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  1. Thanks! I ordered the hard drive. As far as cleaning, is it easy to do yourself or is it best to take it somewhere?
  2. So I’ve had a 360 for a long time and still play it. Never got the red ring of death and it’s only frozen a couple times. I have the 360 E: https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-XBOX-360-250GB-Console/dp/B00D9FQAM0 Few questions: 1) When I play games it is REALLY loud, like the fan. Sounds like it’s revving up and I think it’ll blow up lol. Been doing this for years. Is this because it is old and nearing it’s end? Or could it be dust that needs to be cleaned? Can this be fixed? 2) Looks like I've been playing without a hard drive all these years lol. Can someone send m
  3. He’s not good. Especially when for the 2nd straight year he came in out of shape and not giving a ****. The honeymoon will be over soon and he’ll be a 22/6/6 player on 40/15/65 shooting.
  4. The few years of Luka was fun while it lasted. He’s ******* terrible. I’ve never seen a worse shooter in my life.
  5. Lol Horton-Tucker Will average 4.7 ppg for his career.
  6. Just finished Man on the Moon III. Amazing. I’m very sad the trilogy is over as Kid Cudi has been in my life at my lowest and highest moments. I think he mixes a perfect amount of new age style while still having the musical effects of the OG Kid Cudi “space music”. Now off to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album. Great night!
  7. What is the best, or some of the best, open world space games? I’m talking where I can float in space in my astronaut gear and go to planets, the moon, etc... One I saw was Adrift and then Observation. Another question. Is there a game where you are in the Arctic, or Antarctica just exploring? I like open world games like that.
  8. You do if you are a franchise like the Jets and Trevor Lawrence is right there for you to take.
  9. Jets just lost Lawrence. What a poverty franchise.
  10. I think the Jets have a really nice WR trio now that Breshad Perriman figured out how to play football a little.
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