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  1. And now for a completely unrealistic mock. I just pick them as the simulator says they are available. After this one I'm just going to stop the mocks and wait for the real thing. 10: R1 P10 CB Patrick Surtain II - Alabama 44: R2 P12 LB Micah Parsons - Penn State 75: R3 P11 LB Zaven Collins - Tulsa 99: R3 P35 DL Jay Tufele - USC 115: R4 P10 EDGE Payton Turner - Houston 138: R4 P33 WR Anthony Schwartz - Auburn 179: R5 P35 CB Israel Mukuamu - South Carolina 192: R6 P8 LB Jamin Davis - Kentucky 227: R6 P43 S Divine Deablo - Virginia Tech 238: R7
  2. I go off the rails sometimes, but for me I tried to make a grounded in reality pick. One never knows what will happen though right? Who saw Lamb falling to 17? Conversely who saw us picking Frederick? My wish list would be Pitts, Sewell, Slater. I would love Pitts but he will be gone. If he falls I would not hesitate to pick him. Instant mismatch issues. I would be thrilled with Sewell or Slater but think they will be gone as well. Nothing wrong with getting some insurance on the OL and securing the future.
  3. I picked Surtain because I think he will be available and will fill a tremendous need. I think Pitts, Sewell, and Slater will be gone. If we pick Paye as I saw predicted in a recent mock draft I will be somewhat disillusioned to put it mildly.
  4. Next year is the year? Why am I familiar with this theme/belief? Where have I heard it before?
  5. They may have their choice of WR. Picks 1-4 are QB's. The Bengals are a wildcard. Do they go WR to get a weapon for Burrow, or do they pick Sewell to protect Burrow? I'm betting Cincy goes Sewell. Dolphins go Chase. Miami trades down, accumulates premium picks and will still get a playmaker at 6. Brilliant move.
  6. Kwity Paye scares the you know what out of me. I just get the sense it would be Taco 2.0 with him.
  7. What a telling stat. Solid signing. Re the 1st round of the draft. I know BPA but I'm really hoping we get a CB.
  8. I don't think Farley falls out of the first. He will drop and Surtain and Horn will rise. Someone will take a chance on Farley.
  9. Hes an impressive player whose been overshadowed by Farley and Surtain. These scores will open eyes. I won't complain if we take him.
  10. I'm not really surprised that we are moving on from Smith.
  11. I think whoever is deemed healthier will get an offer.
  12. JOK. Very versatile. His stock will climb.
  13. 4.46 is obscene for a guy his size. He will go high for sure. I heard someone today say if the Jets commit to Darnold then Pitts should be their pick. That's speculation but I think the Bengals and Eagles are looking hard at Pitts.
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