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  1. Allen is a big strong Qb with a big arm, I compare him to Ben Roethlisberger I just think Tua is going to be more like Jared Goff and Cason Wentz QB with his style of play. I am not a Tua hater if he is the guy next season I wish him all the success in the world but he is going to need a highly talented offense with a running game to succeed I feel. I do think if he blossoms into a great QB he will be a Brees , Brady type player instead of a Wilson, or Rodgers type. I do love this team and trust Flores 100%, if Miami does not draft a QB you can bet that Flores is all in on Tua and ultimately
  2. Tua has had 3 horrific first halfs in a row, I just do not see any spark or "it" factor when he is on the field. I personally feel Miami should do what the Cardinals did and take another shot at QB with either Lawrence or Fields. This draft will be the only real shot to do that. I know this is not a popular thing with the majority of fans, but with other young QBs I just see more arm strength and scrambling quickness then I see with Tua but I also admit I have not been a fan of Tua from the start but that is another conversation. Even if Miami were to draft another QB there would be value in T
  3. I have been laying low this season just taking it all in, it has been a great season regardless of what happens tomorrow. I think Buffalo wins tomorrow but I hope I am wrong. I am wanting to see how Tua handles tomorrow knowing the playoffs are on the line and he has no back up and it is all on his shoulders. This team has been great to watch this season and I am so excited about the future but I sure hope the season does not end tomorrow. Bills....... 27 Miami ....23
  4. I assume he is 100% healthy, prepped and ready to go, it's time to see what he can do he has 10 weeks to make it happen and prove he is durable. If he fails Miami has draft capitol to go after another QB next draft. I am personally more worried about durability then talent, I have no doubt he will be better then Tannehill or Fitzpatrick by this time next season.
  5. Good game. The defense is solid not great yet. Fitzpatrick was off today luckily it was against the Jets so he did not hurt. I am amazed at how big this team is Miami has some full grown men playing. I just see weak linebacker play, the need for another playmaker at receiver in the slot and the need for a solid bigger running back to compliment Gaskens. Looking good though and I like the bye coming now. The next six games is where a possible playoff berth will be decided with the final 4 games looking to be the toughest part of the schedule
  6. I am never at ease when Miami is playing the Jets, I also hate the fact that Flacco is starting he is like Dolphin kryptonite, one good thing is he is not as mobile as Darnold is.
  7. Another fun game to watch, I know the 49ers are beat up but Miami trashed them like a good team should, if this had been a close game or Miami lost I would be very mad but they did what a good team does and beat a beat up team.
  8. The O-line is looking great and is young to boot, they need linebackers and another big time receiver. Tua will get his shot in plenty of time to see if he is the answer or not before next years draft. Right now it looks possible that Miami could have maybe 2 of the top 10 picks next draft and 4 of the top 46 picks that would be a great bonus to a bad season especially if Tua gets in and looks great by seasons end. I would love to see Miami make the playoffs this season but I do not think that will happen and worse case scenario would be to win 8 games and not make the playoffs. If Miami lose
  9. I loved it, most fun I have had watching a non Patriot Dolphins game in a long time. I saw big improvement from the last two weeks, I know the Jags were not as good of team as the first two opponents but I still saw better execution in all phases of the game still a long ways to go though.
  10. Not a bad second game of the season but a painful loss, 0 and 2 in the division to the best two teams in the division. I would say any slight chance of a division crown are gone how ever slim they were. Still not ruling out a shot at that last wild card spot though 8 and 8 will give us a shot at it. O-line is looking good I hope they stay healthy and get some experience playing as a group. TE is solid receiver's are looking decent. The whole defense just looks out of position on most plays just bad execution but it should get better. Jones groing injury did not look good I am concerned that is
  11. I just wish Miami could have played 1 game before playing the Patriots and also it would have been nice to have one game tape of Newton in action with the Pats but it is what it is. This team is in a lot better starting point this season then last season. I like Fitzpatrick but I give him 5 weeks through the 49ers game and if Miami is under .500 at that point and the O-line is looking strong I would say turn it over to Tua and see what he's got if he is healthy.
  12. Well Miami will not be undefeated this year so that pressure is off, now let's go get a playoff spot.
  13. I just do not want to trade away picks for anybody in this draft. Take best available at 5. The 18th pick is sort of no mans land so if we could trade back the number 5 and swap the 18th to some how end up with a 8 and 12 first round pick would work for me.
  14. Congrats to you guys for taking Brady out of the AFC and mainly the AFC east. I knew when TB got Arians they would be a contender in a year or two and now with Brady ( not what he once was but still better then most) I can see a replay of the Cardinals Arians/Palmer success.
  15. Lots of draft speculation lately but what happens the next 3 weeks will greatly effect what needs to happen in the draft 6 to 7 weeks from now. No late career veterans looking for that last retirement contract please, sign guys coming off of their rookie deals that can come in and contribute the next 3 to 5 seasons and set the example for all the young guys that will be coming in from the draft. Then as the new rookies play and mature into first string starters that are home grown Dolphins they will get paid in there 2nd contract as this years and next years free agent signings roll off t
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