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  1. Thompson released

    Just a joke. But while we're on the topic, would it be Claiborne? Maybe Taco, but it might be too soon for that label.
  2. Thompson released

    Everyone: We don't have a first round pick. This sucks. Me, and intellectual: We don't have a first round pick. Can't draft a bust now.
  3. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    Terrible news. Really wanted to see what he had left.
  4. Thompson released

  5. Thompson released

    I was wondering when (if?) they were going to do that. No brainer. I like Deonte, but for a 4th rounder? We need as many picks as we can get.
  6. 2019 New NFL Head Coaches / Openings (1)

    I heard the rumor is he could be next in line at OSU if Urban gets canned?
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    If the NFL is stupid and lets Will Grier fall to the 2nd, I'd be finding a way to steal the draft card Ocean's style and put his name on it. But if we're being realistic, I think TE or DT will be priority number 1. Speaking of DT, this DL class is stupid good. We should still be able to get a difference maker there in the early 30's. But man, I wish we had our first rounder to grab one of Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Raekwon Davis, or Jefferey Simmons.
  8. Tenn vs Dal: Clapper Awards (no GB's)

    I'm giving a clapper to the broadcast crew. That was a painful game to watch, and the commentary was just as cringeworthy. My goodness.
  9. The Garrett and Linhan Hot Seat Thread

    I think, barring a turnaround in which we get back to .500, we'll see a pretty big shakeup of the coaching staff, but it won't happen until the offseason. That's my hope anyway
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I think we're wasting time if we're talking about QBs this year. Not that I agree with that, but I think it is what it is.
  11. College Football 2018

    Michigan is probably in if they beat OSU. Please beat OSU by the way
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

  13. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I think it's pretty clear we can save the QB talk until 2020. Dak is going to be their QB next year, and if he can't get it together by then, QB will be at the top of the list. Which means if neither guy declares, Herbert and Haskins will be battling with Tua for the top QB in 2020.
  14. Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    That’s the thing. I think the next year and a half will decide what they do with Dak. He’s got everything he needs now
  15. Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    Love the player. Hate the compensation