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  1. First-pick.com draft

    I try not to buy into too much hype but he is my favourite Quarterback in the draft. I think he will be the real deal.
  2. First-pick.com draft

    Wouldn’t Hate that.
  3. First-pick.com draft

    I think he is going top ten. Him or R Smith would be my favourite picks in that order.
  4. First-pick.com draft

    If we can trade down and still get Mayfield I would love it.
  5. Landry contract getting ugly

    Agree with most of this tbh. We have made a rod for our own back for overpaying a couple of guys last year but need to stick to 12 - 12.5 average per year with a decent Guaranteed amount. Welcome the compensation next year if someone else wants to overpay.

    Fan Favorite - Dolphins Sub forum war room - if I must, why not 1 Dolphins 2 49’ers 3 Giants
  7. Predict the Pick: 11, Dolphins

    McGlinchey, Williams would be ok. I would take James in this scenario as the board hasn’t fallen kindly.
  8. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Wow how wrong was I. Great performance from Liverpool
  9. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Thought it would be a draw but now I think City to win, under 6.5 though
  10. I agree it is unlikely we get him for that but wouldn’t pay him more than 12 mil per season maybe a little ambitious but I was looking at Hilton and Adams contract. My thinking was 5 years 60mil Signing Bonus $20,000,000 Year 1 - 3+4 Year 2 - 6.5+4 Year 3 - 8.5+4 Year 4 - 10+4 Year 5 - 12+4
  11. 2018 Draft, players we like

    Nice write ups good to compare opinions and helps me look into more depth at players I may have not noticed in the same detail.
  12. My guess would be the Texans think he would want to be on a winning team. Watson coming back too.
  13. I would probably resign Fede too. Plus I forgot about Parkey. I disagree on the amount Hayes and Landry would cost, or I wouldn’t pay them that much I would sign Hayes for no more than 3mil and Landrys contract could be worked to about 6-7 million in year 1 pretty easily. Suh would be best to restructure contract and I would explore that avenue. I wouldn’t cut Tannehill but would consider trading him if there was any value especially if we nicked one of the qb’s. I cannot see us being overly active in the free agency market either. On a side note I hope Branch bounces back his contract is horrible.
  14. Back to you. only thing I disagree with is Larson, I think by cutting him we would create another hole. Although I would love an upgrade not sure we benefit too much from the small savings. Some opinions seem to indicate that Tunsil improved when he returned.
  15. Early offseason draft for me, Was going to create own thread but not going to go into same detail as you, Early signs are we are on same page. Draft prospects may be way off in value but I tried to be sensible whilst targeting players I like so far in limited tape work. Cut J Thomas, J James, L Timmons, Resign J Landry, W Aitkins, M Thomas, S Young, W Hayes, J Denney, A Steen, R Scott. R1 Baker Mayfield - QB - Oklahoma R2 Tremaine Edmunds - OLB - Virginia Tech R3 Frank Ragnow- G - Arkansas R4 Caleb Wilson - TE - UCLA R4 Josh Sweat - DE - Florida State R6 Frank Ginda - ILB - San Jose State R7 Jamar Summers - CB - Connecticut R7 Ralph Webb - RB - Vanderbilt