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  1. Draft Discussion 2019

    I would think if a trade up type deal is to be made it would be with maybe Jacksonville I could see swaping # 1's for Tannehill maybe.
  2. Draft Discussion 2019

    If the Flacco deal happens with the Broncos then the Giants and Jags could be the only 2 teams to draft a QB before Miami picks, they have the 6 and 7 picks so if their is a QB Miami falls in love with is it possible to move from 13 to 5th and would it be worth it?
  3. Coach Flores introduced as new head coach

    As I have had a couple weeks to soak this hire in I have warmed up to the idea that after Arians this was probably the best hire. I do not count the Harbaughs because I do not know if they were ever actually and option. I will keep an open and positive outlook for the Dolphins future until proven other wise. Go Fins!
  4. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    I was always a Tannehill "hope he does, I think he will" supporter, but the bottom line is he is what he is, a mid range NFL QB that is injury prone for what ever reason. I hope the guy does well and I think he will have some good seasons but he will never be a Championship caliber NFL QB. His main troubles are pocket presence and quick decision making under pressure and that is the main difference in good QB,s and great ones at the top level in the NFL. Unfortunately there are no obvious sure replacements at the moment but you never know who that next great one is going to be but I hope Miami is the one that finds him.
  5. cddolphin's 2019 Mock Offseason (PART 4 - Another Trade)

    Draft best available QB and start him if he stinks and Miami tanks Draft QB again next season.
  6. cddolphin's 2019 Mock Offseason (PART 4 - Another Trade)

    Caldwell reportedly will be an advisor not a full blown OC.
  7. Draft Discussion 2019

    Does this say that Miami knows the are not going to win many games next year no matter who the coach is. Whom ever they hire must be getting a free pass on performance next season.
  8. Bob Kuechenberg has passed.

    For you older fans like me you know what a great player this guy was, part of the 72 undefeated Dolphins. He was 71.
  9. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Help refresh my mind, are there any Belichick assistant coaches that went on to be successful head coaches?
  10. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    If the rumor is true this hire shows the rebuild did not start high enough in the organization. Tampa will be the best team in Florida the next few years because they were smart enough to hire a head coach.
  11. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    Miami lost the last 3 games of the season the last 2 years in a row to blow any slight shot at the playoffs they would have had. Gase only likes to hire friends and players he has worked with in the past he does not like to step out of the box when it comes to bringing people in. Miami offense has been horrible the last 3 seasons, at one point this year Miami had only scored one TD on the first drive of a game in like 17 games. He seems to dislike tough talented veteran players that voice there opinion of things but will nurse a non productive player on the roster year after year. Maybe he will do great with the Jets but as a Dolphins fan that has watched just about every play of every game the last three seasons Gase just seemed lost and unsure of himself a lot of times and Miami looked lost and unprepared to play the first half of a lot of their games. One thing for sure you can bet he will have a winning record against the Dolphins but do not look for a lot of success against the rest of the AFC. As a Dolphin fan I am happy the Jets hired Gase instead of a McCarthy or on of the top coordinators being mentioned for HC jobs.
  12. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    I would also think with Baltimore losing today that the Harbaugh news/rumors will ramp up this week. If Harbaugh still believes in Flacco I could almost see a package deal for the both of them, not saying I would be over excited but I am just saying.
  13. Gase fired

    I hope Miami looks at the Raiders and what they are doing, after many years of settling for coach and GM they finally went and got franchise football guys to run the organization. I would gladly give up a # 1 pick for John Harbaugh, he would immediately bring toughness and respect to Miami. I do not understand the half rebuild at the top either, at some point Ross has to understand to be the best you have to have the best and it starts at the top first and then filters down through the organization. When something spoils or goes bad you have to get ride of the whole batch and start over or the remnants of the bad will taint the new .
  14. I watched him play many Miami games and he was very good but could not cover a tall receiver, I was pretty much glad when Miami let him and his wife go.
  15. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    As stories continue to come out I think Gase's issues were more then wins and losses evidently he had issues keeping unity in the locker room and basically created clicks and players that maybe questioned his style/ways were shipped out, IF these stories have any merit to them trouble will follow him where ever he coaches next and this could be a product of being a first time coach and he learns from his mistakes. It always seemed to me hired and fired based on the his buddy system.