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  1. Colt’s Madden 19 ratings (full roster)

    You have a new handle...pardner.
  2. RB Robert Turbin suspended 4 games

    Hate to see guys resort to this.
  3. Andrew Luck seen throwing a regulation football

    No matter if he throws or doesn't...improves or declines, I am still a fan and we move on.
  4. 2nd round G Braden Smith signs rookie contract

    I think Smith will surprise. That said...come'n Leonard...put the pen to the paper.
  5. Andrew Luck seen throwing a regulation football

    Label me soooooo happy!!!
  6. LB Walker injured in drills

    Man if he could solidify a position in the middle of the D...........
  7. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2018/5/23/17377918/ballard-comes-in-at-no-20-in-rotoworlds-gm-rankings I agree with this...but his ranking may soar by seasons end.
  8. Colts begin OTA's

    http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/Top-Storylines-To-Watch-Colts-Kicking-Off-OTAs/2a70d512-3da6-442f-a29b-c8d00b492f94 This is it until training camp.
  9. Colts begin OTA's

    ....yes, and establishing depth at LB. What a concept!
  10. Rookie Mini Camp starts Fri/ 9 of 11 picks signed

    To me, it's just the same group of guys starting for at least a quarter season.
  11. Rookie Mini Camp starts Fri/ 9 of 11 picks signed

    Whoever they choose...for the love of the universe...can they just stay healthy....
  12. Rookie Mini Camp starts Fri/ 9 of 11 picks signed

    Ballard....the big churn...
  13. Nyheim Hines is younger then Vinatieri’s career

    Old? The first game i ever watched on TV was Colts Giants...SB V. 1970 I was 10.......
  14. Colts are signing OT Austin Howard

    I am closely watching how the new coach develops players. Something beyond injuries was not working last season.
  15. Rookie Mini Camp starts Fri/ 9 of 11 picks signed

    Competition baby!
  16. Rookie Mini Camp starts Fri/ 9 of 11 picks signed

    This is going to be an interesting year...so many new names to learn and recognize on the field.
  17. Colts are signing OT Austin Howard

    If we can avoid injuries on the line to key players, this should be a banner year for line improvement.
  18. From what I have seen, they are seriously making sure the TE position is deep with competition.
  19. Cool....if you live in Indiana.
  20. Sam Darnold vs Colt’s 2018 Draft class

    Call the police....the Colts are wanted for Grand Larceny.
  21. Colts post draft roster outlook (depth chart)

    So much turnover.....it's almost like an entirely new team.
  22. Uniform #s for draft picks/rookies

    I like Smith at 72 Hines at 42 Wilkins at 30 Good designations. Of course Nelson gets his number.
  23. Marlon Mack has shoulder surgery

    Best of luck to the young man. This should be his year.
  24. Colts announce UDFA signings

    I heard Ishmael broke Marvins record at Syracuse.
  25. Colts waive players to open spots for UDFAs

    Ya, I though Jones might get a shot. Sanky had the heart, but not the speed for the new regime.