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  1. Colts extend CB Kenny Moore (highest paid Slot CB?)

    Great example for guys...do your job well, become a true Colt, and you will get paid, no matter your entry point into the league.
  2. Colts extend LS Luke Rhodes

    True, but i have seen games lost by a bad special teams snap. As far as him being the highest paid, he might be seen by the team as the best in the league.
  3. T Antonio Garcia suspended 4 games for PEDs

  4. He tore the big three...thats a serious injury. Hopefully he can heal up and continue his career.
  5. Colts extend P Sanchez

    Filled Pat's shoes without a single issue. Excellent contract extension.
  6. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    Gotta love that name..........
  7. They must have a plan. This isn't Tyreek Hill kind of trouble...just being an idiot. Hope he gets his stuff together.
  8. Colts sign a Safety

  9. Draft discussion

    Love the idea of an aggressive secondary. That play 7 yards off gets real old...
  10. Leonard and Ebron had surgery, Leonard to miss time

    Makes one wonder how good it is on players to keep playing on an injured body part.
  11. Malik Hooker

    He is. He was injured his first year, and since then, QB's rarely throw his side of the field. This will be his second year, post injury. I expect even better things from him.
  12. Draft Picks signings 10/10 all signed

    Love how this front office works. Get to it!
  13. Draft discussion

    This is a great pick
  14. Draft discussion

    Thank you so much!
  15. Draft discussion

    Call the police...there's been a theft!