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  1. From a long time Colts fan........serious congrats!!!
  2. I think Ballard always has the future in mind.
  3. He's a good football mind. Will hate to see him go, but he deserves his shot if that is what he wants.
  4. https://www.colts.com/news/roster-moves-reserve-future-contracts-james-morgan-keke-coutee-demichael-harris
  5. Payback coming for the Titans, Jags, and Raiders.
  6. Time for the defense to step up.
  7. Raiders look good on offense for their scripted beginning
  8. And here.....we.....go!
  9. I think this will be a hard fought game. The Colts have always had hard games against this team. Lots of players coming back. Has the rest been good for them? Or will they have to knock the rust off........we will see. I see this game going down to the 4th 1/4. Maybe Patmon has a few more catches and starts integrating into the offense. I think DL will benefit from a week off his ankle.
  10. Colts have WR Parris Campbell back at practice today, per @JimIrsay
  11. Do you actually believe this or are you being obtuse?
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