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  1. I’m willing to sacrifice my franchise tag if someone wants to set up a tag and trade for one of my big three free agents. Godwin Barrett David
  2. Mike has done a roll call and we normally have one or two drop outs because of real life stuff going on. If not there are a few newbies who may need help.
  3. Brill I was more concerned about franchise tags. Thanks for clarification.
  4. Question @ny92mike bit of a unique situation this year with so many teams being over the cap. the rules say we need to be under within a timely manner. What is that? How long? I am looking and seeing there is two days between the start date and the Rfa, ERFA tagging dates. Am I right to suggest if I or anyone else was not under the cap they couldn’t lodge a bid or apply a tender to one of there own guys?
  5. One team Gm posts the trade in the trade thread and the other gym accepts by quoted the first post. trades usually need to include player number, name and position.
  6. You can fight over Brady if you want to get younger at the position.
  7. Right peeps. Tampa are open for business. Whilst I appreciate this is slightly premature that is the story of my life so going to roll with it.
  8. I reckon it is someone from a last 4 team. Maybe the guy from Green Bay, Luke Getsy.
  9. Firstly I am easy on the decision. Things to consider include, in this mock teams are limited on number of restructures etc for two reasons if I remember correctly, one is the amount of work required to be done by Mike for the updating of the spreadsheets but in particular to stop teams with positive cap positions restructuring players unnecessarily creating cap space for this year with no knock on effect. Irl there is a lot more flexibility and I think you will see an abundance of restructures this year for teams to get under cap and still have a seat at the free agency table.
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