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  1. Uniform # update

    I like Houston with 99.
  2. 2019 schedule released today (4/17)

    4 of 5 home games after the bye....right in the meat of our schedule....
  3. Draft discussion

    I have always felt that GM's use tiers. Top tier (Ballard indicates 14 this year), and I think the second tier is much larger. It cracks me up to see fans argue about a player going 26 rather than 34, as if it was a bad value. So many factors go into the long term success of a player. Slot is about how they get paid, but it's all development after that. I would guess that the biggest difference between top tier and second, is fit. Every player drafted in the first three rounds are nearly all outstanding athletes. But the ones that can play in any system, indoor or out, are those top 14. I think the second tier....you have to make sure the fit is right.
  4. Colts re-sign OT J’Marcus Webb

    I think Ballard is creating depth at every position so he can truly go BPA in the first three rounds of the draft.
  5. Well, his name is like family....
  6. Draft discussion

    So the one position that gets picked sometimes higher than they are likely ranked at, is the QB position. I studied as many mock drafts as I thought were legit to a degree, and here is what I found. This is the number of QB's taken before our selection at #26... PFF - 2 Draftsite - 4 TSN - 4 SBN - 3 NBC - 4 Draftwire - 3 Draftek - 3 Walters - 3 CBS - 3 NFL - 4 SI - 4 So the consensus is that at least 3 will be taken, and D Jones is the last one that might slip in before our pick. What my question is....what are the 13 picks (not counting qb's) you truly feel will be gone before our pick ? I would like to add those 13 to the at least 3 QB's taken, and know that we would one of the 10 that remained. Just for fun......
  7. Colts 7 Rounder

    Can't see the whole list because I don't subscribe. However, it looks good...although I believe he will take T depth in the first three positions.
  8. Houston signed

    I feel like this was a great contract/value/addition to the locker room.
  9. Houston signed

  10. Colts and S Clayton Geathers are finalizing deal

    He is a solid player who's influence on the D players is big.
  11. Taylor Lewan and Quenton Nelson crazy #Clout

    I think things are going to be good moving forward. Really looking forward to this season.
  12. Sam Darnold vs Colt’s 2018 Draft class

    It was also brilliant because it made Ballard GM on the year.
  13. Colts sign former Panther WR Devin Funchess

    The more film I watch of Funchess, the more excited I get. Kid is tough. He gets the ball at the highest point, and has a single minded determination to get into the end zone. I see big things ahead.
  14. Colts re-sign Pierre Desir (3 yr deal apparently)

    Freaking excellent! Ballard doing exactly what he said he would do for players to do their part, and fit the culture.
  15. Colt’s free agents

    Nice job, Stalls...