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  1. WR Marcus Johnson to IR, Dontrelle Inman signed

    Couldn't log in earlier...I was like...."Noooooo"!
  2. WR Marcus Johnson to IR, Dontrelle Inman signed

    What position does he play?
  3. Return of Castonzo - 6 ruled out for Sunday

    Anthony was back...and he was good.
  4. Return of Castonzo - 6 ruled out for Sunday

    Never seen a year like this....and I thought I had seen the worse. Glad the big Connoli is back.
  5. Colts sign S Mike Mitchell, release Pipkins

    Ya...I was thinkin the same thing. Looking for SC highlights to prove his manhood...
  6. Colts place RG Matt Slauson on IR, sign C/G Boehm

    He can play tackle...thought he might end up there, but in a perfect world, we get a HEALTHY RT in the future. Slauson was a break in filler....did his job. Regardless of the season, time to let the young players get their reps.
  7. Colts “injury report” for Thursday

    Lol. Body bags?
  8. Colts “injury report” for Thursday

    We need Kenny back in the secondary.
  9. Haeg to IR, Skai and Swoope released

    He's twitch quick, but not a 3 down.
  10. Colts vs Texans - Edwin Jackson memorial

    So freaking sad.
  11. Colts claim CB off waivers, cut Michael // more //

    Mack and Turbin both available for an entire game could mean a big boost for this offense.
  12. The new season

    Fans are so reactionary these days. No one seems to have a spine and stick with their faith through the season.
  13. Darius Leonard wins DPOW Week 2

    Lol at the dissing of his pick across the internet.
  14. Was Swoop good at blocking on sweeps?