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  1. Tony Lippett out for the year

    Of the four guys lost for the season so far to injury this one worries me the least. I like lippett a lot and hope he is back next year but unless Miami has a rash of major injuries in the secondary Lippett should not be a catastrophic loss.
  2. Tannehill. Do we move on or not?

    I agree. In a best case scenario Cutler has a shot to take the starting job of this team and could easily play another 3 to 5 years. I am in no way saying this will happen but it is a possibility. If Miami has as good of a year as last year and Cutler fits the Gase culture the team has established do you go back to Tannehill or run with Cutler next year?
  3. Dolphins working out Rey Maualuga

    He was signed today 1 year deal and is mainly known for his run defense which is what Miami needs. Burke had him when he was LB coach at Cincy so he knows what this guy can do.
  4. Dolphins vs Ravens - Preseason week 2

    I actually caught the game live here in VA. on a Fox channel CW5 , it was a Baltimore home team channel game but I was glad I got to see the game. .I thought Cutler looked calm and relaxed and made some good throws and Matt Moore looked good also. The starting defense looked to struggle with the run some. I was impressed with Tankersley in the secondary and Howard looked great also. Lot's of dumb penalties early that killed drives and the o-line looked a little weak but I can only hope both of these things get better with playing time .The best thing of all was no major injuries.
  5. Tannehill. Do we move on or not?

    Tannehill is the guy until the Dolphins can get a better QB and that will not be easy. The Dolphins are a good enough team that they will be picking in the bottom half of the draft for the foreseeable future. If Cutler plays lights out this year and gets Miami in the playoffs maybe Tannehill becomes trade bait next year but if Cutler bombs or gets injured as in past seasons I think Tannehill gets more time to prove himself under Gase. As far as free agent QB's I would only want a proven young free agent no backend of their career guys. Best case scenario is Miami drafts a sleeper QB that turns into a franchise QB.
  6. Raekwon McMillan...

    Such a let down. This franchise must sitting right on top of the injury bug nest.
  7. Would you guys trade a 2nd for Brock Osweiler?

    Osweiler is fools Gold ala Matt Cassel, Scott Mitchell a young guy that flashed a little talent on a great team and people go all franchise on them and they are not even decent backups a few years later. Miami needs to start looking for new QB in the draft in the next 1 - 3 years or make a big splash and go get Kirk Cousins this off season if he proves this year he is truly a franchise type QB.
  8. How much worse are we with Jay Cutler instead of Ryan Tannehill?

    This team is no different with Cutler then it would have been with Tannehill or Moore, Miami's season is going to depend on the defense being a top 10 defense and in points allowed. I count Cutler and Tannehill as equal skills and ability. I do think Cutler has more of a chance to lead that 4th quarter drive for a win when needed that is something Tannehill was just not good at. I still think this is about the best shape QB wise Miami could be in given the situation with Tannehill. I still have the same expectations for this season at this point, no more excited and no more concerned and if Cutler goes down I still like Moore over any other non starters out there.
  9. Tannehill Leaves Practice w/ Knee Injury

    I like this better then any other options that have been talked about. Tannehill's knee will never be good without surgery and there will be a question even after surgery. Cutler and Moore will be about the best case scenario we can hope for this season, I think this team should still be a playoff contender if the injuries are minimal this year and Miami will have to address the QB situation next spring. I would still like to see the Dolphins make a play for Kirk Cousin's next year with A hopefully healthy Tannehill to use as trade bait.
  10. #99 Enjoy!

  11. Tannehill Leaves Practice w/ Knee Injury

    Even if Tannehill does not need surgery he will be playing on a weak knee that most likely will not make it through the season. It will remind me a lot of the season Pennington was at QB with his noodle arm and glass shoulder, he was great while it was good but you knew it was a matter of time before it would break and it did. I read where Cutler and Osweiler might be the logical picks as both are available and familiar with Gase and his system. If Miami is going to bring in a guy I sort of like Cutler but I think Moore should get the shot until he proves he cannot do it. I think this team is talented enough that they can win with either one. Maybe Ross needs to get the checkbook out and sign Kirk Cousins this off season
  12. Tannehill Leaves Practice w/ Knee Injury

    I would think that Moore will be getting the most snaps the rest of preseason to be the best prepared he can be when Tannehill goes down this season.