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  1. Charles Harris being traded to ATL for a 7 th?

    Totally agree. People dismissing 7th round picks but so much better than nothing. one of our 7ths this year is already a 6th next. We have started building up pick numbers for next year already I wonder if we can generate anymore? I think there are a couple of players who could fetch some compensation
  2. Depth Chart after the Draft

    I hope so but like any fan base ours will be patient for about 3 quarters. what will be interesting is Rosen. How long will he be Qb2 for and what would happen if Fitzmagic were to go down.
  3. FF Mock draft contest

    Congratulations to @MikeT14 who smashed it and wins. well done fella.
  4. Depth Chart after the Draft

    I agree better a top guard than a average tackle. But I think they drafted him as a RT and will kick him in to guard if it doesn’t work. I don’t like the idea of Davis protecting Tua’s blindside. this may further give the FO justification to sit Tua for a year.
  5. Depth Chart after the Draft

    I agree. I think we have a number of players we are probably gonna cut if we can’t trade for a low round pick. i would add Taco Charlton to this and some low end corners with starting experience may be moved on. i don’t think Rosen will be cut but we must be trying to get a low end pick back for him.
  6. What Grade Do You Give the Dolphins Draft???

    I agree with all of this. i do wonder whether we would have taken Wilson at 30 if he had dropped and pushed our selections down a slot each. I will be interested to see how Weaver progresses and the reason he dropped. I only rated him as a 3rd rather than a 2nd as some have said but I feel my assessment took on board his weaknesses. He could be a steal.
  7. 2020 Pick Tracker

    Tua - A - Had to take the risk imo. In my opinion he will start as soon as the o line is good enough. Jackson - B - I would have liked to see a trade down to mid twenties and taken him but only because he is young and not the finished article. What I would say is the Dolphins clearly had him ranked much higher than Jones and Niang so fair play for getting their guy, Igbinoghene - B - Another guy not at the peak of his powers. I like the player but would have loved to see us go in a different route. I feel each of our next picks could have been taken a spot later so if he dropped to 39 we could have got them all plus say a RB, Receiver or Safety. Hunt - B - common theme on next three picks as I mentioned before love the player just a little to early. I really can see him as getting the first shot at Right tackle. My original thoughts were we would double down with J Jones move Jackson to blindside and tuck hunt inside but after passing on Jones I think he may get his shot against Davis and a lower round pick. R Davis - C - Freakish size but production has been down. I had him as a 4th rounder. B Jones - C - picked him in a lot of mock drafts but far later. Seems to be another high character guy and I think he would be rated higher by me if I didn’t love 4 other safety prospects. Chinn, Winfield, McKinney, Davis. I was hoping we could shift some lower rounds picks to get another 3rd rounder. Still some good prospects on the board.
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