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  1. Damn....that leg was pointing in the wrong direction.
  2. Dulin made a play last night.
  3. Malik Hooker to miss 4-6 weeks with a torn meniscus

    Dang...he was just making strides.
  4. Colts waive QB Chad Kelly, signed to practice squad

    This is not surprising.
  5. Darius Leonard is in concussion protocol

  6. Gostkowski missed a FG and 2 xpoints this week. I know Vinny is near the end of his career, but I don't think his game fell off in two games.
  7. Week 1 Overreactions Thread

    Adam V end up retiring mid season.....but keeps missing the exit out of the Colts complex.
  8. As a Colts fan, I predict pain.
  9. WR Devin Funchess breaks collarbone in Week 1 loss

    Damnit! Oh well, feel for the guy. He's on a one year deal. A lot of $ for 1 game , lol. Hogan time? Possible. I think it's Cain time.
  10. Colts announce 5 captains for 2019 season

    Wasn't he a captain last year?
  11. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    I see JB as the QB for the season, barring injury.
  12. Colts extend QB Jacoby Brissett 2yr $30M

    Franchise tag deal spread over two years. This is his year to show and grow.
  13. Colts and QB Brian Hoyer agree to 3 yr deal

    Nice vet presence in the QB room and on the headset during games. Also can come in if needed per an injury. Good move.