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  1. I just do not want to trade away picks for anybody in this draft. Take best available at 5. The 18th pick is sort of no mans land so if we could trade back the number 5 and swap the 18th to some how end up with a 8 and 12 first round pick would work for me.
  2. Congrats to you guys for taking Brady out of the AFC and mainly the AFC east. I knew when TB got Arians they would be a contender in a year or two and now with Brady ( not what he once was but still better then most) I can see a replay of the Cardinals Arians/Palmer success.
  3. Lots of draft speculation lately but what happens the next 3 weeks will greatly effect what needs to happen in the draft 6 to 7 weeks from now. No late career veterans looking for that last retirement contract please, sign guys coming off of their rookie deals that can come in and contribute the next 3 to 5 seasons and set the example for all the young guys that will be coming in from the draft. Then as the new rookies play and mature into first string starters that are home grown Dolphins they will get paid in there 2nd contract as this years and next years free agent signings roll off the team the next 2 to 4 years. Free agency signings begin March 18 at 4 PM
  4. Just no running backs or wide receiver's in the first round for me, to many other critical needs for those two spots in the first round. If there were a genuine to 3 pick at those positions in this draft that fell to Miami then yes but there is not any in my opinion.
  5. It is sounding like Burrow is not excited about being a Bengal, if Cincy was to pass on Burrow I would want Miami to go all out for him at Number 2.
  6. O.K not worried a whole bunch here about if they should or should not and what would or would be a good price, this thread is if Miami by what ever means ended up with the # 1 pick in the draft this year who would you want that pick to be. I think Burrow is the only guy that is worth the trade up, I am saying this guy is a franchise player and he is the only one I think is worth moving up to get ,I feel he has everything on and off of the field to be an elite QB in the NFL for years to come even when his legs start to age and he loses a step in running ability he will still be standing tall in the pocket throwing TD passes.
  7. Agreed, but I am really not sure how many of those guys were settled for instead of the go to guy. I think the lure of the Miami organization is a little stronger this off season then the last one for assistant coaches.
  8. I personally hope Tua stays in school another year so he is a non factor in this years draft and proves his health and durability first before being drafted. I agree with keeping Ford also, I watched him play here at VA Tech and he is a really good smart possession receiver that will really help the short and middle passing game if Chans plan is to be a pass first offense.
  9. If Miami does draft Tua I wonder how that effects the needs of the O-line considering he is left handed, does the right side of the line become the dominate need and maybe this was one of the underling thoughts of why Tunsil was tradable.
  10. ,Not exactly a high glamour pick but most likely a solid one. I feel sure there was a reason for this move, Miami did not have to settle for him at this point of the off season so I feel they must have wanted him. I would say Flores wants the offense to be about execution and not so much about trickery and deception .
  11. I do not watch a ton of college ball but personally from what I have seen I would not want to spend a #2 pick on Chase Young he looks good but not a superman what I have watched. Maybe I have just seen his average games this year.
  12. WOW what a nice late Christmas gift. I am amazed as I watch this team fight ever week. I remember a many of a time in past seasons when Miami would fold at the end of games but this staff has this franchise playing smart and tough till the end and it is great to watch.
  13. It has been an interesting season, even though I new it was going to be bad I had trouble watching the first half of the season. After the first two games I was in a total state of shock at how bad an NFL team can look and then with the trading of Tunsil and Minka then the loss to the Redskins I thought for sure an 0 and 16 season was in order, I was as frustrated as I have ever been as a Dolphins fan. Then as I watched this team start to gel into a ,tough, scrappy, smart , over achieving team that played with grit and fire I started to see a glimpse of what the future could be and with a 4 and 4 record over the last 8 games with basically backup players I am already pumped up for next season. I was all for Rosen being put in when he was but also consider it a great move to pull him for Fitzpatrick at the time it was done, this move gave players a reason to dig and fight each week when they had a QB that could lead them to victory if they did their part on the field. I feel Miami has really no chance at victory this week with the way they are guarding and protecting players for next season and will be looking at as many guys as possible this last game of the season. I never want Miami to lose but a victory this week would be so pointless when they are this close to the best draft spot they will have in the next few years and that was the underlying goal for the season anyway. If Miami cannot get Tua as many are saying is their man then anyone else would be settling anyway so a loss will give them the best shot at securing him if he opts for the draft. I am good with Fitzpatrick for another season if that is the case but I think this team wins enough games to be a playoff contender next season and most likely picks outside the top 15 so you will be betting on a QB to be good pick at that spot instead of thinking he is going to be a franchise guy if he gets picked in the top two. Here is to a better draft pick if Miami loses and if they win then well I will be jumping with joy as the off season starts. Miami....……... 13 Patriots..………. 27
  14. I am not really buying into this one. I doubt Brady would ever go to a team that he is not pretty much guaranteed 100% success and would not get killed in the pocket and that describe Miami. Brady would be wanting to play for Championships not money . Maybe the Steelers if Ben cannot come back or the Colts would be two I think of. I still think he retires a Patriot when it does happen.
  15. Good move I think if he can stay healthy. I just wonder how many guys slipped through the Dolphins hands in the Gase area that were not coached up to their potential or were let go because Gase did not like to deal with them personally.
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