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  1. 61-6. Won 4 out of our last 5 in-season tournaments.
  2. This is the least talented roster in the league. After Luka it’s embarrassing, and it’s been this way for a decade. Dwight Powell, WCS, DFS, Sterling Brown, Maxi Kleber… none of these guys are rotation guys on a playoff team. Their gigantic off-season consisted of Reggie Bullock, Moses Brown, Sterling Brown, and Frank Ntilikina. I mean LOL. Tim Hardaway Jr. is a #4 option or 6th man. He’s our #2. Porzingis is the most injury prone player in the league. Brunson is solid, but they will most likely overpay the **** out of him. Draft-wise they’re the worst in the league. N
  3. That batted down pass was the receiver’s fault!!!
  4. It was a wreckless, inaccurate throw. Another thing it’s so hard to like Mahomes. He is literally treated like Jesus Christ. Nothing is ever his fault.
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mahomes get blamed for an interception or incompletion. It’s insane lol.
  6. Would you drop Michael Carter for Jarvis Landry? My bench is: Michael Thomas (BYE) Allen Robinson (BYE) Kyle Pitts (BYE) Odell Beckham Alex Collins Michael Carter
  7. Is this a draft on here or some ESPN league? If it’s on here with time slots I’m in.
  8. Is that certain that Herbert will be the feature? That’s my only pause is that he’ll get like 4-5 carries.
  9. Yeah I’ve said if bench ARob 2 weeks in a row and not done it. I want to say Herbert but I have a weird feeling he’ll get like 5 carries.
  10. A. Robinson L. Shenault C. Samuel *M. Thomas
  11. 0.5 PPR. Pick 2 to roster. Quintez Cephus Bryan Edwards Sammy Watkins
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