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  1. Aaron Hernandez would be 29 right now and still contributing at a high level if he didn't commit murder and/or suicide
  2. How can a player who was inactive for a couple of weeks now suddenly be a Top 3 WR? PFF rankings are so wack
  3. Season over. Looking forward to the Draft in....6 months' time....UGH
  4. Even with a Top 10 Pick, BB the GM will still draft a crappy player, so can't even get excited for the Draft...
  5. No TD's in the 1st half for 3 straight games. Absolute garbage.
  6. I wonder if BB will be able to draft a decent player with a Top 10 pick, or if he'll just trade all the way back into the 2nd Round and draft a crappy DB or WR?
  7. We should forfeit our games, just use Sundays to practice and get better as a team and develop youngsters, then draft an actually good player in the Top 5 in May. I know we've been spoiled for so long, but this is just atrocious.
  8. Brady will want to come back home soon
  9. The only people who prefer Coke are those who took the blue pill
  10. The only way that this is acceptable is that it means there is some hope in Damien Harris.
  11. That would explain why you were drunk the whole time
  12. Elumenour - Patriots Mo Bohringer Margus Hunt Christian Wade N'keal Harry (Canadian) How many 2015 1st Rounders can you name that are no longer in the NFL?
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