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  1. Jack Doyle named to Pro Bowl

    I think that our injuries have severely dampened our offense to the point where defenses can game plan easier for us. I think that, more than anything, is why Doyle went from having a Pro Bowl year, to being an alternate. As Bzane noted, I see a return this coming season to his previous years level.
  2. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Eberfluss has ties or has worked with.... Eric Mangini Nick Saban Bill Belichick Josh McDaniels Rob Ryan Monte Kiffin Rod Marinelli
  3. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Thats what I am seeing as well. A new era may be beginning....
  4. As a 4 decade Colts fan, I am so happy for you fans. Keep representing the AFC South, people. Well freaking done.....
  5. One way to address the declining TV ratings

    I know.....get off the *&%*&(%^ phone and watch the games on TV. That will fix it.
  6. With the 3rd Pick, the Colts select......

    i really hope someone trades up and lets get down a few spots and still get our guy...and another pick.
  7. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Probably not.....but he did keep his franchise from moving to another city by working with the state and city.
  8. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Not a fan as a coach. Too unstable.
  9. I would work with Stallyns on this at any level.
  10. Walker still there....
  11. Colts fire Pagano

    I applaud Mr. Irsay's patience to not overreact mid season. That is VERY attractive to the next coach or future coaches. A lot of unknowing Colt fans screamed for his head during the year. Would have given the Colts an impatient reputation.
  12. Colts fire Pagano

    Well, time to shift gears.
  13. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Never liked him since he punched a player in the face.
  14. Andrew Luck speaks to the media

    http://kentsterling.com/2017/12/30/no-injections-or-surgery-colts-andrew-luck-told-the-truth-about-trip-to-the-netherlands/ This man says it better than I could, but reflects my feelings exactly...
  15. Andrew Luck speaks to the media

    Thanks for the synopsis. I watched the entire presser, and what I got as I watched his mind...while he was thinking of what to say, Is that he is being extrememly honest. More than most would in his situation. He is so honest in fact, that fans are taking what he is saying and trying to read deception into it. He is without pain... He looks to be in far greater shape... I think he was truly knocked down a notch mentally when his first go round with throwing caused pain.... I think he has grown as a player, and as a man because of this... .....and I think he will truly be a better QB. This is a guy who graduated form freaking Stanford with a degree in Architecture, while being the QB of their football team. Can you even begin to imagine what he has done mentally while he has had this time off? Defenses beware......
  16. With the 3rd Pick, the Colts select......

    I see either pick as big time. Even if the high quality QB's don't appear to reach the third pick, teams will go after them. The rise of a couple QB's recently who were not blue chippers reminds them that you have to keep trying until you get it right. This draft, 2nd or 3rd, may prove to be monumental. I am SO glad it is in Chris's hands. Planning on a third so I am not disappointed. BTW, I dont agree that an LT is not worthy of a first round pick. If we could take a clone of Tarik Glenn at 3, I would wager that nearly any GM in the NFL would make that move. That said, we have a LT. Are we talking about draft a RT?
  17. Colts sign Brad Kaaya off Lion’s PS

    This Gm's attention to the backup QB spot exceeds that of his former predecessors.
  18. With the 3rd Pick, the Colts select......

    Nice write up. My problem, or problem with the idea of going back to a 4-3, is the inconsistency of our offense. Our previous franchise almost always got off to quick start (other than the Pats), and opposing offenses couldn't really expose the lack of stoutness of our front 7. Now we are stout...but are we mobile and athletic enough to handle a good passing game when we dont have a lead? How many really fit that new scheme? I do think about it though... What would a legitimate play option scenario do for this offense.....
  19. Gameday! Old Baltimore vs. The New!

    God, as a Colt fan and a Beaver fan.....any win...ANY kind of win is appreciated. I dont give a rats hind end what it does for draft position. Those guys in the locker room need to feel victory bad.
  20. Alcohol Thread!

    Desert Juniper. Made in Oregon. About $38.00.
  21. Alcohol Thread!

    Try Plantation Pineapple. At the mid $30's, it is a great sipper...or just squeeze a 1/2 Clementine or Mandarin in it. Absolute heaven.
  22. Do you like your team name?

    The Colts were originally the Boston Yanks, then merged with the Brooklyn Tigers, then in 1950 became the New York Yanks, and finally the Dallas Texans...before becoming the Baltimore Colts. They have been the Indianapolis Colts the longest. Names seem wrong depending on when you followed them.
  23. At this point, I just silently stare and mouth breathe.