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  1. Would you drop Michael Carter for Jarvis Landry? My bench is: Michael Thomas (BYE) Allen Robinson (BYE) Kyle Pitts (BYE) Odell Beckham Alex Collins Michael Carter
  2. Is this a draft on here or some ESPN league? If it’s on here with time slots I’m in.
  3. Is that certain that Herbert will be the feature? That’s my only pause is that he’ll get like 4-5 carries.
  4. Yeah I’ve said if bench ARob 2 weeks in a row and not done it. I want to say Herbert but I have a weird feeling he’ll get like 5 carries.
  5. A. Robinson L. Shenault C. Samuel *M. Thomas
  6. 0.5 PPR. Pick 2 to roster. Quintez Cephus Bryan Edwards Sammy Watkins
  7. 0.5 PPR, we start 2 FLEX, 12 teams: Need some thoughts on my WR situation. It’s not pretty. I grabbed RBs 3 of my first 4 (A. Jones, N. Harris, then Allen Robinson, then Chris Carson). My WR group is: Allen Robinson Laviska Shenault *Curtis Samuel Cole Beasley Bryan Edwards Sammy Watkins *Michael Thomas I picked up Edwards and Watkins due to volume and thinking they’d at least have some games where they blow up. The biggest “if” here is Michael Thomas. If he comes back healthy and gets his top target share as usual, he’s a WR2 at mi
  8. I tuned in early and first thing I hear was Chris Collinsworth with his creepy laugh saying KC would go 17-0.
  9. Taking a Monday night FA after an injury. 0.5 PPR, Sammy Watkins or Bryan Edwards?
  10. 14 team league, PPR, no kicker. QB: Jalen Hurts RB: Ezekiel Elliott RB: Miles Sanders WR: Stefon Diggs WR: Diontae Johnson TE: TJ Hockenson FLEX: Courtland Sutton D/ST: Ravens BENCH QB: Burrow RB: David Johnson RB: JD McKissic WR: Jakobi Meyers WR: AJ Green WR: Gabriel Davis Thoughts?
  11. So Is as between Pascal and Marshall and I ended up taking Marshall. Now you have me second guessing lol. right now my WRs I am plying are: Allen Robinson, Laviska Shenault, and one of FLEX spots is Curtis Samuel (other is Chris Carson). So it’s really do I want to play Marshall over Samuel (or do I go grab Pascal). Now Darrynton Evans is on IR so I have a spot. I went with Bryan Edwards. Him and Terrace Marshall on my bench which I’m happy with.
  12. Thinking safe would be better with Shepard, but that’s what I drafted Beasley for. I think between the two I’m leaning Marshall. Saw Carolina had 3 top 25 fantasy WR last year and the guy is just mega talented. Think he could be an instant FLEX.
  13. So I think I’m going to drop Hilton. In 0.5 PPR, which one of these should I grab: Sammy Watkins Sterling Shepard Zach Pascal Terrace Marshall
  14. Other “top one available” is OJ Howard. I have Kyle Pitts so this isn’t a starter, but definitely someone I may need to slip into one of two FLEX spots every now and then.
  15. Drafted Irv Smith unaware of him likely missing season. Would you pick up Zach Ertz or Jared Cook? 0.5 PPR.
  16. Yeah a lot banks on Thomas. But worth the risk to me. As for Beasley I figured he’d be a safe floor option at FLEX for a few weeks while I wait for Thomas. Hilton was another flyer I took but tbh I was undecided at that pick and the clock was down to 5 secs lol. Evans was my last pick so definitely a likely drop for me if someone happens to become available.
  17. Yeah my plan was to get 3 strong RBs. I didn’t plan on taking a QB that early but Murray is a top 5 guy to me and I wanted to grab him before I picked in 22 picks again. WR, I took a big chance on Thomas. But I took Shenault as a guy I think could take a leap to a solid WR3 and then Beasley as a safe floor option while I wait for Thomas to return. And Samuel is someone I just think will get a lot of targets and volume so figured why not. Im also kind of banking on Pitts to make up for some of that and be a WR2 type productive player for me. I took a flyer on Hilton since he was
  18. 12-team 0.5 PPR, 11th pick. I went big and took a risk on Michael Thomas in the 7th round. I also had no idea Irv Smith may be out for the year. Do I stick with him or drop him for Jared Cook, Zach Ertz, or OJ Howard? QB: Kyler Murray RB: Aaron Jones RB: Najee Harris WR: Allen Robinson WR: Laviska Shenault TE: Kyle Pitts FLEX: Chris Carson FLEX: Curtis Samuel D/ST: Buccaneers K: Brandon McManus *BENCH: Michael Thomas BENCH: Cole Beasley *BENCH: T.Y. Hilton *BENCH: Irv Smith Jr. BENCH: Ben Roethlisberg
  19. I’m not predicting a title, though I think we definitely will be that caliber. But I am expecting an Elite 8 with whatever possibility moving past that. I wish Vital had stayed for an 8th year.
  20. I think people are majorly sleeping on Baylor. Yes we lost 2 All Americans, a 3rd All American caliber guard, and an elite defensive role player glue guy, but we are still very loaded. Akinjo - Cryer Flagler - Love Mayer - Turner K. Brown - Sochan - Loveday Tchamwa Tchatchoua - Thamba - Dainja Thia doesn’t even include Dale Bonner, another insanely under-the-radar transfer guard who is “redshirting” this year but can step in a nice role if needed. That is a top 10 team in the nation and top 2 contender for B12 title alongside Kansas. People are going t
  21. How are you guys liking Henry Black? I heard he looked nice last weekend. Had a damn good senior year at Baylor but didn’t think an NFL team would pick him up. Glad to see he may have a home for a while.
  22. What was up with all the anti-Mims headlines the past week? I know he’s missed time with a sickness but he is hands down one of your top 2 WR next to Davis. Surely he’s nowhere near the bubble and is a lock to be a starter, right?
  23. Do you guys think Hasty makes the 53? The fumbles are definitely an issue but he is a hard runner and has pretty good vision. Saw he had 10/62/1 TD the other night. Thought he looked very solid last year too.
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