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  1. I was never on board with the Love love. I thought that using picks to move up for him would be a mistake.
  2. Dang it....I wanted another year. Oh well...congrats PR on an amazing career! Nothing but respect.
  3. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/19/indianapolis-colts-compensatory-draft-pick-2021/ "Even with the Colts not being a team that spends big in free agency, they did so in 2020 by bringing in quarterback Philip Rivers on a one-year deal. That, coupled with the fact that they didn’t lose any major free agents, is likely to result in the Colts not getting an extra pick in Rounds 3–7 of the draft."
  4. If they don't resign Rivers, I honestly don't have a clue to what Ballard will do. I do however, believe he will do the best thing that is available at this time, that still keeps the future open.
  5. Thanks for stopping in. Pretty loyal and knowledgeable fans here. Welcome and hope to see more of you.
  6. Thanks for all the translations. I love this team and the way it's built. Ballard is doing it the right way. The QB situation will get solved when the opportunity comes.
  7. I wonder about that. I would be surprised if they moved Q. However, we all know it has been discussed and considered. I am also wondering what T will come available with the inevitable cuts resulting from the lowered cap. I think a look into each teams T situation is warranted.
  8. He's a guy who did it right. Nothing but respect for AC. Guys like him and Glenn are hard to replace.
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