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  1. Jon's own admission.... "but on the other hand he struggles mightily as a run defender, from recognizing blocks to getting off of them to holding the point of attack." ....says it all about Jones for me. Hard to say about Samuel as this draft site doesn't reference to leadership and character, which Ballard fortunately ranks very high.
  2. Disc golf thread

    Favorite disc - Valkyrie Champion DX XT (plastic type)or? - Champion Overstable or understable - Understable Backhand of forehand - Backhand Number of aces - 0 Longest drive - 320 Par 3's or long courses - Both
  3. Disc golf thread

    I would love to hear from others who get out and throw disc. Favorite disc - Champion DX XT (plastic type)or? - Overstable or understable - Backhand of forehand - Number of aces - Longest drive - Par 3's or long courses - Would love to see pics of fave discs or your local hole at a local course.
  4. Disc golf thread

    Not at all. I love the sport. I just posted it here for quite a while, and saw zero response. I'll put some back.... Just played the Rockwood course in The Portland Gresham area of Oregon this morning. Par three, flat course. Threw a 3 under.
  5. G Matt Slauson announces retirement

    He seems to be that kind of mentor...we'll see if he wants the hours grind as a coach.
  6. The Man is back!

  7. G Matt Slauson announces retirement

    Thanks, Matt. You gave us all you could.
  8. Colts and K Vinatieri agree to 1 year extension

    How long did Bart Starr play?
  9. Maniac wins Def Rookie of the Year

    Dude brought it every game. Well deserved.
  10. Luck wins Comeback Player of the Year

    Thats my quarterback!
  11. https://www.colts.com/news/indianapolis-colts-hire-new-offensive-line-tight-ends-coaches
  12. Colts and K Vinatieri agree to 1 year extension

    Money baby. Let's go all the way and send Adam off with a ring!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Colts sign 9 to Reserves/Futures contracts

    Yep, I kind of felt that at the end of the season. Now watch him get healthy with another team..... For his sake, I hope he does.
  14. Colts feel the love from PFWA

    That's my team!!