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  1. 8 GM Mock Draft; LET'S DRAFT!!!!!!!

    Smashed it
  2. 8GM Mock Draft Thread

    With pick 233 Dolphins select Keaton Sutherland - G - Texas A&M With pick 234 Dolphins select Ronheem Bingham - Edge - Arkansas State With pick 235 Raiders select Jake Bailey - P - Stanford @D82your up
  3. 8 GM Mock Draft; LET'S DRAFT!!!!!!!

    Yes please two upcoming picks for Detroit. I will send across. Cheers pal.
  4. 8 GM Mock Draft; LET'S DRAFT!!!!!!!

    You on for next couple of hours?
  5. 8GM Mock Draft Thread

    With pick 218 Raiders Select Clayton Thorson - QB - North Western With pick 219 Steelers Select Ryan Finley - QB - North Carolina State @D82your up
  6. 8 GM Mock Draft; LET'S DRAFT!!!!!!!

    Come on we can do this. I’m here for a couple of hours and then off to see Endgame so wanna get m picks in beforehand.
  7. 3 round mock QB’s in demand - few trades thrown in

    I did give you one of my favourite players from this year though.
  8. 3 round mock QB’s in demand - few trades thrown in

    I did give you one of my favourite players from this year though.
  9. 8GM Mock Draft Thread

    Steelers select Caleb Wilson - TE - UCLA @samsel23your up
  10. 8GM Mock Draft Thread

    With pick 204 lions select Myles Gaskin - RB - Washington @D82your up
  11. 8 GM Mock Draft; LET'S DRAFT!!!!!!!

    Anyone free for me to send my 2 player BB to? Waited as long as I could
  12. The 2019 Annual Draft Game - CLOSED FOR NEW ENTRIES

    Draft Game Round 1 (1 POINT FOR EACH): Which round do the following players get drafted in? 1. Blake Cashman 2. Chris Lindstrom 3. David Long (The Corner) 4. Dre'Mont Jones 5. Elijah Holyfield 6. Hakeem Butler 7. Jahlani Tavai 8. Jalen Hurd 9. Lonnie Johnson 10. Martez Ivey 11. Miles Boykin 12. Mitch Hyatt 13. Rodney Anderson 14. Will Grier 15. Zach Allen Answers (Round # Only):- 1. 2 2. 1 3. 3 4. 2 5. 7 6. 3 7. 6 8. 6 9. 2 10. 6 11. 4 12. 6 13. 4 14. 3 15. 2 Round 2 (1 POINT FOR EACH): Who gets drafted first? 1. Andy Isabella or Terry McLaurin 2. Byron Murphy or Greedy Williams 3. Chase Winovich or LJ Collier 4. Christian Wilkins or Rashan Gary 5. Cody Ford or Jonah Williams 6. Daniel Jones or Drew Lock 7. David Montgomery or Miles Sanders 8. Deebo Samuel or J.J. Arcega-Whiteside 9. Dexter Lawrence or Jerry Tillery 10. Emmanuel Hall or Mecole Hardman 11. Greg Little or Kaleb McGary 12. Jawaan Taylor or Andre Dillard 13. Max Scharping or Tytus Howard 14. Nasir Adderley or Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 15. Parris Cambell or N'Keal Harry Answers (Use Full Name):- 1. Terry McLaurin 2. Greedy Williams 3. Chase Winovich 4. Rashan Gary 5. Cody Ford 6. Drew Lock 7. Miles Sanders 8. Deebo Samuel 9. Dexter Lawrence 10. Emmanuel Hall 11. Greg Little 12. Jawaan Taylor 13. Tytus Howard 14. Nasir Adderley 15. N’keal Harry Round 3 (2 POINTS FOR EACH): General Questions: 1. Who is the second QB taken? 2. Who is the first team to trade up? 3. How many quarterbacks go round 1? 4. How many wide receivers go in round 1? 5. How many trades are there in round 1? Answers:- 1. Drew Lock 2. Denver Broncos 3. Four 4. Two 5. Six Round 4: Match the player to a team (3 POINTS FOR EACH) 1. AJ Brown 2. Chase Winovich 3. Christian Wilkins 4. Daniel Jones 5. Devin Bush 6. Drew Lock 7. Dwayne Haskins 8. Ed Oliver 9. Greg Little 10. Jeffrey Simmons 11. Josh Allen 12. Joshua Jacobs 13. Juan Thornhill 14. Kelvin Harmon 15. Noah Fant Answers (Use Team Name Only - for example, Bengals for Cincinnati):- 1. Titans 2. Panthers 3. Titans 4. Giants 5. Steelers 6. Broncos 7. Bengals 8. Buccaneers 9. Chargers 10. Colts 11. Lions 12. Raiders 13. 49’ers 14. Jaguars 15. Packers Bonus Tiebreaker: Who is this year’s Mr Irrelevant (15 POINTS)? Answer:- 1. Matt Nelson - Iowa
  13. 8GM Mock Draft Thread

    Lions select with pick 184 Gary Jennings Jnr - WR - West Virginia @Counseloryour up
  14. 1st Round, Lots of trades, explanations

    Perfect for Dolphins
  15. Can someone set up a mock contest?

    I did one for three years similar to what the gnat did last year but with trades allowed. Didn’t get a whole lotta interest in the last year. happy to do one again if there is suitable interest. Here is one of the old ones Welcome to the Footballs Future's 5th Annual NFL Mock Draft Contest Whoever can create the most accurate mock draft will have the title of being Footballs Future's Draft Guru. Open to all so tell a Friend. 2011 Winner: brownie man 2012 Winner: FREDDY T 2013 Winner: 48 1/2ers 2014 Winner : America's Team 1. Scoring 10 points for getting a pick right 5 points for being off by one pick 2 points for being off by two picks 1 points for being off by three picks 0 point for being off by four picks or more. Bonus Points 5 points bonus for the correct team no matter the spot. So please don't forget to include the NFL teams in your mock as well. If you don't include the teams than you won't receive the bonus for any of your picks. This is for the FIRST ROUND ONLY. Whoever finishes with the most points wins. 2. Tie-breakers The following questions must be answered: a. On which pick will the first trade occur? b. Number of 1st round trades? 3. Changes to Your Mock Draft You can change your mock as many times as you want. You may include write-ups if you wish. You may make changes until 30 minutes before the 2015 NFL Draft begins. Your mock will not count if you did not answer the two tie-breaker questions or if your mock draft was edited after the actual draft starts. Good luck to everybody.