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  1. Looks like a tall order. Would love to see the oline begin to gell, and the defense get some pressure. Keep our QB upright!
  2. Booing is not a reflection of the person receiving the boo......it is a reflection of the person delivering the boo. One of my favorite sayings is..... "If you ran into an A-hole today, you ran into an A-hole. If you run into an A-hole everyday....you're an A-hole". Booing for a disrespectful event? Absolutely. For performance? That is a reflection of the boo'er.
  3. I think that kind of flies in the face of competition. Can't ask guys to buy in...and then ask them to possibly lose for the future. It's a mixed message that could destroy a locker room.
  4. Watching my Beavers own the Trojans......
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