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  1. I'm concerned with the lack of involvement of Gesecki over the past few weeks. He is a weapon. Need to get him involved to open up more opportunities for Parker and Williams. Also been disappointed by Brieda's role. I was ecstatic when we acquired him last April. Offense needs to get going.
  2. Taco had more sacks in 8 games with Miami than Charles Harris has in his career. Curious why Taco before Harris. Harris is a huge bust.
  3. Getting Brieda for a 5th and grabbing Weaver has made this day a success in my mind. Even if we wasted a 6th on a long snapper with plenty of good depth value on the board.
  4. Rounds 3-7 have been tough for Grier in the past. Other than Gaudcheaux we haven’t found much production. Obviously this is a different coaching staff where development is a priority.
  5. Totally agree. Can’t fill all the holes. I think I would have rather seen us take Winfield Jr at 30. Needham is young and could have held down the nickel spot for a year. or there were several CB that fell into late second even 3rd rd. (Fulton, Dantzler) Hunt is going to be a stud. Raekwon Davis is boom or bust. Let’s hope Flo can motivate him. We may be saying that’s a steal in a couple years. Jones was a head scratcher when J Jones and Baun were still on the board. I expect Howard to get 60-65% of the workload with some sort of Ballage, Gaskin and whatever late rd RB we get by committee. Not great but a better OL, Parker, Williams and Gesecki will keep defenses a bit more honest which should open up the run game. Etienne in 2021!
  6. I would say everyone but Tua is a “project”. I hope I’m wrong.
  7. Not loving the last two picks. Gas probably took Davis out of spite. I think I would have grabbed J. Jones or Baun at #70.
  8. Ashtyn Davis, Chinn or Zach Moss at #70?
  9. If we move back, we better be getting 2nd rounders in 2021. Gathering more picks in 2020 would be insane. Hearing the reason 49ers traded up for Aiuk was because both the Packers and Dolphins wanted him in late 1st. Interesting.
  10. Miami had 14 picks coming in. Adding a 15th last night. Ill pose this question... Would you draft Fromm or Hurts in the 3rd? A little insurance.... I wouldnt use #70 but if I could move back into the 3rd with a 4th and 6th i might do it.
  11. Agreed with your positions... My Safety Tiers are 1. Winfield Jr. and McKinney 2. Delpit, A. Davis and Chinn
  12. Been saying it for 6 months...Call the Raiders and offer #5 and #56 for #12, #19 and Carr. It’s a lot to give up if you’re the Raiders. But Gruden might overpay a bit to get “his guy”. Miami doesn’t have the coaching staff to develop QBs. Miami’s new style offense fits Carr to a T. Quick get the ball out of your hands and accuracy. That’s what he is. Take the best OT at #12 or Kinlaw, Josh Jones at 18, pass rusher at 19 and safety or Ruiz at 26. That would be a haul! And you would still have #39. If you find the Carr isn’t your guy, you release him after 2020 (basically no cap hit) and you offer both Firsts and a second in 2021 for Lawrence.
  13. Miami Dolphins select DeAndre Swift @Niners are on the clock
  14. You don’t think there is someone at 31 to fill a need for Niners?!? I could name 5 guys that you could grab that will fill a need for you guys.
  15. Tap Raiders? If we move back we should try and hoard picks
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