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  1. Josh Richardson is one of the worst players in the league. He is ******* horrible.
  2. Luka just butt****ed the Celtics in the first half. 8-9 FG // 5-6 3pt // 24 points
  3. The Blue Mountain State Snow Goblins select... F - Desmond Bane @Deadpulse on the clock?
  4. The very sad thing is he’s one of the absolute best players on this team. I guess I can enjoy him for 20 something games lol.
  5. No they’re definitely worse. Only one franchise can have Dirk for 20 years and give him trash for 75% of his career, the same is happening with Luka. Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson are so bad at their jobs. They love mediocrity.
  6. Another year of the Mavs being one of the worst organizations in the league. So glad we had $50 mil in cap space this offseason to bring in ******* Willie Cauley-Stein, Trey Burke, Wesley Iwundu, and James Johnson. 4 guys who wouldn’t start for a high school team.
  7. Taken Horton Tucker may take the cake for most overrated player of all time. A borderline NBA player being treated like he’s Kawhi Leonard.
  8. The Blue Mountain State Snow Goblins select... G - Jalen Brunson @Sllim Pickens is on the clock.
  9. G - J. Murray // S. Curry G - McCollum // Hardaway Jr. F - J. Grant // K. Johnson F - James // Finney-Smith C - B. Lopez // Drummond Tried to be a little more “realistic” with roles and everything, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Everyone but Drummond is a + 3point shooter and I like Drummond as a rebounder with the 2nd unit - really like the defensive duo of DFS and Johnson off the bench and their ability to guard multiple positions, then Curry and THJ each can explode for 20 points any given night. Starters - LeBron having Murray and McCollum
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