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  1. Mock Draft 2.0 with Trade Down

    Trading down would be awesome especially if we could pick up another 1st. But trading within the division is very unlikely. If AZ falls in love with someone I could see them giving us their 1st in 2019. I'd be on board with that.
  2. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    I would hope Miami would not mortgage that many picks for any of these QBs. I like Mayfield but Miami isn't that far away. Tannehill needs one more year. Staying at 11 means they will get either Smith, Edmunds, Nelson or Fitzpatrick most likely. All of them would be day 1 starters. If Landry walks, I could see Miami signing Bridgewater to a similar deal they gave Cutler. Kick the tires on him for a year and then make a decision this time next season.
  3. Landry contract getting ugly

    There is a way for Miami to play this but it would be very costly in years 3, 4, and 5. Give him a 5 year 70 mil deal. Give him more "Guaranteed Money" but pay him $10mm in years 1 and 2 and back load years 3,4 and 5 when Suh's (and maybe Tannehill) contract comes off the books. The downside to this is it makes releasing Landry impossible due to the dead money late in the contract but I don't see Miami releasing Landry in his age 27, 28 and 29 years. Years 3, 4 and 5 he is getting an average salary of close to $17m.
  4. Who do we select at pick 11?

    Edwards, Nelson or Roquon. I could see Miami taking James or Fitzpatrick with this pick as well. Was hoping Vanderesch would slip to us in the 2nd but looking like he is a late 1st now. My guess is if Nelson is there, Miami takes him on the rationale that the secondary made big strides last year and they have 2 good starting safeties and they get Raekwon and Lippett back. The need at OL will be greater especially if they let James walk, which they should at $9mm. This could all change though depending on FA.
  5. Landry contract getting ugly

    4 years $50mm is fair. His agent isn't doing him any favors though. If all he wants to do is get paid, then go get paid. I think there will be a team that offers him a 4 year $65mm deal. Dumb but it will happen. Too many teams have too much money to spend and per league rules, they have to spend it.
  6. Landry contract getting ugly

    Article is up on ESPN.com. Landry called the negotiations "disrespectful".
  7. Team Needs?

    I think Miami should be in the "best player available" mode for OL, DL, LB, DB in the 1st and 2nd round. I would be ecstatic if we ended up with one of Roquon Smith, Quentin Nelson, Minkah Pitzpatrick, Josh Jackson, Derwin James or Arden Key.
  8. Landry contract getting ugly

    The article in the Miami Herald will not do Landry any good if he really wants to stay in Miami. I think they agreed to this interview to set his market with other teams. I don't see Gase putting up with Landry airing his contract situation in the press. I am sure there are some teams that are willing to front load a $58mm contract (Niners, Browns etc). I wanted him back but this was not the way you handle the situation. This is immature. His agent sounds idiotic. Calling out ownership and really not understanding how the NFL salary cap works. Just because the Dolphins are a billion dollar team, doesn't mean ownership can all of the sudden "afford" to pay you more. I'd pay him 4 year- $52mm. I could see Miami letting him walk. Try and get a 3rd or 4th for Parker. Sign Sammy Watkins or Allen Robinson on a 1-2 year prove it deal (2 years $18 - 20mm) and see what Caroo has in the slot.
  9. What do you do when your favorite team ships the bed??

    Two TE??? Not sure why you would need to draft two.... I agree that there needs to be a QB in there somewhere. Matt Moore and his $2mm salary will not be back. This draft sucks. Many scouts have said its the worst in years.
  10. Time to Blow It Up!

    It means get rid of mediocrity. Id get rid of Tannebaum and Grier before Gase. The front office MUST address the O-Line. Harris in the first round last year was a huge miss when we had Branch, Hayes and Wake all of which were going to see significant roles. I would even like to see them moving around early in the draft compiling picks.
  11. Time to Blow It Up!

    Been a fan for over 35 years. By far the most frustrating season I have been through in awhile. First off... Stephen Ross loves to spend $$. He should go ask Jimmy Johnson how much $$ it would take to have him run the front office. Then pay him whatever that number is. His ROI would be 10 fold. Came into the season LOVING Adam Gase. Felt like he really established himself in the locker room last season and the team played hard for him. His unwavering support for Jay Cutler is mind boggling. Don't get me wrong, the WR corp hasn't helped any of the QB's out this season. Cutler has looked below average at best. Davante Parker is an absolute bust at this point. Parker's hype rivaled Don King's for Mike Tyson in the 80s and 90s. He was supposed to make that giant leap to be a legitimate #1 receiver. Dominant practice player that plays timid in the game. 4 targets in the last 2 games have gone for 4 INT's. As I watched the Steelers and Packers last night, it was evident what a #1WR looks like. They get target after target after target. The defense knows its coming and the WR still seem to dominate. (Antonio Brown, Davante Adams). Parker simply runs his route and rarely shows effort to make a play. Carroo is non existent. Lost a 3rd round pick on him. What happened to the "We are going to use Jakeem Grant more and more to utilize his talents"? Other than returns, he is non existent. Kenyan Drake shows flashes but he cant hold onto the ball. He isn't the future. Good backup. Where is the Laremy Tunsil dominance? Average at best. Was better at guard last year. Was Charles Harris the right pick? Non Factor. "He's learning". The one move I loved was trading away Ajayi and his self centered "me" attitude who was going to want big $$ after next season. He is Philly's problem now. Penalties. This team is so undisciplined. Direct reflection of the coaching staff. As excited as I was for this season, to finally be competitive and contend for the AFC East, we are far from that. TIME TO BLOW IT UP! I would game plan the next 5 games around Davante Parker and find out what he has. No less than 10 targets a game. You already know Landry and Stills are the real deal. Big question is whether or not Landry will even want to be back. Miami needs him. If Carroo was the replacement, we would be seeing more of him. We aren't. Need to get Asiata some experience. Hasn't been active yet and he needs reps. Tannehill, Pouncey, James and Wake are all names to look out for when it comes to restructuring or cutting. Julius Thomas will be gone. He will save Miami $5-6m. Tannehill and Suh will have to restructure if Miami wants to resign Landry. Letting James walk saves them $8m. Outright cutting Tannehill saves them $15m. Pouncey $6m. What really scares me is this draft is supposed to be the worst in years. And everything will be in play this year. OL, OLB, QB, RB, TE are my top 5. MIAMI MUST DEVELOP THEIR DRAFT PICKS!!!!!!!!!!!! you don't win in Free Agency. In a perfect world, Tannehill restructures to save $10m somehow. Suh also restructures to save $7-8m. Cut Thomas and let James walk. Saves Miami close to $30m. Landry will want $10-12m. Pay him. Works hard and is the only consistent thing you have on offense. I might try and flip that extra 4th rounder we got from Philly for a veteran OL. Do we bring in Bridgewater on a cheap contract for competition? Take a flyer on Lamar Jackson? Baker Mayfield? Sign Kaep? In any scenario, Moore wont be back. And there needs to be a legitimate competitor pushing Tannehill. Miami has taken a giant step backwards this season. Still think they are 2-3 years away from being a legitimate threat in AFC East (Sadly).
  12. Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th-round pick

    LOVED this trade. Ajayi think very very very highly of himself as evidenced in him being inactive early last year. He pouted cause he felt he should be handed the job. Gase has no tolerance for pouty young players who don’t work hard and study their playbook or opponents. He has treated Caroo in a similar manner. Gase is still trying to establish a culture. As several people have stated this week, it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you aren’t on board with the philosophy and culture, you’re out. This can ruffle feathers with fans but eventually this is what you have to do. Ajayi was to be a FA after next season. Probably would want top back money. Miami has bigger needs than paying a RB. Kamara, Hunt, even Ajayi were mid round selections. We should be looking for these RB steals each year and recycling RBs every 3-4 years to keep the costs down. Spend $$ on OL, DL, QB and key defensive players. Miami front office is best we have had since Jimmy Johnson. Godcheax, Taylor, Tankersley among other rookies look very very promising. Not to mention we STOLE William Hayes from the Rams. And don’t forget about TJ McDonald coming after this week. 26 years old and a thumper that is signed for cheap for 4 more years Super Bowl contention doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a culture shift that takes years. Tannehill, Lippett, Raekwon all projected starters and all out to start the season at key positions. 4-3 is shocking considering the elements.