for a field goal attempt. Hell of a game. Best weekend of playoff football I can recall in a long time.
  6. I think clubs that have proven to be disciplined through the course of a season will earn some slack from the refs. Conversely those team who are a train wreck discipline wise will have a larger target on their backs and less tolerance from the refs. I think it is earned to a degree. Just googled something for ****es and giggles. Looking at average penalties per game in order for 2021 season, last 3 games of 2021, and 2020 season. Four teams in the conference championship games and Dallas. KC - 6.1/3/6.6 - fairly steady from year to year but a big drop over their last 3 ga
  7. Was I hard on Dak? Absolutely. Was some of my critique of Dak driven from emotion of watching the Cowboys fail in the post season yet again - probably. Was it right - maybe, maybe not. Do I enjoy watching Rodgers crash and burn - yes, it was glorious. That being said after the euphoria of watching Rodgers go down, I would ask myself if I were a Dallas fan the following which piggybacks on your last sentence/point above: 1. Does this improve the plight of my team? Is Dallas suddenly going to become a fundamentally sound football team because Rodgers was defeated? 2. Will the C
  8. Green Bay only had 10 players on the field on the game winning field goal. Hard enough to block a fg attempt with 11 men. Fitting end for a team whose special teams were their achilles heel all year.
  9. You can trade me. After 46 years as a Dallas fan I'm taking a break.
  10. Physical and mental toughness are prerequisites come playoff time. No surprise that Dallas capped the bed. More flash than substance in big D.
  11. Rookie kicker. Cool as a cucumber.
  12. Chase is a stud. Showed up when it counted.
  13. I'm focussing my contributions on teams still playing. I could care less about the also rans. I will throw this out there. If Dak is worth $40 million per year what will Burrow command?
  14. Cincy needs an OL upgrade big time. Chase is the best young wr in the game
  15. I picked the Titans but thought that tipped ball touched the ground.
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