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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Couldn’t this just be attributed to the offense throwing a bunch of checkdowns at the end of the game because they’re already losing?
  2. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    I could be talked into our 3rd and the Washington 4th. Kind of puts a damper on FA, but if AB were a free agent and came to Green Bay, we’d all be losing our minds anyway. Spend our top 3 on edge, OL, S, then close out the draft with OG, edge and corner prospects and I’d be content. It won’t happen, but it’s fun to consider
  3. I could absolutely be wrong here, but I swear I read ND joining the BIG would cause them a minimal loss when it comes to TV deals. Maybe it was the longhorn network re: Texas and Oklahoma joining the BIG
  4. Players for sure gone before 12 - Bosa, Haskins, Q. Williams, G. Williams, Allen Probably gone - J. Williams, Ferrell, Oliver Missing anyone?
  5. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    It was worth ~273 “trade points”, or the 63rd overall pick
  6. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    Very much disagree. 8 + 28 to 32 gets us to the 2-4 range, depending on how religiously you follow the trade chart. Throw in the WAS 4th and it’s not hard to pull off. 12 isn’t a significant difference, but trading back to 12 is going to be a lot less appealing
  7. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    When I posted that it was based on the early game scores staying the way they were. Either way, not important
  8. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    It actually is true. ARI (3-12) SF, OAK (4-11) NYJ, NYG, JAX (5-10) - losing GB (5-9-1) - losing DET, TB, BUF (5-10) - winning
  9. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    Had we not made the come back last week, the results of these games so far would’ve had us picking 7th 😣
  10. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    Quick glance, best we can do now is 10, worst is 16
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I don’t disagree with any of this, but would we really lose value? Let’s say we trade the Saints pick for 3 years and it finally turns into a top 3 pick. We basically turned #14 into Alexander, 3 3rd/4th rounders and a top 3 pick (Rodgers replacement?). Immediate value, sure, we take a hit, but long term it could be worth the gamble
  12. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Obviously it depends on the board, but in no way would I be upset if we trade the Saints pick for like a 3rd/4th and a 2020 1st to someone. Just keep trying it until you land something in the top 10-12
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    If you’re rooting for the higher pick, you’re pulling for the Jags tonight, Browns, Dolphins, Bucs, Jets, Giants and Bengals, with the Lions/Cardinals winner helping either way
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Rough math using the playoff machine, if we were to lose out, the highest we’d realistically be able to pick is 4, with OAK, SF and ARI picking ahead of us. Our games with the Jets and Lions will have a big influence on whether we’re near 6 or 12. Hard to say what system we’ll be running on defense next year, but are Bosa and Oliver both good enough that they can play in any scheme, or is one more versatile than the other? Would be interesting to see how the FO would handle that high of a pick. We’d probably have to trade up to land one of those 2, with only Oakland being in the market for a QB (maybe). Or do we trade back 5-10 spots and pick up more picks to fill roster holes, maybe land a future 1st from a team that tanks instead of going deep in the playoffs
  15. Tank or Try and Win Out (4-6-1 Edition)

    Root for victory, accept defeat. I’d absolutely love a shot at the playoffs. 2015, when we were garbage the last 10 games, the playoffs against the Redskins and Cardinals were a ton of fun. We all remember how fun 2016 was until Atlanta. Realistically, I don’t see all of the pieces falling into place. If they start to, my excitement will proportionally increase and defeat will get much more bitter. At this point for me, I’m assuming we will beat Arizona. If we don’t, MM should just be canned the next day. The Atlanta game will be my pivot point. That game determines the season for how I’ll enjoy the rest of the season’s outcome. As far as draft slotting, it’s absolutely better (for the future) to have the higher slotted pick. This year, if we were to pick at 10, the Saints pick gives us the ammo to move into the 5-6 range. If we’re at 18ish, maybe we can get up to 10. Also, if we’re at 10 and miss out on the pass rushers, we’d have the opportunity to trade back to 18-20 and pickup a future 1st. Maybe that one becomes a top 10 pick instead of in the 30s like we anticipate the Saints pick to be. Picking higher might get you a Von Miller or a Mack. Maybe you get Aaron Maybin or Vernon Gholston. But if you’re not slotted there, you don’t have the chance to get either