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  1. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    Snyder is gone.
  2. Damn Daniel Thies? What a ******* steal. I have his poster.
  3. Happy with DoDo. Extremely happy with my bench now. HC: Doc Rivers PG: Conley / Rozier SG: McCollum / Hardaway Jr. SF: Simmons / Finney-Smith PF: Tucker / J. Collins C: Jokić / Capela
  4. Lol I’m glad someone else appreciates DoDo though.
  5. I just picked lol. Sorry man.
  6. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    HC: Doc Rivers SF: Dorian Finney-Smith
  7. Maxi Kleber is a stud. From a guy who has watched nearly game of his career. Elite role player.
  8. Ozark Season 3 released, March 2020

    2 seasons max. But I have a feeling 4 might be the last, and that might be a good thing. Unless they off this cartel guy and start a new one but that may get too repetitive.
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Rewatching Drake and Josh.
  10. I’m happy with my team so far: Conley Jr. • Rozier McCollum • Hardaway Jr. Simmons • ??? Tucker • Collins Jokic • Capela Starting lineup has 4 guys who can handle the ball/create, a legit #1 option on offense and a solid #2, Tucker stretches the floor and can defend multiple positions, Conley is still a very good starting PG, and Simmons can thrive as an all around all star with shooters around him. The bench makes me happy. 2 guys in the backcourt who shoot over 40% from 3 on a high volume. I have a 20/10 athletic freak big man who runs the floor and hits 3s over 40%. Then a 14/14 rim protector in Capela to pair with him.
  11. Happy to get Rozier and THJ. They average 18 ppg and 15 ppg both on 40% from 3.
  12. Conley Jr. • Terry Rozier McCollum • Tim Hardaway Jr. Simmons • Tucker • Collins Jokic • Capela
  13. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    PG: Scary Terry Rozier SG/SF: Tim Hardaway Jr. @DalCowboyzRule