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  1. Adam Gase

    It is obvious the Eagles made the better Head coach decision. I am starting to see Gase as a very narrow minded coach that has a specific plan in mind for success but will have trouble achieving it if he does not have enough personal friends and professional associates with the talent to get it done.
  2. Ryan Tannehill expectations?

    He is no Tom Brady but I would take him over Bortles , Keenum and Foles.
  3. Landry contract getting ugly

    I am not a fan of breaking the bank on players that cannot go out and be a game changer and I do not see Landry as a game changer.
  4. cddolphin's 2018 Mock Offseason (Draft Round 1 Up)

    I would hate to see Landry go but I would not be totally crushed if he does. He makes a ton of catches but in reality he is not a game changer. I think a big down the middle TE and Grant in the slot would be a lot better line up then Landry in the slot and a non productive TE Miami has played with the last 2 years. Landry also has the uncanny ability to kill a big drive with stupid penalties. Unless Miami signs a starting franchise QB I say stay with Tannehill and hopefully draft his replacement.
  5. Dolphins hire Dowell Loggains as OC

    Has Gase ever hired someone he has not worked with? I just hope he is not a boss that continually hires buddies instead of the best available.
  6. Adam Gase

    One reason Miami was more pass happy is that they played 99% of the season playing catch up. Drake is way ahead of Miller and Ajayi in his role for the offense. I did get to the point of hating the screen passes they were so unproductive it got to be a joke almost. Miami some how needs to figure out how to be productive 15 yards down the middle and a big pass catching tight end will go a long ways in helping that.
  7. Adam Gase

    I forgot who said it, but the old saying you are what your record says you are is correct and after 2 seasons Gase is a .500 coach with a losing playoff record. This team has average to better then average talent in my opinion, so with that Gase as a coach is not getting any extra out of the talent he has to work with. I am willing to let next season be the deal maker for Gase to show me what season was the fluke his first or his second.
  8. Week 17: Buffalo Bills (8-7) @ Miami Dolphins (6-9)

    Well it looks like a # 11th first round pick which is not to bad. Fales looked O.K, I would say Cutler and Moore are both gone. A few good looking players on the field that are playing for jobs next year.
  9. Week 17: Buffalo Bills (8-7) @ Miami Dolphins (6-9)

    A win against Buffalo to close out the season would be nice but I really do not expect that to happen, on the other had a loss my get Miami a top 10 draft pick. The season is a bust no real difference in 6 and 10 or 7 and 9 to me as far as wins but a 9th pick in the draft may be better then a 12th. Miami.........20 Bills.............31
  10. In Review: Tannenbaum's Three Drafts

    As of now Miami would pick #12 before the week 17 games are played.
  11. In Review: Tannenbaum's Three Drafts

    I am pretty happy with the drafting the last 3 years and the fact the team has quality starters at most positions now and some decent depth at most. There is still a ways to go in some areas and also age is starting to get up there on a few of Miami's starters.
  12. Chambers or Landry

    If this team can ever get to where it can play with a lead Landry will be a greater help as a possession stick mover type receiver to eat the clock up. This year with what Miami is dealing with at QB and the type offense they are actually playing I would take Chambers in his prime over Landry.
  13. Week 16: Miami Dolphins (6-8) @ Kansas City Chiefs (8-6)

    I wish I knew. It just seems like the defense is always out of position, poor tackling, bad penalties, and hardly any real pressure on the QB most games. The offense is just plain horrible most games with bad penalties, poor ball protection, and so many bubble screen and 5 yards passes that most teams do not even need safeties on the field. I do like the running game better now but the overall play of the offense is just plain bad. Most problems I see on the field are fixable and that is what bothers me, why Miami cannot get better week to week on the metal stuff and the fundamentals. The QB play is bad and that will not change this season Miami is just stuck with the QB they have but the fact that just about every one of the games this year have been a carbon copy of each other tells me the coaches are not doing a great job of adjusting and adapting to the weaknesses and strengths they have. Think back to the start of the season and how bad New England's defense looked the first 4 games, everyone said the sky is falling in New England and by mid season there D was as good as ever. Did they change players or did the coaches and players go to work and change how they were playing? I am always amazed when Gase shakes his head when a bubble screen ran for the umpteenth time only goes for 3 yards when it is 3rd and 11. This was just a lost season and I have excepted that fact, I know a stable QB that can give you some kind of decent and consistant production will help a lot of things but what worries me the most this season is the fact Gase did not get the most out of the talent he did have and that bothers me.
  14. Week 16: Miami Dolphins (6-8) @ Kansas City Chiefs (8-6)

    This team is so bad. How can that much talent look so inept on the field? Pitiful really.
  15. Adam Gase

    As I have stated before I give Gase a bit of a break on this season because of all that went on out of his control and I do think he did a good ( not great ) job of keeping the team focused and on track. The lack of perceived fire in him on the sideline bothers me some, if mental mistakes on the field are a big problem as I continue to hear from the coach and players I would like to see a more in your face fired up coach during those games when Miami plays like a high school team. My favorite coach in the league is Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh, he seems like a players coach but at the same time calls a player out when that player is failing at his job and everyone knows he is. I would once like to see Gase get in Parkers face or Cutlers or an O-linemans face when they are coming off of the field after a miserable failed attempt at what they were supposed to do and challenge them in front of everyone to start getting the job done. The only reason I can think that he my not do this is if he deep down feels like he is not getting his job done and does not want the finger pointed back at him which means to me that there would be leadership issues in him. All the great coaches that I can think of get fired up on the sidelines at times and chew a player or assistant coach out but still have the total respect of his players but I just do not see that fire in Gase. I like most of what the organization has done player wise the last 2 seasons and will give Tannehill and Gase one more season to prove to me that they are the answer for the future.
  16. Team Needs?

    QB: Tannehill is better then this years options but he is still not the franchise guy. OL: Center and Guards mainly LB: Young strong fast linebackers TE: Need an all pro type guy WR: A big strong physical guy that can catch the ball.
  17. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (6-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

    Yep about what I thought was going to happen this week. Alonzo is fast becoming Miami's worse LB.
  18. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (6-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

    With it being cold I would bet the farm Parker is a non factor, it seems to me that this guy is just not tough and scrappy and I think he will just want to get warm on the sideline. Today will be a Landry, Fasano and Drake day on offense and the front 4 on D must contain and harass Taylor while the linebackers contain McCoy.
  19. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (6-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

    I have no idea how I feel on this one, Miami has been so jeckel and hyde this season in all aspects of the game. I just wished that they could have taken care of business at home against the Raiders and Bucs and this game would have so much more meaning. Miami...........23 Bills .............27 I am just no buying what Miami has been selling the last two weeks I got a feeling the other Dolphins will show up this week.
  20. It did not take a genius to see this coming, I wonder if the front office let this happen just so McAdoo could be fired without any real question as to why.
  21. Nice to win but nothing to celebrate here Denver was a worse team and Miami should have won. Denver looked today like Miami has looked this year when they have played a team that is better then them..
  22. A coach that will bench Eli to start Geno to me just signed his own walking papers. Eli my be a small part of the offensive trouble but he is by no means the main factor, the guy did not forget how to play QB over one off season. Geno is junk, I could see if you had drafted a QB that my be the future you may give him a shot at this point but to bench Eli for Geno is a bone head move in my opinion.
  23. Time to Blow It Up!

    It basically comes down to having 2 to 4 great linebackers that can run support and cover the intermediate pass game. Miami really has none that are great at both.
  24. Only 3 other teams have had losing streaks of more than 5 games this season they are the 49ers, Browns and Broncos who are on a 7 game losing streak coming into Miami this weekend. I really think Miami struggles this week and I have my doubts that they can win this game.
  25. Time to Blow It Up!

    I like Tannehill and Gase at least one more year together, in saying that though all other assistant coaches need to be shown the door after the season is done. Burke's defensive scheme is junk, there is to much talent on this teams defense to get gashed week in and week out like it does in all phases of the game. The offense is horrible, time for a new OC /play caller, I know the O-line is week and the injuries are mounting but even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then unlike Miami's offense that is the same scripted junk every week. I swear the offense looks exactly the same every game the only thing that changes is the color of the jersey's on the other side making the plays against it. The special teams return team is horrible also, to my best recollection Miami has not even been close to breaking a kickoff or punt return for a TD, heck most of the time the K.O return barely even gets to the 25 yard line. I will judge Gase this off season by watching to see if he is as hard on himself and his coaching staff for not doing their job as he is on players that do not do their job.