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  1. Be careful what you wish for.

    I just see another Sparono and Philbin situation here if Gase stays for a forth season as his two predecessors. It will not be any different next season Gase will get canned after an average to bad first 10 games Miami does the interim coach deal another season wasted and then reset, why not just go ahead and start next year with a new regime and the young talent we have and give them some new hope for next season.
  2. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    Realistically that should be Miami's 5th loss in a row and a 5 and 9 record for the season with a coach that seems to never be very upset with anything.
  3. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    Gase runs his game plan regardless of the results he is not an innovator or one that can adjust play calling on the fly what the plan is going into the game is what it is the whole game.
  4. How can we fix our Defense for 2019???

    I have seen enough of Burke to know that he needs to go. Miami ranks near the bottom in about all defensive categories. Miami needs rushers that can get to the QB there is no longer a difference maker on this team on the line, Wake has finally slowed to average status Quinn is OK Harris has just not stepped up. The line backers are young but talented and I feel if these guys get stronger and more experience playing with each other they can be special and Alonzo seems to be playing at a higher level this year then last. If Miami could play with a lead and get more pressure on the QB who knows how many more INT's Howard could have had this year. Howard is solid Fitzpatrick is going to be great in time the safeties are set but the second corner position needs to be addressed, Mccain is not very good but neither is any of the ones that replace him when he is not on the field.
  5. Probably the most excited I have been on a final play since Greg Camarillo TD catch and run in OT against the Ravens in 2007 to get there only win that season.
  6. With Howard out that means Minkah will be gone from the slot and Jones will be playing deep to cover the corners so the middle passing game and the run game should be wide open for the Patriots . Miami has not be able to consistent pressure on the QB this year so I see New England winning easily. Miami....………… 24 Patriots.…………. 38
  7. Week 13: Buffalo Bills (4-7) @ Miami Dolphins (5-6)

    The Dolphins have signed TE Nick Oleary to a one year extension. I like this guy he is a gamer very good run blocker and can get open. Mike Gesicki has been somewhat of a disappointment at TE this season but hopefully he improves next year.
  8. Week 13: Buffalo Bills (4-7) @ Miami Dolphins (5-6)

    It looks like Isaiah Ford is finally going to get a shot to get on the field so I am excited to see how he does I was a big fan of his when he played here at Va. Tech. As bad as the Bills are right now I still think they have a 50/50 shot at this game and that is sad. I hope Gase lets Tannehill rip the ball this week. Miami...……….. 34 Bills...…………. 31
  9. Week 12: Miami Dolphins (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    Gase is the one that continually backs Tannehill so he is either fooling himself or is to scared to make a move at QB and considering his choice to bring in Cutler last year and have Brock O as the back up this year does not lead me to believe that moving from Tannehill with another Gase pick for QB will be a good move. My gut says based on past franchise history Gase and Tannehill will both be back next year and after Miami starts the season 4 and 6 or 3 and 7 Gase gets fired and Miami does the interim coach deal to finish out next season and then they start a new regime all over a year later then they should have.
  10. Week 12: Miami Dolphins (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    Once the Colts figured what 3 plays Miami was running today the pretty much shut us down like every other team does. The lucky TD to Carroo at the half the missed field goal by the Colts a blocked punt 2 INT,s and a recovered fumble and still cannot win the game because this offense stinks and there is no one to blame but Gase.
  11. Unfortunately he my be ready for the NFL but it is obvious he is not ready for adult hood.
  12. Week 12: Miami Dolphins (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    Of all the off season moves that sent high priced players packing all of which I agreed with, losing Suh probably hurt the most and especially in the run defense. Bottom line though if Miami's offense was more productive and could get a lead in the game the defense would be more rested in the second half and the other team would have to be throwing the ball more to play catch up instead of just pounding the ball to protect a lead and eat up clock.
  13. Week 12: Miami Dolphins (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    With Tannehill back I am going to pick Miami to win but deep down inside I feel they will not. I felt this was going to be an easy win about 6 weeks ago but now I consider the Colts the favorite and Miami will have to play a great mistake free game to have a chance to win. Miami ….…...34 Colts...………..31 If Tannehill cannot go 100% the whole game this is a blowout loss
  14. Week 11: Bye GDT

    I was just reading that Gary Kubiak my consider being an offensive coordinator next year, if Gase remains the head coach turning the OC job over to Kubiak would be a smart coaching move if it could be done.
  15. Week 11: Bye GDT

    Say Miami chokes out the rest of the season and Gase were to get fired who would be on your short list for new head coach? Jim Harbaugh Bruce Arians John Harbaugh if fired by Baltimore I am ready for a proven head coach next time around no more first timers for me.