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  1. Welcome back William Hayes

    All these guys are old or getting old and will have to be replaced or filled in for when they are hurt, hopefully that is when Harris matures into a starter.
  2. Suh Gone.....

    Other then the cost of Suh's contract I like the approach Miami used with him, sign proven FA that can come in and play and contribute in that second contract for 3 to 5 years and let them go. I am so sick of Miami signing guys in the last years of their career to big 2 years contracts and they only soak up the sun while in Miami and eat up roster spots for younger hungry guys.
  3. Suh Gone.....

    Suh is 31 this year it will be his 9th year in the league and he missed 4 games last year after not missing a single game the pervious 5 years. Suh is still a very good player but he is not worth what Miami will have to pay him at this point of his career. I am reading where the money and the locker room fit are more of the reason for his possibly being released then his on field performance. Remember he is not Gase's guy either.
  4. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    I am glad Tyrod Taylor is gone in Buffalo. I like the guy a lot but I hated how great he played against Miami, the Dolphins have never been able to handle a highly mobile QB and Taylor just ate Miami up. Being a VA Tech fan I wish Tyrod great success in Cleveland but man I am glad he is gone from the Bills
  5. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    I am good with it, Landry catches a lot of ball but does very little with it after he does. He at times makes dumb emotional penalties at crucial times of big drives. One thing I will miss most is his blocking on second level running plays. When Grant starts breaking off YAC next year and turning 12 yard passes into long Td's this will be a lot easier for some people to take, A big Red zone tight end is a must now also to compliment Grant. I also think that Ford is going to surprise a few people next year also.
  6. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I have watched about every Virginia Tech game the last several years and while Tremaine Edmunds is a solid LB I just do not see all the love he is getting pre-draft by the experts. No one in this area of SW Virgina talks what a great LB he is. He was a very solid player on a very good defense but I just do not see how he is the Number one LB on some of the experts Mock drafts, if this is true it must be a weak LB class this year. I will take R. Smith all day long over Edmunds.
  7. Rams trade DE Robert Quinn to Miami

    Maybe Suh restructures? Miami needs this, Wake and Suh are aging fast and no real Pro bowl talent at this time on the team to replace them. I would hate to see Miami just stand pat on D with the front line and let them get old and ineffective about time the offense gets it together.
  8. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    I think he would consider going to the 49ers for the Money and Jimmy Garoppola's potential and would like the Giants to team with OBJ. I do not see him being interested in going to Cleveland.
  9. Let's get a QB!!!

    I am thinking Landry gets traded to the 49ers or Giants to move up in the first round to get the QB they want for the future.
  10. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    I think Landry will be traded to the 49ers or the Giants for Miami to move up in the first round and get a QB they think will be the new franchise starter.
  11. Adam Gase

    It is obvious the Eagles made the better Head coach decision. I am starting to see Gase as a very narrow minded coach that has a specific plan in mind for success but will have trouble achieving it if he does not have enough personal friends and professional associates with the talent to get it done.
  12. Ryan Tannehill expectations?

    He is no Tom Brady but I would take him over Bortles , Keenum and Foles.
  13. Landy traded to the Browns for two picks

    I am not a fan of breaking the bank on players that cannot go out and be a game changer and I do not see Landry as a game changer.
  14. cddolphin's 2018 Mock Offseason (Draft Round 1 Up)

    I would hate to see Landry go but I would not be totally crushed if he does. He makes a ton of catches but in reality he is not a game changer. I think a big down the middle TE and Grant in the slot would be a lot better line up then Landry in the slot and a non productive TE Miami has played with the last 2 years. Landry also has the uncanny ability to kill a big drive with stupid penalties. Unless Miami signs a starting franchise QB I say stay with Tannehill and hopefully draft his replacement.
  15. Dolphins hire Dowell Loggains as OC

    Has Gase ever hired someone he has not worked with? I just hope he is not a boss that continually hires buddies instead of the best available.