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  2. I am hearing Hunts name called. Nice to see the big man get his game on. Sheard doing the dirty work?
  3. Wish I could watch...thanks everyone for the updates!
  4. Lol...edit, just woke up. Cut that meat!
  5. Week 1 Colts @ Rams - No Luck vs No Donald

    There is absolutely no way to sugarcoat that for ST. He may be one those QB's who runs practice like a demon.....but just has no pressure vibe. I play guitar, and I can tell in 5 minutes if a player is a live player, or a garage legend. Give them a different guitar and a bad amp...can they still make music? Yes, there are line issues, but you have to convert one 3rd down out of shear frustration.
  6. Denzell Good goes to IR, Sean Spence signed

    Is he IR to return?
  7. Perspective

    Here is some facts about how bad things are....or aren't. In 2002, the Colts roster included: Peyton Manning Edge Marvin Reggie Adam Meadows Ryan Diem Tarik Glenn Dwight Freeney Mike Peterson Jeff Saturday They went into the Meadowlands and lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Jets.......41-0. Thats right folks, that awesome lineup could not even SCORE A POINT. But you know what? Four years later they won the SB. So maybe this last weeks loss does not indicate they are the worse team, owner, GM, coach ever. (As always....I clarify that this board is actually pretty realistic and supportive of the team. This is just my only place to plant my opinions about the fanbase as a whole) What say you? Go Colts!!

    Week 2 Vegas Raiders
  9. Week 1 Colts @ Rams - No Luck vs No Donald

    Where do I start..... Biggest reason? Luck not playing. Next biggest reason? Injuries. Next biggest reason? Large roster turnover Next biggest reason? Front office not properly preparing for the QB situation Next biggest reason? Pagano's in game coaching and overall team preparation. 0 for 10 on third downs? God that young defense was short on experience and they were gassed. Good news? Bill B from the Pats are also 0-1 and had over 40 points laid on his team.......at home.
  10. Week 1 Colts @ Rams - No Luck vs No Donald

    I didn't get to see it, but Bob L on the radio sounded pretty disgusted. We'll see how this young team responds to an arse kicking. We are missing players, but this seemed to reflect more than that
  11. Week 1 Colts @ Rams - No Luck vs No Donald

    I actually expect at least a solid showing, despite the injuries, and I think that we are really developing some depth for the first time in a long time. I see the game within 10 points...could go either way. As far as our offense, 3 TDs would be great, but 2 more likely, but that will be a tall challenge for a young team on the road with a back up QB. For our defense, its just the opposite...holding them to 2 TDs with that inexperienced secondary will be double tough, 3 or 4 more likely. We stay in this thing by doing what we have this preseason...creating turnovers. Lets hope that gives the offense enough time to get some rhythm going. A TD on our first possession would be freaking excellent.
  12. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    Lol...read the entire thread on Colts.com. Love reading Pats cuddling Colt fans sing "the Pats are unstoppable" tune for 3 quarters...and not ONE of them admit they were boot licking when the Chiefs handed it to them in the fourth. Heck, I'm no Steeler fan, but at least those fans fess up. Grow a spine, Colt fans, and back your team, or join a team worthy of your amazing fandom.
  13. Lol, I got it....but with 25K posts and very up to date posting, you deserve it. Glad to be here and have a place for some civilized fandom. I'll try to help with the threads and replies numbers. I don't use my phone for internet so I am not the most up to the minute in "just in" kinds of postings.
  14. Stallyns, you are the man. I like this....... "Quincy Wilson and TJ Green are favorites to fill in for Davis. TJ Green and Malik Hooker practiced today, Nate Hairston will be the NB Sunday. "
  15. Man, all I can say is Ballard is truly backing his talk with the actions he said he would. For the first time in a long time, I think there will be some depth. Some real depth. We are a way before putting it all together, but I see his moves and he is going to be a fine GM.