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  1. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    First round should be best talent available / guaranteed opening day starter. Round 2- Best O-lineman available. Round 3 - Best lineman either side of the ball Round 4 on- QB and best talent available. Over that last few years I am becoming more convinced that in most cases best talent on the board is better then best position needed when it comes to the draft. Try to make all draft picks count and use older free agents (not old ) to fill the gaps. Miami should start drafting a mid to late round QB every year until they hit on one that can replace Tannehill when the time comes.
  2. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    The O-line as a whole did a good job, I am sure it was scheme, smoke and mirrors but they looked as good as at the start of the season. In response to an earlier post of mine Gore said he was gassed and came out that is why Drake was in at the goal line in overtime when he fumbled.
  3. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    Crazy stupid win but a win. Mctyer is garbage that guy cannot defend anything, unless he was injured why would you not have Gore in at the 1 yard line for the win. Brock had some good throws today but he is just another Cutler, if Tanny is out for a prolong time with the shoulder injury Miami will have a losing season for sure. 4 and 2 now that's all that matters I hope KC can get it done tonight.
  4. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    Baker is a baller, he has great speed and range and seems to always be around the ball. McMillian is less noticeable but seems to get the job done. I think both will be starters long term and contribute many years at LB spot but it seems at this point Baker my be the better player but it is still early in their careers.
  5. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    For me this game is a big test of what the rest of the season will hold. All things point to a loss for me that will hold true to the state of the Dolphins the last decade, but if against all odds they can pull off a win this week maybe something like 2008 or 2016 can happen.
  6. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    I am pro Tannehill, he is no hall of famer but with good protection he can get the job done but with that said he does lack natural pocket presence and has since he was a rookie so when Miami's O-Line play is bad it is magnified by Tannehills poor pocket pressure decisions.
  7. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    I see nothing that gives me hope for a win this week. A three game losing streak is business as usual for Miami the last few seasons and that is what I am expecting this week, the Bears are to strong defensively for Miami to score enough points to beat the 24 points the Bears will score. Miami ….…………… 17 Bears.....…………….24
  8. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    The O-line is the engine that drives the offense and right now Miami has the engine of a Yugo.
  9. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    They are both a big punch in the gut the playoff hopes of Dolphins fans.
  10. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    The bad thing there is no quick fix we sort got what we got, maybe pick up a player or two but they will not be any all pros. Looks like 8 and 8 is going to be a good goal for the season. I think the defense is doing O.K when your offense is averaging about 10 points a game you are not going to will a lot of games. Special teams and the defense are the only reason Miami was 3 and 0 to begin with. I think I heard right when they said in 38 games with Gase as the head coach Miami has had the lead at half time in only 8 of those games, and I only make this a point because Gase is the offensive coordinator ( my bad he is "the play Caller' not the OC).
  11. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    Reshad Jones said he will be ready to play this week, that is great news. I am glad Phillips is gone also my question is why was he still on the team? If a guy is not good enough to get regular game snaps and you can cut him at a moments notice why is he still on the team?
  12. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    This is the week that we find out if this team has the fire and respect of Gase and comes out and plays like New England did against Miami this past week, or with the injuries and Phillips being let go do they lose trust in Gase and see him just as a bully that ships players off that question him as a coach. This is a big AFC game that Miami needs to win to prevent a losing streak and to get a conference win. My gut says they collapse like a house of cards especially if Rashard Jones and Devante Parker do not play. Miami....………………….24 Cincy.....…………………..34
  13. Week 4: Miami Dolphins (3-0) @ New England Patriots (1-2)

    We all know that Miami just cannot put together a good strong durable Offensive line, this has been the topic of discussion for years and as others have stated it is not from a total lack of effort. Miami has had high draft picks that bust free agent signings that did not pan out and when they do hit on someone they cannot stay healthy. The glaring weakness I see this year is the lack of great run blocking on first and second down that lead to 3rd and long and the inability to protect Tannehill on the 3rd and long pass plays. We say it every year but Miami really needs to put the O-line on the top priority list this off season because until they get a pro bowl type unit that can stay healthy the offense will continue to be what it has been the last 5 years+. I would guess that Tannehill has been sacked about 25% of the time this year on critical 3rd and long passing plays and most of those sacks he is being run over as he is dropping back to pass.
  14. Week 4: Miami Dolphins (3-0) @ New England Patriots (1-2)

    Well about what I figured would happen. Miami has got to find a way to score points in the first half of games, this goes back to 2016 season when Miami would win games late after being out played the first half ,the biggest problem with this is when you play a great team that that knows how to close games in the second half you end up blown out. The defense is beat up and the secondary is just not as good without Jones in there. The O-line cannot move people to run up the middle but for some reason Gase does not realize that. Miami is still 1 game up in the division and this loss was so bad I really do not think it is relevant to the rest out the season other then solidifying the fact that New England is still the favorite to win the division. Miami needs to make sure this does not start one of those 3 game losing streaks that they are famous for. Forget it and play on, Miami is not as bad as they played today but they are also not as good as maybe some were thinking sitting at 3 and 0
  15. Week 4: Miami Dolphins (3-0) @ New England Patriots (1-2)

    It is just like the B horror movie, the monster is not dead. New England will probably come out and do something totally different on both sides of the ball then they have all year much like Miami did with the wildcat 10 years ago, also the 4th game of the season is always about the time of year that the Pats start putting to rest all rumors that the dynasty is crumbling. Miami is pretty beat up on the defensive line and they are just about due to lay an egg, I am not ready to declare victory on this one. Miami...……….……..17 New England...…..38