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  1. Draft Discussion 2019

    Everyone needs to listen to what Grier is saying. This is a 3/4 year process. Don’t go drafting a QB in the first cause the media says so. Its widely known this is the weakest QB class since 2013 (that class was atrocious). Haskins needed another year. Murray should have chosen baseball. I do think one of Jones, Grier, Stidham or Lock will go to a “good situation”, sit a few years and become a solid starter. But no one in the class can start day 1. Tua, Herbert and Fromm would all be the top QB prospect this year.. As a fan it will suck to see them be 3-13 or 4-12 but it’s necessary. 2021 or 2022 is the goal. Not 2019. Love the idea of taking Rypien or Stidham late (5th or 6th round) but go out and get some one that can throw the ball a bit and be a positive influence in a very very young locker room. Someone that sets a great example. I keep saying it.... drafting a QB is a gamble. Derek Carr’s contract is team friendly after 2019. If the raiders fall in love with one of the guys in this years draft, would you give up Charles Harris (or mike gesecki) and a 3rd for him? He played really good football with absolutely nothing. Flacco fetched a 4th. Giants can’t afford Carr and neither can the Jags. Once Miami gets Branch, Quinn, Parker and Tannehill off the books, they will have plenty of cash. Carr doesn’t work out, you can dump him for next to nothing early 2020. Tradimg back and collecting more picks would be ideal Miami is going to have a ton of needs. Stock piling DE/DL and OL should be the focus.
  2. Exactly. The guys I listed ARE the Dolphins tanking. Haha. Everyone I mentioned is a castoff.
  3. I could see us bringing in a guy like Tyrod Taylor on a 1 year deal with an option year. Probably going to take $12-15m/year. A few other guys I could see in the mix are Blake Bortles, Ryan FitzPatrick, RG3 or Trevor Semien. I could see Miami just wanting a professional that comes in and sets a good example.
  4. Draft Discussion 2019

    Everyone take a giant step back here....After 2019, Miami is in GREAT Salary Cap shape. Tannehill off the books, Suh dead money off the books. Even is they didn't cut Tannehiil, They are expected to have $95m in Cap Space 2020. Tunsil still has 4th year on Rookie deal plus option year. Then can tag him. James will get $10-12m/season. He was "solid" . They will pay him. If Miami waits to draft QB in 2020, they wont have HUGE money dedicated to QB for the next 6 years!!! This is the new winning formula to winning in the NFL. This means Miami can pay Howard and Tunsil with no issue. Miami isn't in as bad a shape as most people are thinking. Their best players are in the right positions for long term success. GM's have been saying for the past 5 plus years you pay players in this order... QB, OL, DE/OLB, CB. Then if you have a TOP 5-7 WR talent you can pay them in years where you can (ODBJ). Problem is you cant pay them all at the same time. if you think about it, Miami can afford to pay Howard in a year. a year after that you pay Tunsil. In 4 years, you pay Minkah. At that point, you will probably have an out in Howard's contract or an opportunity to restructure. While you pay Tunsil, Howard and James over the next 4-5 years, you're hoping you find your QB, DE (Harris is a bust), or catch fire with a WR. You just always need to have top talent in 3 out of 5 of those positions at all times The way the league is going, Maybe you find another DB (Greedy Williams). Everything else is commodity. Very rarely does a guy coming off a rookie deal, that hits the FA market pan out with another team. There is a reason why that team let him walk. Drafting quality players and also have a staff that can develop those players is how you win in NFL. NOT FREE AGENCY!
  5. Been saying it for years and Ill say it again.... Pay Jimmy Johnson a massive sum of money to train/develop your Football Ops staff/GM. He didn't just draft Pro Bowlers... The guy drafted 4 HOFers and he only coached in the NFL for 9 years! He also drafted Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Zach Thomas, Ken Norton, Steve Wisniewski, Daryl Johnston, Mark Stepnoski, Erik Williams, Jimmy Smith, Darren Woodson, Ron Stone and Brock Marion... All not in the HOF. That's a combined 78 Pro Bowls in 9 Drafts.......... Obviously this will never happen...... But one can wish
  6. Draft Discussion 2019

    It’s early. Both of those guys will have another year of development. I like Fromm better than both..... Fromm will have more games (big games) under his belt as well. Don’t sleep on him.
  7. Draft Discussion 2019

    Reported on ESPN this morning the Dolphins will look to 2020 Draft class for QB. So happy about this. Taking one of this years QBs would be panic mode. The rebuild has finally begun!
  8. Draft Discussion 2019

    Chris Grier now has full control over the draft and roster. Let's hope he is gets more X. Howards and less D. Parkers/C. Harris's. Interesting fact.... Miami has drafted 79 players the past 10 drafts. Of those 79, only 6 have made the Pro Bowl. Of those 6, 2 are still on the roster. X. Howard and R. Jones. The other 4 are J. Ajayi, J. Landry, M. Pouncey and V. Davis. For perspective the Steelers have drafted 9 Pro Bowlers in that span and all 9 are on the roster. (Bell and Shazier are counted for in that 9) Seahawks drafted 11 PB, Chargers drafted 9 PB, Chiefs drafted 13 PB, Packers 11 PB and Vikings 11 PB all the past 10 years. Miami needs talent. There is a need at every position but possibly safety and maybe RB. Best Player Available IMO for the next 3 years. What would you do with the 13th pick? I would trade back if I can. Collect late firsts, seconds and thirds.
  9. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Doing some additional digging.... Rizzi and Greg Schiano were at Rutgers together. Another name he could be dropping as a possible DC. Coincidence it was announced he would not be returning to OH State??
  10. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Obviously reading that Rizzi has gotten endorsements from almost everyone that ever came through Miami is great. The problem is he has been in Miami for nearly 10 years. My one question would be "What relationships do you have with other Coordinators to fill out your staff?" Only one coordinator that has come through Miami in the last 10 years is worth a look and that's Vance Joseph for DC. He may not even be available or want to come back. Not sure he could attract the right staff to make an impact. Kris Richard seems like the most logical choice at this point. Young, defensive minded and proven that he can develop players. I'd be curious to see who he brings in as OC. He coached as a grad assistant at USC under Carroll. Don't be surprised if Sarkisian is on the short list for OC. (Dan Quinn was a Pete Carroll disciple. Sark got the job in Atl due to that relationship... get where i'm going here?) He openly admits Pete Carroll is a mentor. Darrell Bevell is also a strong possibility given his years in Seattle with Richard as well.
  11. Be careful what you wish for.

    #1.... Gase had nothing to do with the draft. He may give input on a guy here and a guy there, but lets be very clear.... Gase had nothing to do with the actual picking of players. That was the Tannnenbaum/Grier and even sometimes Ross show. #2 If Kilgore, Sitton, A. Wilson, Tannehill, Grant and Hayes didn't miss a significant amount or the entire season, He is probably still the coach. Don't forget X. Howard missed the final 4 games. A. Wilson and Grant were becoming such a big part of the offense that defenses just couldnt keep up with when they got hurt. I am not an Adam Gase apologist, but the guy found a way to put up massive yards and points against the Bears with a backup QB, Beat the Pats without X. Howard. Miami should have been 10-6 this season. The reason Gase is gone is because he needs to be more of a leader. Calling out players in press conferences instead of taking the blame is something he will learn. There is a reason so many teams wanted to talk with him. He exposed Tannehill indirectly by sticking with him. I just hope he goes to AZ and not the Jets.
  12. Be careful what you wish for.

    I am curious if Miami takes a page out of the Rams playbook and hires a young innovative offensive mind but pairs him with a stud D-Coordinator (Bowles, Williams or Joseph). Also think the new coach may look at D. Parker and see value. Obviously not at the $9m price tag but he wont get near that on open market. But for a 1-year $3-4m, knowing they aren't going to compete for a few years? Why not? I'll be the first one to say he is an absolute bust given the 4 years and body of work. But sounds to me he was always in Gase's doghouse and Dolphins just may not have utilized him or developed him like they should have. New coach might be able to get something out of him. Until a new coach comes in and assess's the roster, with Grier, we wont know who is safe and who is not. Since Gase had 53 man roster control, Grier may see more value in guys that didn't see the field. Keeping McDonald is a must IMO. He is still young and relatively cheap. So many CB get hurt and Minkah will have to slide in. McCain proved this year he is not a boundary corner. Drafting a QB in 2019? Sure if you can nab someone in the 3rd of 4th round (Daniel Jones, Duke Jarret Stidham, Auburn etc.). You'd better do your homework and think someone this year will be better than the 3 coming in 2020. Do not waste a first rounder in 2019 for the sake of drafting a QB. Much Much Much better talent in 2020 and Miami knows and admits this will take time. Almost a certain they will be picking in Top 5 in 2020. Build a culture where old guys that are situational want to come to for cheap rather than a payday.
  13. Be careful what you wish for.

    If you know it’s going to be 3 years before you’re truly competitive, why not give the guy a shot? The coaching pool is awful this year. When the coach you fired is a Top candidate for all other teams, you have an issue.
  14. Be careful what you wish for.

    Because of Tannenbaum’s idiotic spending, Dolphins can’t move any of those contracts. Dolphins might have to package picks just to rid themselves of bad contracts (Like Texans did with Osweiler to the Browns) If someone out there believes they can develop Charles Harris, Dolphins might be able to squeeze a 3rd rounder from someone but given this draft is so stocked with DL talent it’s unlikely. Howard, Fitz, Drake, McMillian, Baker, Tunsil and Gesecki (although he was very underwhelming for all the hype) are really the only untouchables in my opinion. Everyone else can go. Remember when the Browns didn’t win for a long long time? That’s what this could look like. There is not a QB in this draft worth drafting. For those who think Haskins is the guy, name me an Urban Meyer QB that did anything in the NFL? It took Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid to make Alex Smith respectable.. 2019 is all about the Herbert/Fromm sweepstakes. And don’t even mention Tua. Once again, name a Nick Saban QB that was worth anything in the NFL. I wouldn’t have kept Grier. I will give credit to the picks of Drake, Howard, Grant and Godscheauex. Epic fail on Harris, Parker (he was in charge of college scouting for this pick) Caroo. Robert Kraft has to love this. The Dolphins are such a circus.
  15. Gase fired

    Tannenbaum must have pictures of Ross or something. This roster has so many overpaid old guys and bust draft picks. My guess and worst night mate is if McDaniels gets a HC job that Gase ends up as NE OC.