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  1. With the 3rd Pick, the Colts select......

    Like those first three rounds a lot.
  2. Colt’s coaching staff starting to fill out

    I like the idea of a TE's coach who has so much experience coaching o-lines. Getting TE's to do their job in a max protect package is important.
  3. Colt’s coaching staff starting to fill out

    Is that about it? What position coaches are still not filled?
  4. Colts and Vinatieri close to 1 year deal

    He is going to pass Morton on the all time list. Hope he goes into the hall as a Colt.
  5. Offseason Rumor Thread

    So if a rumor turns out to be not false, would that make it a trumor?
  6. With the 3rd Pick, the Colts select......

    Donte Moncrief wasn’t on the list even though there were 15 WRs on it. Whether its here or somewhere else, if he doesn't step it up this season, he going to earn that back up role for good. His prove it time is running out.
  7. I have been following the Colts for decades. The team has been up, down, up, down, up, down, up down....etc. The reality is, the odds of winning a SB (if everything were even) would be once every 32 years. Not very good odds for those folks who spout dreams of winning 2-4 SB's in the near future. Let's say that half of those teams are not as competent as the Colts....that makes it once every 16 years. Because we won one in 2006, that means we are due in the next 4 years or so. Seems quite plausible to me. However, it isn't about SB's to me. It's about being relevant. The Colts have had 3 losing seasons in 19 years. I just want to get back to where we were talked about, recognized on prime time, and feared on the football field. Anything else is gravy So, what this is about, is what should next year look like? We have seen what too good too fast resulted in. Unrealistic expectation, GM and coach failure, over the top fandom, etc. Even if we were to have a great or fantastic season next year, we dont have the roster to maintain it. What I would like to see, is 3-5 solid pieces added to the long term foundation of this team. I want to see better execution, sustained attention to detail. and better overall team health. I want to see the team fight for the top of the division. I don't think it will be next year, but i want to see the rest of the division nervous about playing us again.
  8. Colt’s coaching staff starting to fill out

    Dir. of Sports Performance - Rusty Jones / previously Bears - sports performance consultant 2005-2012 / Bills Strength and Conditioning Coach 1985-2004 This could turn out to be a significant hire.....
  9. Colt’s coaching staff starting to fill out

    Bubba seems pretty green. They must see somethings special. Really like the OC, DC, and Secondary coaches.
  10. With the 3rd Pick, the Colts select......

    Consensus on the internet seems to be Chubb. I think we will trade back a few spots and select Nelson on the line.
  11. Luck over Manning Revisited.

    Funny how people like to spend other people's money. Jim Irsay had just given Peyton 28 million for a season in which he did not play. Then, he was about to collect another 25 million in contractual money even though it was not known if he would regain his ability to throw the football. This premise is silly./ ;
  12. Best Organizations for 2018-2022

    Alternative thread title.... Teams I like...........and teams I hate
  13. Colts return to the Tampa 2?

    He stated that we are switching?