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  1. I don't really remember saying that, but I'm not surprised I did and it's definitely how I felt. Good memory lol
  2. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I think something about Adams that can't be understated is the locker room impact he would have. Outside of maybe Lawrence, do we really have that Alpha in the locker room on defense? He would just bring a whole new attitude to the secondary on top of his obvious talent.
  3. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Definitely fair points and I think I would lean towards doing it at this point. I also feel like this team is on the cusp, so it would be a worthwhile sacrifice at this point. I also feel much more confident in Nolan getting the most out of Adams as opposed to Marinelli/Richard.
  4. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    In fairness, we showed interest last year. Of course, the original report claimed that about half the league would be calling - which is definitely true.
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    So Michael Irvin, who I guess is pretty tight with Jamal Adams, is claiming the Jets want a 1 and a 3. What are you willing to trade given that he has one year left on his deal before you have to make him the highest paid safety in the league? Considering we have an extra 3 coming to us from Byron Jones, I'd consider that. But it would be really tough to not have a 1st round pick in 2 of the last 3 drafts.
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Aldon Smith has officially been reinstated. Hopefully Gregory is next
  7. I mean from what it sounds like in the article, it would take his AAV from $35M to $37M, so it sounds like he's asking for an extra $2M per year if the Cowboys are serious about the 5th year. So instead of 4/$140M it would be 5/$185M. Or really, Cowboys are offering 5/$175, and he wants the extra $10 over 5 years. Am I reading that wrong?
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I do think we'll see a lot of 11, 10, and even 20 personnel - I'd imagine we'll have 3 receivers out there like 85% of the time.
  9. Notre Dame Death Penalty Dynasty challenge

    I will be, seems like a fun idea
  10. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

  11. I knew you muted me
  12. Our Current Cowboy Roster (so far)

    I was playing around with the cap a bit on OTC, and it would definitely be doable depending on how Dak's contract is structured. But as long as the "rollover" BS exists, we'd have plenty of room. Especially when you factor in Frederick's coming off the books.
  13. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    In related news, Cooper Rush has been waived
  14. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    Arguably the best backup in the league now. Nice pickup and Dalton gets to come home. Win/win