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  1. So the ultimate effect of these skyrocketing prices is.........wait for it...........increased season ticket prices.
  2. I guess I'm too old. I can't understand jack in that quote.
  3. How about Buckner to the Colts for 1 first rounder? I love me some Chris Ballard.
  4. Since the football was originally covered in pigskin, why not just make the logo a red colored football and keep the name the Redskins? That would be entirely too logical, and doesn't appease the pound of flesh crowd.
  5. Adams does not seem like the kind of person Ballard goes for, so I don't see anything offered regardless.
  6. I would be....at the 8-8 part. Leave the QB aside, because I have a hard time guessing that PR will give the Colts worse QB play than what they had last year. They added a beast on the D-line, and drafted a chain moving WR and another beast at RB. 8-8 would flat out stun me.
  7. Well, I think they both have arrogance. But it seems that there is a difference in smart and arrogant, and not so smart...and arrogant. I sure as hell hope we're right as well. What a boon that would be...to pull a QB out of the fourth round.
  8. Defending Bill B. and the notion of cheating? Bwaaahahahahhaha......
  9. Absolutely funny. I have wanted 2 preseason games for years.......the year they finally do it.......I wish there were four. Laughing my donkey off!
  10. The fine is not, you can say it over and over, but it doesn't change. I have been waiting to see what would happen. It's not old news
  11. Pete should not be banned from baseball, and neither should Bill be banned from the NFL. That said, their transgressions are worlds apart. One broke the rules to gain personal financial advantage, the other has broken the rules repeatedly to gain tactical advantage over 31 other teams. Bill is far worse, and it's not even close.
  12. What a great thing. I love what the Colts are doing.
  13. Exactly. What frustrates me most about this situation, is the comment, "We just need to continue to stay home and save lives". Every time I see or hear that, it is coming from someone who can afford to do so. Every time.
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