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    This draft was all about Leadership, character, speed and versatility. It's clear they want guys that just want to get on the field and are "team first" guys. The Fitzpatrick pick set the tone. DB was not Miami's biggest need but they wanted a uber talented guy that will be in the defensive backfield for the next 12-15 years like Ed Reed or Troy Polomalu. He can do everything. To be fair, I think when the 2018 season is over, you'll have to look at the production of Landry/Thomas and compare it to Amendola,Wilson/Gesecki's production. I'm sure Gase wants to spread Landry's production around and would rather see his TE eat into some of those catches. Thomas was worthless last season which helped Landry's numbers. The only pick I didn't not like was the K in the 7th. There were better K on the board. My prediction is Smythe catches 3+ TD's in 2018. All the attention will be elsewhere.

    Love the Baker pick. We now have Ohio State’s last two leading tacklers. I’m sure Raekwon had some good things to say....

    Soooooo disappointed. Wanted Dallas Goedert....
  4. 2018 Draft Day Predictions

    HAHA... Pats aren't trading up. They lost waaaaay to much in the off season and have too many holes to fill. CB, OT, WR and LB. They have proven they can take a 2nd day guy and make him a HOF. BTW... Bleacher Report just put up a story that Browns have narrowed #1 overall to Allen or Mayfield. Mayfield makes a ton of sense for the Browns from a leadership perspective. Losing Joe Thomas in that locker room you will need a new face of leadership and that is where Baker excels. He's a pretty damn good player as well. My worry for the Dolphins is they "settle" at #11. Hoping one of the two LB's are there. If not, Maybe they can swing a trade and move back to late teens/early 20's and still get Evans/Vanderesch and pick up another Day 2 pick in the process.
  5. First-Pick Draft with Dolphin Interviews

    So at 11, you would rather take a QB, WR or CB? If Rosen or Mayfield are there at 11 I could get on board with that. Miami has 7 WR on its roster right now. 1st Rd WR have been an absolute disaster (besides 2014). The reason the offense was so bad last year is because our QB LOVED to throw it to the other team. CB? I would argue its a position of strength for Miami. Remember, Lippett comes back and showed a ton of promise in 2016. A big reason Miami was able to make a run into the playoffs. 4 INT's. I don't see DT as a huge need but Vea could be a 10 year solid pro. I would lean LB (Edmunds or Smith), trade back, trade back, trade back or trade back. If some how Miami could move back to the late teens and pick up a another second round selection, that would be ideal. Take Evans or Vanderesch in late teens/early 20's and pick up another potential starter in round 2. There is a significant drop off in talent after top 10 and another after the 2nd round. Most draft analysts have 2nd round grades on most of the guys after 20. Not a very good draft at all. LB, QB and TE and interior OL are deep in Top 50. That's it.
  6. Draft Questions

    Which is cheap. 3 years of control. Gase can tutor him. No pressure. Fresh start. Looooow risk play for Miami. Not saying I’m this huge Lynch fan. But if you can get him in the building for next to nothing (5th-6th round picks are a crap shoot to make the team) I think it’s a no brainer.
  7. Draft Questions

    Broncos traded back into the first to get him. Look it up......
  8. Draft Questions

    Actually Paxton Lynch is 2 years plus an option for a 3rd. I would absolutely give up a 6th for him. He hasn’t had anyone to develop him. Gives you two cheap years to see what you have and if you like it, you give him the option year. I would make the trade with AZ. I love Smith but AZ isn’t going to be any good this year in a really tough divisions. Possibly 2 top 15 pick in 2019 sounds great for a team that needs youth. Plus you can still get Vander Esch or Evans at 15. I wiuld be be very disappointed if we took Barkley. He is going to be amazing but Drake showed last year he can be the guy. I would not trade race up for anyone in any situation. You only mortgage future drafts when you are a piece or two away from Super Bow contention. Miami isn’t in the place.
  9. Draft Questions

    IF the Broncos draft a QB at #5 and Miami does not acquire a QB on Day 1 or 2, would you trade a 5th or 6th round pick for Paxton Lynch? IF Baker Mayfield Roquon Smith and Vita Vea is there at 11 and Arizona offers two firsts to move back would you make the trade? IF the LBs and QBs are gone at 11 and Saquon Barkey is there at 11, do you take him? Would you trade two firsts to move up to 6 to grab Josh Rosen?
  10. Trade up for Rosen

    I think everyone is overthinking the Patriots in Round 1. They lost Cooks, Soldier, Garrapollo and Butler and basically did nothing in free agency. From the way it sounds, Gronk may only play one or two more years. They have plenty of picks to reload in the first two rounds. I don't see them packaging picks to take a QB. I could see them taking a QB early in Round 2 IF its Rudolph. Otherwise, the Pats have a ton of holes to fill. History proves its not the Pats style to move up in the early rounds. Who wants to explain to Brady they gave up multiple picks (all that could be possible Day 1 starters) for a guy that is going to sit and be a non contributor for the next 2 years? Pats Draft goes like this..... 1.23 - OT 1.31 - CB 2.9 - TE 2.31 - QB , LB or WR Getting back on topic of this thread, I wouldn't put it past Rosen that he is tanking interviews. He is a different breed. Very well educated and very analytical. History says QB's success rate goes through the roof if they are drafted into a great situation. Tanking the Giants interview would surprise me though. you could sit behind Eli for a year and will more than likely have OBJ and Engram to throw to for the next 7-10 years. I'll continue to hope Miami gets a shot at Roqaun Smith, Minkah Fitzpatrick or an absolute early Christmas gift in Quenton Nelson. But if they did draft a QB, Rosen and Mayfield are at the top of my list. There are literally 7-8 guys Miami could take that would fill a need. Would even be open to moving back and grabbing an extra 2nd round pick and taking Vanderesch.
  11. My grades for 1st round position need - Day 3 FA

    Wishlist for #11 in this order Nelson - LOL. He won’t last... I’m dreaming. Smith - he and McMillian would be great together. Edmunds - versatile, fast, young. Not as polished as Smith but would be great. trade back - yes trade back. Miami needs good young talent. Move back and grab another 2nd rounder or even a 1st in 2019. Fitzpatrick - sooooooo goooood. Just not sure how we could use him, McDonald and Jones on the field all three downs. Would be awesome though. Vea - not a sexy pick but he will be a very solid pro. James - same here with Fitzpatrick. Not necessarily a need but a great talent. i will say I think Barkley is a game changer talent but there is no way in hell I would mortgage future drafts for him.
  12. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    This sums of the Dolphins of the past. This is why they cut Suh. Bad Contract. Can’t overpay Landry. Handcuffs your team. I really like what they have done this offseason. Brought in championship tested leadership. Wilson’s contract is very manageable. Getting 2 quality OL for half the cost of Pouncey. (Hard to see him go but $9m was a lot). I still think Miami is going to go Edmunds or Smith if one of them fall. If not, Vea.
  13. Albert Wilson

    Stills deal looks like a bargain now. He has been Miami’s unquestioned best outside WR. I’ve said since October I wouldn’t be suprised if Miami moves on from Parker.
  14. Albert Wilson

    Has nothing to do with the signing, the $ or the player. Miami trades up to get Carroo. Gave up a 4th round pick for him. This is the head shaking part. Miami continues to draft poorly and rely on Free Agency. They have been burned soooooo many times. And now we are about to sign Amendola... are we trading Parker? Stills and Carroo play outside with Amendola and Wilson play the slot? Parker; stills, Wilson, Amendola, Carroo, Grant, Ford..... More trades/cuts must be coming
  15. Albert Wilson

    The more I look at this signing the more I want to scream. Not to take anything away from Wilson the player. I hope he comes in and is productive. It’s the fact we gave up so much for Caroo. Miami continues to not develop young talent. How long will Miami completely neglect the glaring issue that is the OL?!???!!!!!?? I know 75% of fans want a QB in this draft but we should be doing everything possible to get Nelson