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  1. 2019 Sched

    If he gets on a hot streak they my start feeding him Birthday cake as a pregame meal to slow him down a little..
  2. 2019 Sched

    I hated the early bye in the past but think it is a good thing this year, it will give Flores a chance to catch his breath and reevaluate the team after 4 games and 3 of them being home games is a plus also . I see both Jet, both Bills, Washington, Giants, and a New England game and one surprise upset as possible wins, not all of them wins, but possible wins there. I see the offense being as good as it has been the last 2 years and maybe the defense dropping off some early but if Flores and his staff are better coaches then Gase and his bunch I think the defense will improve as the season goes on. There is still a core of good young talent on this team and Fitzpatrick will be as good as Cutler and Oswoller so I see a 3 to 5 game win season. I
  3. Quinn traded!!!

    Looks like Miami got a 6th round pick in the deal.
  4. Free agents 2019

    I read an article over the weekend that Miami is on pace to have over 100 million in cap space next year after the big purge and cap hits this year. Miami is hoping for a solid draft this year and hitting the free agent market hard next year.
  5. Free agents 2019

    My biggest downer so far of free agency is knowing that Wake will be playing for another team this season, it is the same feeling I had when Jayson Taylor and Zach Thomas suited up for new teams after 10 plus years in a Dolphin uniform.
  6. Free agents 2019

    Fitzpatrick has put up some nice seasons at times and very decent career numbers, I expect just as good of QB play from him as Miami has gotten from the QB spot the last 2 seasons. I just want to clarify my thoughts on the coming season, I would never think Miami would purposely lose games to get a better draft pick. My thoughts are if you bring in a new coach that is on board with a total purge of over paid and veteran talent and not signing any new blue chip free agents and putting your short term future on draft picks and mid tear talent then winning is not your main focus for the season coming up. I do feel that this strategy is the best to get the franchise back to a perennial playoff contender. You never see New England making a big splash in free agency, they draft very well with added comp. picks they get by letting soon to be over paid and over stayed vets go and making very good specific trades for highly talented players when the price and fit is right. If Fitzpatrick stays healthy the whole season and Miami does not start a rookie drafted QB at some point this season I expect the usual 6 to 8 wins this season.
  7. Free agents 2019

    Well he we go the Fitzpatrick show is coming to Miami 2 year 11 Million dollar deal. If he plays all season you can forget about a top 3 pick next season but we may win more games then the last two seasons should be fun at times.
  8. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    This pretty well sums it up. https://dolphinswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/16/how-one-statistic-sums-up-ryan-tannehills-tenure-in-miami/
  9. Free agents 2019

    If Miami is set on tanking this year I think it would be a lot of fun watching Ryan Fitzpatrick throw the ball all over the field.
  10. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    Last reports I read he has resigned with the Saints.
  11. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    I am starting to think this may be the best option myself unless Miami is dead set on a QB in the draft and plan to make it happen or bust.
  12. Free agents 2019

    I guess sitting on the bench making 7 million a year is better then trying to be a starter at 5 million a year in the NFL these days.
  13. Free agents 2019

    Miami signed TE Dwayne Allen to a two year 7 million contract.
  14. Draft Discussion 2019

    What are you all's feelings on Josh Rosen, read that the Cards my draft QB at # 1 and move on from Rosen. I was not high on Rosen and I was glad Miami drafted Fits, but after a year in the league what did Rosen look like. I watched zero Cards games and did no pay ant attention to Rosen but know it was not good , was it all bad on him or was it a bad team or both?
  15. Draft Discussion 2019

    It will be interesting with Mckenzie coming on board if this ramps up a possible Carr deal. I personally do not understand why all the talk of a possible Carr split from the Raiders but who knows I would be happy if he became a Dolphin.