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  1. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    So I'm not sure how to feel about Ferguson. His game doesn't rely on bend or flexibility, so I wouldn't be surprised or even bothered by poor times. But those are like, historically bad. Then again, Orlando Brown had a historically bad combine and he's doing just fine. I'm inclined to trust the tape, especially since he's done it against good competition, but it's certainly throwing a wrench into things for me.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I agree with that actually. Probably just going to be guys to provide competition
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I ran a mock simulation and this is what I ended up with. For the sake of this mock, let’s assume we got Robert Quinn for a 2020 pick 58. Taylor Rapp, S 90. Andy Isabella, WR 128. Daylon Mack, DT 136. Trayveon Williams, RB 165. Drew Sample, TE 241. Saivion Smith, CB
  4. Free agency - who is left.

    Just based on health alone, he's probably a better fit than Berry. Just not as big of a name.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    It depends on who is there. I think any of WR, TE, S, DE, DT are real options, and it depends on who the highest on the board is at each position.
  6. Very happy with this deal. Low risk slot guy with high upside, and we can take a look at the 2019 draft class or even the loaded 2020 WR class for a longer term solution.
  7. L.P. Ladouceur Appreciation Thread

    Don't you get it? You've already lost. 15 years puts him in ELITE company. When he leaves, it will be his own decision. VIVA!!!!
  8. Cowboys looking at Robert Quinn Trade

    I feel like a swap of picks makes sense, or maybe just moving a 2020 pick knowing we have a comp pick on the way at the moment.
  9. L.P. Ladouceur Appreciation Thread

    The GOAT returns for one more ride.
  10. Cowboys looking at Robert Quinn Trade

    With Gregory's status up in the air, this would be a great pickup. He's not a double digit sack guy anymore, but 6-8 sacks is a very reasonable expectation.
  11. Free Agent Contracts

    It's fascinating, because players obviously want their guaranteed money as quickly as they can get it. But if you get all of your guaranteed money in the first two years, you're prone to being cut much earlier than if it were spread out more throughout the contract. So it's kind of a lose-lose situation for the players.
  12. Free agency - who is left.

    What about multiple times?
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    The rumor is it's not considered significant enough to really drop him. More like Star Lotulelei's diagnosis than Maurice Hurst's