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  1. Pagano is losing the locker room

    It is hard to imagine anything good from firing the head coach in the middle of the season.
  2. Most heart breaking loss

    IndianapolisColts 10-6, 5-3 Away 0 Final 1 2 3 4 T IND 0 0 0 0 0 NYJ 7 17 10 7 41 41 New YorkJets 9-7, 5-3 Home
  3. AFC South and Draft Order

    Ya....its looking a lot like 6 wins. I think Tenn, Denver....and Houston/
  4. Tony Donahue made this tweet today..... Andrew Luck will he placed on IR. Have not been told exactly when. #Colts I was wondering why this might happen and then it hit me.....so he can get stem cell or other unavailable treatments abroad. Thoughts?
  5. Malik Hooker out for year (torn ACL and MCL)

    Wow....just wow.
  6. Pagano is losing the locker room

    It looks like it. Not a good quote from TY......even if it is true. That does indicate a fractured group.
  7. 2017's parity. Why?

    My thoughts in red
  8. 2017's parity. Why?

    Without the bottom 16 teams feeling like they have a real chance and soon, and continuing to follow the NFL with their pocketbook....there is no league.
  9. Andrew Luck.... his inability to throw the ball away and live for another down. He puts himself in harms way by extending plays too long. When was the last time you saw him purposely overthrow a WR out of bounds on the sideline? Manning did it all the time.
  10. Colts @Titans MNF

    Wish I could watch or listen...I am at work. Thanks for the updates!
  11. The NFL Has a Star Power Problem

    True....or chooses to not try to grow in astronomical proportions and gain global fans.
  12. The NFL Has a Star Power Problem

    Personally, I want a league built on hard core fans, rather than casual fans. That way they are not bowing to the whims of fickle...what have you done for me in the last 5 minutes....crowd.
  13. The NFL Has a Star Power Problem

  14. The NFL Has a Star Power Problem

    QFT. To the bolded...i laugh at how many fans pee and moan about the commish, Instead of blaming the ownership pool. Roger is doing exactly what the owners want.
  15. The NFL Has a Star Power Problem

    God....please dont turn this into the crap show known as the NBA. This is a team driven sport. Ratings are down partly because of over-saturation. It used to be Sunday football. Then they added Monday night football. Then they added Saturday football. Then Thursdays.... Add into that the fact that today's game average fan has their face stuck in a cell phone and is more interested in tweeting and being followed on the internet rather than truly following the game, gives you the decline you see. Lets not forget that fans are more concerned for their fantasy team than they are for a single team. Loyalty is down the toilet. The average fan description of players on their team is: Trash Garbage Dumpster fire Hot mess