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  1. I don't love the Gordon signing, especially for the money, but I can absolutely make an argument that should convince you. And keep in mind that I totally agree that Griffen would be a tremendous get for us. But over the past few years (really since CJ and our super bowl year), what has been a huge issue for us? Scoring points, especially in the red zone, and short yardage conversions. For all of the question marks MGIII has that has kept his ypc down etc, he knows how to get in the end zone especially in the red zone. Only player in the league over the past 4 years that has scored at least 8 tds per, 2nd in the league ypc avg vs 8 or more men in the box. Griffen isn't going to have the impact where we need it the most.....the scoreboard. He's also been the best in the league during that time frame at breaking tackles, which no doubt directly leads to his high level ability to convert against stacked boxes.
  2. This sounds a lot like my experiences with another generational type of talent......Michael Vick. I saw the majority of his home games at VT live, and saw him make throws that, to this day, I've never seen anyone capable of making. I will never forget one particular pass (I forget the opponent, though) where he stepped off a little to the side as if he was going to throw a 5-10 yard crossing pattern. Instead, and he still never stepped into the throw, he slings it about 45 yards down the middle of the field ON A LINE. Overthrew his intended WR by about 15 yards, but it was one of the most impressive, non-conventional throws I've ever seen in my life, regardless of the outcome!
  3. To be fair though, I wasn't just referring to using the IR return on him. It's been literally disdain since the day we signed him and constant referencing of it. I was just suggesting you let it go for blood pressure purposes lol
  4. I wonder how many times you've referenced your disdain for Riddick and/or his signing since camp? We get it, you don't like him or the fact that he was signed. Did he do something to you personally? Have incriminating photos of you? For the record, Riddick is a nice player in a niche role, but I'm inclined to agree with you in the sense that we really don't need need him taking a spot with where we are currently as a team. BUT MAN..... you gotta let it go!
  5. Terrific news. the running game is night and day better when he's in there. Key cog in the offense for years to come.
  6. say what you want about whether or not Bolles was blocking for the outside or not, whether it's fault or not, etc. But anytime an offensive lineman literally doesn't put a hand on a defender for an entire play, that's not good and puts the team at a disadvantage. At the very least, his job is to make it difficult for the defense, and he most certainly didn't. On that play, we could've gone 10 vs 11 and had the same result, and in no way is that acceptable.
  7. Agreed. I'm not a Flacco lover by any means, but I've seen it floated a lot by numerous posters here about how he didn't play very well, poor ball placement, etc. Not sure what game they watched. He had a couple of throws that weren't great, but the vast majority he was on point. Especially considering how the pocket collapsed on nearly every drop back and never really remember him having a "clean" pocket. That won't fly vs the Bears. The o-line will have maintain a much cleaner pocket for us to succeed.
  8. I saw the same hot mess that everyone else saw, but I'm not sure I agree with the "Flacco is blah" assessment. Outside of taking a sack when he should've thrown it away and a ball that was behind Hamilton (and hamilton stumbled) that prevented a would be 1st down, I thought Flacco played really well. Especially considering the pocket collapsed almost immediately on every dropback. Still has excellent velocity and accuracy across the middle, and his deep ball is definitely still there if he has the time. Took care of it and didn't turn it over, and the red zone woes can't be laid at his feet entirely. A lot to be down on from this game, but Flacco isn't one of them. Not yet, at least.
  9. It's amazing where talent will get you. Mayock was trying to do the right thing and put his foot down and create a more accountable culture, but in the end, talent trumps all. And in the process, Mayock has lost all credibility by getting punked. Wonder if AB made him pay his fines for him too
  10. to go along with your 1st half defense comment, and I know that everyone wants to be pessimistic about a bonus preseason game around here, but I thought our team tackling seem SIGNIFICANTLY improved over what I've seen the past couple of years. I noticed a lot of solid form tackling. Hopefully that's Fangio's influence shining.
  11. I know this might sound a bit heartless, but I feel like Pagano was more of product of Arians/Luck. The players did rally around him during his illness, but to be honest, the illness seemed to allow him leeway towards the end when he (and most other coaches) should've been let go long before he actually was. Mike Munchak Zac Taylor Vic Fangio Chuck Pagano Brian Flores
  12. agreed about the pass rush. However, to be fair, under normal circumstances, we would've have quite a few sacks. I believe I counted about 4 opportunities where Mahomes' escapability simply bested the pass rush. Our defenders (Ray and Von come to mind) were just a half step behind him at his feet, but sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Mahomes just kept making play after play.
  13. +1 I thought Pacman played well, too.
  14. Not anything to do with Keenum. Simply means they are entertaining the idea of Kelly as the #2 and not bringing in a vet. Keenum is always a play away from the #2 needing to step in, so it's important to have some sort of reps with the 1st team offense in the event he's needed.
  15. To be fair, I don't think anyone can definitively say Mahomes or Carr are better than Keenum at this point. Mahomes has loads of potential, but hasn't done it yet. Carr has gotten progressively worse over the past 3 seasons or so and based on recent performance, Keenum was the better player in the most recent season they've played. Definitely fair to question the contract Carr got, especially if he takes yet another step back this season.
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