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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Obviously a lot more to this, but with Disney purchasing Fox, the X-Men, Fantastic 4, and others will be back in the MCU.
  2. College Football - 2017 - IS HERE!

    That's just gravy, as I'm sure you're well aware, Patterson is the real treasure. He's a very good player. Saw one of his first games in person (may have been his debut) against Texas A&M. It'll be interesting to see if he is granted a waiver and won't have to sit out a year.
  3. College Football - 2017 - IS HERE!

    Ole Miss has a bowl ban I think.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Hard pass on Gesicki for me
  5. The Texas Rangers thread

    @DalCowboyzRule Is it just you and me in here? Would the following package get Inciarte or Yelich, plus a reliever? Profar, Ronald Guzman, Yo Mendez, and maybe Miguel Aparicio? You'd be looking at two close to MLB ready players, a lower level lottery ticket with upside, and obviously an MLB ready middle infielder. Is that a trade you would make if you're the Rangers?
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I need to do one of these so I can figure out who goes ahead of those players to allow you to get that kind of draft.
  7. The Texas Rangers thread

    Well crap. Now what?
  8. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    For any baseball fans, the Angels are going to be must-see TV with both Trout and now Ohtani in the fold...
  9. Secondary

    I think we are playing our entire line out of position. I think we should make Lawrence the primary RDE, move Irving to LDE, Collins back to the 3T, and bring in a 1T. Vea, as Plan mentioned earlier would be a solid fit, or Bennie Logan in free agency. As for the secondary, I'd like to see Byron back at CB. He just doesn't have the physicality to be a safety. I like Woods at SS with Frazier as the 3rd safety. I'd like to see a veteran FS come in to help out all of the young guys if Scandrick is cut.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    That's fair. Always a question to ask with any FA. Wasn't meant as a jab at Vaccarro, just curious.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    They don't want to commit tons of cap space to one position?
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    That would be ideal if the Saints let him walk. Which would beg the question, why would they let him walk?
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Haven't seen him play much this year. You like what you've seen?
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I'd like to see Byron at CB and bring in a veteran safety to help with the youth in the secondary. Maybe a Glover Quin or someone like that?
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Off ball weakside linebacker. Can play MIKE if you need him to though.