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  1. Colts 2018 schedule

    Excellent break down. If we can get to 500 the first half, it could get interesting down the stretch.....
  2. Dwight Freeney will retire a Colt

    DFree was the man. Always will love what he brought to the team. How cool would it be to see him and Mathis coaching side by side?
  3. Colts preseason opponents announced

    Wait....We're playing the Bengals? Get out....... I see the team needing some time to gel with Andrew coming back. 2-2 would be good, starting with a win on the road would be delicious./ I don't know what to think of Frisco yet.
  4. Colts sign CB Kenneth Acker

    The Chiefs connection. This usually happens with GM's. Depth at a position of need.
  5. Andrew Luck pushed himself too hard before

    I have felt all along that he felt so much responsibility to Mr Irsay and his teammates/coaches, that he said he was fine and was going to make it happen. It didn't. Blaming Jim has always been a "scapegoat" approach IMO. Watch out cuz here comes a much more dangerous Luck. Boy is going to ball....
  6. OTAs begin today, new player #s announced

    I think Henry has a banner year. He can be disruptive. Brock is a good comparison...except for the ceiling. Henry has a higher ceiling.
  7. Predict The Pick v.2 - 6 - Colts

    I am moving my pick to Roquan Smith. We have been weak at the LB position for far too long. I don't care where he is slotted to go.
  8. Very interesting........
  9. Colts sign LB Najee Goode

    Agreed. Depth on ST always needed, but the current state of our LB depth might include him in some playing time on defense.
  10. As we are all hoping (Colt fans at least) for Mr. Luck to return healthy to the team in 2018, there are several reasons for his recent injury history. The first to blame by fans is the offensive line. To analyze this, it helps to first agree that the offensive line has indeed done a less than admirable job of protecting the QB. The reasons? Many. However...individual linemen ability is not the only reason. This is my opinion, but the main reason the Colts offensive line has been so ineffective, is injuries. For a unit that needs cohesion, we have had almost none. Next is scheme/play calling. Again, injuries probably affected this big time, but the previous coaching staff did not put the offensive line in a position to succeed based on personnel...with the best scheme and in game play calling. It is the major failing of the previous staff, IMO. Next is our very own Andrew Luck. Let's face it...Luck is a football player first. He loves to hit...and get hit. When was the last time you saw him recognize a dead play and throw the ball away into the sideline within 3 or four seconds without leaving the pocket...................I'll wait for an answer.......................But I am guessing that the last year off has tempered his physical side a bit. Bottom line, We may have several good offensive line pieces...and some depth, but we have to solve 1 & 2 before we can see improvement by signing free agents and drafting new players. And then I hope Andrew can watch some game film of how Peyton just threw the ball away....even gave up on a drive, only to come back and punish.
  11. Colts Pick at 6

    I do not want to trade down again. My order would be Chubb, Nelson, and then Ward.
  12. That is a good synopsis and right along the line of thinking I have as well. But the way you laid it out was great. You know, as honest as Ballard is, if we indeed do take one of those top three players (that is what is likely to happen as I dont see a way only two QB's are taken....), he may say which player the fourth was somewhere down the line. The only way he wouldn't share is if the player we take doesn't measure up to that "fourth" player we passed on. Also, I am still not in the camp that believes Barkley is the first non QB player taken. Just out of curiosity...who do you think the fourth player is.....or who do you hope it is?
  13. Matt Jones

    Hard to say. 50+ for a season is barely over 3/game, so I would say if he is on the 53, that seems likely. We won't really know until we see the new offensive schemes and their intent. If his carries are all goal line....then I hope to hell he has 50+.
  14. Appreciate the warning, but I posted that in regard to semantics. No way does any player reach top five status in anything in relation to all time NFL, by being average. He may not be all that, but he is not average. Average is for the other hundreds of players who didn't get anywhere near that mark. I very well may play for us average, but we paid him a average vet TE amount. We shall see!
  15. Let's hope he still has the desire to push himself after that second 5 large bonus....
  16. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    I agree
  17. My realistic hope for next season

    You know...after rereading this thread, I am looking at what has transpired. I'm also excited about the draft. At this point, I will be surprised if we end up fourth in the division.
  18. I have been following the Colts for decades. The team has been up, down, up, down, up, down, up down....etc. The reality is, the odds of winning a SB (if everything were even) would be once every 32 years. Not very good odds for those folks who spout dreams of winning 2-4 SB's in the near future. Let's say that half of those teams are not as competent as the Colts....that makes it once every 16 years. Because we won one in 2006, that means we are due in the next 4 years or so. Seems quite plausible to me. However, it isn't about SB's to me. It's about being relevant. The Colts have had 3 losing seasons in 19 years. I just want to get back to where we were talked about, recognized on prime time, and feared on the football field. Anything else is gravy So, what this is about, is what should next year look like? We have seen what too good too fast resulted in. Unrealistic expectation, GM and coach failure, over the top fandom, etc. Even if we were to have a great or fantastic season next year, we dont have the roster to maintain it. What I would like to see, is 3-5 solid pieces added to the long term foundation of this team. I want to see better execution, sustained attention to detail. and better overall team health. I want to see the team fight for the top of the division. I don't think it will be next year, but i want to see the rest of the division nervous about playing us again.
  19. Very possible...unless someone else moves up and snags a QB.
  20. Colts re-sign G Jack Mewhort

    I sure hope so
  21. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    Thanks so much for keeping track. Who do you want from the remaining. Rhodes....Swoope?
  22. Colts Re-Sign HB Christine Michael

    Thats a tough start for a guy.
  23. Forum by Forum Mock Draft - Pick 6

    I'll try to do that more often. trying to grow this here.
  24. Forum by Forum Mock Draft - Pick 6

    Truthfully, I would be all right with Smith, Ward, or Fitzpartick.