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  1. Nine times out of ten I would ignore such nonsense. However as I mentioned watching this frail elderly woman receive such a obscene tirade was too much. I'm at retail every day because of my job. Where I live we've done a good job re CV 19 and flattening the curve. We do have our share of nuts.
  2. I don't know what led to the incident I'm about to detail but today I'm in a store and I hear yelling and cursing. This middle aged couple were unloading f bomb after f bomb on this frail elderly lady for allegedly getting in their space. We all have masks on. The guy was particularly obscene. So I tried to diffuse things. That didn't work and the f bombs continued. At this point the old lady has walked away as did I. Then the guy starts mouthing off at me. Diplomacy didn't work so I said to him what sort of man verbally attacks any woman let alone someone's grandmother? I get an f bomb. At that point I walk over to him and say now I'm in your space and I can assure you I'm not a frail old lady. Talk to me like you talked to her. He screamed you're threatening me! I said buddy you don't know what a threat is. I suggest you leave the store while you can which he and his wife did. As I watched them hurl expletives at this old lady I pictured my late mother on the end of such an assault. I don't like losing my cool but I won't stand for bullying and intimidation of anyone. Store employees and a couple of other shoppers thanked me for defending the elderly woman. I swear I was ready to drop him.
  3. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    I agree. As I said on another post I just hope Dallas has a plan if and when Dak walks. Yes I'm serious about hoping the front office has a plan.
  4. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    All I ask of the organization is I hope you have a plan for the most important position on the field if you intend to let Dak walk.
  5. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    It's what I would do.
  6. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    The key is Dallas ****ed themselves. When contract negotiations resume with new terms Dak will be portrayed as the enemy.
  7. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    I'm going to guess the Mahomes' deal comes in at somewhere around $420-450 million. If I'm Dak I gamble on myself and I play on the tender this year and next and then test the free agent waters, unless Dallas decides to go with a 4 year contract.
  8. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    You know it. I expect the Bills to be the favourites to win the division. But I won't count out the Pats until they are out.
  9. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    I'm not a Pats fan but I won't bet against BB.
  10. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    Good move for both parties.
  11. Jamal Adams

    I love Adams. I'm not giving up Collins.
  12. Thank God we haven't experienced this.
  13. Part of me is hoping that Dak plays on the tag this year and next and then leaves. Not out of an anti Dak bias, but simply to watch this forum implode in rage at the organization when we find ourselves in QB purgatory. Of course we are somehow going to end up with the next stud college QB someway and somehow which will ease and rationalize Dak's departure. I find the argument that we are going to take the salary saved by Dak leaving and sign some marquee free agents laughable. As an organization we build our roster through drafting well (which we have done very well for the most part), signing our own key free agents, making selective trades, and seeking value in external free agents. We don't make big external free agent signings. We may with said funds saved from not signing Dak long term be able to improve our depth at some positions. The QB is the most visible position or face of the franchise. This idea that the QB is solely responsible for wins and losses puzzles me but I think I get it. Roger Staubach was responsible for the win over the Broncos in the Superbowl even though Randy White and Harvey Martin were co MVP's. Staubach alone was responsible for the loss the next year to the Steelers. Troy Aikman all on his own was the reason we won three Super Bowls although in my humble opinion Charles Haley was the catalytic agent who put us over the top. Aikman of course was solely the reason for our loss to the 49ers in the NFC Championship game. Of course Staubach and Aikman were huge contributors to our past success. There is a reason why they are in the HOF. They did have a lot of help. Lousy clubs don't win championships. Talented teams do. Those of us who like Dak will defend him; those who are not as enamoured with Mr. Prescott will attack. I get it. Football, however, is a team game. For me our poor record in recent years against quality clubs is more an indictment of the HC and coaching staff and the corresponding ill prepared and ultimately overrated Dallas teams who got by on talent against inferior teams and more often than not got exposed against quality opponents and coaching staffs. This is where I get hypocritical. If there is a season this year a lot will ride on Dak. New staff with an offensive minded HC. All the weapons you could want and still a solid OL. Perhaps this is what Dallas is looking at. If he and the team perform well they will sign him. If he and the team struggle they may let him walk. It could be dangerous though if you let Mahomes and Watson set a new market for QB's.
  14. Jamal Adams

    I agree my friend. If a player of his caliber is on the block we have to make some calls and see if acquiring him is doable. He would have a huge impact on the team.
  15. Jamal Adams

    The saga continues. If Adams is in play contact the Jets and crunch the numbers. He is a difference maker to put it mildly.