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  1. WR Reece Fountain done for the year (ankle)

    Damn....so sorry for the kid.
  2. Training Camp 2019

  3. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/08/03/indianapolis-colts-sign-te-zach-conque-waived-injured-billy-brown/
  4. Training Camp 2019

    Man, Ballard is like the Energizer Bunny
  5. Colts sign a RB

  6. Jabaal Sheard to miss some time with knee injury

    Getting long in the tooth. Sure do appreciate what he did for us in a state of transition. Hope the best for him.
  7. Training Camp 2019

    It has begun!!!!!
  8. Training Camp 2019

    Lol at A ware. How the heck do you pronounce that name anyway?
  9. Training Camp 2019

    I am so freaking ready for some Colts football!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Colts Madden 20 ratings

    Never played....
  11. Team Needs

    I would add that at TE, a great deal hangs on the health of Jack Doyle. Can Ebron repeat the contribution he did last season? Mo Cox has amazing size hands, but has yet to become a consistent difference maker. He is a mountain in a big package... I would guess Ross Travis is next in line, but I know nothing of Holmes, Hentges, and Brown.
  12. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    Every year is a new slate. Hard to say, but the cupboard is no longer bare. If we can stay healthy as key positions...I see us contending for the division. I think we really establish the running game this season.
  13. Colts extend CB Kenny Moore (highest paid Slot CB?)

    Great example for guys...do your job well, become a true Colt, and you will get paid, no matter your entry point into the league.
  14. Colts extend LS Luke Rhodes

    True, but i have seen games lost by a bad special teams snap. As far as him being the highest paid, he might be seen by the team as the best in the league.
  15. T Antonio Garcia suspended 4 games for PEDs