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  1. Great data Makes a good read. I have confidence in my lower round picks outperforming there irl draft status, surely I know better sitting on my couch in another country than well paid scouting experts who select these guys.
  2. Gonna be lots of moves both trades and releases in next couple of months he does need to be at table for Oline, it is quite clear even for the casual observer. I liked the trade down in first btw but position has been neglected so far.
  3. The problem with this is he is so stubborn he may not trade for one after making this statement. he would have been better off saying he didn’t like the value. The Two UDFA signings were not on my draft radar either.
  4. Ok. Larnel Coleman at 231. Just can’t remember if anyone got him in any of the mocks.
  5. What happened to 231 and 232?
  6. I agree centre is a big need probably bigger than RT but it is close. imagine if we went into season with that o line we would be in trouble. I think Davis would beat out one of them and that’s hard to type. Jenkins and Dickerson would be amazing. Getting three of those you mention would also be good. Dickerson or Humphrey and Jenkins or Mayfield. But bit of depth at tackle so if they get chance to take Williams a centre at 50 and then a tackle at 81 then so be it. I would be a happy chappy. hoping we are on phones looking to trade one of our receivers to get back our 4th o
  7. Seeing twitter meltdown on not taking a running back and now wanting to trade up giving up the rest of our draft for J Williams. It makes me happy you guys are smart and not losing your #$%@. Not the direction I would have taken but like the Waddle pick over Smith and medical concerns aside Phillips is top edge rusher.
  8. Great trade for Giants.
  9. Eagles going for Smith here? Trading with Cowboys wow.
  10. Sure this will come back and bite me tonight but Dolphins trading up to draft the number 1 player in draft I don’t won’t us to draft. Ouch.
  11. I know a couple of Eagles fans through Twitter and they were saying same thing yesterday,
  12. That blows my whole mock draft. I had Denver trading up. why not do this during the draft after the first few rounds are out the way? Maybe Panthers going after a qb or a smokescreen by Broncos, 6th rounder makes me think Bridgewater was worse than I thought last year.
  13. This is what I have wanted even before the trade so I would be happy.
  14. 1) Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence - QB - Clemson 2) Jets - Zach Wilson - QB - BYU 3) 49’ers - Mac Jones - QB - Alabama 4) Falcons - Kyle Pitts - TE - Florida 5) Bengals - Rashawn Slater - OT - Northwestern 6) Trade - Broncos - Justin Fields - QB - Ohio State (6 for 9,40,114) 7) Trade - Chargers - Penei Sewell - OT - Oregon (7 for 13,47,159) 8,) Trade - Bears - Trey Lance - QB - North Dakota State (8 for 20,83&2022 1st) 9) Dolphins - Ja’Marr Chase - WR - LSU 10) Cowboys - Patrick Surtain - CB - Alabama 11) Giants - Micah Parsons - LB - Penn State
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