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  1. Colts New Numbers

    I like Houston 50 and Buckner 99. Legendary!
  2. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Hey, there are a lot of Colt fans who think the team is going to still trade up for Love after just signing Rivers. I believed that kind of thinking was just Colt fans....
  3. Colts sign CB TJ Carrie

    For whatever reason, the Colts CB's get decimated with injuries every year. We never seem to have enough depth in the secondary.
  4. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    It has been a long time, since my team valued the LB and interior D-line positions. Ballard has drafted more LB's than any other position since he took over. I think that the entire Colt secondary will benefit from the additions of Buckner, and Day. He now has some legit strength and power defending the A and B gap. I expect a top 5 O-line ranking, and a top 15 defensive ranking. We'll see.
  5. NFL Late Bloomers in 2020

    Please...for the love of god....Quincy Wilson for the Colts.
  6. Well.....if you look at our history with secondary injuries....then it's quite likely!
  7. I think this is an interesting add. The more i look into this player, the more I like.
  8. Colts showing interest in Ezra Cleveland

    Thanks for the heads up. I had not watched any film on him and I just did some quick viewing. Nice quick feet, good stance while backing up, excellent frame size, but perhaps not a grinder. I don't know his injury history, and character profile. Do you think he would last till the 3rd or 4th?
  9. Colts sign former Viking CB Xavier Rhodes

    I do think his leadership and veteran experience is big for CB....especially for the secondary with guys only in their 4th year or younger. Someone has to be the glue and voice of calm when things start going wrong. Hard to say how X's play will be this season, but the situation is perfect for him to earn another good contract. If he can't gain that leverage in the next year, that chance is likely lost. I see him perhaps surprising us all. This is his shot. I think he'll get it done.
  10. With the Next Pick Series II

    I like coach saying at the end, "You discipline yourself to not to make up your mind, off of that first impression".
  11. Colts to sign former 49ers DT Sheldon Day

    I can't remember a Colt D line on the inside that has the depth that this one could have.
  12. Colts upcoming free agents

    I have mixed feeling about this. We never got to truly see what he can do. At the same time, the Colts need WR who are healthy as an ox.
  13. I am still at work, and I run my own business, so I'll have to pass.....but will be willing to give support an ideas to someone who can.
  14. Colts to release CB Pierre Desir

    I think they'll take another in the draft as well .
  15. Colts sign QB Phillip Rivers (One year, $25 M)

    Did not know that.....that is interesting. We were so spoiled watching Manning/Edge pull that off. They were deadly.