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  1. 2020/2021 Pick Tracker

    Rumor is that Drake is on the trading block. I am O.K with this I never have been overly impressed with Drake and his cut back and spin moves at the line and he has had his hands on the ball in two big offensive mistakes so far this year the dropped 2 point attempt and the fumble while driving deep for a score a few games ago that took any slight chance Miami had to win a game it was in to that point. I would be happy with a 4th considering he most likely will not be on the roster next year anyway.
  2. 0-fer starts post Marino

    Do you think Ross would dump Flores after a 0 - 16 season of he could get Jim Harbaugh if he splits from Michigan at season end.
  3. 0-fer starts post Marino

    Well since the Marino era this will be the 4th season with a long losing streak to start the season, others were; Year..……………... Start...………. Final record 2004.……………… 0 - 6 ………….. 4 - 12 2007.…………….. 0 - 13 ………… 1 - 15 2011.…………..…..0 - 7 …………..6 - 10 This is the 4th season in the last 15 years with at least an 0 - 5 start , I would say that the Miami fans base that is left has very few teenagers among them as all they know is that Miami is a losing franchise, so sad for a once strong and proud organization..
  4. Dolphins trade Minkah Fitzpatrick to Steelers for 1st-round pick

    I know Rosen looked pretty bad today but the Redskins made Brady look like a Rookie for a half last week until he does what he does in the second half. My personal Rosen QB season tracker took a little dive today but is still higher then when he was first signed.
  5. Week 6: Washington Redskins (0-5) @ Miami Dolphins (0-4)

    Yep Miami is truly without a doubt the worse team in the league, there is some young talent on defense but as a whole this team is bad and I am becoming a little suspect of Chad Oshea but I do realize he has limited resources. 1 -15 looks like a strech but I really do not want to live with the stigma of a 0 and 16 season
  6. 2020/2021 Pick Tracker

    It's looking like the Skins, Broncos and possibly the Bengal's are the teams in the QB draft race with Miami, getting the first QB pick in the draft is no going to be a slam dunk Miami could end up behind two teams that need a QB as bad or worse then they do. I really hope Rosen comes to life over the next few weeks to take the pressure off of absolutely needing a QB next draft.
  7. Week 6: Washington Redskins (0-5) @ Miami Dolphins (0-4)

    Bad beams always seem to rally around an interim coach and play well and win the first game after a HC gets fired and I expect no different against Miami this week. The Skins will most likely look like a playoff contender this week and play lights out before returning back to earth next week. Miami ….………….20 Skins...…………….27
  8. Fish Taco in Miami

    So far what I have seen of Taco it seems to have been a good signing.
  9. Week 4: San Angeles Chargers (1-2) @ Miami Dolphins (0-3)

    Rosen can look brilliant and franchise ready at times and then at times he looks like most rookie QB's do. I hope Miami keeps him the starter for the rest of the season or until he proves he is not the guy. I think the key with Rosen will be does everyone see steady improvement with less mistakes as the weeks go by. Miami has played 4 possible playoff teams and 2 that are maybe super bowl teams and had decent first half's against 3 of them. I think with the bye and some weaker teams to play that the games will get more competitive to the finish.
  10. Week 4: San Angeles Chargers (1-2) @ Miami Dolphins (0-3)

    The biggest help for the defense right now will be the offense scoring points in the second half of a game, this is like Gase offense 2.0
  11. Dolphins Fans, how do you feel about tanking for Tua?

    It's sort of like knowing the only way you are going to get over food poising is to puke your guts out, you are dreading it but know that's the only way you are going to feel better. That sort of sums up this season for me.
  12. Week 4: San Angeles Chargers (1-2) @ Miami Dolphins (0-3)

    I think Miami gets hammered pretty good again this week then the bye and after that things should start calming down schedule wise and the team getting more solidified and I think the games will be a little more competitive and possible even squeak out a win or 2 the last 12 games. Miami ….………...17 Chargers………...31
  13. 2020/2021 Pick Tracker

    Albert must be damaged goods and seems like he will not be able to stay healthy and I am waiting any day to hear that Parker is hurt. It also seems that Reshard Jones is being saved to be healthy for a trade or he just has no interest in playing on a weekly basis.
  14. Week 3: Miami Dolphins (0-2) @ Dallas Cowboys (2-0)

    I can already see how much better Rosen's pocket presence is over Tannehill's it is really amazing.
  15. 2020/2021 Pick Tracker

    As I watched the Browns stumble again tonight against the Rams It reminds me that Draft picks and talent need great coaching also, and I am not so sure Miami has that at this point either.