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  1. Predict The Pick v.2 - 11 - Dolphins

  2. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #7

    James 6th time lucky.
  3. TCMD - Suggestions and Feedback

    I totally agree. I enjoy the trades during the mock and some of the blockbuster trades really shape the mock but and I’m guilty of it to some trades are through boredom. I think if the start is delayed (closer to your original schedule) and Free agency is back to back days. Then we are not searching for trades to keep up interest in the mock. Maybe things like posting a depth chart, trade block can be built into the schedule so extend the process without impacting the more important things. Simple things like posting a depth chart also shows the commitment of the GM’s.
  4. TCMD - Suggestions and Feedback

    I could see some value in this but depends on numbers, I suppose the most obvious hold up would be the trade of picks be it for players or up and down the draft. Would there be a reluctance to make a trade should an individual lose their pick (contribution) in the process. You would hope it’s not the case but I could see it. I know you have suggested a different person making trade decisions but people tend to take it personally. Maybe a pairing to start with or a three man committee making all the decisions? Three man committee would certainly mean no split decisions. All suggestions could go to the rest of the war room for influencing but will not delay decisions/activity or stop transactions.
  5. I would want Mayfield, Smith or Edmunds in that order for the Dolphins but agree the pick is realistic and would still feel a need.
  6. TCMD - Suggestions and Feedback

    The books and the FA period is what makes this so good for me. This is a lone wolf strategy I accept but when the war room had more interest this was easy to explain a share info. The problem I find in war rooms are the difference on opinions for players. This reduces trades and I like to be able to sign free agents based on trades I would then complete and visa versa. I like the challenge of managing the cap and being able to make a strategy. I think as long as the contracts are constructed properly it would completely restrict some teams in signing players if they couldn't stagger the contract money
  7. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 11

  8. Rams Sign DT Ndamukong Suh

    Wow. You guys are gonna be fun to watch.
  9. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #4

    Tight between James and Smith. James the better prospect imo if going bpa.
  10. 3 Round Mock Draft

    This is great for Miami 👍
  11. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    Still need a free safety. McDonald and Jones both Strong safety’s. Sign a free safety and play all three.
  12. 8 GM Mock- Draft has begun!

    Maybe, see where you are when you have filled the slots. I will fill in if needed.
  13. 8 GM Mock- Draft has begun!

    I will step in if you get desperate And can’t find anyone else, I don’t wanna let you guys down with too many late picks (time zone etc) hence why I haven’t volunteered.
  14. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    It does look like chubb but I would expect to see you trade for someone so you can trade down if the right offer presents itself
  15. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #2

    I wont even vote Nelson next