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  1. Week 3: Oakland Raiders (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

    I have seen enough so far this season to think Miami can win any game but also know they will lose 6 to 8 games buy this should not be one. Raiders are struggling some with the regime change ( don't us Dolphin fans know that feeling ) and some key players moving on. With the Raiders traveling and the momentum Miami has building I think Miami wins this week. Miami ...........31 Raiders..……..21
  2. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0)

    O-Line is what it is, a pretty good unit to start the season but every injury this year is going to make it less and less effective on 3rd down pass protection and running between the tackles. The linebackers got exposed some the second half but they are young and should improve as a unitas the season goes on barring injuries. As I think back to the 2016 season I am starting to remember how I began to question Gases' play calling then and I am starting to see the same thing this season and that mainly is running the same plays over and over in a game when they continually get blowed up by opposing defenses. Drake needs to learn to stay in bounds when playing with a lead, 2 plays late in the forth quarter he ran out of bounds when he should have just went down on the field and kept the clock running. Over all another tough, ugly, and good win that can be a playoff maker at the end of the season
  3. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0)

    It does seem the guard position in Miami consist of two black holes that suck up any talent that my be standing in them.
  4. MIA loses LG Josh Sitton for season with torn rotator cuff

    Not good but not a total disaster with Larsen ready to step in. I hope they find someone quick because whom ever they sign Miami probably want let them on the field for about 6 weeks after they sign .
  5. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0)

    I think the only way the Jets beat Miami is if they rush for 200+ yards and I am not saying that cannot happen. Miami will take the passing game away, and the Jets will have to beat Miami with the ground game and ball control.
  6. Week 1, Titans @ Dolphins

    A very good ugly win. Miami looked better before the first delay. The middle run defense and tackling in general were the two biggest problems I saw today. The offense looked great at times and average mostly but good overall. The secondary has great potential and the linebacker play was good and I hope they both improve each week over the next month. For a totally messed up week one game it was good to get a win, the jet game could be a screwy mess weather wise next weekend with the possible hurricane hitting the Atlantic coast at the end of the week
  7. Week 1, Titans @ Dolphins

    My biggest worry in this game is Mariota, Miami seems to always struggle against a mobile QB and with Suh gone he could have a field day running up the middle. If Miami contains Mariota I think they win, if Mariota runs free Titans win.
  8. 2018 final 53

    Notable cuts being reported; Tony Lippett Lenote Carroo Isaiah Ford Issac Asiata Thomas Duarte Kendall Langford
  9. 2018 final 53

    I agree, seems like nothing much now but could be snowballed into something next spring.
  10. 2018 Dolphins Schedule, Season Predicition thread!

    Suh is the only move I have any question about and that will have to be seen as the season progresses and the biggest effect I feel will be in the run defense. Miami has plenty of guys to get after the passer but can they stop the run between the tackles now. I think losing Landry will be a non factor as long as the tight end position becomes relevant this season and with the edition of Amendola and Wilson these guys will produce more YAC, and less personal fouls on big plays then Landry ever did. I am concerned that Parker is again proving to be Parker, a non reliable big play big game receiver. A solid big play, big receiver has got to be a draft/free agent priority next season. My thinking is that if this years opening day team could play last years opening day team I think this years team would win and that is why I base my thoughts that this team is better then last years. I am talking about Miami though and after being a fan for 40 plus years I am used to them disappointing more often then surprising me the last 15 years.
  11. 2018 Dolphins Schedule, Season Predicition thread!

    On June 3rd I felt 9-7 would be tops and I am still thinking that but, 8-8 is more realistic. I like this team better than last years and I like the schedule better ( dates and times ) than last years.
  12. Preseason Game 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Miami Dolphins

    I am really pulling for Ford to make the roster and he did not hurt his odds any tonight.
  13. Tony Sparano Dead at the Age of 56

    As a Dolphin fan Tony was one of my favorites, maybe in over his head a little bit as a head coach but a fantastic coach . He did a decent job with very little talent in Miami and a lot of that was a tribute to what a great guy he was. So sad for his family. Rest in Peace.
  14. High Expectations, Low Expectations

    I have very low expectations for Devante Parker this year. I just do not think he has the drive or the attitude to be a great receiver in the NFL. I am low on Tunsil, I am thinking he is good but not going to be great. I also have very low expectations for the offensive line, I feel Tannehill and more short pass targets this year along with Drake that can get to the outside will make O-line look better then they will really be. Very high on Amendole, maybe not as many catches as Landry if the tight end starts producing but he will have a lot more YAC and TD's then Landry with no stupid penalties on critical plays. High expectations for Harris, I think Charles Harris has a big year, With Suh gone and Wake aging I hope he grasp the opportunity he has to step up this year and be a difference maker.. I am very high on the secondary to be great by mid season barring injury.
  15. 2018 Dolphins Schedule, Season Predicition thread!

    The Chicago and Indy games are the only games I can say at this time Miami should win...……………………….2-0 .500 in the division...…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..3-3 Rest of the home games > Titans ,Oakland, Detroit, Jacksonville...…………………………………………………………………….2-2 Rest of the away games > Cincy, Houston, Green Bay, Minnesota...…………………………………………………………………..2-2 9-7 is about the best I see them being this year if Tannehill stays healthy the whole season.
  16. Kickoffs to be "modified"

    I say move the kickoff back to the 20 yard line do not allow a return on the kickoff and it must be fair caught or covered on the ground and played from the yard marker where possession was made . If the ball is kicked along the ground or muffed by the catcher it belongs to the team that recovers it first at the point of recovery. All other regular kickoff rules for onside kicks and touchbacks stay the same. With these rules the kickoff game is still a vital part of field position and the turnover and possession change are still in play. You could also limit the kickoff to 7 on 7 or 5 on 5 to limit the bodies flying around the field.

    These are a few being reported so far. LB Mike McCray, DT Anthony Moten, OL David Steinmetz

  19. Who do we select at pick 11?

    Boy am I glad Miami did not draft Reuben Foster last year, Harris my be slow getting up to speed but at least he will be ready to play this year.
  20. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    I really hated seeing Williams go but this is not a bad 1 year deal hoping we find a back in the draft or undrafted this spring. Gore had a pretty productive year last year and hopefully will be a good complement Drake this year.
  21. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    If he was signed for any more then what you said it is truly a sign that this staff should be done after this season.
  22. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    Suh and Landry are not game changers, and for the money they were going to get paid Miami can replace both of them and add another starter.
  23. Welcome back William Hayes

    All these guys are old or getting old and will have to be replaced or filled in for when they are hurt, hopefully that is when Harris matures into a starter.
  24. Suh Gone.....

    Other then the cost of Suh's contract I like the approach Miami used with him, sign proven FA that can come in and play and contribute in that second contract for 3 to 5 years and let them go. I am so sick of Miami signing guys in the last years of their career to big 2 years contracts and they only soak up the sun while in Miami and eat up roster spots for younger hungry guys.
  25. Suh Gone.....

    Suh is 31 this year it will be his 9th year in the league and he missed 4 games last year after not missing a single game the pervious 5 years. Suh is still a very good player but he is not worth what Miami will have to pay him at this point of his career. I am reading where the money and the locker room fit are more of the reason for his possibly being released then his on field performance. Remember he is not Gase's guy either.