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  1. Its the story of the incredible bond that developed between Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo. Billy Dee Willuams and James Caan. It's a classic. A real tear jerker. If you have a soul.
  2. Sad news to hear of the passing of Gayle Sayers. Do yourselves a favour and watch some film of him. Graceful. Powerful. So fluid and effortless. He made it look easy. A great life lived post career. One of the All Time greats. I will watch Brian's Song tonight and I will shed a tear as I do every time I see that film. Rest easy Mr. Sayers.
  3. Is the Chargers team doctor Dr Nick Riviera?
  4. After a few days to reflect,, I am thinking the same thing. That was an unorthodox, difficult kick to handle. I wonder if we will see other teams try it?
  5. It's in the running for sure. What were they thinking?
  6. Every year every team will have a game they have no business winning and they pull it out. It works the opposite way too. All that matters is what's on the scoreboard. Give a big thanks and game ball to Atlanta's special teams. I could not believe they just stood there and let us recover the onside kick.
  7. Happy for the win. Give the Atlanta special teams a big pat on the back. That was the dumbest play I"ve seen in ages. They stood around and let us recover it. Unreal. Take the win.
  8. Josh Allen is on fire today. What a good looking young QB.
  9. What is going on with all the injuries?
  10. I was going to ask at what point will MM take over play calling? Of course it's controversial because wasn't keeping Moore a condition put out by Jerry?
  11. I agree. I really like Dak. He's a great leader. Consistency is the issue.
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