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  1. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/24/indianapolis-colts-rookies-training-camp-report/
  2. Colts Steelers 1995.... "With Neil O’Donnell scrambling to find an open receiver on a third-and-goal play in the final minute of the first half, Stewart fought through double coverage near the rear of the end zone. As he ran by safety Jason Belser, Stewart’s left foot clearly came down out of bounds." Colts Steelers 2005... "The play: Bettis runs to the right and has the ball knocked out of his hands by Colts linebacker Gary Brackett. It ricochets backward, bounces twice and is scooped up on the run by Harper, who takes off for what many expect to be a sure game-winning t
  3. News flash....guys who sustain too many hits to the head, can exhibit odd behavior.
  4. For the record....I talked about connecting....not paying. Those can be two different things.
  5. As a fan outside the GB area, and outside of their division (I have no dog in this discussion), the perception by in large...is that the front office in GB does not connect well with players when a contract issue like this arises. True or not, that is the general consensus I have read. I see the term legacy used a lot in this thread. IF....AR was to follow through with his desire to not play for GB....AND he was forced to pay back $$$, it would hurt the Packers legacy far more than AR's.
  6. JJ is a rock star in the rich guy world. It's his personna, and he likes those kinds of players. He doesn't try to acquire team players, he wants stars. the problem is, those stand out players are more often than not....about themselves. Jerry has failed to build a locker room of "family".
  7. Ya, they're not going to rewind that back. It's a good thing, and it should stay.
  8. He has serious quick twitch rout running capabilities. I am so rooting for the kid.
  9. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/5/19/22444069/colts-wr-parris-campbell-was-cleared-by-doctors-last-week-now-100-ready-to-go
  10. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/19/indianapolis-colts-sam-ehlinger-kylen-granson-sign-rookie-contracts/ All signed now
  11. Lots of roster churn going on in the upcoming days/weeks/months.
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