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  1. Only injury or end of the year "displaying Brissett to the league" will get him behind center.
  2. This IS Clarks true shot at becoming the guy. Hope is does it!
  3. Clark has been decent backing up AC, and he has a good deal of experience. Not ideal, but both teams missing players. Looking forward to seeing the backups fill their roles.
  4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dolphins, 15 TD's. 1997.
  5. This team is certainly deeper than it was last year.
  6. Kind of expected this, considering our injuries and his knowledge of the system.
  7. Colts fan here, happy that you guys got your wish. Hope for you that you hire the right people. The Colts getting Ballard from KC has made all the difference.
  8. This will be the toughest game for my Colts this season. Love how Jim Rome is calling you guys the new America's team. Happy to see your franchise string together wins. Concerned about the health of Darius, but every team is injured right now. The Colts have a strong identity on defense, but still figuring that out on offense.
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