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  1. Based on things we read a number of us had concerns about Parsons leading up to the draft. Kids a player. If we are being honest a lot of us had concerns about Bosa vs Steele today. I know I did.
  2. My thing with soccer is similar to your point HD. I think when a player goes down like he's at deaths door the following protocol occurs. Play is stopped. The "severely injured" players coach is approached and told out of concern for said players health, he has to be substituted for. Immediately. He's out of the game. That may stop the flip flopping. Like any other sport some soccer refs are better than others. Some set the tone very early that they won't tolerate crap. Others don't. Let's end the soccer discussion.
  3. GB: Parsons, Zeurlein, Steele, Pollard, Kearse. Return of Martin helped. JS: OFFICIATING.
  4. Agree. Throw in Pollard, Kearse and Steele. I thought Bosa would have a field day. Happy to be wrong.
  5. I think the NFL has become the worst officiated sport.
  6. Sorry sports fans but that was not a sack. The head scratching calls continue.
  7. Looks like it. He's making that $90 million contract look brutal. Draft rb's. Ride them hard. Cut em loose.
  8. Very difficult to play defense in this league. Lay someone out and you know a flag is coming. Fight for a pass you know a flag is coming.
  9. They are a work in progress. Dazzle one moment. Drive you to drink the next.
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