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  1. Week 7: New York Jets (3-3) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    ASJ is the guy we gotta win the coverage battles against it seems. then actually produce something against their D
  2. well there's my lifetime ban instated
  3. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    I really dont think Howard is struggling. everything he gives up is indefensible in the NFL with the rules about contact ( slants and comebacks). He was shadowing Jones at one point today and the PI stuff is to be expected with what we ask of him he's not amazing, I'm not going to advocate for that sort of platitude but he's better than the guy inactive earing 8m+
  4. I should be fine, I think the curse is only related to Jets games
  5. I have the fortune of being there this weekend 3rd Fins game and hoping for a first win (1 in MIA vs Jets loss (2012?), 1 in LON vs Jets loss (2015)) Just hope we can do something on offense and defense. We've looked pretty big play phobic on D especially, barely made a play against the pass (and those we do get flagged for nonsense)
  6. Lawrence Timmons reinstated

    Well I am hoping we get a turn around from Jones Maxwell is gone next season, Howard has been decent so far with weird matchups (ASJ?) and we can see what we get from Tankersley/TJ McDonald perhaps towards the second half of the year. I just wish we would go to press man properly, none of this free release nonsense. We have the body types to do it Seriously, Andersons TD vs Verner for example. Awful, inside release, no hands on the receiver, he doesnt even have to really do anything but sprint.
  7. Week 3: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (0-2)

    ruined my evening
  8. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (0-0) @ Los Angeles Chargers (0-1)

    i think communication in the secondary was the big problem there. Saw lots of arguing players after plays. Someone didnt know their assignment or switch their assignment with motion etc
  9. Lawrence Timmons...

    ugh, cant we ever just have a season where we dont invite controversy in the front door
  10. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (0-0) @ Los Angeles Chargers (0-1)

    anyone heard a decent explanation of what that time out at the end was about?
  11. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (0-0) @ Los Angeles Chargers (0-1)

    as the owner of David Johnson :'( anyway, will be good to be able to root for a team for once
  12. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (0-0) @ Los Angeles Chargers (0-1)

    not as confident as you are, I think Melvin Gordon gashes us
  13. Tampa Bay @ Miami moved to Week 11

    my prediction of Doug Martin getting the most points might work out for me
  14. T.J. McDonald extended to 4 year, $21M contract

    Jarvis has no other choice he'll just take it out when it comes round to next negotiations and he says thanks but no thanks
  15. Tampa Bay @ Miami moved to Week 11

    an extremely valid point on martin the bonus is not something I want.