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  1. Bengals taking Chase would be a very Bengal thing to do. They have two very good WR, one in which they got last year that looks the part of a top flight #1 in Tee Higgins. If I’m a Bengals fan, it’s Sewell and no one else. It’s a no brainer. They could het Marshall at top of the 2nd if they are that hard up for an LSU WR.
  2. Been watching a ton of film. Wouldn’t mind any of the following combinations... 6. Parsons, 18. Bateman (reminds me a lot of Davante Adams out of college) 6. Pitts, 18. Paye 6. Chase, 18. Owosu-Kormoah If Rondale Moore is there at 50, he would be interesting. He could line up all over the place and be a problem. Love his tape. Javonte Williams... also a BEAST!!
  3. I wrote that post several days before the Darnold trade. I don’t see Mia moving back now. Unless Denver is in love with someone that happens to fall.
  4. I actually think ATL is more inclined to take Sewell as it could extend Matt Ryan's run for 3-4 more years. And if they are bad again, They will have a generational OT to help whatever young QB they draft in a year or two. If Sewell falls, I think CIN takes him. CIN can grab R. Moore/Bateman/E. Moore top of 2nd round. My hope is ATL stays put and drafts one of Lance/Fields/Jones. QB's go 1-2-3-4. CIN stays put and takes Sewell. CAR panics because they need to jump DET (Who is looking to trade back) Comes to MIA with #8 and 2022 1st. CAR takes last QB and Miami still gets Chase or P
  5. Anyone else worried about Grier's ability to hit on 1st rounders? I think his strong suit is maneuvering the board but I can't say he is great at decision making in the 1st round. 2016 - Tunsil. No brainer. They even admitted they never in a million years thought he would fall to them on draft night. 2017 - C. Harris. Absolute BUST! 2018 - Fitzpatrick. Great Pick. Unfortunately Fitzpatrick whined his way out of Miami. But ill give Grier credit for this. 2019 - Wilkins. Solid but not a perennial Pro Bowl type player. Ill give him a hit on this pick. 2020 - Tua.
  6. Will be interesting if this is the board... 1. Lawrence - Jax 2. Sewell - NYJ 3. Wilson - SF 4. Slater/Pitts - ATL 5. Chase/Slater - CIN 6. ?? - Mia Does Denver, Carolina or NE come calling offering multiple #1s for Lance, Jones or Fields? I think Grier played this brilliantly.
  7. We gave up our (Miami 1st) in 2022 to Philly. We still hold SF 1st in 2022. We had a deal done with Philly for weeks obviously. But we must love one of the Big 4. I’m fine with what transpired.
  8. #3 overall has so much value especially now that Watson is going through legal issues. It’s one less QB possibly avail. I would love to see if Carolina or SF is willing to trade 2021 1st, 2nd and 2022 1st as a return. I would obviously love one of the Big 4 (D. Smith, Waddle, Chase or Pitts but if we can play the board right and turn the #3 overall into 3 more high picks essentially we should. I would love a scenario in which we trade back with Carolina or Detroit and get a 2022 first along with their 2020 second and then trade back again with maybe SF, NE, LV or NO and get another 2n
  9. Looks to me like whoever has a better year between Parker and Fuller gets an extension. Wont be shocked if Wilson, Grant and Hurns get cut. Could free up $5-6m. Fuller, Parker, Williams, Bowden, Perry, Gesicki and one of the Big 4 (preferably Chase or Pitts). I like that.
  10. Also have to remember Miami has 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds. All those guys most likely will make the roster so you cant go out and sign guys you might have to cut in September. Probably several post June 1 cuts coming. Especially if they move back in draft and pick up an additional second rounder. Feel bad for this years FA class. There just no money.
  11. Free Agency got me thinking.... A. They like Albert Wilson more than we think... B. They aren't going to cut Grant or Wilson unless they sign someone else. Parker, Williams, Wilson, Grant, Bowden and Perry already on the roster. Someone has to go. C. They know they are getting one of the Big 3 in the draft and don't feel they need to spend big in FA. Which I am fine with. Chase, Smith and Waddle will all be cheaper and probably better than any FA on the market. And will be 5-6 years younger. D. Edge, WR and RB will be addressed in draft. E. Saving Cap Room t
  12. Miami’s silence in the market scares me a bit. Like they are conserving cap because they expect to take on a huge contract in a trade.... (Watson or Wilson). Hope I’m wrong.
  13. Love the idea of Samuel. He will come at half the cost or even less than the “elite guys”. Not sure why people want to cut bait from Preston Williams. He is CHEAP and very talented. Yes he has had two injuries but the guy can ball. Keep Bowden and Perry. Cut everyone else. Hindsight is 20/20 but how nice would it have been if Grier would have drafted Winfield Jr instead of Igbangone. McCain and or Rowe would already be cut. I do think Brandon Jones has a bright future. Guys I love in FA this year are..... (not many) Samuel-WR ($7-9m year) Lindsley-C (goo
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