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  1. Dolphins sign CB Xavien Howard to record deal

    You can afford to pay big money to YOUNG talent when your entire QB room is making a whopping $7m. Also sends a message to your younger players that if you perform, you will get paid. Look at the big picture. Tunsil will get paid. As he should. Dolphins wont have big QB money on the books for at least 4 years.
  2. Rebuilding Whirlwind

    No one here is saying Josh Rosen is a shoe in to be a franchise QB. But he needs to be given a proper chance. My point is give him 2 years in the same system under a coach who is proven to groom QBs (Jim Caldwell). If he isn't the guy in 2 years, take someone else. People are roasting Rosen for 1 year with a terrible team. Unfair assessment. I just hope Miami fanbase has patience. This is a 3 year plan. 2021 season is the season to circle. 2019 3-13 2020 7-9 2021 11-5
  3. Rebuilding Whirlwind

    Rosen had one of the worst rosters in the NFL last season. Had no one developing him from the coaching staff. Miami's roster today is better than what Rosen had in AZ for 2018. WHich is sad. He needs to be given 2 years under O'Shea and Caldwell. If he isn't the guy after 2 years, you mortgage everything for Trevor Lawrence (QB Clemson). Hopefully, with the stockpile of draft picks we have for 2020, Miami can develop a deep roster with young talent. (2020 draft is loaded). If Rosen just isn't the guy after 2 years. Lawrence steps in with a carefully constructed roster. Remember.... Peyton Manning went 3-13 and threw 28 INT (led the league) his first season with the Colts. Not saying Rosen isn't the second coming of Manning, but in today's NFL, Manning would have gotten roasted and people would be questioning his "Bust" status.
  4. 2019 Pick Tracker

    Pats have a crazy system... but it works. They rarely pay their own young talent. They coach them up and let another team over pay, in turn getting the Pats more picks. More picks means more young talent. Coach em up for 4-5 years, let them walk and re load. They wait until the Comp Pick FA window closes and then go out and fill holes with vets that just want to win and make less money. I do think Miami will handle certain guys differently. I think they pay Tunsil and X but let Drake walk. Drake will probably fetch decent money on the open market which will in turn get a comp 4 or 5. Don't expect Miami with all that cap space to go crazy at FA 2020. Paying Tunsil and X doesnt go against your Comp calculator.
  5. 2019 Pick Tracker

    They gave him a $23m deal over 3 years. Just have to see how they shake out. Either way its another pick
  6. Rebuilding Whirlwind

    Miami gave up their 2020 5th rounder for Rosen in the deal. But should be getting back a comp 3rd (James) and comp 4th (Wake). Thanks Denver and Tennessee for over paying!!!!! 2020 Draft is already slotted to have more "elite" talent.
  7. 2019 Pick Tracker

    Plus Comp 3rd (James) projected Comp 4th (Wake) projected
  8. Days Gone

    I loved playing... Ghost Recon Wildlands Far Cry 4 and 5 Sniper Ghost Warrior Wasn't a fan of... Red Dead Redemption 2 Watchdogs 2 Will I enjoy Days Gone? Any other games you could recommend?
  9. 2019 Pick Tracker

    I was meh on the Cox pick as well... until I saw some highlight! Wow. This guy is going to be fun to watch. GREAT blocker. Can catch out of the backfield and run really hard if you need a 4th and 1 or 2. Probably going to be a good special teamer as well.
  10. Thoughts on Josh Rosen?

    It’s Love/Hate for me. Getting Deiter in the 3rd helps. Miami really needed to address the OL and they got a couple good ones. Im not sure Rosen makes Miami immediately that much better. Still hoping for a 3-13 or 4-12 type of a year to secure a top pick. IF Rosen ends up showing enough promise in 2019, you may be able to flip a Top 3 pick next year to a team willing to mortgage multiple 1sts for Tua, Fromm or Herbert. This is why I love this pick. Still think a second was steep to pay when AZ had no leverage. Hoping Rosen is the guy. Most think he would have been Top Rated QB in this class. I’m just glad we didn’t take Haskins.
  11. Draft Day Scenarios

    Not a fan of this. It's a special class for D-Lineman. I heard a fantastic quote from a guy on NFL radio this week.... "Need is the worst evaluator" Yes Miami needs a QB. But odds are in their favor for them to control the draft next year rather than let the draft fall to them this year. If Haskins, Lock, or Jones fall to them at 13, they should absolutely try and trade back... but not out of the first round. Need that 5th round option. Very important in a rebuild.
  12. 2019 Sched

    vs BAL W Lamar Jackson is awful. Miami Stacks the box and makes Baltimore throw. And they lost a ton on D.vs NE L@ DAL Lvs LAC Lbyevs WAS L Toss up. I'm hoping for a L.@ BUF L@ PIT (mnf) Lvs NYJ W@ IND Lvs BUF L@ CLE Lvs PHI L@ NYJ L@ NYG Lvs CIN W @ NE L 3-13 with #2 overall pick in the Draft. AZ will have #1 overall pick in a tough NFC West.
  13. My Fanspeak Mock

    Armando Salguero is the biggest joke of a sports columnist that there is. He is just awful. Sad the Herald can't attract someone with better knowledge and common sense.
  14. My Fanspeak Mock

    I actually messed around on the same site. Only did a 4 round Mock but came up with Rd. 1 Montez Sweat DE Rd. 2 Chris Lindstrom OL Rd. 3 Elgton Jenkins OL Rd. 4 Will Grier QB
  15. Giants4eva Mock Draft.. Final Draft

    You are making my point. 2019 is a GREAT DL class. Grab one this year knowing there is a process in place. Even if next year's QB prospects are equal to 2019 QB class, I would still take a DL. Too much great DL talent. As the 76ers would say... Trust the Process