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  1. I am going to include healthy Durant and Curry. 1. LeBron James 2. Kawhi Leonard 3. Kevin Durant 4. Giannis Antetokounmpo 5. Anthony Davis 6. Steph Curry 7. Luka Dončić 8. Jim Haren 9. Jimmy Butler 10a. Nikola Jokič 10b. Damian Lillard 10c. Chris Paul
  2. So the entire Dodgers team likely has it. Also, Rob Manfred did not sounds good at all. Sounded like a stroke. Pretty scary.
  3. What’s the outlook with Wilson/McKinnon for the future? If Hasty steps up do you see one of them being gone next year? I assume Coleman is probably done.
  4. You guys are going to LOVE Hasty. I had the pleasure of watching his entire career at Baylor. He’s a poor man’s Marshawn Lynch/Marion Barber. He is also a great pass blocker, receiver in the backfield, and he was an elite special teams tackler for us too. I’ll be tuning into as many 49ers games as I can.
  5. Saw Henry Black played and forced a late fumble. I understand he’s active due to some injuries but has he gotten good buzz prior? I’m assuming once guys get healthy he’ll go back to practice squad? Really happy for Henry.
  6. Do I play Bernard and Jamaal Williams over Higgins now that Aaron Jones is out? I’ve had Higgins on the bench 4 straight weeks but I feel like those 2 backs are RB2s with the volume they’ll get.
  7. My gut says I’m screwed either way lol
  8. Yeah but I’m better than Kyle Allen. Seattle defense is pretty bad and is facing one of the most explosive players and offenses in the NFL.
  9. One more... Cowboys D/ST vs. Kyle Allen and the Skins or Seahawks vs. high-powered Cardinals offense?
  10. Devonta Freeman absolutely ****ed me. Now I feel I have to start Gio Bernard with Mixon out. Out of these 3 (0.5 ppr), which 2 do I play? Gio Bernard Tee Higgins Keelan Cole Do I play 2 Bengals?
  11. I have Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers. Which should I try to trade? I’m 2-4. Sell high on Aaron and rely on Cam’s rushing to keep him as a solid play?
  12. Looks like you guys may have signed Corey Coleman again. Heard anything? I think he can be a very solid #3/4 receiver if healthy. Really want him to get another shot.
  13. I picked up Antonio Brown to stash. As a team in desperation, would you drop him for Jerry Jeudy?
  14. Wtf. Why are they pulling Morton? 6 ip, 0 runs, 2 hits, 66 pitches...
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