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  1. T.J. McDonald extended to 4 year, $21M contract

    Have you all noticed that this guy is a baller. T.J and Reshad could end up being the best safety duo in the game next season.
  2. Brady will have his way with the defense and Miami will struggle as usual on offense. This one will get ugly fast. New England..............41 Miami.........................17
  3. Dolphins trade for Saints LB Stephone Anthony

    What is going on with Anthony? I think I may have saw him on a play against Tbay but does this guy even get on the field?
  4. As of now Miami is 1 loss back of being tied for the 4th pick in next years draft.
  5. Our defensive scheme is junk and the offense is brain dead. At this point I am starting to wonder just how high of a draft pick Miami can get, I think the Niners, Giants and Browns will lock down the first 3 picks but Miami has a shot at the number 4 pick.
  6. Rey Maualuga waived!!!

    This fits this season to a T. Glad to see everything is still going business as usual in Miami.
  7. Second half reset. Your prediction.

    Well it was a very long and unsettling first half of the season in Miami. Taking everything into consideration and revaluating the remaining opponents on the schedule what is you outlook for Miami the second half of the season. @ the Panthers ..................... Win T-Bay.......................................Win @ the Patriots.........................Loss Broncos...................................Win Patriots....................................Loss @Bills.......................................Loss @Chiefs...................................Loss Bills..........................................Win 8 wins and 8 losses no playoffs.
  8. I would not be surprised if Tampa looks like a Super bowl contender on Sunday against Miami. It never ceases to amaze me at how Miami can make a bad team look good . What the score should be, Miami.......21 Bucs...............18 What it will most likely be, Miami.......18 Bucs.............. 34 Final score............................Miami.........20 Bucs..............30
  9. At this point in the season I am just starting to think that this team is just out coached each week . I know Miami has their player issues on the O-line but this team has more talent then it is playing like week in and week out.
  10. Dolphins place RT Ja'Wuan James on IR

    Just so disappointing as the O-Line continues to be the weakest link on this team and it just gets worse as the season goes.
  11. I like the way the offense is starting to look with Cutler the last 3 games he started, Miami may be ready for a primetime win this week.
  12. I agree, there is no way Miami is going to run the ball consistently this year with the line they have. Ajayi was a terrible blocker and not that great out of the backfield catching the ball. I think the new offense going forward is going to be tons of short passes with the occasional shot down the field to Parker and Stills. A lot of Miami's troubles on offense are line related and the cure for that is a quick and short passing game.
  13. It's never too early for a Mock-up!!!!

    Primary need. --------> O-Line , O-line, O-line and some more O-line. This includes a center also. Secondary need ---> Another young linebacker to develop. Rest----> QB, TE,
  14. A day later and I am still shaking my head in disbelief at how bad this offense can be. Pretty much been shut out 3 times this year (got a cheap TD very late in the first Jet game). Not only the shut outs but the amount of 3 and outs and plays for a loss or no gain. There is to much talent on this offense to look as horrible as they do most of the time. The Bengals looked a lot like Miami their first couple of games on offense and they quickly changed offensive coordinators putting Bill Lazier in that position and immediately looked like a different team moving the ball and scoring lots of points, same players just a new play caller.. The defense will soon lose it's fight and fire if the offense cannot start putting points on the board early and regularly in games. This greatly worries me about the outlook for the rest of the season.
  15. Wow O-Line play is horrible as usual and I am starting to think that an offensive coordinator may be a good thing also.
  16. Miami just flat struggles against Baltimore and I expect no difference this time. Miami............17 Baltimore......16
  17. Byron Maxwell officially gone

    I have not been a fan of Maxwells from the start and was really surprised he played as good as he did the last half of last season.
  18. Week 7: New York Jets (3-3) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    Spielman said it best when he said Cutler waits for the receiver to get open and Moore throws the receiver open. Great win today. I think Moore will get the start Thursday against the Ravens because of Cutlers injury and a short week and if he plays at a high level it will be interesting to see who starts agianst the Raiders if Cutler is healthy for that game.
  19. Week 7: New York Jets (3-3) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    Two bad cover plays and a stupid pass on your own goal line at the end of the half and 21 points are on the board for the Jets. The offense is looking better and the defense is playing not as good today, go figure. I still think Miami pulls this one out in the second half ( fingers crossed ).
  20. Meaningless stats.

    Miami is 3 W's and 2 L's after 5 games for only the third time since 2003 which is tied for the most wins after 5 games in that 14 year stretch. The other 2 times were in 2010 with the final record of 7 & 9 and 2013 with a final record of 8 & 8. From 2004 through 2011 in the first 6 games of the season combined which is 48 games Miami had a record of 10 wins and 38 loses. In that time frame 3 times they were 0 & 6 and one time they were 1 & 5. That was the last year for Wannstedt, 2 years of Saban, 1 year of Cam Cammeron and 4 years of Sparano. I credit this period with being the time frame that the heart of the Dolphins fan base was ripped out and to this day has not really recovered. If you look at the post numbers on this forum Miami is way down in count compared to most teams and that is just a reflection of the overall down fall of the popularity of this team and that is a shame considering 15 years ago this was one of the most popular teams in the NFL for 30 years running. Being a life long Dolphin fan here (40 + years) it is nice to come on here and talk Dolphin football with like minded fans as here in Virginia it is harder and harder to find a Dolphin fan the last 10 years.
  21. Week 7: New York Jets (3-3) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    I think this time around the Jets will look a little less like a playoff team and Miami will look more like one. Miami....27 Jets.......17
  22. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    My over site there. I should have just said linebacker because he is the first real consistent playmaking linebacker since Zach in my opinion.
  23. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    Maybe I am over reacting on Howard but it just seems to me that he is off of the receiver more often then hand fighting for position on the ball, we will see over the next few weeks. Allen does seem to struggle and that may be part of what I see, but I still feel Howard shy's away from contact when possible. Timmons is a beast and by far Miami's best middle linebacker since Zach Thomas. It is definitely fun to watch this defense play and when they get some rest like they did in the second half in Sundays game they can really dominate in the fourth quarter.
  24. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    A great win today. Cutler still struggled in the second half but he got some good breaks on penalties and a called back interception for the ruffing the passer call. Howard is struggling so far this year but I have been really excited with Tankersly's play and the O-Line seemed to do a lot better job today also in protection and giving Ajayi some running room. This is a great momentum builder and moral booster that is needed with the Jets coming to Miami next week.
  25. Week 6: Miami Dolphins (2-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

    The longer Gase sticks with Cutler the more respect I will lose for him as a coach. When an offense is this bad for this long a change is needed to see if it even make a difference. The defense will start quitting from lack of hope in this game and weeks to come if a change is not made. I am really disappointed in Xaiven Howards play this season, this guy is just not improving and it looks a lot like he is afraid of contact to me with the ball carrier.