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  1. Dolphins and Seahawks agree a trade @BowserBroncos Dolphins give 68, 148 and 156. Seahawks give pick 56
  2. I may be able to help you out then too.
  3. Yeah will be if player is there. Would be nice to get that pick in tonight.
  4. Yep. Buyers market especially when prospects are not dropping according to my bb.
  5. Yep no willing to give up anymore no value in it. I don’t see a massive drop off so see value in those 3rd and 4th rounders.
  6. I’m willing to give up pick 156 and 60 for otc pick.
  7. replace Joey with Phil and you have me.
  8. Yeah I can help for a couple of hours
  9. With pick 50 via BB Saints select Pat Freiermuth - TE - Penn State @ovfd55 your otc.
  10. Saints v Big Board select with pick number 46 Kyle Trask - QB - Florida @carrolljcmc your otc
  11. A couple of years ago we use to see trades posted and then arguments on agreements, haven’t seen this for ages. hence people agree and less risk of pulling out.
  12. An independent person could manage this but a lot of work. I do think most people are honest on trades and could just share with a n other based on player availability.
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