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  1. Had 26 friends and family set to come up from OH for the Cleveland game as long as it wasn’t Christmas weekend. Condos rented, party bus on standby. This is the worst
  2. All of this feels incredibly calculated. The entirety of the last year on the McAfee show was probably leading to this exact moment. AJs info today could’ve easily been fed to him. I just don’t see how you can bring him back. From a locker room standpoint, He’s trying to abandon his teammates. From a FO standpoint, he’s making you look like fools and will make it worse if you extend him. We all know Love isn’t ready. If you’re concerned it will Ruin him, bring in a vet and ride out the year. Take the high draft pick and the haul you got from a Rodgers trade and do a quick r
  3. Maybe my wording is weird but that’s what I’m saying. Jeudy and Jones, plus the 2 guaranteed 1s in 22 and 23 and the extra picks conditional on performance
  4. If we’re assuming it’s Denver, my starting point is Jerry Jeudy and Dre’mont Jones. After that, conditional picks: 2022 - 1st, becomes 1+3 if Denver makes the playoffs 2023 - same as 2022 2024 - if he’s still on their roster 3rd, if they make the playoffs 2nd, if in any of the 3 years he is an MVP or they go to the Super Bowl it’s a 1st. 2 young, cheap players and 2 1s with the potential to become three 1s and two 3s is the only kind of return that would make a trade worth it
  5. Couple ways I see this playing out: 1) something is handled behind the scenes. Some type of restructure with a wink and nod that he gets traded out of conference next year. All fine and dandy but it will result in a clusterf- of a season media wise, huge headaches for all involved. Unfortunately, this might be the best case scenario and we’re all in for a really long and mostly unenjoyable season - unless a trophy is hoisted at the end. Then everyone wins 2) Love is traded, Rodgers wins, the Packers look like fools. Don’t see it happening. 3) Rodgers is as prideful as we
  6. You’re right. Atlanta, @ Min (missed FG I think), OT @ TEN (never got the ball I think), Houston, Jacksonville, Carolina and there was something screwy at the game in Chicago. 6-10 could’ve easily been 10-6
  7. To humor the OP, the answer is Winfield Jr. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn’t.
  8. Are there any obvious opt-outs on the roster? Sorry if this was already discussed somewhere. Pats are getting hit hard today
  9. I was telling myself this last night. Would vets accrue a season?
  10. D. Even if you want to factor in the obvious shift in offensive philosophy, we drafted, maybe 30 offensive snaps per game? 0 on defense. Not that rookie snaps are necessarily great but this class is going to give minimal to no contribution this year. Im aware of the OL that need replaced in the next 1-2 years, but we got not help for Clark, no Tramon replacement, not even a flyer on a WR to try to push Kumerow or MVS. Maybe they have high hopes for ESB. To only have this to look forward to for the last 2 months and nothing for the foreseeable future, this was an incredible
  11. I’ve said this exact thing multiple times tonight. Does anyone know if players will accrue a season?
  12. Any one have any good draft podcasts? Packer specific or the whole league. Looking for rumors and what not. Not just Burrow and Tua coverage
  13. Long shot here, any one have an old Al Harris, Mark Tauscher, Chad Clifton or Brian Bulaga Jersey? Preferably replicas. My mother in law wants to make me a quilt so I’m trying to get enough older players to throw one together. Please get ahold of me if you or someone you know might have one
  14. Probably varies by hospital size. Where I work, the moms and babies are completely isolated from the rest of the floors so it won’t be an issue. Capacity may just mean at capacity for ICU/PCU/Gen Med beds. There can only be so many patients based on the # of nurses available and other similar factors. For instance, we’re at ~40% total capacity, but all of our beds that we would relegate Covid to are full, the rest of the floors are being converted if possible
  15. I work at a major academic hospital in the Midwest. RN staff was told today to not plan any vacations until the end of April best case scenario and they need to be able to show up to work within 2 hours notice. Obviously, preparing for doomsday, but it sounds like we’re expecting it to hit the fan over the next few weeks.
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