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  1. Free agents 2019

    I would be impressed with Flores if he musters up more than 6 wins in first year with this dysfunction. In which case we just need to let it play out. Maybe we can trade up from mid-round.
  2. Draft Discussion 2019

    Jawa'an Taylor, RT Gators
  3. Free agents 2019

    I may be naïve here, but I do not expect any first year coach (or any HC) to tank purposely! I wouldn't want that coach on my team, that's just me. Not only that, but you will lose a lot of the "good" player's hearts in the process. Our cap space should be great and we may add a few more picks to our pouch, no need to throw in towels. "We play to win the game"! next year, we can trade up with some picks and some overachieving divas (I am sure one will blossom) for a top 3 pick depending on where "the one" is projected. I just don't see Flores or even Grier hoping Fitz tanks for the chance at #1 in 2020. If you want to lose the locker room, go with the "tanking" solution so you can continue getting %50 percent from your NFL athletes. *Soap box secured
  4. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    Wish him the best! I think he left it out there in the field and I can appreciate that. I will not be surprised if he is picked by someone within AFC East to back up.
  5. Coach Flores introduced as new head coach

    Demanding is my favorite trait mentioned. Get the most out of your players by demanding it and challenging them day in day out. Otherwise they will become stagnant and lazy!
  6. X trade rumors? http://www.espn.com/blog/miami-dolphins/post/_/id/28647/xavien-howard-hears-trade-rumors-but-wants-be-miamis-franchise-cb
  7. Anyone else pulling for Ricky Williams on Celebrity Big Brother on CBS? Seeing another side of Ricky that is really interesting. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/ricky-williams-celebrity-big-brother.html/
  8. Draft Discussion 2019

    1. I think this is Course of Action #1 at this moment. 2. Rebuilding.....It would cost too much to move up for Haskins when we have a whole team (basically) to rebuild. Draft a QB? Yes! but hoping to find a gem in mid-late rounds. If not, 2020 is a promising QB class. 3. Pretty sure that just 2 days Doug Peterson said that Wentz is their guy 4. Hard Pass, I agree with earlier post, he will be hurt and out many games. However, when he is in the field, he could be dangerous.
  9. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    You right! Not sure what I was thinking there.
  10. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Hoping Vance Joseph will return to DC, but looks like Arizona has scooped him up!
  11. Draft Discussion 2019

    On this same boat with you. With the exception that they should skip on drafting QB in 2019 and pick up a place filler in FA (or just use Fales.....IDK). At this point, we know that it is a rebuilding year and I would like to focus on the line of scrimmage pushers.
  12. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Absolutely cannot have another failure at HC! (BTW, I do not believe Gase was a failure.....YET). Another failure will set us back another decade, with that being said, I feel desperate for Jim Harbaugh or bro (not a possibility in my opinion) and feeling very skeptical about a first time HC at this point. Every option is a roll of a dice, but a re-motivated proven HC (Arians, McCarthy etc.) is a lesser risk IMO.